Thursday, December 30

Billy Taylor R.I.P.

Jazz pianist, educator, broadcaster and composer Billy Taylor passed away on December 28th, 2010 at the age of 89 from heart failure. Born in Greenville, North Carolina, Taylor was the house pianist at Birdland, early on in his career, where he performed with the likes of Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis. More recently Taylor was the artistic director for jazz at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C and the Robert L. Jones Distinguished Professor of Music at East Carolina University. Below is a video of Billy performing one of his most famous songs "I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free" penned in 1954, the song gained notoriety with Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s. R.I.P.

Photo courtesy of Tom Marcello
Video courtesy of JazzVideoGuy
Info from Wikipedia and

Introducing the Minimoog Voyager XL

Incorporating virtually all of the sound resources and functions of the original
Minimoog Model D and Voyager, The Minimoog Voyager XL features extensive
front-panel patchability that harkens back to the original ground-breaking
Moog modular synthesizers. A host of features previously found only on massive
modular synthesizers combined with state-of-the-art analog technology make
it a sound design and control dream machine.

Highlights include:

Unmistakable Moog Sound and Quality
100% Analog Audio Path - Moog Ladder Filter
61-Note Velocity Sensitive Keyboard with After-Pressure
Extensive Control Voltage Connectivity
Modular-Style Patching
Ribbon Controller with Pitch and Gate CV Outputs
Touch Surface Controller with X, Y, A and Gate Outputs
Additional LFO Source with Multiple MIDI-Syncable Waveforms
External Audio Input & Effects Loop Insert

Visit for more information

Zapping through some Reaktor presets

I was very surprised when I found out that Native Instruments had reanimated
the well known Electronic Instruments XT bundles (1 + 2). Those instruments -
based on the Reaktor engine - run as a standalone app and a VSTi as well.
A couple of yeras ago NI discontinued the developement and sale and since then
these bundles were hardly missed. Now they're part of Reaktor 5.5! THX a lot
for that, NI!

What I still miss in Reaktor is the DSQ32 drumsynth/sequencer. It was part of
Reaktor4 and in my opinion it is still one of the best sequenced drum synths
ever! It is missed since Reaktor 5.0 and it never came back. Well, I still got the
DSQ32.ens and fortunately it runs pretty well on Reaktor 5.5. So I made this
lil' vid.

The DSQ32 is running in realtime together w/ the sequenced synthesizer Viering
(Reaktor 4) and the new Lazerbass (Reaktor 5.5). Lazerbass is triggered by the
Monoliner step sequencer (Reaktor 4).

Screenrecorded w/ Microsoft Expression Encoder. It's free, it's damned cool but
it has a 10 minutes limitation. But dang, it's the only screenrecorder that works
properly on my Win7 64bit system.


Wednesday, December 29

Phosphor Test Tracks

Phosphor Test Tracks by Chris Randall

Here are all the quick Phosphor demos I've done so far, all in one handy set. Interestingly, I neglected to do any pad-like stuff, a situation I'll remedy shortly. But this should give you a pretty good idea of where its wheelhouse is. It is capable of some seriously loopy shit, as well, which I'll also be adding in the near future.

As far as progress goes, only one major feature left, which we should have nailed today or tomorrow, then presets, manual, porting. So it won't be long.

What it is: a two-oscillator 16-voice polysynth loosely based upon the topology of the alphaSyntauri additive synthesis add-on for the Apple ][+ and //e. We've added some modern features like the delays and mod routing, mono modes, and a "clean" setting for the sine waves and noise, in order to extend the capabilities of the synth past its original limits. But this plug is mainly designed for recreating the alphaSyntauri, and at that, it excels.

Tuesday, December 28

Tone2 ElectraX review

checking out the new synth plugin from Tone2 called ElectraX

Monday, December 27

my first experience with a Buchla Music Easel

For me the Buchla Music Easel has always been my holy grail of synthesizers.
Alessandro Cortini posted this video of his experience playing one for the
first time on vimeo, check it:

I was lucky enough to have been offered to spend a few hours with a lovely
208 +221 combination. Here's what i came up with

Sunday, December 26

Trifonic: Layering Your Way to Awesome Bass Lines

Great sounds in electronic music often do not stem from one killer source.
Rather, they result from blending many small elements into what becomes a
singular sound.

In this video, Brian demonstrates how Trifonic applies a "call and response"
layering technique to create bass lines using multiple bass tracks.

P.S. The music you hear in the video is from Trifonic's remix of Hecq's forth-
coming track "With Angels."

