Wednesday, August 31

Propellerhead DE Artist Talk - Reggie Worthy

Here's an artist video done for Deutschland Reason/record users featuring bassist Reggie Worthy:

"Reggie Worthy arbeitet an seinem Album mit Reason. Mehr über Reggie erfahren Sie hier:
REGGIE WORTHY's career as bassist, singer, and songwriter spans almost 4 decades. Already as a teenager in Plainfield, New Jersey, USA he played professionally. While still in school REGGIE played bass on his first local hit, "Let Me Be Your Man" by Tyrone Ashley. Most of his early experience came from playing live with his buddy Gregg "Daffy Duck" Fitz(Quazar, John Hickey Band, Bootsy Collins) in a band they had called Underground Funk. After finishing school he moved to Los Angeles, California where he became bassist for the Ike & Tina Turner Soul Revue(Nutbush City Limits, Proud Mary, etc) and the group STARGARD(Which Way is Up). While living in LA, Reggie would often fly to Germany to play on a production or do some live playing. During this time he recorded albums or played live with Frank Diez(Peter Mafay), Eric Burdon(The Animals, War), Jackie Carter, Udo Lindenberg, Falco, Inga Rumpf, and more."

-Propellerhead DE

A Guy Called Gerald live on Traktor Kontrol S4

"We caught up with house legend A Guy Called Gerald at Space Ibiza last month and had a chance to see him play live on his newest piece of DJ gear, the Traktor Kontrol S4.

Listen to the We Love Space podcast with an interview and snippets from the live set by A Guy Called Gerald here:

For more info on the S4, visit

More about the entire Traktor product line:"

-Native Instruments

Outliers, Vol. I: Iceland

"This October, with the help of the Kickstarter community, a small group of filmmakers, photographers and musicians are setting out on a journey to explore the remote countryside of Iceland and document our experiences with the landscape, residents and traditions we encounter. The end result, a beautifully packaged box set of the film and companion soundtrack, will be released to backers of the project as a physical artifact of the unique and awe-inspiring experience. We can't wait to share the results with you."

Back this project at!

Tuesday, August 30

Rolodecks - Sneak Preview |

"Twisted Tools is proud to announce a new effects package for NI's Reaktor 5, composed of two effects.

The two effects are:
Rolodecks - Realtime dynamic multi-effect by Twisted Tools.
RoloEXT - A version of Rolodecks which allows you to insert your own effects.

Pre-order now at

Rolodecks Pro $69

Rolodecks $49

Save more with new bundle pricing when you buy 3 or more products!

Both versions include over 300MB of samples by artists such as:
*Derek Mahone
Gil Sharone
Mike Huckaby
Michael Ndah
*Reuel Walker
Si Begg

Vocals for video by Michael Ndah (aka Tembu).
All samples in video are part of Rolodecks sample content.

*Derek Mahone (11yrs old) and Reuel Walker (14 years old) are students of Mike Huckaby at his Youthville music course. Youthville's mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of kids in Detroit.


-Twisted Tools

Monday, August 29

Scanner Live at Cafe OTO

"Live at cafe OTO - excerpt - 10th August 2011 - Active Crossover 2011.04"
-Gianmarco Del Re

Sunday, August 28

Reason Micro Tutorial: Alligator Triple Filter Gate

"Reason 6 introduces three new creative effect devices: Pulveriser, Alligator, and The Echo. In this micro tutorial we'll take a look at the Alligator Triple Filtered Gate. Gates are commonly found in electronic dance music and are widely loved by producers and audiences, alike. They add rhythm and texture to otherwise flat sounds like pads and sustained chords. A well-crafted gate pattern can make up the hook for a catchy track. In this tutorial, we'll introduce you to gate effects done "Alligator style" and show you a few ways to use them in your own music, regardless of what genre you make.

* featuring rapping by Random (aka Mega Ran)"


Apparat - Black Water

The official video for 'Black Water' by Apparat. Taken from the new album 'The Devil's Walk' out September 26th on Mute!

