Monday, January 31

John Barry R.I.P.

Composer John Barry passed away yesterday at the age of 77 in New York City. Barry was most famous for composing the theme songs for many of the early Bond films as well as winning Oscars for the music from "Out of Africa", "Dances with Wolves" and "The Lion in Winter". Below is a video of Sir George Martin recounting a memory of John Barry for some tabloid show:

courtesy of itn

And here's a video of Barry himself conducting the famous Bond theme
and Goldfinger in 2001:

video courtesy of bondbrookebond
photo couresty of PBS via photofest

Ned Rush live stream promo for 01/02/2011 8pm GMT

My man Mr. Ned Rush, aka rude_NHS, is doing a live concert on
the internet (1/02/11 @ 8pm GMT), here's the down low:

Sunday, January 30

The Squarewave Parade TSP CAS pedal voltage controlled by Frostwave processing Roland R-70

Simple R-70 drum beat is fed into TSP CAS pedal.
Control Voltages from Frostwave sequencer are being fed into pedal.
Top row of sliders is routed to repeat rate.
Bottom row of sliders is routed to gate input for triggering the pedal rather
than use the gate outputs matched for the upper row of the sequencer (just
for this example).
Other random sounds that come in occasionally are from the grey Zoom beatbox,
Acidlab Bassline 2, and Bugbrand Modular that are feeding a mixer off screen.

Sound quality is so-so from camera, but you get the idea.


Sound in Motion - all about the Hartmann Neuron Synthesizer

this was the promotional DVD produced in 2004 for the Neuron.

Saturday, January 29

Andras Fox - Monome003 (Just Remember)

Worked out this track to play live on 'The City Rises', a weekly radio show on
3RRR fm. I'm using an older version of the software MLRV, soon to be
released here:​mlrv/
Still a work in progress...

Friday, January 28

micronaut - experiment two

The second workflow exploration/live improvisation with this set-up. As with
the previous video, the Apple //e with Roland CMU-800R is in the driver's seat.
It is providing the drums with its internal sounds, and is controlling the modular
synth, the Korg MS-20, and the Yamaha CS-5 (out of frame underneath the MS-20)
via CV/Gate.

The main melody line that comes in after a bit is coming from a Reflex MeeBlip,
which you can just see sitting on the desk. I'm controlling it with a Snyderphonics
Manta controller.

Effects used: Roland RE-201 Space Echo, Eventide TimeFactor delay, Realistic
Electronic Reverb delay, Audio Damage Eos reverb, Lexicon 300 reverb.

Thursday, January 27

Mysterious Grand Piano found on sandbar in Florida

The Miami Herald has a story up about a grand piano that mysteriously showed up on a Biscayne Bay sandbar. No one is sure how and why it's there. The Coast Guard have said it will only be removed if it becomes a navigational hazard. Read the full story.

Korg Kaoss Pad Quad Videos

Create your own KAOSS combinations with the Kaoss Pad Quad!
Four processors under one pad; each processor has five options (plus off) --
that's 1,295 combinations. Each processor also has an independent Freeze control.
This video shows an overview of the product.

This video shows off some of the effects in the Korg Kaoss Pad Quad. Like all
Kaoss products, the X-Y touchpad is used to control multiple effect parameters
in real time. The Kaoss Pad Quad takes this idea even further, offering four
effect processors, all controlled from a single touchpad.

The Kaoss Pad Quad features four independent effect processors.
Each processor has its own "Freeze" button to hold the parameter settings
while continuing to control the parameters of the other processors. This is
a very fun and cool feature, and this video demo shows it in action!

In addition to all the cool effects, the Kaoss Pad Quad also performs Looper,
Reverse Looper, and Loop Slicer operations. This video demo shows how to
use these Loop tools in combination with the other effects. Very slick!

micronaut - experiment one

Having a bit of fun with the new equipment set-up, and trying to get a feel for
the workflow. This piece is entirely sequenced from an Apply //e and Roland
CMU-800R. I'm recording in to Ableton Live, but there are no samples or pre-
recording. This track is 100% live.

The quick arpeggio sound, drums, and 16th note pulse are coming from the
CMU-800R. The low bass note is from a Korg MS20 running through a Roland
RE-201 Space Echo, and the main melody sound is coming from the Doepfer
modular (in this case a TipTop Audio Z3000 oscillator, plus some Doepfer shit)
and running through a Realistic Electronic Reverb and an Eventide TimeFactor.
I used a couple instances of Audio Damage Eos for the main reverb inside the
DAW, but that's the only computer effect.