Native Instruments "The Mouth" Test

I just bought the Native Instruments Reaktor effect/instrument called "The
Mouth" By Tim Exile. It's AWWESOME!!! I test it on a simple drumloop.


Friday, December 24

Numerology 3 Demo: Glitch Dub

A video of a demo track from Charles Stanyan that features several new
goodies in Numerology 3, including the stack library, built-in FX, updated
synth engines and more.

Gorillaz - Phoner to Arizona

Phoner To Arizona the first track from 'The Fall'
Head over to from the 25th to hear all 15 tracks!
Happy Crimbo! x

Thursday, December 23

Ned Rush = Kaoss Pad Rack for Ableton Live. Coming 2011!!!

New Project. Kaoss Rack and Kaoss FX packs for Ableton Live.
Tweaked up XY jams designed for the very reasonably priced
Korg Nano Pad and Ableton. Coming 2011!!!!! :D


Tuesday, December 21

Twisted Tools Presents | Richard Devines Analogue Microcosm

TWISTED TOOLS have released a brand new sample pack entitled Analogue
Microcosm, by legendary sound designer Richard Devine. The sound pack
features an intricate arsenal of unique analogue sounds, coupled with sampler
presets for most major sample formats. To top it off, the package comes with
a new Twisted Tools sampler, MP16, for all versions of Native Instruments
Reaktor 5.

Richard Devine's Analog Microcosm Features:
• 570 handcrafted analogue sounds from Richard Devine's fantastic hardware collection
• 40 kits in Kontakt, Battery, EXS24MKII, Ableton, NNXT, Reaktor and Maschine formats
• Intuitive sample mapping
• A brand new Twisted Tools utility sampler, MP16

Twisted Tools MP16 Sampler Features:
• 16 Voice Polyphonic Sampler
• Pad style layout
• Unique parameter and modulation settings for per voice
• Grain delay effect per voice
• Note repeat effect
• Two LFOs per voice
• Kore and Maschine Template

Price: $39.00

Availability: December 21st, 2010

Note: All sounds are completely analogue in this demo (only sources are from the sound library), no plug-ins or processing were used.

motion-graphics by:

Monday, December 20

Richard Devine's Analogue Microcosm!

Analogue Microcosm was designed by Richard Devine in conjunction with Twisted Tools. This is Twisted Tools’ first commercial sample pack and will include a custom Reaktor sampler along with kits for Battery, EXS24MKII and more. Look for the release during Christmas week, 2010 at

Richard Devine says: I wanted to design a set of sounds that were completely designed from analogue modular synthesis. All the sounds in this collection where patched and created from scratch. My goal was to design a set of sounds that had a unique character to them. I was inspired by my recent work using my Doepfer Euro Rack modular system. I have spent the last 5 years building up this rather large system of specific modules. I had carefully planned and organized over 6 cases of modules that would become the system I have today. I had acquired many new interesting modules over the last two years that really made the system come alive. I spend hours and hours patching different configurations, and nested environments. It is almost like working with a live organism that constantly changes and mutates, never repeating the same sounds or sequences. I had become really inspired by this idea of organic regeneration and creation of sound through electricity. This collection is a result of those experiments and recordings. I tried to make these sounds very fluid and expressive. Alien and and organic come to mind. I wanted to design these sounds without the use of computer software or plug-ins.

For more information go to

nativeKONTROL LPC-Live Update 12/2010

For more info, please visit:


Custom patch for Ensoniq Fizmo.
1 Sounds, 2 Oscillators.
Visit for more.

Sunday, December 19

Live Hip-Hop Glitch (Launchpad + NanoKontrol)

Inspired by the performance style of Edison
Lock and Key by Mason Proper
Seven Nation Army by White Stripes


Saturday, December 18

Record 1.5 Sampling Redefined (tutorial) Reason 5

Thank you Tage for the tips.
In this video I show you how to chop up your large samples into smaller ones
for use in any of your favorite Reason 5/Record 1.4 samplers.

The intro song is by my band Break the Fall.
You can listen to the full song at

download the song:

My Band:

edited in screen flow, iMovie, and Adobe Premiere Elements 9
video © Brandon Peoples 2010

micronaut - metatrak (live pa rehearsal)

micronaut - metatrak

From the micronaut live pa set; doing a run-through of the set and I recorded
this song, just for fun. Gear: Snyderphonics Manta controller, Dave Smith
Instruments TETR4, Eventide TimeFactor, Ableton Live, a whole slew of Audio
Damage plug-ins.