TrillPhenom Reason Drum Patch Tutorial

"Tutorial Showing how to create your own Drum Patch with a Combinator. Allows more control. Comment and Subscribe! Follow @Trillone1 #Trilltrax" -TrillPhenom

Saturday, August 27

How to Record a Song - Vocals and Pitch Correction p.5

"Line 6's Propellerhead Product Specialist Matt Piper uses Propellerhead's Record Reason Duo software to record vocals and add vocal pitch correction and synthesized vocal harmonies in part 5 of his "How to Record a Song" series." -Line 6

Friday, August 26

Kikbak Hasbro Commericial

Fellow Reason/Recored user Kikbak (the man behind the killer Kikbak's Raw MPC@+4dBv Vol.2 ReFill) just scored the new Hasbro BeyBlade commercial! Check it:

Thursday, August 25

Casper Electronics Arduino Sequencer

Pete Edwards of Casper Electronics fame is currently in Amsterdam doing a 3 week residency at STEIM (Center for research & development of instruments & tools for performers in the electronic performance arts.) Pete will be teaching a workshop there this Sunday called Advanced Circuit Bending with Arduino. The workshop starts at 11:00 am and costs €30 presale or €40 at the door. Here's a sneak preview of the project he'll be working on:


Wednesday, August 24

EQ-Filter Training

"EQ/filter demonstration using a simple app made in Max/MSP."
-Rishabh Rajan

Wanna hear the new Audio Damage plug-in?

Chris Randall tweeted yesterday,"wanna hear the new AD plug?" with a link to the below soundcloud clip. No word on exactly what the plug-in is going to be, however a few days ago on Analog Industries, Randall mentioned it was an effect, not an instrument. I'm hoping for a bad ass filter with some serious grit!

Fs qd1 by Chris Randall


Chris Randall posted another example on Soundcloud, as well as bit of information on his blog Analog Industries:

"Here's a couple quick (well, "quick" as in I just banged 'em together, not "quick" as in "wow, that Soundcloud embedded player loads quick!") demos of the upcoming AD plug. I imagine that if I give you a little context, you can figure out what it is. In Fs_qd1, the source is Massive, with the filters turned off. First you hear it dry, then with the effect. In Fs_qd2, the source is FabFilter Twin2, again with the filters turned off. Any delay or reverb you hear is coming from elsewhere, not the effect."

Fs qd2 by Chris Randall

Tuesday, August 23

Chop Socky

Just saw this bad ass video on Dangerous Minds! "Chop Socky" uploaded to Vimeo by DJango's Ghost mixes dub with clips from martial arts films...


01. ‘Red Alert’ - South Rakkas Crew
02. ‘Aktion Dub’ - The Bug
03. ‘Sign Rhythm’ - Andre Gray
04. ‘Babatunde’ - Henfield and Shadowman
05. ‘A Noisy Place’ - King Tubby
06. ‘Poison Dart’ - The Warrior Queen
07. ‘Throw Your Hands Up’ - Steven Ventura 4 Kings Of Kings
08. ‘No False Hair’ - Firehouse Crew
09. ‘Elephant Rock’ - The Upsetters
10. ‘What You Gonna Do’ - Kickin’ Productions
11. ‘Corners Boy’ - Christopher Birch
12. ‘Stalag 17 Version’ - Techniques Allstars
13. ‘VS Panta Rock’ - The Upsetters
14. ‘Bazooka Riddim’ - Harmonic 313
15. ‘M.D.M.A.’ - Redlight

n3bsvid weekend videos!

A couple of cool videos recorded over the weekend by n3bsvid. The first is an improv featuring a Prophet 08 fed into an Eventide Space reverb/delay effects pedal. Check it:

The second features an AM radio routed into an Elektron Octatrack:


Monday, August 22

Reason/Recycle Tutorial by TrillPhenom

Here's a Recycle Tutorial posted to youtube today by Trillphenom. A pretty straight forward look at how he uses Recycle, check it:

Pantheon III ReFill Video - Time

Another cool demo song video for Pantheon III. This one is "Time" by Tonal Axis aka Richard Hider from Portsmouth, Britain. Check it:

Nucleus SoundLab

Sunday, August 21

Soundcells Greenhouse Review!