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 45: Subtractor Filters and Envelopes

In the second installment of my "Synth School" series I'll be staying on the Sub-
tractor synth but looking at the Filter sections, Amp Envelope, Filter Envelope,
and Mod Envelope sections. The masters of synth production are masters of
these tools. Something as simple as a Low Pass filter when paired with the right
chord progression can lift the entire club crowd into a frenzy. The proper Amp
Envelope can bring out the vibe in your song. These are powerful tools to con-
veying and even evoking strong emotion from what sometimes are rather sterile
starting melodies or chords.

As always, I encourage you to play around with them on your own to get a feel
for how they behave and interact with each other but today I'll walk you through
each slider and button and show you a little of my own experimentation.


Savage Skulls & Douster - Bad Gal (Featuring Robyn)

Wednesday, January 26

Me and My Rhythm Bots

DIY analog beat machine with kits from
Andromeda Mk-1 (tom), Andromeda Mk-2 (snare/hat),
Andromeda Mk-3 (synth), Andromeda Mk-4 (bass),
Tune in Tokyo (sound FX). The thing in the top right corner is a
mini mixer-amp prototype.

Built as a store demo unit for Switched On Music Electronics (Austin TX).

Cryoacoustic Orb

Cryoacoustic Orb is a sound installation involving multiple illuminated acrylic
orbs filled with slowly melting ice. Hydrophones frozen inside the ice amplify
the sounds of the melting process, which are electronically processed and
spatialized throughout the darkened gallery space. The result is a unique
ambient soundscape that evolves over the course of several hours.

Portable Acoustic Modification Laboratory

via Dangerous Minds

Tuesday, January 25

Dirty Dubstep with Boy in a Band

Making a Powerful Dubstep Beat, Part 1:

Making a Powerful Dubstep Beat, Part 2:

Layering a Loop on the Beat:

Transcript and more information available @!

Ned Rush = Time Stretched based slicing in Abletons Drum Racks

i often see time stretched slicing as a feature request on the ableton
website. this video shows you how to do it with Sampler, Drum Racks
and custom preset slicing. hope you enjoy.


Dataplex Videos



Cinematic Drums ReFill for Reason 5

Produced specifically with the big screen in mind, the Cinematic Drums ReFill
for Reason 5 contains loops and samples that will quickly conjure up specific
moods and imagery in your tracks. From thunderous walls of pounding toms,
to angst-ridden, heart pulsing beats, this collection is a must-have for anyone
who composes for the moving picture. We also meticulously sampled every
individual drum, cymbal and yes, pot and pan, allowing you to quickly program
your own grooves using the Kong Drum Designer and ReDrum step sequencer.

But don't let the name of this collection fool you, Cinematic Drums can also add
an extra sonic dimension to your pop, rock, dance and jazz tracks. Slide in some
Civil War era field drums under a traditional drum set groove or layer timpani
-esque toms on top of your 808 loops and you'll quickly have the extra depth in
your productions that standard loop sets simply can't provide.

ReFill Specs:

- 100 REX2 Loops
- 67 Individual Drum Samples
- 13 Dr Octo Rex Patches
- 4 Kong Patches
- 4 ReDrum Patches
- High Quality, 24-bit 48 khz Audio
- File size: 109 MB

Produced by

White Lies performing "Bigger Than Us" on KCRW

London trio White Lies offer brooding rock with soaring choruses
that are incredibly catchy. Their music is a dark-edged nod to the 80's
and you can hear it live when they perform on Morning Becomes Eclectic.
Watch / Listen to the full performance here:

Monday, January 24

moog Filtatron / moog Little Phatty (by Eekkoo)

The iPhone's audio output has been connected to the input of the Little Phatty.
The Phatty's filter section is used to manipulate the signal generated by the
Filtatron app.

Sunday, January 23

rude_NHS A Hundred Sides

rude_NHS, who I interviewed back in August 2009 for Resonant Filter, has a new album out on Soundcloud called "A Hundred Sides". I'm really digging "Cage Fighter" and "Spoon Holes Theme". Check it:

A Hundred Sides by rude_NHS

Pleq - Swell Bliss (Downtempo Edition)

Paintings / Animation: Colin Lawson
Music: Pleq - Swell Bliss (Downtempo Edition)

Saturday, January 22

Aalto designer Randy Jones interview on Trash Audio

Trash Audio has a terrific interview, posted yesterday, with Randy Jones one
of the chaps behind Madrona Labs Aalto software synthesizer. Aalto is on my
"must buy" list, read the interview to find out what's behind this unique synth.
Haven't heard of Aalto before? Check it:


Trance ReFill teaser by Exode

Exode the creator of the fantastic Massive Synthesis Refill for Reason has a new trance based soundbank coming out later this year. Below is a mp3 teaser Daniel posted up on soundcloud a few days ago.