The song is from the micronaut EP "Resistor," which is available at Bandcamp.

Sam Prekop - The Silhouettes

Directed by Jordan Kim
Animators: Cris Shapan, Michael Wingate, Patrick Armitage, Jordan Kim

"The Silhouettes" from Sam Prekop - Old Punch Card​artists/​index.html?id=10040

Old Punch Card with exclusive bonus tracks on iTunes​us/​album/​old-punch-card/​id388474993

See more of Jordan's work at

Friday, December 17

Octatrack - A Machine That Makes Music?

The Octatrack DPS-1 is an 8 track dynamic performance sampler. The Octatrack
is ideal for radical audio processing and performance oriented sampling. Every
track features real-time pitch scaling & time stretch and the next generation
Elektron step sequencer has been designed with maximum usability and
efficiency in mind.

Sampling Just Became A True Artform

All music in the film is made with an Octatrack.

Find out more about Octatrack at

Sequential Circuits Pro-One Synthesizer Demo

Plattenbaucrew Synth Demo

all Sounds made with the Sequential Circuits Pro-One and external FX, Cubase
8x Multitrack recording

This Synth is used by Depeche Mode, The Prodigy and Vince Clarke from Erasure
- check out his Film about the Pro-One:


DJ Spooky Cape Farewell Interview 2010

DJ Spooky visited the remote Northern Arctic Circle in the Autumn of 2010
with Cape Farewell aboard the Noderlicht, a 100+ years of sailing schooner,
to work on the follow up to his Terra Nova: Sinfonia Antarctica project.
This is an interview about some of the issues driving the Arctic Rhythms
project he is developed from the voyage.
See more at: &

Thursday, December 16

Machinedrum Live 3

Viral Christmas

Nucleus SoundLab is offering a special 40% discount on Viral Outbreak for the holidays, in either the Reason Refill or PC VSTi version, the latter of which includes a free add on soundbank for the first 50 customers. Now Viral Outbreak is one of my favorite Reason refills and not just because of the stellar sound design work by the likes of Stompp, Adam Fielding, Nick Hutton and Shaun Wallace; you see VO also comes with 2.5 GB of sample material skillfully recorded from an Access Virus TI synthesizer by NSL kingpin Jeremy Janzen! For more information and demos go to

Wednesday, December 15

3 generations of Buddha Machine

on a winter's afternoon. And the sounds from the road!
Video via richardfuckingmorgan

Tuesday, December 14

leeSA - VIVA LA VIDA (Cover)

leeSA's Cover 'VIVA LA VIDA' by coldplay. with Propellerhead Record 1.5

Magazine 18: Teenage Engineering

Saw this on Synthtopia:

Peter Bjorn and John's John Eriksson creates a musical composition using
Teenage Engineering's cutting-edge keyboard.

We Love - Don't Cross

"Don't Cross is a videoclip made by We Love. This short but very
elaborate piece of work with a sophisticated and elegant concept,
proposes a refined and melancholic poetry through visual tricks
that imply a coloured and rarefied microcosm, heavily influenced
by the imagery and the tradition of animation of Svakmajer and by
Japanese childish icons. Subtle references to Norman McLaren and
the Quay Brothers will be recognised by the more attentive viewer,
but the attention to detail and the unique personalities of the
characters, the delicate and fascinating plot together with the
rhythmical movement of the shapes make this video absolutely
irresistible." - ROSSELLA CATANESE

Artist: We Love
Title: Don't Cross
Label: BPitch Control

Quad Frohmage routing tips for additional bigger slopes

Learn how to configure Ohm Force's Quad Frohmage filter plug-in in order to
get a filter with an up to 144dB slope! More info on

Macbeth M5 Filter Demo

This is a demo of the Macbeth M5 analog synthesizers filter "modules".
It covers the Lowpass and Multi-mode filters.
Video by killingthursby1

Stomp Box Refill for Reason and Record overview HD

Stomp Box is gonna be a great addition to your already filled library..
They are all carefully programmed to give you the richness and warmth in tone.
Its distinctive presence will add reality to your sound that lead you to the very
convincing mix.... Say good bye to your weak, thin sounding patches!

Friday, December 10

Virus TI Ben Crosland Signature Set 2010 Mini Teaser

This is a sneak preview of a future soundset by UK based sound designer
Ben Crosland. The patch collection focuses on contemporary electro,
minimal and electronica sounds.

iPad/launchpad Gameboy.

some original gameboy sounds
Abel Flaubert

XBox 360 OSC Controller

I have wanted to do something creative with a game controller ever since I
first discovered the [human interface] object in Max. And as soon as the new
Nodes object was released I thought a great implementation would be to use
it with some sort of joystick.