I've been a fan of Soundcells since picking up their Bitbumper Deluxe Reason ReFill a few years ago. In fact it was one of the very first commercial refills I picked up, shortly after buying Reason 4. So when Soundcells CEO Harald Karla sent me an e-mail last week wanting me to review one of his refills here on Resonant Filter in connection with his August 20% off sale I was stoked, but had a hard time deciding which one. Digital Genome, with it's crunchy Commodore samples is one I've always meant to buy. But then again after listening to Adam Fielding's "Docking Procedure" demo for Pads - the BIG Box V.2 that could have easily been my pick. However, I ended up going with Greenhouse a Reason ReFill based on Sonic Charge's Synplant soft synth. I've loved the sound of Synplant since first watching a demo on youtube and was really intrigued by the idea of a Reason Refill based on it. Now I know on paper the idea of a soundbank based on a soft synth seems strange. Why not just pick up the original? Well for one many people like myself love the work flow in Reason. And secondly some of my favorite sounds in Bitbumper came from samples Harald culled from reFX's quadraSID soft synth, which I was sure must have come from a SID chip until I asked him! Speaking of asking Harald, I questioned him about his choice of Synplant for a Reason ReFill upon embarking on this review:

"To use Synplant as the basis for a ReFill has simply to do with my personal taste. I really like the different approach of "programming" Synplant in comparison to other software synthesizers. Synplant lets you create new sounds in no time, and in a totally different way than other synths. Furthermore - and that is of course a very important point - the quality and style of sounds is awesome. The success of Greenhouse is proof that apparently many people think the same way about Synplant and like to have a taste of these sounds in their Reason rack :0)"

Alright let's get into this, shall we? The Greenhouse Refill is split up into three folders: Combinators, Modules and the Samples folder housing the wav files. In Combinators you have Pads, Keys, FX & Textures, Bass and Drums. The majority of the combinators have the same set-up with Rotary 1 controlling Attack, Rotary 2 controlling Release, Rotary 3 FX Dry/Wet and Rotary 4 over all volume; while Button 1 is generally used to turn on a High Pass Filter, Button 2 controls a Scream Device set to different distortions depending on the patch, and finally Button 3 and 4 control different effects devices (generally reverb and delay.) The Mod Wheel is set to mostly control the Frequency of a Low Pass Filter on the initial NNXT device.

The Pads folder has 33 different patches in it and features sounds from the modulated Tremolo Pads to the lush Floating patch which has layered wav files routed thru two Thor State Variable Notch Filters. My favorite patches in the Keys folder were the three Cotton Keys patches, which all feature the same 16 Cotton Horn samples, key mapped from C1 to C6, and would make an interesting replacement for electric piano type sounds. The first one has a lovely slight vibrato, the second a thick phaser and the third a classic Tape sound. After playing with patches like Cotton Keys 1, I was left wondering how Harald from Soundcells went about sampling Synplant, auto sampling software? - "No Autosampling software is used - all sampling, editing and looping is made with Wavelab. Soundcells ReFills are really "hand made" :0)))"

One of my favorite parts of Greenhouse is the FX & Textures folder. 34 unique patches of experimental sounds from blips and bleeps to more understated ambient patches. For blips and bleeps the Synplant FX Kit patch really shines. 38 different samples mapped from C1 to C#4! The four Plant Set patches were also really interesting. The fourth of which uses the looping function in the NNXT to great effect with some keys stuttering sounds and others slowly repeating. Cool! On the more ambient side in the FX & Textures folder is the Chimes patch, which features nine different wav files loaded into an NNXT with different Attack, Amp Delay, Filter, Pitch and Pan settings to create a cool landscape of sound - a sound design technique I'm going to have to implement in some of my own work ;-).

The smallest of the folders - Bass, has 12 patches that vary greatly in sound. From the angular sounding Simple Thin Bass (which sounds killer with Button 2, Bitcrusher On engaged) to the thick and mean Aggressive Bass patches. My favorite Bass patch is definitely the Attack Bass 2 combi! Attack Bass 2 has a "rubbery" type of sound that would work great in Dancehall or dub and though the patch uses only one sample it sounds great all the way from C1 to C4.