"I'm at hard work on finishing my latest refill. This refill will be oriented towards different styles of electronic dance music and is heavily inspired by the sound found in VST's such as Sylenth1 and similar. The refill will be commercial but not expensive.

This is an audio teaser/preview that I threw together yesteday and it features the more trance oriented patches (the patches work for more than trance but in this teaser they are used for trance)"

Trance Refill Teaser by eXode

Friday, January 21

Analog Signature V3!

Analog Signature Version 3 - a new member is added to the family:

"Analog Signature V3" carries the wits and powers of four vintage beasts into this new era. Moog Source, Korg MS20, the Waldorf Microwave 1 and - from version 3 onwards - the Waldorf Pulse have been accurately sampled in such a way that their charming inaccuracies are still there in this perfect Reason environment in which Soundcells tooks their chance to add polyphony and velocity. You'll get 500+ combinator patches containing beautiful analog sounds from the past as well as some mouth watering rex loops covering the old analog drum boxes. The user decides how retro or contemporary the sounds of this ReFill will sound in the music. It all matches almost perfectly with almost everything. Version 2 featured new samples from the Waldorf Microwave 1, 40 new combinator patches and great new backdrops - with version 3 this ReFill is extended even further with 40 combinator patches mainly based on these new Waldorf Pulse samples.

Analog Signature Version 3 Contents:

- 506 combinator patches to keep you busy for quite some time - 40 new ones since version 3.

- Classic synths: Moog Source, Korg MS20, the Waldorf Microwave 1 and the Waldorf Pulse.

-Lots of analog drumbox rexfiles and loads of NNXT patches - the modules folder contains the basic patches which were used for the combinator sounds.

-Extra high realism due to alternate sample switching, mostly three samples per note!

Offering price is 39,90 ,- EUR per Unit (normally 49,90 ,- EUR)

More information, mp3s, and purchasing @

The Social Network Score

Videos courtesy of seganandtara

early arc experiment

a micro-looper.
eight samplers, corresponding to columns of the grid.
record by holding second-from-bottom key.
focus arc to column by pushing bottom key.
left knob is loop selection. turn to move selection, push-turn to resize selection.
right knob is volume. turning changes velocity, not position, so a tremelo effect
is easily achieved. pushing down stops the spin, like a turntable.
third key up is mute/unmute. top rows transpose up/down by octaves.
top rows meter sound levels.

Thursday, January 20

ReBirth for iPad + Reason 5 + Livid OHM64 : Everybody needs a 303

Live pa version of Fat Boy Slim's "Everybody Needs a 303" using ReBirth for iPad.
REX Loops and effects triggered from Reason 5 via the Ohm 64.
Latest config has Beat Counter Lamps driven by Combinator patches.

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 44: Synth School with the Subtractor

As electronic music producers, we rely on synths as our bread and butter sounds
for leads, bass lines, effects, textures, and so on. Knowing that, how crazy is it
that so many of us don't REALLY know how to use them?! I mean, it's not our fault
in some ways. The presets we get from the factory soundbank and ReFills are very
good. Usually one of those with a couple random knob adjustments get us off and
going just fine.

But imagine the power you'd have if you could sculpt a sound and control a sound
with precise knowledge of what you're doing and the effect it will have. Imagine if
you had your own folder of custom patches that you created; your own stash of
secret sauce that nobody else has. Imagine if you could think of a sound you'd like
to create and to know instantly how to do it.

I'm going to embark on a multi-week exploration of synthesis theory to do just that
for you. This week we're starting with the most basic synth there is - the Subtractor.
But don't let its simplicity fool you. It's capable of some amazing sounds.