I’m using MaxMSP to receive all the control data from an XBox 360 controller
and converting it to OSC messages to be used with any program that accepts
OSC, in this case Reaktor. I’ve made each message range scalable as well, for
fine tuning control possibilities.

I added 9 nodes for each joystick which gave me 11 control parameters
(including XY) for each joystick! It was a little unpredictable to know what
kinds of results that would achieve but that was the fun part :)
I pretty much randomly assigned all the controls to this ring modulating synth
and buffer effect Buffeater. Fun times.

Dr Octo Rex Guitar Collection

A Christmas treat from Propellerhead Software, this collection of electric and
acoustic guitar loops for the Dr Octo Rex loop player in Reason 5. Each patch
comes with eight loops arranged by song key, making this a very handy tool
when adding a guitar track to you song.

Want to get your hands on it? Join us on
and check the 'Fans only' page for more info.

Thursday, December 9

∞ Flying Lotus presents INFINITY

∞ Flying Lotus presents INFINITY "Infinitum" Gilles Peterson BBC Sessions

Flying Lotus
Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
Ravi Coltrane
Rebekah Raff
Andres Renteria
Gerry Gibbs
Andreya Triana

Filmed by Theo Jemison

Editing by Strangeloop

BBC Maida Vale Studio London August 19th, 2010

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 41: Mid-Side Processing for Great Masters

When it comes to mastering, one of the hottest things right now is a technique
known as "mid-side processing." As a basic description, mid-side processing
uses phase cancellation tricks to isolate the mono information in a mix (bass,
vocal, kick drum) from the stereo items (guitars, keys, effects) and then lets you
master them separately and recombine them for a very nice sounding master.

This week I brought in two special guests to help me design a mid-side mastering
patch for you as well as to help describe the technical intricacies of how this is
done. Be sure to visit the links in this video, download the patches, and visit the
websites I mention.

Big thanks to Kurt Kurasaki, Giles Reaves, and Southern.

Wednesday, December 8

FabFilter Timeless 2 - Tips & Tricks part 1

Dan Worral explains some cool tricks that will help you to get more out of
Timeless 2 than ever before. For example, he describes how the XLFO in
combination with the delay lines, can be used to slice up drum loops.

Tuesday, December 7

Thor Oscillator Mod Fun from Reason 101

Part 1:

Part 2:

Here's a few fun ways to play around with Thor's Oscillators and
use the Malstrom's Modulator Wave shapes to cycle through the
different Carrier, Modulator, Phase Waves, and Wavetables. You
can get really nuts and get some glitchy results, or tame things
a little by keeping the rates slower. Either way, this might give
you some new creative ways to play with your Thor Oscillators.

Reason 101

Alopex - Kamoni Improvises on DrumKat & Ableton Live

Kamoni plays a DrumKat controlling Ableton Live.

Funny thing, I just found this vid on my laptop. I have no recollection
of recording it but it must be from summer '09. Looks like there's a
one shot rhythmic melody going on and I'm changing keys with the
top right middle pad. Then the left foot pedal changes some of the
kit sounds and controls efx.

SoundWorks Collection: The Sound of TRON LEGACY

Explore the world of TRON: LEGACY, a high-tech adventure set in a digital
world that's unlike anything ever seen or heard.

In this exclusive sound for film profile we talk with Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Gary Rizzo, Supervising Sound Editor Gwen Yates Whittle, and Sound Designer
Steve Boeddeker.

For more exclusive videos check out
Join the SoundWorks Collection Vimeo Channel.

Monday, December 6

Flying Lotus - Zodiac Sh*t

Adult Swim and Flying Lotus have been BFFs for a long time.
We've always loved the track "Zodiac Sh*t" from his album
"Cosmogramma," so one day we decided to throw some
money at our friend Lilfuchs and see what he could come
up with for this song. Clearly, he decided he could do a lot.
We hope you enjoy it.

What is Dub? Scientist, Badawi, Ticklah, DJ Rupture @ Dubspot NYC

Renowned dub pioneer and innovator Hopeton Brown, better known
as Scientist talks about the origins of dub and the role dub engineer
as a conductor, who essentially takes existing music and rearranges
them. At last year's Dub Summit, in a panel which also featured an
array of electronic music producers, musicians, and professionals
including DJ /rupture, Raz Mesinai, Ticklah, and Barry Cole. Scientist
discusses early sound system culture and the recording industry in
Jamaica, and the process of remixing riddims for top producers.

