Saturday, February 27

Boss SL-20 Slicer

Showing off the basic features of the Boss SL-20 by running a Roland Juno 106. The swing bit at the end is part of a song I wrote in the early 90's called "New Jack Zibby".

Computer Music Live / Citrusonic

Reaktor Computer Music Live Ensemble Studio on Apple i7 Quad Core

Thursday, February 25

52 Reason and Record Tips Week 2

How to make a Dubstep wobble bass sound using Thor. Part 1 of 2 (coming in Week 3).

Dubstep Snares - The other things you can do with Ableton's Vocoder

Michael Hatsis shows off one of the many uses of Ableton's Vocoder. In this Video, He demonstrates how to thinken up a snare - Dubstep Style. Subscribe to be notified of new tutorials. Also, Check out for More production tutorials and tips.

Wednesday, February 24

CycleOn for Propellerheads Record & Reason

Final version with the Bitplant GUI! CycleOn is a real-time playback system for ReCycle REX loops. This combinator based instrument patch is designed to create live performance and DJ Style effects using Propellerhead Software Record + Reason 4.0. No sequencing is required, and loops start and stop in sync with the transport. Used in conjunction with a control surface, CycleOn patches form the foundation of a compelling performance piece.

DMX Scanner controlled by ipod and video input (part 1)

Experimenting with DMX Scanner (soundlab hi-scan 1), will be using it to track a dancer on stage with processing, mrmr, open sound control so the video input will map DMX signals to location zones on stage, so if any movement is detected the spot light will engage and track movement. The camera will be above performer, eventually.

Reamp Your Guitar with POD Studio UX2

In this video, I demonstrate reamping guitar with POD Studio UX2 and POD Farm. Go here to see the full blog post:

Analog Drum in Reason Part 2

This is the first part for something 'bigger'. I am planning a tutorial to create a big template which is able to create a complete song by just twitching knobs and pushing a couple of buttons. It is often being done in electro house.

This session is split in 2, this is part 2 of 2 where I try to explain some parts about how to setup an analog drum.

Watch Part 1.

Analog Drums in Reason Part 1

This is the first part for something 'bigger'. I am planning a tutorial to create a big template which is able to create a complete song by just twitching knobs and pushing a couple of buttons. It is often being done in electro house.

This session is split in 2, this is part 1 of 2 where I try to explain some parts about how to setup an analog drum.

Pantheon II - Just For Now Demo Track

This is a demo song for the Nucleus SoundLab Refill Pantheon II. Its called Just For Now and it was written by Tom Pritchard.

Tuesday, February 23

Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer™ Overview

MIDI Mobilizer™ is the first MIDI interface for iPhone and iPod touch. Play, record, and backup MIDI data including POD® patches, synth sounds, and more any time, any place.

Post a video postcard with the tag midi mobilizer postcard, and well post our favorites in the Line 6 blog.

EMS Synthi VCS3 - modulations, tones and sweeps

This is just recorded with the camera mic so its not brilliant sound quality. I was just recording some tones, modulations and sweeps for the upcoming Simonsound ringtone set that will be available soon. As always thanks to Pablo for the generous loan!

xlr8rtv 0143 dutty artz A Reason For Record - Part 1: The Mixer

Part one in a new series of tutorials that illustrates some of the reasons to add Record to Reason. This first part discusses the new Mixer and all of it's capabilities.

dbGlitch in Reason 4 Parts 3 & 4



Here's something I did before in april 2009. I made a complete text tutorial about how to make IDM Breakcore in Reason. In this series I explain how to re-create DBGlitch inside Reason.

Personally I never backed up the whole thought process by making a video about it. But then again, I also realized someone STOLE my idea, posted the patch on serious-sounds forums saying it was his.

That's why this leads me with no choice to make a video about it.

Check out the first two HERE.

-008's Random Handrum

New for -008' Beat Blog subscribers:

My cohort 13ruce 1337 recently sent me a 3 min 28 sec recording he made of a handrum. He said it was only a "warmup" type track, but I thought it sounded great!

First, I ReCycled the file and made a bunch of loops. I then used those rex files to build the combinators, and now we have the "Random Handrum"

Combinators Include:

Matrex Rextrix [RUN]
Matrix & Rex fun..Careful with those curve patterns! ;)

Velocity arranged slices. Small but fun

Gluttonous overuse of rpg-8

Alt Fills
Fast off beat, 2 keys at a time works best. C1 to B1

FSB Twerk (Factory Example)
Factory Sound Bank, 3 Note Patch C1 to D1

Redrum Pattern Player (and empty)
Browse slice samples, step sequence your patterns, & play

MODE (Rotary) and HOLD (Button) are the most important things to remember!