Console - Dropped Down

2 of my favorite things together - train tracks and electronic beats:

Console - Dropped Down
Video by Martin Gretschmann
taken from the new Console album "Herself"

Buy @ itunes & amazon

Wednesday, January 19

Reason Artist Interview: Stromae

When "Alors on Danse" became a massive summer hit across Europe and several
other countries around the globe, many people were surprised by its overnight
success. Perhaps most surprised was Belgian producer Paul Van Haver. Now
known to the world as "Stromae," Van Haver had revived the anthemic and fun
qualities of 1990s dance music with a modern hip-hop twist. Audiences couldn't
get enough of it.

"Alors on Danse" was produced in Reason along with all of Stromae's music. The
now iconic bass line? That's the NN19. The drum beat you've probably bopped
to is coming from the Redrum. The NN-XT provides the synth hook that has
audiences numbering into the tens of thousands singing out. And in this special
interview, Stromae shows us how the track is constructed inside Reason.

Ableton Live Tutorials w/ Nalepa - Week 1: Add Life to Your Pads

In the first installment of Ableton Live Production Tips Dubspot instructor
Steve Nalepa shows you how to improve the quality of your production and
avoid clutter from the get go. He demonstrates a simple technique that can
take a bland pad sound and transform it into a more interesting and lush
mixture of moving sounds. By adding audio effects such as Reverb and Auto
Pan to a series of Return tracks, the pad will begin to come to life and demand
a little attention.


Reason 5 Audio Processing with ReBirth for iPad

The iPad audio output is routed to the line in on the workstation. Reason 5
receives the active audio input and can process the sound in real-time. This
demonstration features a range of custom combinator effect devices including
CycleOn for Reason 5 beta.

Combinator Effects being controlled by the Livid Instruments OHM64.
Thanks Peter!

Flame Talking Synth + FX6 euro modules

Short preview of the new modules for euro rack:
Talking Synth module - speech sounds,robots,alarms,bleebs,noise,words ...
including 4 CV inputs, Trigger/Gate
FX6 - small 4HP !! low cost stereo multieffect including reverb,flanger,
chorus,pitchshift,tremolo ,echo and 3 control pots

Advanced Arpeggios with Reason RPG-8 and Reason 101!

Reason 101 has a fantastic 3 part tutorial on advanced arpeggios in
Reason. Like all of Rob's posts this is a must read if you use Reason.
Below is the first video in the series, go to Reason 101 for the rest!

Audio Visual performance in Ableton Live with VIZZable

Simultaneously controlling music and video inside ableton using
VIZZable - Max/MSPs' VIZZIE VJ modules adapted for Max for Live.
I'm using the my Fretpad plugin to play the Launchpad.

Get VIZZable here:

Get Fretpad here:

My new live set's going to involve a lot of this.

Monday, January 17

Martin Luther King Jr.

"The Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday celebrates the life and legacy of a man who brought hope and healing to America. We commemorate as well the timeless values he taught us through his example -- the values of courage, truth, justice, compassion, dignity, humility and service that so radiantly defined Dr. King’s character and empowered his leadership. On this holiday, we commemorate the universal, unconditional love, forgiveness and nonviolence that empowered his revolutionary spirit.

We commemorate Dr. King’s inspiring words, because his voice and his vision filled a great void in our nation, and answered our collective longing to become a country that truly lived by its noblest principles. Yet, Dr. King knew that it wasn’t enough just to talk the talk, that he had to walk the walk for his words to be credible. And so we commemorate on this holiday the man of action, who put his life on the line for freedom and justice every day, the man who braved threats and jail and beatings and who ultimately paid the highest price to make democracy a reality for all Americans.

The King Holiday honors the life and contributions of America’s greatest champion of racial justice and equality, the leader who not only dreamed of a color-blind society, but who also lead a movement that achieved historic reforms to help make it a reality.

On this day we commemorate Dr. King’s great dream of a vibrant, multiracial nation united in justice, peace and reconciliation; a nation that has a place at the table for children of every race and room at the inn for every needy child. We are called on this holiday, not merely to honor, but to celebrate the values of equality, tolerance and interracial sister and brotherhood he so compellingly expressed in his great dream for America."

- Coretta Scott King

videos courtesy of dubkarlos & ct91rs.

For more information on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr go to

Reason 5: Creating an Intro ( Record 1.5 tutorial)

Here we begin the song making journey with an intro, a nice way to 'into' a
series. I show you how to make a quick yet efficient intro using the Combinator.


Dave Smith and Roger Linn show the Tempest Drum Machine

Roger Linn showing me some of the new features on the Tempest Analogue
Drum Machine at the NAMM 2011 show.

Sunday, January 16

A Slew of new Ned!