Ohm64 Demo Video

Ohm64 Demo video with Joseph Pailo using Ableton Live and Max for Live.
Thanks to Mike Abb and Pailo for rocking this out.

Abbey Road Modern Drums by Native Instruments

This video was shot during the recording session of Abbey Road Modern Drums,
a new Kontakt-based instrument that features highest quality contemporary
drum sounds for modern pop and rock productions.

More infos on the NI website:

Sunday, December 5

Buchla triggered via ReBirth for iPad

more tweaking around - merging new and old tech

Quincy Jones on the Tavis Smiley Show!

The 27-time Grammy Award-winning music producer talks about the import-
ance of music education in the U.S.
To see full length versions of the Tavis Smiley show, go to:

Saturday, December 4

KORG M01 - Palmtop music workstation

「KORG M1」をモチーフにしたニンテンドーDS用音楽ソフト「KORG M01」
ン と銘打った本格シーケンサーを届いたそばから試用したファーストインプ
レッションです 。なかなか使いやすいぞ!


Accent Programming with the Kong 808 Refill

Programming / Sequencing Accent patterns like a TR-808, using the velocity
switching patches from the peff 036 - Kong 808 Refill for Reason 5/R5 + R1.5 duo.

For more information and to download the Kong 808 Refill go to

Friday, December 3

rude_NHS = Control Surface

bit sloppy but hey, i'm still trying things out. plus i'd only just got
out of bed. a bad workman always blames his bed.


FXpansion Geist

Sample, slice, sequence, mix, arrange, effect, resample. Geist is FXpansion's
next-generation sampling drum machine, designed to create evolved, custom
beats and grooves, freeing you from the limits of pre-packaged loops and
over-complicated DAWs.

Geist fuses creative sample-sculpting tools with fast pattern step-sequencing
and arrangement. Browse through sounds with lightning speed, slice and assign
loops to pads with a single click; sample, resample and build beats in a slick
unified environment. Geist makes fiddly tasks with multiple apps a thing of the past.

Geist runs as a plugin and as a standalone application, perfect for laptop beat-
making. Export creations as audio clips or load sessions back into the plugin to
resample, reslice, remix, rearrange and transform your beats even further.
Geist is a complete, integrated rhythm production sandbox for the studio,
the tourbus or the stage!

Availability & Pricing

Geist is a download-only product and is available now from the FXpansion web shop!
Pricing is GBP £157.00, Euro €189.00, USD $249.00 plus VAT where applicable.
Crossgrade offer for registered FXpansion GURU customers: GBP £79.00, Euro €95.00,
USD $125.00 plus VAT where applicable

Reason Stage

In the studio, the legendary stability of Reason and Record means you can work
freely without getting interrupted or set back by untimely crashes. On stage
however, stability isn't just a convenience or luxury... it's an absolute necessity.
Reason's unshakable and rock-solid performance make it the first choice for
some of the biggest touring acts in music from Rihanna's Kevin Hastings, Gwen
Stefani's Kristopher Pooley, and many others.


Soundcells Christmas

This month Soundcells has a special discount nearly everyday on one of their fine Reason Refills. For example - today and tomorrow Boost 309 is on sale for 22.90 € (which is just under 25% off for those of you keeping track.) For more information and to check out the Christmas deals go to and click the dates on the advent calender.

Thursday, December 2

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 40: EQ Tips for the Best Mixes

The biggest irony for mix engineers is that mixing songs is not really about
"mixing" at all. In fact, it's often more about creating separation and unique
space between tracks than it is about mixing things into one homogenous mush
of sound. If done correctly, a properly EQ'd mix sounds clear and polished.
The bass drum has punch and isn't fighting with the bass guitar. The synths
on the top end sparkle without detracting from the distorted guitar sound.
If done incorrectly, a poorly EQ'd mix sounds like a jumble of instruments all
fighting for the same sonic space (with none of them winning). This week
we'll cover how to approach EQ'ing tracks in your mix for the best results.


Into the Mist

A road trip through the foggy roads from Wollongong to Sydney Australia
Filmed on an Apple iPhone 4

Wednesday, December 1

Robyn Live in London!