Monday, February 22

dbGlitch in Reason 4



DBGlitch in Reason

Here's something I did before in april 2009. I made a complete text tutorial about how to make IDM Breakcore in Reason. In this series I explain how to re-create DBGlitch inside Reason.

Personally I never backed up the whole thought process by making a video about it. But then again, I also realized someone STOLE my idea, posted the patch on serious-sounds forums saying it was his.

That's why this leads me with no choice to make a video about it.

PS, this is gonna be a long ride. The complete video lasts for 35 minutes. I hope I will eventually upload all the bits and pieces today.

Just have a bit of patience on this one ;)

Alva Noto - Calvin Klein 2010 Fashion Show

Now you generally wouldn't catch me dead watching a woman's fashion show. I've never really been one for the emaciated model look, but right now Facebook has a video of the Calvin Klein Women's Fall Collection Show from Fashion Week 2010. Why should you care? Because Alva Noto does the music! Check it out.

Edison - Performance and Explanation (Ableton + Monome)

Here is a look inside Edison's live rig and how he lays out clips in Ableton Live.

Reason Auto Glitcher Effect Combinator

This is a Combinator which can be used to apply some Glitchy fun to any audio source you throw at it. It uses a Scream Distortion unit, 3 delays, and 2 Phasers which are controlled by some Malstrom Curves.

Visit to download the patch and read the accompanying notes.

Sunday, February 21


Part 1:

Part 2:

This is a new method I've developed for creating a subgroup in Record, thereby giving you control of multiple channels via one channel strip fader.

You can use this single channel strip fader to directly control any given number of sub channels, no limits. This fader strip at full 100% has no effect on the sub channel volumes but as you begin to lower this fader, the other volumes follow, all the way to 0%.

It's not perfect, I need to do some calibration and tweaking still, but it's probably good enough for use by the masses. I suppose I'll arrive at "perfection" once we start finding limitations and errors.

Get the file here:

I did make a few mistakes in the is video, primary one being that the "Trim" knob should be at 0% for the fader to be passive (in this video I open the file at 100%, and eventually move it to 50%). When the "Trim" knob is set to 0%, bringing the fader up to 100% will essentially allow the audio in each subbed channel to pass without any volume reduction whatsoever. If you need to "boost" from here, you can set your fader to default (0 dB), and the "Trim" knob to default (50%), and this should again be passive, but now you can boost your audio up from 0 dB. I don't think I'd recommend this implementation, but the option is there.

This file comes preloaded with three Dr.Rex loops from the Reason Factory Soundbank, simply as a demonstration.

Some great features of this method:

* There is very little you need to do to any project you've already recorded... no need to mess with creating new routings with your audio cables, no moving audio cables, no adjusting levels, no additional mixers created with the need to match whatever you had in Record's mixer, etc. All you lose is Aux Send 8.

* The individual channel strip level LED's will fade with the master subgroup fader that you're moving, you actually see the levels drop as you move just that one fader (you see the LED levels drop, not the actual fader).

* As you move this master subgroup fader, effects will fade as well, as opposed to other methods we've seen before (tapping audio off the direct out jacks) where you can fade a master subgroup but effects on the individual channels continue to feed volume to the effects, so all your reverbs and delays continue to ring out, which, 95% of the time, you don't want.

The Combinator also comes preloaded with enough labeled Spider CV units to control 48 channels, though you can subtract or add even more if you like.

Let me know what you think...

Pitch Shift in Reason

Detail of pitch shift in Propellerhead Reason.

Saturday, February 20

Propellerhead Record "Getting Started"

Getting started with Record from Propellerhead.
Propellerhead Software's brand new recording software. Record gives you unlimited audio tracks, world class effects and mixing gear, and a whole new take on music recording. With an intuitive, straightforward interface and a hands-on approach to capturing performances, Record was designed for musicians - not audio engineers. This is recording done right.