Ableton Live Dummy Clips:

how to use dummy clips briefly.

Ableton Live Drum Racks:

how to use multiple sounds in one cell of a drum rack for dialing up
different sounds in a live context.

Ableton Live Sampler:

strange things.
Mr Ned Rush YouTube
Ned Rush Facebook

Tagirijus - radioplay setup


Friday, January 14


As I'm sure you've heard by now Dave Smith Instruments unveiled the Tempest Analog Drum Machine at NAMM 2011 with Roger Linn. The Tempest is one of the rightful heirs to the fabled Boom Chik, with Roger Linn expected to announce a more sample oriented similar drum machine in the near future.

Here's the low down:

- 6 voices each with 2 analog and digital oscillators.
- Dave Smith's classic analog low pass filter with audio rate modulation, and an additional high pass filter
- Analog VCA with feedback (just like in the Mopho and Tetra)
- 5 envelopes
- 2 LFOs
- Vast modulation routing
- Performance oriented operating system
- Two pressure and position sensitive Note FX slide controllers
- Beat synced delay and stutter effects
- Adjustable swing timing
- Tempest also doubles as a 6 voice analog synth!

Dave Smith Instruments- Tempest Analog Drum Machine- Roger Linn Design

Pre-order now for $1999 thru NovaMusik!


Saw this guy for the first time today on Dangerous Minds. Holy Shit:



Visual Treatment prt 3 of 3 FINAL


Stutter Edit by Izotope & BT

Live Remixing:

BT Interview:

Stutter Edit is a unique playable effect designed by BT and developed by iZotope.
Create entire tracks from just a short loop, or generate incredible live remixes
just by using your MIDI keyboard and a host like Ableton Live. Stutter Edit is
perfect for both the stage and studio.

To try Stutter Edit free for 10 days, visit

Kaoss Quad

Last week I posted my theory of Korg showcasing a new Kaoss Pad at Namm 2011. Now I bought the KP2 when it first came out and absolutely loved it, however the KP3 never really did it for me. But the new Kaoss Pad Quad appears to be everything I've wanted in a Kaoss Pad: create and control multiple effects, pretty pretty lights and the all important "Freeze" button! And making it even better, Novamusik is taking pre-orders for $299!

Thursday, January 13

Torley! Instant Dubstep Wobble in Reaktor 5.5

The newest addition to the REAKTOR library is a monophonic synthesizer
delivering a pure and direct sound without additional effects. The new
additive synthesis module means Lazerbass can create a large number of
timbres, themselves made up of multiple harmonic or non harmonic partials.
The result is a sound of immense quality, equally at home creating spacey
sci-fi sounds as full and punchy sub basses ideal for dubstep and other
leading-edge electronic productions that need that signature "wobble."

Kinect Controlling Buchla 200e

Hacked this together tonight. Using a Microsoft kinect connected to a Mac
which is connected to a Xio which is connected to my Buchla. Lots of software
and hacks in the chain.


Tuesday, January 11

Ceci Bastida performing "Controlar" on KCRW

Latin Grammy nominee Ceci Bastida made her first live radio
performance debut as a solo artist here on KCRW. Known previously
for her work with renowned singer Julieta Venegas, the SoCal artist
has a style all her own that we will enjoy on Morning Becomes Eclectic.
Watch / Listen to the full session: going to NAMM

Here We Come!

Geekblog 1 with Tim Exile

Last year I started vlogging but you may have noticed that I didn't really keep
up with it... mostly due to it taking about 3 days to do each one. So I'm going
to do small short, sweet, down dirty lo-fi ones now. Will try to do one a week.
Join in the conversation at

Bit crushed modular trip hop rave

More experimentation with the A-189-1 and drum modul + some
repeating synth loop from the maq 16/3.


Monday, January 10

OP-1, NAMM 2011

If you're at NAMM, please come by our booth, we'll be showing alot of new
crazy features!