Robyn recently played a secret show in London for Myspace,
who filmed the entire set, check it out:

Myspace Secret Show with Robyn

Myspace Secret Shows UK | Myspace Video

Haplome + Press Cafe + Reason 5

Nothing fancy here, just wanted to tell the world about how awesome Haplome
is. It allows you to run Max Runtime apps designed for a monome WIRELESSLY
on your iOS device.​design/​haplome/​

In this example I used my old iPhone 3G connected to an ad hoc network set
up on my computer. I'm running Max5 Runtime using Press Cafe. I routed the
MIDI into Reason 5 and set it up with some of my favorite patches and a simple
8 bar beat and synth line

Steven Page

Tuesday, November 30

The books performing "Take Time" on KCRW

The duo known as The Books offer captivating and experimental
songs that create "chapters" on their new release. Many of our DJs
have been enthralled by this album and we'll hear their distinctive
sound live on Morning Becomes Eclectic.


Sunday, November 28

Scanner with The Post Modern Jazz Quartet

The blending of jazz and electronics has been one of the more difficult musical challenges, as it attempts to humanize the machine or mechanize the free spirit of improvisation. It's a very tricky balance to get right, as they can be on a collision course with each other. Bringing together the world renown electronic artist, Scanner who has collaborated with artists from every imaginable genre: musicians Bryan Ferry, Radiohead and Laurie Anderson with jazz masters Matthew Shipp, Khan Jamal, Michael Bisio and Michael Thompson has created a post modern sound encased in a traditional form. The results are unparalleled. Scanner becomes part of the PMJQ, creating cinematic textures that take a familiar jazz quartet sound and transforms it into a modern day experience in this world of bits and bytes.

Scanner with jazz masters Matthew Shipp, Khan Jamal, Michael Bisio and Michael Thompson.

Scanner with The Post Modern Jazz Quartet - Blink of an Eye by Thirsty Ear Recordings

Using Ableton to provide control voltage for a Moog Slim Phatty

Seeing the Slim Phatty retaining CV (control voltage) inputs I wondered how
well line level voltage would work as a control source. The answer:

Pretty Damn Well!

This is a tutorial/demo on how I pulled this off and everything you need to know!
The Moog (notes) are controlled via the MPK25 but the filter and pitch modulation
is via the CV inputs.

Yes - Line level (analog) signal has voltage. I learned some of these tricks about a
year ago - once thinking CV was far out and not so easy to gain control of - wrong.

The modulation of the SF can be controlled with amazing accuracy and synchronization
using an application like Ableton. The possibilities are endless - I am still trying to
understand where I would like to go with this idea. For now - you have the basic
knowledge - please post back ideas and break throughs! Thx.

Supporting post :

Saturday, November 27

Cheetah MD-16 circuit bent by exfade

Added a breakout box via the rom expansion port at the back of the
case. Rare machine, so happy not to mess with its original state!

Thursday, November 25

Black Friday ReFill Bundle - 55% Discount

Black Friday ReFill Bundle - 55% Discount

Last year we gave in to the pressure and tried our hand at a Black Friday Sale - which, seeing as we're Canadian was a bit strange. Well, it was a very successful sale in 2009 so why not give it another shot in 2010? Who cares if we already ate our turkey in October instead of November?

Once again, the sale consists of a bundle of the *entire* line of Nucleus SoundLab ReFills at an incredible price of over 55% off! What could be more festive?

Of course, this time around we've added three new products released in 2010 - Pantheon II, Filter Research 2 and NanoSequences. Talk about sweetening an already tasty deal!

This package includes full copies of all eleven amazing ReFills below:

Pantheon II
Filter Research
Filter Research 2
Synthetic Kits
Viral Outbreak
MK Digital Keys
Ambient Drums
OB Resurrection

To purchase this entire downloadable package for the frankly insane price of just $229 (regularly $509), head over to the bundle page. For more info on each Refill, click the above links. Keep in mind, this is a huge download! If you have a poor internet connection, consider purchasing the products shipped on DVD for a nominal fee of $30.

Do not delay, this bundle price will expire November 30th, 2010.

Have a great holiday!

Jeremy Janzen
Owner/Lead Designer
Nucleus SoundLab

SPS-1 , SFX-60 & Azunyan! Session By mojanne

Hi , my 2nd session with Erektron SPS-1 ,SFX60 & Azunyan.
Please listen my boring music if you have free time..........


The Insider's Guide to REAKTOR_preview.mp4


Wednesday, November 24

pNORTNAOMI - 9o f2

Glitch Tech House? The arp and delay line in Logic is modulating
Kontakts speed, grain and pitch controls. Individual channels are
then fed into Buffeater.