Numerology with Machinedrum and Launchpad

sequencing the Machinedrum with Numerologys Drumsequencer controlled by the Launchpad

Friday, February 19

Biolabs - Soundscapes, Sound FX, Pads, and Basses for Alchemy

Biolabs: Alchemy Labs covers a huge range of sonic ground from genetically enhanced synths to mutant machines, tapping directly into the subconscious with cyber-organic hybrids and neural circuitry. An ambitious project from the fertile imagination of sound designer biomechanoid (aka Colin Fraser), its appeal straddles multiple genres such as ambient, electronica, film, glitch, and IDM. A full year in the making, this soundbank includes a 700MB specially created sample library and exclusive skin.

Biomechanoid is a respected sound designer; well known for his Absynth sounds and creator of the Absynth Twighlights Kore Soundpack. He has designed sounds for various games and Hollywood movies including US box office #1 Crank.


Number of Sounds: 150 (1200 variations)

Sound Categories: 34 Soundscapes, 20 Sound Effects,18 Pads, 16 Basses, 15 Loops, 12 Arps, 9 Drums, 8 Synths, 7 Vocals, 5 Leads, 4 Keys, 3 Guitars

Genres: Electronica, IDM, Ambient, Film Music, Techno/Electro, Dance/Trance

Skin: Biolabs

Sound Designer: Biomechanoid

Download Size: 385 MB

Requirements: Alchemy

Reason 4 - Imperial March Work in Progress Version 0.2

Here's a quick work in progress for yah. I have been working on this song almost the whole freaking evening. And initially I am at the stage where I have all the instruments in place, mixed it down a tiny bit (uhu... a tiny bit, read: hyd standards for a tiny bit).

The trick I am going for is: positioning, delay, surrounding, and have them in front/back where I want the sounds to be placed. It is a tricky aspect. But then again, this is where we seperate the mans from the boys!

Original copyrights of the song remain to John Williams, who is the author of the original song. The remix is made note by note, instrument by instrument by... yours truelly Hyd.

And my god, if YT removes the song, I'll be pissed and remove my account! Seriously... They have no idea how much work I have put into this!


52 Reason and Record Tips by James Bernard Week 1

The 1st episode of 52 Reason and Record Tips from James Bernard of Propellerhead Software.

From the James Bernard.plan file

Reason and ProTools Rewire

Working with Reason rewired to Protools is a really nice setup, you get the great sequencer and effects in ProTools, and the nice rack of gear in Reason. There are many ways to route the signal between the two programs, but by far the most powerful method is to use instrument tracks and the Reason instrument, here is how to do it! This is an answer to a discussion in one of my MIDI classes at Berklee.

'nomone' - monome emulation for novation launchpad

While at home recovering from jaw surgery, I had some time to play around with "nomone" - which is a monome emulator created for use with the Novation Launchpad. In this video I'm using the nomone emulator (via MaxMSP Runtime) with Ableton Live and the Polygome Max Patch (one of many patches created for use with the nomone emulator).

For more information on "nomone" and its many patches, visit this forum:

Thursday, February 18


Reasonable Help

Infector Reason 4 Refill Demo.m4v

Demo of my new Reason 4 Refill - Infector. Infector is a synth refill featuring 219 synth patches (125 Combinator, 54 NN-19, 19 NN-XT and 21 Subtractor patches). The sampler patches are built using the 220MB of included synth sample data which makes up the 471 wavs. These WAVS were created by sampling some of the best modern hard and soft synths. You can buy it here -

GlitchBox template made in Reason 4

Nothing special about this one. I added an NN-XT and went nuts on the routing on this one ;)

Reason Combinator Dulcimer with sustain pedal

This is a response to a question I received at Berklee, it shows some of the basic functionality of the Combinator in Reason, including layering synths and using the Rotary knobs to control parameters(Decay and release) on synths inside the Combinator.

EditEd4TV ThorStepSequencerReGroove

Reasonable Help

Check out my interview with EditEd from August 28th of last year.

Keyboard short cuts in Reason

That's a complete PDF file containing all the keyboard shortcuts there are in Reason 4. In this video I will go indepth about explaining which shortcuts I most commonly use. Other then that I just use a mouse.

And if there is something 'special' I am using, I'll mention it.

One might also find my sequencer Tut helpfull, since I go more indepth on all the keys I am using.

Glitch Boxes - Videos

A couple days ago I wrote a post about Phi Sequence's killer Glitch Boxes over at Today I've discovered a couple of videos he posted on YouTube:

Glitch Box #1:

Glitch Box #2 & 3:

Wednesday, February 17

Didi Gutman - Brazilian Girls

Reason artist Didi Gutman of Brazilian Girls talks about using Reason on stage and in the studio.

