Monday, January 27

NAMM Thoughts

Another January and another NAMM event has been unleashed upon Anaheim. This year Roland teased us with a new Aria line that supposedly resurrects many old faves like the TR-808 and SH-101 in new gear. They didn't show this at NAMM, so we're left wondering if it's just another Jupiter-80 tease. Meanwhile Moog unveiled their new Sub 37 synthesizer, which is essentially the Sub Phatty with more knobs and the ability to play two notes at a time. Not sure why you'd want two notes though? All my favorite chords have at least four notes in them :-). What interested me most at NAMM this year is from Elektron, the Rytm Drum Machine, check out this performance courtesy of DJ Tech Tools:



And speaking of Aria, a new teaser video:



What excited you this year at NAMM?

Tuesday, January 21

Elektron Analog Rytm - 8 voice analog drum machine with sample support

This is awesome:

"Ladies and gentlemen - we are incredibly proud to present our latest machine. We give you: Analog Rytm.

It is an an eight voice analog drum machine with sample support. Distinguished by the power of analog drum sounds fused with samples. Perfected by the immediacy of drum pads coupled with the Elektron sequencing."

Bibio - Dye The Water Green

New Bibio video for the track Dye the Water Green:


Roland TR-909 History

Roland continue the trip down memory lane with the Aira roll out, this time looking at my favorite TR drum machine the TR-909:


Friday, January 17

Elektron unlocks the box!

Swedish instrument manufacturer Elektron have been teasing the world about a new instrument for what seems like months. Today they unveiled a new addition to the family:


Artist Interview - Muttonheads

A new Propellerhead artist story this time on Frenchman Jérôme Tissot, better known as Muttonheads:


Thursday, January 16

AIRA — The evolution of the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Machine

It appears as if Roland might just release an amazing product this year after all! Founder Ikutaro Kakehashi notoriously was adamant about not re-releasing classic products or computer software, but he's no longer head of the company. God let's hope it's not just another rebadge like the Jupiter 80:



Tuesday, January 14

Twisted Tools' ULTRALOOP!

Twisted Tools hinted at their awesome new ULTRALOOP, loop remixing tool back in 2013 and today it is finally available! Check it:

"ULTRALOOP is a first-of-its-kind loop remixing sampler with a fast and intuitive visual workflow for Native Instruments Reaktor. ULTRALOOP combines advanced loop layering, comping, effect processing and automation techniques to generate new grooves, riffs and song ideas. You can use ULTRALOOP with the included factory sample library or to remix your own samples, injecting new life into any existing loop library. In addition to the factory library, Ultraloop Expansions are available as part of our Loop Expansion series."



Brent Kallmer Tutorial:



Chris Carter Expansion Pack:



Friday, January 10

Elgam Match 7C

I am an absolute sucker for vintage rhythm boxes. Here's one I've never heard of before called the Match 7C from Italian organ manufacturer Elgam, courtesy of AnalogAudio1:


Rain Dog Cloven

Digging this new Rain Dog track Cloven from the album Two Words. Check out the NSFW video:


Thursday, January 9

Alias8 CV Controller Rack Extension

Peff has released a brand new Rack Extension for Reason - Alias8:

"Alias8 CV Controller Rack Extension features 16 rotaries, 9 faders, 8 toggle buttons, and 8 momentary buttons, each with dedicated CV output sockets that allow you to directly control other Reason Rack devices or device chains/groups. For those with complex configurations that require dynamic real-time changes, the Alias8 provides a central performance hub for controlling Reason Instruments, Effects, or any device groupings in the Rack. If it can be automated, you can control it with the Alias8."

Register at for a special discount rate on Alias8 and Livid hardware products!