Monday, November 22

Propellerheads Rebirth HD for iPad new version

New version of Propellerheads Rebirth for iPad, this one is very good...

Sunday, November 21

beat slicer (pd + processing)


Pulsaret Demo 1

Microsound Prototypes Granular Synthesis: Glisson, Pulsar, Grainlet, Trainlet

Arduino controlled casio keyboards and samplers

In this video I'm controlling 2 casio SK1s, a casio SA-38 and 3 SAW
voice memo recorders with an Arduino. I've wired a bunch of the
pushbuttons on the different devices to the arduino and have written
some simple code to sequence it all.
-The SA-38 is useful because it has a pushbutton for each drum voice.
By interfacing this with the arduino I'm able to write and play drum patterns.
-Then I wired up the "one key play" buttons on the SK1s. The SK1
lets you record a sequence then play it back one note at a time every
time you hit "one key play".
-Finally I wired up the "record" and "play" buttons on 3 little voice
memo recorders. These record sound from the keyboards and play
it back. They're pretty noisy but add some nice variety to the overall sound.
The whole project was pretty easy and is very flexible, especially if you're
a savvy arduino programmer. Tutorial coming soon to Make magazine.

Friday, November 19

iPad & Line6 MIDI Mobilizer

giving this a try for the first time using the StepPolyArp app

how to setup a live mix template setup by hydlide

Part 1:

Part 2:

this approach should give you enough food for thought while i am
taking a break more or less.


low tech experimenting

Re-Triggering the Dr.OctoKong

Here's an easy way to ReTrigger the Dr.OctoKong Looper I put together
for Propellerhead Reason 5 users. ReTrigger all the loops together at
the same time. It stays in sync, and it can be retriggered via one of
Kong's Pads. A great way to add more functionality to your looper.

Reason 101

Beginner's Guide to Experimentation with Reason

If you're still learning how to use Reason and find yourself a little timid to flip the rack
around, or if you worry that making a wrong move will sink your whole song then this
video should put your mind at ease. Here Reason guru and electronic producer James
Bernard takes us from "start to art" by building up a track and showing us all along the
way how trying new things is both not dangerous and also can produce new sounds for
our music.


Reaktor knob experiments

knob experiments 2

WIP. this is a simple 2 osc synth with pw, sync and fm options, as well as a
resampling oscillator for lofines. using this new knob any parameter can be
mapped to one of 3 lfos. blah.

reaktor knob thing 2:

another video, sequencing scenes of a single preset using midi cc1

Thursday, November 18

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 39: Compression Tips for the Best Mixes

For many people, compressors are the biggest obstacle between them and a
professional mix. But if you know how to use them, compressors are your best
tool to achieve that professional mix. Most early interactions with compressors
involve cranking them up until they sound horrible and then removing them -
wondering why anyone would even want to use them in the first place. This
week I'll explain what a compressor's actually doing and how to make it work
the way you want.



Nasty mutant colorflex dubstep. Everything is almost completely
sequenced from colorflex. Logic is sending scene changes to color-
flex . Colorflex is sequencing 16 bus sends in logic, Triggering
Maschine, Triggering Alchemy and Buffeater and the instances of
Absynth are input fx as well as triggering samples via Audio mods.
Bass sounds I originally sampled from an elektron machinedrum.
It was a twisted clap or LT? Can't remember but I do remember
setting hi retrigger rates and down tuning alot. Mp3 can be down-
loaded via my soundcloud page.

pNORTNAOMI - Flavors of the Moog Voyager!

Check out some of the different cabinet and lighting color choices for the Moog Voyager!

Wednesday, November 17

Animation modulating Audio via MIDI CC

Another experiment using Quartz Composer. I’m using some Low Frequency
Oscillators in Quartz Composer to animate layers of my logo graphic. These
LFO’s are also sending MIDI CC messages which are being received by Kore’s
preset morphing parameter:

-There is an LFO animating the rotation of the logo, this is also modulating
the Y axis of the Kore morph parameter grid.
-There are also some LFO’s animating the several radius diameters of the logo,
these are modulating the X axis of the Kore morph parameter grid.

I have also assigned a knob on my MIDI controller keyboard to the frequency
of the LFO in Quartz Composer which is modulating the radius movement
(which in turn is modulating the X parameter in Kore:) Obviously I could just
modulate Kore with MIDI (or the dedicated Kore controller which I also own;)
but the exercise here was to have the animation movement modulate some
audio. The audio loaded in Kore is from the Reaktor Animated Circuits soundpack.