While this refill is advertised as a Synplant refill one of my favorite parts has to be the Drums folder which has sounds based on not only Synplant, but Sonic Charge's other famous vst's microTonic and BIT Speak! These 14 patches have some great straight forward electronic drum sounds, courtesy of microTonic; as well as some glitchy bizarre samples from both Synplant and BIT Speak. 6 of these are "Run" combinators that feature 8 different drum patterns assigned to Rotary 1 (with the far left of the dial reserved for Off); each of these Run combis also have a Matrix device assigned to control pitch set up on Rotary 2 with 8 different patterns. This can lead to some very interesting results!

Beyond the Combinators, Greenhouse's Modules folder contains not only the NNXT and Redrum instruments used in the Combis, but the RV-7000 reverb patches and a dozen or so fantastic Rex Files made with microTonic, Synpant and BIT Speak! I really like having the instruments set up like this individually because many times when working on a track CPU becomes an issue, especially for those of us running on laptops made a few years ago... so that's a plus ;-).

Now if you've been following the work of Soundcells for long you know they're known for not just great refills, but ever growing updates - bitBumper V.2, Salad Bar V.5, etc... I asked Harald about future plans for Greenhouse:

"Of course there will be an update for Greenhouse! But before this happens a new ReFill will be released in September or October. So - Greenhouse version 2 should be ready later this year..."

In closing I really dig Greenhouse. The sounds are fantastic as shown with the amazing demo tracks on the Greenhouse product page (check out "Death of a Salesman".) I've been using many of the patches in my own recent work, in a sort of post-dubstep vein, but could easily see the patches being successfully used in Techno, Pop, Ambient and Indie Dance music. And with Soundcells offering 20% off on all individual ReFills until the end of August now is the perfect time to pick up Greenhouse!

Demdike Stare

Been really getting into this band Demdike Stare recently, erie minimal dub with a pagan influence. Check out Ghostly Hardware:

Demdike Stare's first 3 ep were collected into a 3 disc set, spanning over 2 hours called Triptych this past winter. In addition to the three eps it also includes a slew of bonus tracks recorded around the same time period!

Here's an interview done last year in two parts:

Interview courtesy of MrGreenHooligan.
Ghostly Hardware from mydubplate

Saturday, August 20

Selig Tutorial Maximizing the Maximzer

Selig posted a great tutorial on the PUF yesterday entitled Maximizing the Maximizer, below is the accompanying video:


Friday, August 19

Assembling A Wheatstone TV 600 Mixer

Brandon Peoples posted a link to this video on Facebook this afternoon, cool:

the geek group

Pantheon III ReFill Video - Onyx

"This is a music video using sounds from the new Pantheon III Reason 5 ReFill. The song is called Onyx by Adam Fielding. Read more about Pantheon III at:" -Jeremy Janzen

Peff shredding on his Moog Liberation

Okay, now I already thought Peff was cool, but check him out with his Moog Liberation:

"moog liberation, analog keytar synth. 1:20 - aftertouch mechanism controls oscillator bend and osc sync mod. sorry about the bad performance, i'm really out of practice." -Peff

Pantheon III ReFill Video - Night Space

"This is a music video using sounds from the new Pantheon III Reason 5 ReFill. The song is called Night Space by Tom Pritchard. Read more about Pantheon III at:" -Jeremy Janzen

Xylo Demo 2

"I thought I would do another demo of Xylo since the instrument is now starting to take shape. It's by no means finished but I have a better idea of what it's going to be. This demo shows the instrument in action and explains the controls and how they work with the voices. I plan to add something for handling multiple samples, definitely a reverb, and maybe a resonator too. Suggestions also welcome so please drop me a comment!" -rubymatt

iannix recursion and midi demo

"a short demo of iannix triggering reaktor steampipe / kore player and modulating steampipes parameters using the cursors x positions as they rotate around the curves" -carsonday303