Saturday, January 8

µStep Crunk Beats

Making some heavy crunk beats with the intellijel µStep sequencer running in
16 step mode kick and snare patterns all sequenced on the Eurorack modular.​synthmodules

Ableton Live Tutorial: Flying Lotus' 'Camel' - Beat Deconstruction pt 1

Have you ever wondered what your favorite producers are thinking when they're
making beats? Dubspot instructor, Ableton Live expert and award winning music
educator, Pat Cupo, explains his concept of "Beat Deconstruction". In this tutorial,
Cupo takes a two measure loop of Flying Lotus' "Camel" from his Los Angles LP
(2008) and breaks down the beat into it's four main components: kick, snare,
hi-hat, and percussion, each having it's own dedicated clip in an audio track.
By using Warp Markers as visual place holders to highlight when and where each
component occurs in an audio clip, we can begin to understand how the beat was
conceptualized. Using the Slice to New MIDI function in Live set to slice the audio
at the "Warp Marker", new MIDI clips are created that contain a series of MIDI notes
corresponding to the Warp Markers from their original audio clips. Once this has
been done, all of the MIDI information is taken to the Arrangement View to view
the clips as a musical score. After a little editing, the music seems to pop out from
the screen and we can see the beat in it's entirety as if we programmed it ourselves.
See full article at

BE SPEAK & SPELL INCARNATE with Sonic Charge Bitspeek for you to try the demo and BE SPEAK &


Soljie Hamilton and Bruno Blum remix Serge Gainsbourg's Aux Armes Dub

Dub Stylee live @ Anchor Studios, Kingston, Jamaica:

Soljie Hamilton and Bruno "Doc Reggae" Blum seen mixing "Aux
Armes Dub" in genuine original dub style, live in Anchor Studios,
Kingston, Jamaica, late December 2001.

This fine dub mix of Serge Gainsbourg's "Aux Armes Et Cætera"
1979 smash hit can only be found on the B-side of the Jamaican
Big Youth "Aux Armes!" 45RPM single (Philips 2003), and on the
"Dub Style" promo CD issued in France by Philips/Universal Music
in 2003.

Other Serge Gainsbourg dubs, as well as fresh remixes of the songs
and DJ versions from the same sessions, can be found on the "Aux
Armes Et Cætera" and "Mauvaises Nouvelles des Étoiles" remix CDs
issued in 2003.

Lead vocals: Serge Gainsbourg
Harmony vocals: The I Three
Drums: Sly Dunbar
Bass: Robbie Shakespeare
Piano: Robbie Lyn
Organ: Ansel Collins
Guitar: Mickey Chung
Guitar: Dougie Bryan
Percussion: Sticky Thompson

Video directed by Bruno Blum
Cameraman: Courtney McLaughlin
Editing and post production: JimmUP


Friday, January 7

Phi Sequence - Standing In A Hallway Staring At The Door

Phi Sequence - Standing In A Hallway Staring At The Door

Rob from Reason 101 kicked off the new year with the release of a brand new album - Standing In A Hallway Staring At The Door. The record is primarily made up of sounds from Rob's own Generations ReFill, which was one of my favorite Reason soundbanks of 2010. Pick up the album for $5.99 at, which describes the disc this way:

"Melancholic. Symbolic. We've all found ourselves standing in the hallway staring at a door wondering what to do. Whether to knock and enter. Or retreat. This is dark and brooding. This is ambient and glitchy. These are the echoes of thoughts I once had."

Below is a demo version version of Locked, the last song on the album.
Check it:

Locked (Demo) by Phi Sequence

Thursday, January 6

Going polyphonic with the Moog Slim Phatty and Little Phatty

Or to be more precise, duophonic! Both the Moog Little Phatty keyboard and
the Slim Phatty module are monophonic instruments, but chain them together
with MIDI and you can create a polyphonic Moog system! I wish we had more
Slim Phatties lying around but at time of writing are currently sold out :'~|

That's a good thing though, right? If you have one of these synths (or a Voyager
which can also be chained), and know someone else who does too, get over
there and try this out!

Anyhow. This vid is unfortunately in mono (onboard camera sound too), and
most certainly not a musical statement, as we had just received the Slim Phatty
and I was just testing that the setup works! I had individual synths to individual
speakers and in stereo, in person, it sounded AMAZING. You'll have to forgive
my complete inability to play a keyboard. God bless MIDI. And Dr Bob Moog.


Wednesday, January 5

Danger _ Instrumental _ 2011 ( HD )

Time Lapse Footage of Me Making This Beat in FL Studio , Reaktor 5.5 , My
Ipad & Ableton for a small part ...
Thanks To My Aussie Chick For Some Funny Vocals .
Video Made in Sony Vegas Pro ( mostly )
- Subscribe Fool ! -
Ty for Watching


52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 42: Stereo Width w/ The Haas Effect

This week I'm going to show you one of the most tried and true methods we
have to add stereo width and depth to our mixes: The Haas Affect.