Creative Diversity - 5 Live Packs from international Ableton artists

Happy Holidays from Ableton! As a free gift, we're presenting a new series of
Live Packs from five international Ableton artists. In addition, check out the
Ableton webshop and official dealers for fantastic deals on Ableton Live 8,
Suite 8, upgrades, and Max for Live!


Kong Beat Repeater & LFO Triggering

Another great tutorial from Rob @ Reason 101:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Picking up after my OctoKong Videos, here's a way you can use Kong
Pads to trigger a beat repeater and LFO Panning for any audio going
to the Mixer in the Combinator. Try it out if you have Reason 5.

Reason 101

Tuesday, November 16

Dntel: After Parties

Dntel's After Parties, a combo release of both After Party eps,
is set for release on SubPop on December 7th.
Here's the track Soft Alarm:

via mattdabrat424


TouchOSC iPad templates for Record and Reason:

Sneak peek preview at Retouch's iPad templates for controlling Propellerhead's
Record and Reason via TouchOSC.

Retouch Kong iPad template:

Sneak peek preview at Retouch's TouchOSC iPad templates for controlling
Propellerhead's Record and Reason.

More info coming soon @

-008' BerkleeMusic Contest

Fellow Reason user -008' has entered the Berkleemusic "Live from
Studio You" contest, which is designed to highlight the work of
Berkleemusic's best and brightest students. Let's help a Reason user win....
Vote daily!

Hi I'm -008'

I have been passionate about music since I was very young.
At 10 yrs old I wrote & recorded my first song with my brother.
We used my Dad's 4 track tape machine. I've always played
guitar, bass, drums and keys but when I first got hold of a laptop
and software, I was hooked! Growing up analog and going all
digital was tough for me and I wanted to learn more.
Soon after that I was enrolling at BerkleeMusic.

Taking the online courses helped me in many ways from boosting
my confidence to training my ears. Crtitical Listening really got me
hearing on multiple levels, while courses like The Future of Music
opened my mind to new ideas and ways of thinking. I graduated
a little over one year ago with my Masters Certificate. I had never
used Propellerheads Reason before Berklee but, after learning it in
school, I started a blog, that grew to a full-fledged website. now has 16 original Reason ReFills (8 free!) and there
are currently over 4,500 subscribers downloading and using my
sounds worldwide. The Propellerheads themselves have my "Hitman
Drums vol.2" in their own Prop Shop, and most recently, there are a
few -008' effect patches built into the Record Factory Soundbank!

These successes, however small, are a direct result of my Berkleemusic education.
Going to school was the best thing I ever did for my music, and it shows!

Thank you for reviewing my submission,


Vote for -008'

Indie Dev Collective Sale!

IDC Sale Returns - Nov 15th - Nov 30th

Nucleus SoundLab is proud to announce participation in the second Indie Dev Collective sale! - November, 15th - November, 30th.

Indie Dev Collective

Following the success of their first collaborative event (May 2010), the Indie Dev Collective are back with another fantastic sale. Nine developers providing a highly diverse selection of synths, effects, samples, loops, and presets - all on sale at the same time, with prices up to 70% off.

Products by:

Dusted William Sounds
H.G. Fortune
Hardcore Harmonics/Supersynths
Nucleus SoundLab
Perimeter Sound Arts
Westgate Sounds

The sale will only continue from November, 15th - November, 30th so visit the Indie Dev Collective site and take advantage of all the fantastic deals!

How to Make a Dubstep Whomp Bass in Reason

Dubspot instructor and Dubstep producer Chris Petti shows you how to make
the infamous 'dubstep whomp bass' in Propellerhead Reason & Record. The
sound which has been described by many as a processed voice or croaking
sound, can be created using synthesizers and effects processors. Starting with
a basic analog saw wave, which you can get by creating a Thor synthesizer
with blank patches in the rack window, set the Keyboard Modes to mono and
polyphony and release polyphony to 1. Go into the Show Programmer and set
the Analog Osc octave knob to 3. Create a second Noise Osc and route it to
Filter 1. With these two oscillators combine, you hear mixture of white noise
and saw wave. Set the Low Pass Ladder Filter mode to 24 type 1, the frequency
to 184 Hz, and the resonance to 93, and also zero-out the envelop amount
(set to 0.) After these initial steps, create two Scream 4 Distortion units which
should autoroute to Thor, follow Chris' instruction on setting the Damage
Control and Damage Type to get to fatten and warm up the sound, as well as
shave off some harsh frequencies from the top.