Thursday, August 18

Sonic Lab OP-1 Full Review

"Teenage Engineering's design tour de force. It looks lovely, but is it useful?
Full review text: Sonic State"

Pantheon III ReFill Video - Equinox

"This is a music video using sounds from the new Pantheon III Reason 5 ReFill. The song is called Equinox by Matthew Clary. Read more about Pantheon III at:" -Jeremy Janzen

Wednesday, August 17

Artist Interview: Kirsten Price

"Her latest album title, Brixton to Brooklyn, is both a catchy alliteration but also a succinct bio on Producer/Songwriter Kirsten Price. Originally from London, Price has since made Brooklyn her home and her music reflects the eclectic blending of those transatlantic influences. We met up with Kirsten Price at a studio in Los Angeles to check out one of her recent projects."

MoogFest 2011 Artist Addistions

The line-up for MoogFest 2011 just keeps getting better and better! Here's a new announcement:

Tuesday, August 16

Tim Exile's Online Jam Stage

Tim Exile's incredible new Online Jam Stage, complete with audience interaction and sample uploading:

"This is my new online stage!! Powered by Soundcloud. Check regularly for upcoming live crowd-sourcing jams using YOUR sounds."
-Tim Exile

Reaktor - Xylo

"Quick demo of "Xylo" which is a sampler instrument I've built in Reaktor over the last two evenings. It was inspired by watching a video by Clark Nova and the bug in Kontakt that meant I couldn't reproduce it. Xylo has 8 voices where each voice plays a loop, back and forth, across a shared sample. Each loop starts at the same point but has a different length, playback speed, and granular settings. It's designed to have a very long release time so that the loops carry on playing and bouncing off each other in a (hopefully) satisfying way."

Monday, August 15

Another Massive Automaton Morning

I thought I'd start posting a few of my musical explorations to Resonant Filter. These aren't songs, nor even fragments per se, but aural wanderings. This one started with a drum beat programmed in Reaktor's Massive ensemble (big ups to Brent Kallmer @ Bluewater VST for posting tutorials on this deep drum machine.) The other two channels feature field recordings - one of a skatepark in Santa Cruz and another of my nieces and nephews play acting. All three channels were sent thru Audio Damage's Automaton cellular automata multi-effect, a fantastic plug-in based on Conway's Game of Life. Check it out:

KORG monotribe専用MIDIシンクロナイザー

"KORG monotribeとMIDIを同期するためのシンクロナイザーです。詳しくはヤフーオークションの出品リストへどうぞ!"

High Tide or Low Tide for Africa

The Marley estate in connection with Save The Children have released the Bob Marley and the Wailers track "High Tide or Low Tide" to raise money and awareness for the children of East Africa, who are on the brink of starvation. You can donate money and purchase the "High Tide or Low Tide" thru

“Not one child should be denied food nor water. Not one child should suffer. Along with Save the Children, we [must] stand up together as friends to put a stop to this, to feed our children and to save their lives." -Rita Marley

Kevin MacDonald the award winning director of The Last King of Scotland created the following short film with dramatic footage taken from East Africa last week to accompany the song:

Sonic State OP-1 Unboxing!

Sonic State unboxing a Teenage Engineering OP-1 Portable Synthesizer! Sonic State will be doing a full on review later. Want:

Questions for the review can be left in the comments section of this video on youtube.

Sunday, August 14

Korg nanoKontrol with Reason Record

"A bit of information on some files I made to greatly increase the functionality of Korg's nanoKontrol in conjunction with Propellerhead Reason and Record. The package is available for sale at" -EditEd4TV

Beings by Catnip & Claws

Beings by Catnip and Claws by catnip and claws

Saturday, August 13

Massive Automaton Morning

Been playing around with Reaktor's Massive ensemble this morning. I'd forgotten how much fun and deep this drum machine can be! Thanks to Brent Kallmer at Bluewater VST for reminding me with his recent tutorials. In this piece I'm also using Audio Damage's Automaton effects device (one of my all time favorite plug-ins.) Check it out:

Korg Monotribe - "Sync" In The Studio

"James Sajeva from Korg USA takes a tour through the "Sync" feature of Korg's new monotribe Analogue Ribbon Station."