Named after Dr. Helmut Haas for his early research into the effect, the Haas
Effect essentially uses short delays to fool your brain into perceiving a stereo
sound from a mono source. In mixing we can exploit your brain's gullibility
to carve out wide stereo fields and provide our mixes enough room for center
elements like lead vocals or bass guitar.

I've made a combinator patch that accompanies this tutorial and it can be
downloaded here:

Soundcells Greenhouse ReFill

Soundcells has released a new FREE refill called "Greenhouse" for Reason 4 and up. Greenhouse has samples drawn from Sonic Charge's Synplant software synthesizer. Here's the downlow:

"Greenhouse" is a small but awesome ReFill which is based on samples coming from the very popular and famous Synplant software synthesizer - probably one of the most innovative plugins of recent years. 35 combinator patches provide an insight into the great and highly characterful sound capabilities Synplant has to offer: Greenhouse patches sound deep and murky - sometimes wishful and dreamy - but overall atmospheric and full of Synplant character... In addition, some "One-Shot-FX" kits are included to let you produce glitchy electro beats. The 24 bit samples were recorded thru an analog mixing console to bring the "real world" flavour into the digital world - ready-to-use within this ReFill...

Greenhouse Contents:

- 35 combinator patches full of Synplant character.
- Deep, murky, evil but also wishful and dreamy are the main keywords.
- 39 NNXT patches containing the basic sounds which were used for the combinators.
- 190 Synplant samples, 158 MB uncompressed.

For more information go to

New Kaoss Pad debuting at NAMM?

I was just browsing the Musiciansfriend website looking for post X-mas specials and found the Korg Kaoss KP3 listed as a "clearance" item ($299 if you're interested.) With NAMM next week it makes me wonder if the KP4 is just around the corner? I sure hope so....

Tuesday, January 4

PreSonus StudioLive 24 on the Road with Paul Gilbert - Sweetwater

Here's a great example of just how powerful the PreSonus StudioLive really is.
In this video, you'll hear its road stories with Paul Gilbert and crew, and get to
check it out this digital mixer / FireWire interface / powerhouse effects unit in
action. Here's a link to more info:

Soundsdivine's New Retro Presets -

Preview of the presets from the 'New Retro' soundset for FXpansion's DCAM:
Synthsquad Strobe synthesizer

BPitch Control WERKSCHAU

BPitch Control Werkschau compiled by Ellen Allien
OUT on 31.01.2011

Zavosh Rad Videos

Saw the first video below on Richard Devine's Facebook page...

Patiently Awaiting Checkout

Antonio Blanca's new ABreakpoint controlling 2 instances of Absynth and 2
instances of the Finger. Loops courtesy of Richard Devine.


Spiral is randomizing Vortex parameters while the AB Lemur Breakpoint
Template is randomizing Finger parameters on an aux channel and fed into
another aux running Grain Streamer by Michael Norris. I added a snapshot
knob to the Lemur template, and Effectrix is just warping the drum loop.
Thanks to AB and RD.

Curtis Granular Synthesizer iPad app running in Buffeater

This is the Curtis Granular Resynthesizer app for the ipad. I ran the audio
into Reaktor using Buffeater for effects.Well worth it!


Monday, January 3

Honda Acura Commercial Sound Design

I've always been a sucker for these strange obstacle courses ever since
watching "Electric Company" as a kid. Here's one with some great sounds
by Chelsea DeBonis for Honda:

Sound design work by Chelsea DeBonis

Saturday, January 1

microTONIC 3.0 and BITSPEEK

It is out. Sonic Charge µTonic version 3.0. The first major upgrade to our flagship drum machine in over five years. And what an upgrade it is. Sporting over 20 new features and a brand new look, µTonic is as good as new again.

Already own µTonic? Then you are in for a treat, because the upgrade is totally free for all registered customers. All you need to do is download MicroTonic 3.0 and then go to this page and check out your new registration key. µTonic 3.0 is 100% backwards compatible with µTonic 2.0 and when you load your old projects, it will sound virtually identical, so do not hesitate to upgrade.

For the full rundown of whats new, please check this page.

As if this isn't good enough news, we are also releasing a small voice effect plug-in that we call Bitspeek. Bitspeek recreates any audio you feed into it using pulse oscillators, white noise and linear prediction filters. Sounds strange? Well, that's the point. It is supposed to sound strange. See for yourself over here. The price of Bitspeek is $29.