Watch for around 4:45, Didi shows how he sets up his computer's keyboard to mute and solo tracks. Very cool!

Tuesday, February 16

Tortoise! Live 2-11-10 in Louisville

Tortoise (2-11-10 Louisville, KY @ Headliners)
Video by Randy Bayers & Brent Stober
SBD Matrix audio (SBD by Brent Stober + DPA mics by Brian Porter)

For more videos from their performance @ Headliners Music Hall go to Randy Bayers' Vimeo Page.

Propellerhead Reason 4 - KickDrum tutorial parts 3 & 4 Here goes. the first part about the kick drum. This session is cut in two parts. In this video I will explain how to layer a kick drum just using multiple redrums and EQ it and use compression and Effects

Ow yeah, before I forget:
the first drum I choose (but forgot to mention the name) is the BD_One2 (from the Redrum, xclusive drums, Bassdrums).

See Part 1 and Part 2.

Glitch Boxes -

If you use Propellerhead's Reason in your music production stop reading this post now and head over to for Rob's post and accompanying "Glitch Box" combis. They're a blast!

Propellerhead Reason 4 - KickDrum tutorial part 2

Here goes. the first part about the kick drum. This session is cut in two parts. In this video I will explain how to layer a kick drum just using a single redrum.

See Part 1 HERE.

Ned Rush = Gabber is Ableton in under a

maak tot liefde aan mijn moeder met uw gabberkruisbeeld.

Make sure to check out Tango6, the debut ep from Ned Rush's alter ego - Rude_NHS!

Propellerhead Reason 4 - KickDrum tutorial part 1

Here goes. the first part about the kick drum. This session is cut in two parts. In this video I will explain how to layer a kick drum just using a single redrum.

Monday, February 15

Twisted Tools - Vortex Demo w/ Kore 2

Demo video using Kore 2 randomizers and macro control knobs.

Reaktor based probability module

Reaktor based probability module for drum n bass:

The only thing I can think to add, aside from what is covered in this video, is that this ensemble can be synchronized to any host app that supports vst. Only downfall is that it is based on an extremely slow tempo, and drum samples are not stretched to fit, only because i wanted to keep the original quality as well preserved as possible. Any questions and/or ideas relating to the modifications and/or the original programmers of any of the devices in this ensemble, are welcomed in the comments section of this video. Thanks for checking this out, hope you all enjoy.

Reaktor based probability module - Part 2 AutoPure Patch:

It's still a bit buggy, but this is the patch I've been sculpting for the past few months with Reaktor. I apologize that there is alot of "unseen" parts of this concotion, but I figure you can check out the previous video for an idea of how this ensemble is layed out. Although, there was just too many components here to be able to unfold and display each device being used at any given moment, and obviously this isn't about a pretty picture as much as it is about a roller coaster of potential with digital audio. This was done without an external controller, aside from the QWERTY config for the beatlookup module. There's way too many details to try and give you a full tour of this ensemble, so just check out the mangling, and feel free to ask whatever questions come to mind. Thanks for sitting through the botches and buffer pops, had to use ye ol' soundblaster for the screencapture ;) Also, the mstr clock was offset by a 1/4 note throughout the entire mix (forgot to push stop before play ;P), so all the drops and pickups are a bit weak, you'll notice the transients are offset in the beatlookup display when it appears. and fyi, wear some headphones (not earbuds!!!!) if you don't have decent reference monitors, i've recently found out that reaktor is incredible at emulating tape saturation, as you'll find with the kick drums and the lowend of the 303 module.

Reaktor Probability Module Part

Well, this is kind of Part 3 of the Reaktor Module, although it's more like a conceptual thesis statement on the interaction of the audio/visual spectrums. To go in to a bit more detail. The audio is just a quick screen/sound capture. The visual part is an After Effects plugin called Form by Trapcode, which allows certain parameters to be controlled by specified frequencies. This is kind of what I picture this module becoming as part of an art exhibit regarding interactive multimedia. Basically this kind of visual interaction would be happening in realtime and the Reaktor module could be configured to react to a passerby's motions and sound via a series of proximeters positioned around the exhibit. For now, enjoy the chaos, errr controlled chaos I guess :D One more thing, apologies for any latency pops, this put some serious stress on my cpu, and I'm amazed I was even able to capture this in realtime, so I figured I will share this either way, who cares if it's perfect, it's progress none the less. So on that note, enjoy!