Friday, August 12

SuperHeavy - Miracle Worker

The first SuperHeavy video, Miracle Worker premiered today. SuperHeavy is of course the new project featuring Mick Jagger, Jr. Gong Marley, Joss Stone, Dave Stewart, and A.R. Rahman. Surprisingly Miracle Worker is actually not a bad song (like most solo Jagger tracks). In fact I watched the video twice in a row, but that just might be because Masuimi Max is in it. Check it out:

Multitrack Drum Session - The Loop Loft

One of my major gripes when using drum loops is the inability to pan the kit the way I want. Let alone trying to add effects to a single drum or mute the cymbals. The Loop Loft has solved these issues with Multitrack Drums:

"Sometimes loops just aren't enough. Do you ever wish you could ride the faders and control the individual elements of a live drum track? Well, now you can.... and for only $15! With our new series of multitrack drums, we provide you with 9 separate tracks of drums and percussion, giving you full control over the level, EQ, compression and effects for each instrument.

On top of that, we organize the sessions by song structure, breaking up different components of the song into different folders (intro, verse, chorus etc) and with each section of the song, we provide a multitude of groove and fill variations. Just listen to the preview clip, drag and drop the multitrack files into your session and start arranging and mixing. It's that easy. And since the tracks are WAV files, they're compatible with every major DAW including Logic, Ableton, GarageBand, Cubase, Pro Tools and many others."
-The Loop Loft

NI - The making of Studio Drummer

Here's hipster jazz cat Udo Masshoff showcasing the making of Native Instruments Studio Drummer:

If after watching said video you want to check out Studio Drummer head over to Native Instruments. However if you're like me and just want to score a sweet hat like his go here.

Thursday, August 11

Tuesday, August 9

London Riots Burns Independent Labels Stock

New York Times reports a Sony owned warehouse in London, home of PIAS distribution was burned down last night in the riots. PIAS is the largest distributor of independent record labels in the UK. Labels like Fat Cat, Thrill Jockey, Mute, Beggars Banquet, Def Jux, Geographic, 4AD, One Little Indian, Ninja Tune, Sub Pop, Touch & Go, XL, Young Turks, Drag City, Brainfeeder, and many more were distributed from there and in some cases have lost their entire stock. The warehouse was insured, however a lot of independent record labels rely on monthly sales just to get by and as a result of the fire many could very well go under. The Association of Independent Music UK is asking music fans to "show their support for the independent label community, and help them survive this disaster, by buying a digital download of an album from any one of the digital retailers in the UK, as well as going to their local record store whilst stocks last. This way the labels will be able to remanufacture their CDs and vinyl more quickly, to resupply the record shops who are also affected by the riots."

Resonant Filter highly recommends Boomkat, Bleep and Rough Trade in the UK for both digital and vinyl records.

God Bless Vinyl!

*Photo courtesy of Lewis Whyld

Reason Micro Tutorial: Pulveriser Demolition

"Reason 6 introduces three new creative effect devices: Pulveriser, Alligator, and The Echo. In this micro tutorial we'll take a look at the Pulveriser. Pulveriser is a sound demolition unit capable of destroying your signal but before you turn those knobs up to eleven, I wanted to show you that Pulveriser also excels at being an audio sweetener. In today's world of pristine digital recording, meticulously sampled instruments, and quantized MIDI it's sometimes necessary to add a little color and grit to your otherwise perfect material.

Pulveriser can do that for you. So before you blow up your sound with Pulveriser, take a look at some of the other ways it can make your tracks sound more analog, more beefy, more gritty... more Pulverised!'

Twisted KP - OSC Converter for Konkreet Labs Performer

"Twisted KP is a dedicated OSC converter for Konkreet Labs Performer application for the iPad. It allows you to easily connect Performer to a variety of devices, both inside and outside of your computer. Twisted KP converts performer messages to MIDI, *Control Voltage and Reaktor IC Sends, and in any combination.

Simply put, Twisted KP is the bridge between Konkreet Labs Performer and your music software and hardware, allowing you to quickly control almost anything, anywhere.