Sunday, February 14

aphex-twin aproach and using Dr-Rex

using the Dr Rex on Quad speed. This might be a bit of a 'problem' topic, since rexes are based on tempo. In this video i'll explain how to solve the issue

Traktor w/ Maschine #3 :: Dubspot :: Native Instruments

Mike Henderson, aka DJ Endo, stopped by Dubspot to give an introductory digital DJing lesson on Traktor and Maschine for all those folks online. This one covers effects. Be sure to check out part 1 and 2.

*See part 2 of 3 here:

Saturday, February 13

Neo Geo - Fort (Reason Track)

New track done in a day on feb 13th 2010. Got the idea on my way back from work :)



Ableton Live - Novation Launchpad - Progtronica Weekly DJ Series week 3 (w/ Live Drums) 2-11-10

Performed on February 11th 2010, this is the 3rd installment of Nigel Sifantus' "Progtronica Weekly Dj Performance Series". All music created using Ableton live, mixed, re-sampled, edited, and mixed live using Novation's Launchpad dedicated Ableton controller. This mix features the songs "The Beat Repeater" "Dreaming (feat beatboxing by Taylor McFerrin, Ryat and Shara Dae on vocals)", "Progtronica 1 (with a small Cinematic Orchestra sample)", and "Rolling with Strings" all from the upcoming album: "Progtronica - Live From Nowhere" due out later this spring. For more information on Progtronica visit All the drum parts are recorded by Sifantus live, then sampled, edited, and re-mixed. However, for this weeks broadcast there is some "real" live drumming mixed in to a couple of the tunes. All Live, all solo, all Raw! Progtronia weekly DJ Series 2010!

Buchla 259e

Buchla 259e Mem Skew:

259e morph gets EG modulation again. This time the memory skew point is modulated continuously using the 259e modulation osc through the 210e. The depth of the modulation is being adjusted on the 210e.

Buchla 259e Bells:

Same patch with modification. Now 259e output is going to 285e balanced modulator where it is modulated by 259e mod osc triangle. Mod osc of 261e takes over mem skew modulation. EG also modulates 285e depth (timbre). This is a nice trick to try.

Launchpad with Reaktor

Launchpad with Reaktor DSQ32 in Live:

Reaktor DSQ32 and my Launchpad are being controlled by an Application I wrote in Java. The Application stores and handles the states of the Launchpad and sends and receives the control data to Reaktor via Midi Yoke. OSC would have been a way better choice, but unfortunately OSC does not work with Reaktor in Host mode, which is a total bummer. I'm really not happy with the stability of the whole setup, which will keep me from actually publishing the modified ensemble and the application.

Launchpad Reaktor & Live Session 2 including DSI Evolver:

A somewhat longer Version.

Logan String Melody + Minimoog + Taurus 1

vintage synth demo by RetroSound

analog strings: Logan String Melody II
lead sound: Minimoog
deep bass: Moog Taurus 1 bass pedals
drums: Keio (Korg) MiniPops Junior
fx: EHX Small Stone phase shifter (String Melody)


Akai apc 40 + Ableton Live 8 (Hernan Delgado Original Performance Demos)



atnr Live @ 一ノ瀬響室 Apple Store, Ginza 2010.2.7



ableton live上でLemurとiPhoneをコントローラーにしたラ イブを行ったライブの模様。アップルストア銀座にて。

Andromeda MK drum machines

kits / ready made available thru analogue haven &

The End

MOOG Arpeggios part 8...the final frontier!

Friday, February 12

Episode 10: "Diego Stocco Masterclass

Diego Stocco gives an Omnisphere synthesis demo - showing his techniques of building a rhythmic sound from scratch and some interesting possibilities using Live Mode.

To Rococo Rot - Speculation - Short Film

A special visual insight into the making of the album, including footage of new songs recorded at Scheer with Jochen Irmler from Faust.

Tetra & Lexicon can chat

a quick jam on elekrons ... this time i focused on the machinedrum ... the sps sends the midi cc# trough the tetra to the lexicon ... it gives this "human voice" sound ... just the fx parameter changing ... i like the overall idea

aphex-twin setup part 2

after explaining the initial setup with the Quad Speed method, i'll show some stuff what you could do to spice things up a bit.

For Part 1 go HERE.

Korg Kaossilator Pro Un-boxing and MIDI Control Preview

Came in today and we found out we could actually play the instruments from a MIDI keyboard,as well as from the pad - we will show you how in our full review. If you want to ask us to check anything out in our review, comment here or at

Luftrum 3 - Ambient ReFill for Reason

I have to admit that I hadn't ever heard of Luftrum until recently... you see I've been playing around with Camel Audio's fantastic synth/sampler Alchemy as of late, and when I'm working on a new platform I like to peruse the factory soundbank and explore other's creations - and the name I kept running into on the patches I really dug was Luftrum. Here's a video for a refill he did for Reason:

Ambient ReFill with patches for Thor Synthesizer, Propellerhead Reason 4. Luftrum 3 continues where Luftrum 2 left you - somewhere floating in space. 318 Mb Dr.Rex loops of pure ambient substance: Soundscapes & drones, ambient loops, spoken dialogue, field recordings, old movie conversation and 45 new evolving ambient pads for Thor.

Also included with Luftrum 3 is separate standalone wav and rx2 files (850 Mb in total) compatible with all major DAW's; Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic etc.

For ambient composers into drone music and space music in the likes of Biosphere, Klaus Schulze, The Orb, Tangerine Dream, early Brian Eno, Steve Roach and Robert Rich.

Music by Deepspace using Luftrum 3.

Luftrum 3 contains:

52 Old Movie Conversation
45 Ambient Pads for Thor
15 Soundscapes & Drones
12 Spoken Dialogue
10 Atmospheric Pad Loops
6 Field Recordings

Price $29

Moog Arpeggios 4 - 666

More Moog than your tiny human brain can handle! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hurl! You'll join Dr. Steel and help the Army of Toy Soldiers take over the world to build a Utopian Playland...yes, you will!

Moog Arpeggios and an idiot dancing to them while turning knobs and pushing buttons! What could be better?


For 1-3 go HERE.

The Art of the Brushes Vol.1

Have you been searching for a loop pack focused entirely on brushes? Well, you’re not alone. At The Loop Loft, we’ve received many requests for drum loops that incorporate the warmth and ambiance that only brushes and a coated drumhead can provide. After several months and eight separate recording sessions, we’re proud to bring you the first loop pack consisting of 100% brush performances. With grooves ranging from jazz ballads to funky linear grooves to double time “train” shuffles to folk rock back beats, The Art of Brushes Volumes Vol 1 is the most dynamic and genre-spanning loop pack available anywhere!

Number of Loops: 103
Tempo Range: 68-212 BPM

- Instant Downloads
- 100% Royalty Free
- High Quality 24 Bit 48 KHZ Audio
- WAV, REX2 and AIFF Formats

Sets included:

The Art of Brushes - Vol 1 by thelooploft

$39.95 in Wav, Rex2, and AIFF format from The Loop Loft.

Transiencia - 2 - In Transit

The second part of my senior thesis video. For more information and the entire movie at full quality please visit my website at:

Video (c) belal hibri 2007
Audio (c) Apparat 2002

Telefon tel aviv

Time Studio Time Lapse

Williamsburg, Va


Transiencia: Fragments of the Everyday


Visual:Belal Hibri
Audio:Robert Alexander

Your Veins Are Not Sunshine

A video featuring the song "Your Veins Are Not The Sunshine" from the upcoming EP entitled "Initial" from emerging electronic musician "ATTAC_LUSTER".
For more information, go to

Alesis Andromeda Ribbon Insanity

Alesis A6 arp ribbon madness.

ds-10 vs. beaterator

I thought I'd do a video with my new beaterator and with and old friend korg ds-10. I had to record them in different takes, because I have no mixer.

MBase11 Review - Update on Sequencing

This is an update to my MBase 11 Review - this shows the module being sequenced by a Korg Electribe ER-1 MK2 ... See my MBase 11 Review video on my channel for full MBase 11 info: BiggaBMusic

Moe - Moog Jam

More videos of Moe performing at Moog:

Moog Taurus 3 Pedals Arrive

A distant relative to my Taurus 1s just arrived on Feb. 10th, 2010. What a great birthday gift!


MOOG Arpeggios

If you browse the Moog forums much you've certainly come across the name Voltor07. Here he is showing off his Moog Little Phatty's arpeggio function:

Demonstration of my Moog Little Phatty utilizing the MF-102, 103 and CP-251 Moogerfoogers. Dedicated to Holly, the love of my life.

The Little Phatty doing arpeggios and happy sounds with the MF-102, 103 and CP-251.