"What have you done...holy s%it...Speechless " (Shai Levi | Konkreet Labs Co-founder)

How it works:

1) Konkreet Labs Performer sends OSC messages to Twisted KP, which runs in Native Instruments' Reaktor standalone mode.

2) Twisted KP receives the messages and provides an easy-to-use interface to convert them to MIDI, analogue control voltage or internal Reaktor messages, called IC sends.

3) You can then route MIDI anywhere out of Reaktor using its virtual MIDI out port, send control voltage out a dc-coupled audio interface to analogue modular synths and/or use an IC SEND menu to instantly select a Reaktor parameter as a destination, via a simple drop down menu.


Converts Performer messages to MIDI, *Control Voltage or Reaktor IC Sends.
Fast, intuitive and powerful interface.
Presets for NI Maschine, Kore, Moog Voyager, Access Virus and more.
Demo versions and presets for Twisted Tools devices.
Musical scales to play KP in key and create chord clusters.
Bypass entire nodes and/or individual messages.
Message range adjustment.
Message value inversion.
Gate mode.
Quantized note lengths.
Quick Start setup guide within Reaktor.


Technical Requirements:
Reaktor 5.6.0
Konkreet Labs Performer

*Control Voltage requires a dc-coupled audio interface. Consult your interface manufacturer's guide to find out if it supports sending control voltage using its outputs before attempting use."

-Twisted Tools

Monday, August 8

micronaut - oxide

Chris Randall posted a new live micronaut piece to Analog Industries today and it is absolutely lovely:

"For this one, I busted out the TSR-8 tape deck. I'm only using Live for MIDI sequencing in this video. This is all done live, in real time, direct to tape. I then mixed from the deck on a small analog console.

The iPad is stuck in an Alesis iO Dock, and is running Korg iMS-20. This provides the hat and zap sounds in the beginning, and the kick and clap sounds a little later on. The Monotribe is doing the 16th note snare pattern, and the synth arpeggio thing that comes in at 3:30 or so.

The big synth sound in the beginning is the DSI TETR4, and that off-beat digital-sounding sound is the MeeBlip running through my circuit-bent RRV-10. The Doepfer stuff is sequenced by the MakeNoise René, and the real MS-20 is sequenced by the uStep from Intellijel."
-Chris Randall

B.A.D. Rob Peter Pay Paul

A reunited Big Audio Dynamite played Lollapalooza over the weekend, where Mick Jones and company featured a new song "Rob Peter Pay Paul", that they've been playing the last few weeks. Check it:

video courtesy of Lollapalooza

Sunday, August 7

REAKTOR's Massive - Part 6 - We Are In Control

"Time to blow the doors off stale drum programming by going nuts with Massive's powers of modulation. You owe it to your drums to check this out."
-Bluewater VST

Chasing the Trane

It was Ravi Coltrane's 46th birthday yesterday! Here he is tearing it up with the Ravi Coltrane Quartet:

Video courtesy of mati377

Friday, August 5

Pantheon III Demo Songs!

Pantheon III includes .rps files for 8 demo songs from TONAL AXiS, Kirke Godfrey, David Villalobos, Avatar One, Adam Fielding, Tom Pritchard and Matthew Clary. I'm really digging "Sandcastles" this morning. Sounds like something Robyn could sing over! Check them out:

Thursday, August 4

Reason 5 Modular Synth Patch

"Just messing around in Reason 5 making modular synth patches."

Nucleus SoundLab's Pantheon III ReFill Now Available!