More sounds! More lights! More...ring modulation phasing and control processing and me acting like idiot!

TR 909 Beaumont's Demonstration

Beaumont Demonstrates the performance ability of this iconic Drum Machine!

Mixing Techniques - Reverb

Reverb typically sits in two categories within audio productions, and either tends to be done well, or it tends to sound like someone has just thrown a reverb on a sound and selected a preset. To help you get it to sound as if it has been well done we provide you with a few handy hints and tips to help your reverbs sound better than ever!

Check out this, and other great tutorials at Ben Rossers Conservatorium of Audio:

Live Electro

Improvised sequencing using Reason 4.0 , Ableton 7.8, BCR2000 & NanoKontrol taken from the Oscar Later 2010 live set.

Maschine + Launchpad + Ableton Live Jam

A little jam I did to try out my new launchpad.

Ableton Tutorial: How to use Chains for quick access to your favorite Presets

In this tutorial I walk you through how to set up a chain for easily calling up your favorite presets.

Propellerhead Reason 4 - Aphex Twin Approach - Setup - part 1

Here's a brief introduction to a setup I used for quite sometimes. It's a different method of composing, and it takes a while to get used to

Thursday, February 11

From Reason to Record

The ultimate Reason upgrade!

You already know just how powerful your Reason version 4 can be – now imagine a Reason with superpowers, a Reason 4000. Because that's exactly what you get when you add Propellerhead Record to the mix. The two programs will fuse into one, adding just the features you always wished for, as well as flow and functionality you never knew existed.
Find out more about why Record is the ultimate Reason upgrade

Reason to Record
In this interview, Reason veteran Josh Mobley tells us about his transition to using Record for his professional work. Combining Reason and Record offers significant improvements over Reason when used in a ReWire setting.
Watch the video:

Record for Reason Owners
And we saved the best for last: as a Reason user, you can get the Ultimate Reason Upgrade for just about the price of a regular Reason upgrade. Record for Reason Owners is USD 149 / EUR 129.
Find out where to purchase Record for Reason Owners

Monday, February 8

Ableton Tutorial -Setting Up Drum Racks For Live Performance.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Record, Headphone Cue Mixes

Record - Setting up Headphone Cue Mixes:

RECORD - How to Setup a Headphone Cue Mix:

How to setup 3 different heaphone cue mixes in Propellerheads Record using the FX sends

Saturday, February 6

On this day...

On this day in 1945 Nesta Robert ("Bob") Marley was born in the small village of Nine Mile in Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica. Bob's father was a captain in the Royal Marines, a plantation overseer and Caucasian. His father provided financial support for Bob's mother Cedella Booker, an Afro-Jamaican, but rarely saw her or his son and died when Bob was only 10 years old. Because of his mixed racial origins Bob Marley suffered racial prejudice as a youth, for in Jamaica at that time multiracial people were referred to as "half-castes".

At the age of 14, Bob dropped out of school to play music with Rastafari musician Joe Higgs. It was through Higgs that he would meet the other founding Wailers, Peter Tosh and Bunny Livingstone in the early 1960s. They would go on to world wide fame with the release of their records "Catch a Fire" and later "Burnin". Below is a performance for the BBC of one of the songs off "Catch a Fire", "Stir it Up", complete with Moog synthesizer:

Video courtesy of jahlivejahlove

Gonjasufi - A Sufi and a Killer

Gonjasufi has delivered his inimitable and enigmatic debut album "A Sufi & A Killer" which will be available 8th/9th March 2010.

Produced by Los Angeles heavyweights Flying Lotus, The Gaslamp Killer and Mainframe, this deep and compelling collection embraces aged Eastern influences, reanimated hip-hop and vintage psychedelia - laced with Gonjasufi's cryptic lyrics and captivating vocal delivery.

"Timeless, incredible filth" - Flying Lotus.
"Contender for album of the year" - Guardian Guide.

"In order to get the conviction behind the words, it took 30 years of a lot of frustration and despair…continual tests of faith. Day to day struggling. Bottled-up energy, then all of a sudden, the way it came out seemed perfect…it kept flowing. Continually flowing out of me." - Gonjasufi

"I just hope this record reaches people at the point when they're one foot out the window and looking down and that song comes on through the speakers and they pull their foot back through the windows and say "wait a minute - let me re-evaluate the situation..". If anything I would pray that people find the ability to find themselves in the music." - Gonjasufi

Preorder now on CD or Limited Edition VINYL at BLEEP