For the past few months I've been working on a secret project for Nucleus SoundLab - the latest incarnation of the legendary Pantheon series of Reason ReFills, Pantheon III! The Pantheon series has been one of Nucleus SoundLab's most popular projects and for good reason - genre absconding sounds from some of the world's best sound designers using Reason's Thor Polysonic Synthesizer. So when NSL CEO Jeremy Janzen asked me to be a part of the sound design team for Pantheon III I knew I had to bring my A game! And it's a good thing I did - because with a cast of designers like Tom Pritchard (Stompp), Adam Fielding (Distinctive Records), Kirke Godfrey, Clint Grierson (Point Zero Productions), Joseph Mizelle (Zensphere) & Shaun Wallace (Sonic Element) anything less would have been an embarrassment.*-). Spec wise, Pantheon III has 260 unique custom combinators. 36 designed in conjunction with Record 1.5, making them ready for the coming Reason 6 upgrade. And after perusing the patches last night from the other designers, I believe this just might be one of the very best refills available for the Reason platform. With sounds ranging from leads to pads to strange atmospheric modulations there's something in Pantheon III for everyone! Many of theses patches would be right at home on a release from Warp, Hot Flush or Ghostly. While others sound like they were lifted straight from 70s or 80s vinyl! But enough of my chatter. Go to to pick up your copy of Pantheon III today for $49 USD. Or if you don't already own Pantheon I and II, pick up the Pantheon Bundle for a huge savings. And if you're short on cash, make sure to download the demo refill to tide you over until your next check ;-).

Check out the demo video:

Wednesday, August 3

Monotribe has MIDI out hidden inside!

"Someone suggested the "serial" connector on the Korg monotribe might spit out MIDI signals. That person was right!

Discussion on Muff Wiggler forums:"


High Priest aka HPrizm w/ Badawi @ Dubspot

"In this episode of Wireless, Dubspot instructor, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Raz Mesinai aka Badawi sits down with experimental hip hop and electronic music producer and lyricist HPrism aka High Priest of New York City's legendary Antipop Consortium for a wide-ranging conversation punctuated by an improvised live electronics jam session. While Raz is an Ableton Certified Dubspot Instructor and has been producing and performing with Live for many years, Priest, on the other hand is currently using Propellerhead Reason as his main production tool. After meeting James Bernard at a Propellerhead Producers Conference, Priest was exposed to the program's versatility and extensive list of synthesizers and samplers and he immediately became an avid Reason user. In their conversation, the two producers talk about their individual creative approaches, their production tools, the utilization of controllers and hardware in live electronic music performances and the importance of engaging with your audience when doing a live show."

Maustaste Soundwelt - Insert & Send Effects Refill V.2

Just saw this on Facebook:

"‎!!! OUT NOW !!!! The Insert & Send Effects Refill – Version 2.0

You need help in a insert effect or need a new special send effect like these from above … When you load these as send as hall so your mouth will bump always open and you will never listen to each other in the reason fsb. word! . And when you need some other great helps in compressing or equing you become 166 Patches all sortet in diffrent folder for your help. This Insert and Send Effects V2 Refill is more a tool and working help by the way refill as a soundbank. I will imagine that it is more a vst plugin for a diffrent ways for help as a normal refill in reason or record.

The Complete Refiill comes with 19,4 MB and 166 patches (over 300 with the ALL EFFECTS FOLDER)"

Download the Insert & Send Effects Refill V.2 @

Reason 101 - Thor Crossfading Techniques up now!

Rob over at Reason 101 has a new tutorial up on crossfading techniques in Thor, from oscillators to filters to LFOs, Rob covers crossfading nearly everything you can think of in this one. Check it out over at Reason 101.

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"'launchpad + joystick + nanokontrol + ableton
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Tuesday, August 2

Springfestival Interviews!

The following interviews were shot this past June in Graz, Austria @ the Springfestival electronic arts and music festival:

Mount Kimbie:



interview - Jasna Manzoni
steady operator - Herwig Baumgartner
camera / editing - Lyno-leum
producer - Timski for springfestival

uploaded to youtube by turnmastertim

Monday, August 1

Metronomy performing "The Look" on KCRW

Is it just me or does Metronomy sound like Flight of the Conchords without the comedy:

"Metronomy has remixed everyone from U2 to the Gorillaz and was recently nominated for the one of the UK's biggest music honors, the Mercury Prize. We will welcome them to our studios for a live performance on Morning Becomes Eclectic."

Radiohead Remixes!

Reason Wizardry Demo Video - July 2011

The July 2011 issue of Reason Wizardry is now available for subscribers to download! Here's a glimpse: