Monday, February 28

Sonic LAB M-Audio Venom Audition

A run through of presets from M-Audio's new Venom synth.
Full review now online @

rude_NHS livestream videos

Clip 1:

Clip 2:

Clips from the rude_NHS livestream channel.
New videos every Tuesday!

Reason Wizardry - February 2011 Out Now!

The February 2011 issue of Reason Wizardry is now available for subscribers! Check your e-mail, I just downloaded my copy. This month Jeremy Janzen is exploring Reason's RV-7000 Advanced Reverb device - from spring reverbs to multi-tap delays and nearly everything in between. If you aren't currently a subscriber to Reason Wizardry you can sign up at for $9.95 a month!

Celebrating 60 Years of the Fender Telecaster

James Burton, Jeff Beck, Merle Haggard, Elliot Easton, Keith Urban, Jimmy Stafford, Jonny Lang, Vince Gill, John 5, Chris Shiflett, Jesse Valenzuela, Brent Mason, Matt Scannell, Jimmy Vivino, Richard Patrick, Zach Myers and Deke Dickerson share their thoughts on why the Telecaster has reigned supreme for 60 years.

Caribou - Jamelia

Music by Caribou from the album Swim
Video by Video Marsh
Cinematography and editing by Nic Brown
Featuring Victoria Street and Aaron Dickinson
Produced by Nic Brown, Stephen James and Christina Larabie

Bass resampling tutorial pt 1 (granular synthesis)

This tutorial will cover the recording of samples
needed to create a dynamic yet fat sounding bass.

Not a defenitive guide to, merely a
technique I use, and like. I was asked to do the tutorial
after posting about the technique on DOA and DSF.

So for all you midrange bass freaks, here we go!

Sunday, February 27

New from Exode!

Brand new club soundset for Reason 5 by eXode featuring:

128 Thor Patches & 64 Combinators.
And as an extra bonus 12 Kong drumkits!
This ReFill is for Reason 5 only.

Available @ for €25.00.

Soundsets by eXode

x0x acid jam 2011-02-26

The Monomachine is only used for some reverb here.
Otherwise it's three x0xb0x and one Roland TR606.


cold morning monome

Rhodes & Minimoog Voyager Test Drive

Playing around with my brand new Moog Voyager!

candor + monome improv

"candor" sampler prototyped with pure-data + monome 256
on linux with fender rhodes, snazzyfx wow and flutter,
and tiny drum setup

-murray foster

controlling Oddity with TouchOSC

Controlling the Gforce Oddity software synth with an iPad using TouchOSC. Open Sound Control is very cool, as well as Hexler's iPhone/iPad app. Tutorial at end of video.
-crazed mule

roland gaia e code score jam01 session

roland gaia jam session for score work on sci fi project we're in pre production in.

Ableton Live Pack - The Art of Brushes

We're proud to announce our first Ableton Live Pack - "The Art of Brushes". Taking one of our most popular collections of loops and samples, we meticulously customized every aspect to integrate seamlessly inside of Ableton Live. We produced a complete series of Live Sessions that will instantly get you up and running with a variety of drum grooves and fills and also supplied hundreds of clips, giving you endless options. The drums racks consist of samples taken directly from the loop sessions, providing the ability to create your own beats from scratch or utilize MIDI grooves, keeping the sonic characteristics consistent with the original loops.

With styles ranging from funk, jazz, folk, ambient and rock, The Art of Brushes Live Pack will provide you with the grooves, sounds, flexibility and inspiration you need to push the envelope inside of Ableton.

Live Pack Specs:

- 205 Clips
- 4 Drum Racks
- 8 Live Sessions
- 259 Samples
- High Quality, 24-bit 48 khz Audio
- File size: 243 MB

System Requirements:

Ableton Live Intro or Live
Version 8.2.1 or higher
2GB of RAM recommended

-The Loop Loft

Saturday, February 26

Mirage from

Picked up the new Mirage and the Loupe Reaktor ensembles yesterday from Mirage is a granular sampler designed by Peter Dines for Reaktor and is great for soundscapes - Peter says it's inspired by the music of Tim Hecker. You can pick up the two for the next two days for the low price of $22.50, after that their $15 each. Below is a video of my first hour messing around with Mirage. I'm using samples from the ensemble itself in this video as well as some from New Atlantis Audio's Night Shift soundbank.

Reaktor Tips

Dance Yrself Clean - LCD Soundsystem - Muppets rock out in Brighton !

Unofficial DIY Pop Video
Directed & Produced by Javier Douglas
Filmed by Joel Roberts & Javier Douglas
Edited by Javier Douglas & Joel Roberts


Friday, February 25

Beady Eye - The Roller LIVE In Session For Zane Lowe BBC Radio 1

The Versatile Virus TI2 Polar

From CL516 Blog. Six minutes of various sounds from the Access Virus TI2 Polar.

Elevator to the Gallows

1958 French film Ascenseur pour l'échafaud
Staring Jeanne Moreau and Maurice Ronet


Amousement Reaktor custom Patch

started by the original BeatLookUp by Chris List

Thursday, February 24

audioMIDI Presents The M-Audio Venom, Part One

Synth expert Mitchell Sigman talks about M-Audio's new Venom virtual analog synth with integrated audio interface. Part Two with computer editor review/demo coming soon! Get Venom at!

Roland CR-78 vs Moog FreqBox (Solvent demonstration)

Hello my name is Solvent, and I like my electro funky.

This funky little setup consists of a Roland CR-78 drum machine,
a Moogerfooger FreqBox VCO, with some help from an MFB Urzwerg
analog sequencer, and Ableton Live.

The CR-78 and Urzwerg are synced to Ableton's midi clock. The
CR-78 is going into the FreqBox's audio input. Initially you hear
the dry CR-78, but then I fade the mix, from 100% source to 100%
VCO. The FB's VCO pitch is being sequenced by the Urzwerg, while
at the same time it is hard Sync'd to the CR-78's audio signal. Then
I bring in a audio loop of the same CR-78, recorded into Ableton
just a few minutes before.

If you enjoy analog electronic music &/or gear demos, please be
sure to check out my channel for more.

Salad Bar Version 4 - as healthy as ever!

Every time when a new Soundcells ReFill will be released, Salad Bar will get its next update. And in this way Salad Bar versions 2, 3, 4 etc, will be created. Besides this, Soundcells will also be developing lots of unique 'Salad Bar Only' patches. With the coming of Simple Sampling it was clear that it wouldn´t take very long for Soundcells´ evergrowing Salad Bar ReFill to get its latest update. So they put 20 awesome Simple Sampling patches in there and they also added 15 exclusive Salad Bar patches (60 SB exclusives in total now). With its 220+ combinators this ReFill becomes more and more a fully-fledged workstation. Apart from that it´s a real bargain for the user and an excellent ambassador for Soundcells.

Soundcells' Signature Sound:

Salad Bar's patches will cover all kinds of music styles showing you the very best Soundcells has to offer. It's a great ReFill to get to know Soundcells' work, introducing you to their signature dimension in designing sound.

Salad Bar Contents:

• 227 combinator patches (currently 60 'Salad Bar Only' ones).

• 8 different folders: Atmospheres & Textures, Bass, Keys, Leads, Miscellaneous, Pads, Rhythmic, SaladBar_exclusive.

• The modules folder contains the basic synth and NNXT patches which were used for the combinator sounds.

• 239 well balanced patches for Thor, Malstroem, Subtractor, NNXT and ReDrum.

• 45 rex loops

• 8 tracks in RNS format - inspiring with highl 'tutorialesque' value.

For more information and audio demos go to

Wednesday, February 23

Scarbee Funk Guitarist by Native Instruments

Lovingly sampled in uncompromising Scarbee quality, Scarbee Funk Guitarist is expressive, articulate and instantly useable -- create driving rhythm guitar lines in minutes. Essential for anything from funk and soul to hip hop and R'n'B, but also perfect for adding an organic element to house or pop, this instrument is highly addictive and a true funk phenomenon.

All details can be found @

Gang of Four - "To Hell With Poverty" on KCRW

They defined the early English post-punk era and have inspired
countless bands to this day. After fifteen long years, Gang of Four
have recorded a brand new album which they will perform, along
with some of their classics, for Morning Becomes Eclectic listeners.


Tuesday, February 22

Novation Ultranova Review Sonic LAB

Latest new synth from Novation, with 18 voices, with substantial synth archiecture. 3 Osc, 3 LFO, 6 env, 5 effects, vocoder, USB audio and more - we take a look at the sum of the parts. Full written review also available on as well as 8 minute sounds audition video.

Thicket for iPad (via Ableton Live, Novation Nocturn)

playing around with THICKET for the iPad -- one of the most unique audio iPad apps with a great user interface. also controlling FX through ableton live & a novation nocturn.
-keenan gaynor

Diego Stocco - Dustland

"Dustland" is a cinematic sounding improv that I recorded with the Fence Bass. This instrument has a rough and edgy sound since it's all made of metal, so I imagined a piece that could work in a modern Western film, I'm a fan of the genre.

Everything is created in real time, no pre-existing loops, additional tracks or post-efx involved. I built a chain of processors in Live that I control with a pedal board, all rhythmic parts and ambiences are derived from whatever sound/noise comes from the Fence Bass.
I hope you'll like it!

The track is available at my Bandcamp page (if you wish to download it for free or name your price):​track/​dustland

It's up also at my Soundcloud page:​diegostocco/​diego-stocco-dustland

Here you can see a gallery with pictures and more detailed descriptions:​gallery/​Dustland/​1022399

Monday, February 21

New! Ableton m4l tutorial: modulate any device parameter, dubstep style, with Max for Live!!

Watch this in full screen in HD to really follow what's happening!!!!

Use this quick max for live device to modulate any device parameter dubstep and dnb style! Add as many LFOs (low frequency oscillators) to Operator, or any other device as you like!


Matrix Track Building with Reason 101

If you haven't been following the Matrix tutorials for the past week on do yourself a favor and check it out! Rob has really out done himself this time.

Twisted Tools | Buffeater Lite vs. Konkreet Perfromer

Buffeater Lite being controlled by Konkreet Labs Performer app for the iPad. Buffeater Lite is a free version of Buffeater by Twisted Tools. In this demo video a vocal is mashed up by Buffeater Lite. The backing beat is made from sounds from Richard Devine's Analogue Microcosm.

Buffeater Lite - Free @
Konkreet Performer - Available now at

Sunday, February 20

Reason 5: Mastering a Song (Record 1.5 Tutorial)

The final and 4th week of the Create a Song series where I show you how to load the mastering suit into your final song with out leaving Reason and Record.

Saturday, February 19

NI REAKTOR's Newscool - Part 3 - Sequencer Controls I

Get up the learning curve on one of Native Instrument's REAKTOR's
most out-there sequencers...

Arno Dee / Castenada - Launchpad Improv Test Frequencies

I bought this little controller saterday and man, it's good. Flashy also..
I'm still exploring it, but the thing has great possibilities. I can't wait to use all the great Max for live patches. Samples used: Frequency- Altern8, Rekkerd archive samples. Most of them are one shot samples as you can see/hear.. BTW: Sorry for the camera position-my hands are blocking the view :)​arnodee

-Arno Dhooghe

press cafe monome

sample from​samplesViewSingle.php?id=96082
-Amanda Ghassaei

Friday, February 18

The Moog Lap Steel

Moog engineer Cyril Lance and lap steel virtuoso Billy Cardine introduce the Moog Lap Steel, taking a look at what the Moog Guitar technology means for the lap steel player.

The Moog Lap Steel combines award-winning Moog Guitar technology with the unique expressive capabilities of the Lap Steel guitar. All the innovations of The Moog Guitar; Full Sustain, Controlled Sustain and Mute modes, Harmonic Blends and the onboard Moog Ladder Filter are seamlessly integrated to enhance new and traditional playing techniques.

The Enzyme Black Synth

In development..
-Music Pro Tutorials

Radiohead - Lotus Flower

Video for 'Lotus Flower' from The King of Limbs

Produced and Directed by Garth Jennings
Choreographed by Wayne McGregor
Director of Photography- Nick Wood
Editor- Leila Sarraf |

Ableton Tutorials Week 4: Beat Repeat - Drums & Performance

In this week's Ableton Live tutorial, Professor Nalepa shares some tips on using the built-in Beat Repeat effect. Beat Repeat is great in the studio for creating interesting drum fills. Using a simple drum loop, Nalepa demonstrates how Beat Repeat works, re-sampling the effected audio with all of its random variations, then mining those parts to give new life to your drum arrangements. He also shares a live performance technique using MIDI Mapping and the Beat Repeat's Pitch Decay control.
For more information, please visit:

Skribble Scratch Black The Full WalkThrough

This is a Feature By Feature demo of what the skribble scratch
ensemble can do with a sample. It has scratch control Envelopes,
LFO's, a smart scratch loop & pitch knob as well as a stop & hold
with scrub forward and backward.
This Thing Rocks.


Download Skribble Scratch Black from the Reaktor User Library!

Thursday, February 17

Scapes - Tutorial |

Comprehensive tutorial for Scapes, by


Roland CR68 vintage drum machine from late 70's
Its tiny but massive with amp or fx :D
More infos on :
Enjoy !!!

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 48: Malström Filters, Shaper, Mods

You understand the basics of synthesis and have mastered the Subtractor, you've learned about the Malström's unique "graintable sythesis" technique, and now all you need to know to master the Malström is to understand its special filters, shaper, and mods.

To those who have been following along since week one of Synth School, you'll see that I'm picking up the pace a little bit now that you've built a foundation of knowledge. Believe me, we'll need this pace starting next week when we tackle the Thor synthesizer!

But rest assured, by the time we're done you'll know every synth's capabilities, strengths, and routings. And most importantly, you'll be able to think of a sound you want to create, know which synth will get you that sound, and set about making it with skill.

Wednesday, February 16

Vermona DRM1 drum synth

A quick muck about on the Vermona DRM1 MK3 analogue drum synth. Some random knob twiddles whilst it's being run via midi using Audio Damage's rather fab Axon neuron sequencer plug-in.
-Groove Criminals

experiment 001

ipad+reaktor+edirol fa66
- circle videosolid

Korg Kaoss Pad Quad Review takes a look at Korg's latest Kaoss Pad, with four simultaneous effects, X/Y pad - its for the real-timers out there.

Tuesday, February 15

Printz Board Propellerheads Interview

Printz Board, the musical director for The Black Eyed Peas, welcomes us into his self-proclaimed "lab" to witness him creating a song from scratch. In this eye-opening look at the creative process Printz begins like we all do: File -- New. After glancing around the random technology on his desk he settles on an arbitrary title: Rewind. And in a matter of minutes he has built up a catchy song sketch with a hook you're sure to find you self singing after seeing this.

If you've ever found yourself singing nonsense words while trying to come up with a lyric, air drumming to figure out how to program a fill, or meandering through presets until inspiration strikes then you'll definitely want to check this video out. You'll see you're not alone. We kinda all do that stuff.

Kudos to Printz for walking the tightrope without a safety net live on camera. Writing a catchy pop song in minutes is no easy feat.

glitchmod - glitchDS in Reaktor

This is a cellular automaton sequencer in Reaktor based on the
original "Life" sequencer, but simplified. It's now available in the
Reaktor user library. By Bret Truchan, the original GlitchDS author.

- Co-author: Justice Emge
- Drum sounds from
- Some samples from
- Based on the original Life cellular automaton engine

via clone45a6

glitchmod v1.0 available in the Reaktor User Library!

Monday, February 14

New Trojan Website!

NI REAKTOR - Compassion True Stereo Linear

Squash the living daylights out of your drums with the Compassion
Linear Compressor... only available from .

Sunday, February 13

Anosou's Reason/Record Tips 1 - Creative Gating

Anosou's Reason/Record Tips 1 - Creative Gating

A small tutorial on a creative way to use Record's gating to achieve
a rhythmic but harmonic sound. Perfect for those minimal electronica
tracks that needs some personality or just to pad out the rhythm
section of your track. Try it with pianos, guitars, poly synths,
marimbas and anything else you can think of!

Recorded by and with Mattias 'Anosou' Häggström Gerdt

Two Demo.swf

Création du premier son du titre One de Swedish House Mafia,
avec mon tout petit sampler TWO fait dans Reaktor.


Creation of the first sound of the title One of Swedish House Mafia,
with my tiny TWO sampler done in Reaktor.

Skribble Scratch Black

This ensemble for Reaktor looks pretty cool! Didn't see it yet in the user
library. His original version can be found here though. Check it:

The New Skribble Scratch Black for Reaktor that lets you perform
legitimate scratch moves on any sample from either a midi keyboard or a
pad controller.

Skribble Scratch Black - Download songs at

there is a version with scratches and an instrumental without the scratches.


Skribble Scratch Black is now in the Reaktor User Library!

Saturday, February 12

REX Jockeying with Livid OHM64 and Reason 5

Video overview of using the OHM64 with Reason 5 to create a live pa setup
to switch loop slots and crossfade between sources and effects.

Controls are mapped via standard remote override mapping, however this
setup requires a bit of remote codec hacking to alter the behavior of the
function keys and top 4 rows of buttons.


Reaktor & Machinedrum.............




REASON - From Under The Sea

Ogni tanto mi piace sperimentare cose nuove :D è infatti la prima volta che
suono qualcosa del genere ! Come al solito rinnovo l'invito a chiedere
spiegazioni e dettagli visto che oramai mi sono dato al silenzio :D


Friday, February 11

New Alchemy Tutorials!

Scapes - Experiments Using NI Maschine Controller

Scapes is a feedback based effects processor and sound generator by Twisted
Tools. available@
Tutorial coming soon!

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 47: Malström Graintable Synthesis

If you think of last three weeks of Synth School as primary school, then this
week we're graduating up to Middle School. Don't worry, though... there's no
detention or pop quizes. This week we'll move onto the Malström Graintable
Synthesizer which was introduced in Reason version 2.0.

I think you'll be surprised with how comfortable you are switching to a new
synth. You'll be applying a lot of what you've learned already, like ADSR
envelopes, oscillator pitch controls, etc. You'll also be seeing new controls and
knobs that come with the graintable synthesis territory, like Shift and Motion.

Prefuse 73 - "The Only She Chapters" album sampler!

“This record is a weird one for me. The process features all women vocalists and voices and the music was recorded very differently from how I normally work. This can be seen as a departure from other albums but it's not a departure intended to leave people feeling alienated or baffled. It's just a different way to interpret my music and it's an open invitation for anyone that wants to listen.” - Guillermo Scott Herren (Prefuse 73)

"The Only She Chapters" comes out April 25th on Warp Records!

Prefuse 73 'The Only She Chapters' Album Sampler by Warp Records

Mogwai - Mexican Grand Prix

Video for 'Mexican Grand Prix' taken from the album 'Hardcore Will Never
Die But You Will' directed by Danny McConnell for Square Lips.
Rock Action Records

micronaut - experiment three

Another experiment. This time, a whole raft of Audio Damage plugs (Axon,
Phosphor, Tattoo, Replicant, and Discord3) plus two instances of Scapes,
the new Reaktor ensemble from Twisted Tools. The usual suspects, otherwise.

Setting up Konkreet Labs Performer and Twisted Tools Scapes

We've made a quick little tutorial on setting up Konkreet Labs Performer and
Twisted Tools Scapes. It is very easy and quick to setup and you can use this
tutorial for any Reaktor device setup.
Where to download/buy:
Scapes |
Konkreet Performer |

Reaktor New Scool Tutorial

Part 1 - Intro:

Part 2 - Life Rules:

Get up the learning curve on one of Native Instrument's REAKTOR's
most out-there sequencers...

Wednesday, February 9

Twisted Tools Scapes Released!

Twisted Tools new Reaktor ensemble Scapes is now available for $49 from!

"Scapes is a real-time effects processor and sound generator based on feedback. It uses six independent granular delays, extensive modulation options, a gate sequencer and familiar synth style controls to dynamically manipulate the sound. With Scapes you can create high quality and unique soundscapes, rhythms and sound effects perfectly suited for use in music, film and game audio."

Random Presets:

Performer 01:

Performer 02:

Tuesday, February 8

Ableton Tutorial - How to make the Reese bass using Operator

For this video I did a fair bit of searchingto see if it had been done before.
There are a couple tutorials but everyone is using expensive plugins like
massive, z3ta+ etc... there really is no need, if you know your way around



Here's a demo of my lovely EKO RITMO 12 Drum machine.
Special thanx to King Tornadou !!!
More infos on :
Enjoy !!!


Rise Demo

Voici la démo de RISE, un synthé que j'ai programmé, qui a pour
premier but de créer des sons réalistes de variation de la vitesse
d'un moteur dans le cadre de sound design pour la post-production.
On peut, avec RISE, contrôler en Midi l'accélération et la décélération
d'un moteur dans le séquenceur de son choix. RISE n'est pas limité
aux sons de moteurs. Les sons à débits variables fonctionnent aussi
très bien.

Here is the demo of RISE, a synth that I programmed, whose primary
goal to create realistic sounds of varying the speed of an engine in
sound design for post-production. One can, with RISE, MIDI controlled
acceleration and deceleration of an engine in the sequencer of choice.
RISE is not limited to the sounds of engines. Sounds at varying speeds
also work very well.

NIN EMS Synthi AKS on Ebay!

Item # 280626530701
Seller: dvamp2u (100% positive feedback)
Current Price: $7800.00
Time Left: 5d 14h (Feb 13, 201118:30:46 PST)

EMS Synthi KS serial # 4454.ks

This synth was just serviced and in full working order but due the age of this unit (approximately 1972) it is sold in as is condition NO returns. Includes power / ac cord, cable to connect keyboard, 17 white connectors, 14 yellow connectors, 8 red connectors, 3 green connectors.In good condition, see photos.

Monday, February 7

The Empire [Launchpad Mix]

Original Song "the empire"
Logic slaved to Ableton, played via launchpad.
Flip cams suck so video quality sucks.

Minimal experimental track made with Ableton Live and Reaktor

Having fun tinkering with Native Instruments Reaktor and Ableton live. Some
of the track was laid out prior to recording this, so that it allowed me to focus
more on the beat and sound generated from Reaktor 5 Spacedrone and Skrewell


Sunday, February 6

Richard Devine by Otto Von Schirach, Armpit Buffet

Otto Von Schirach - Armpit Buffet
Label: Schematic + Detroit Underground = SCHETROIT UNDERMATIC
Catalog#: SCH 035, DET.UND 11

Richard Devine: Earjuice Synthesis/Lactate

BUY CD HERE:​sell/​item/​22849132?ev=bp_rel_det
BUY RECORD HERE:​sell/​item/​22849139?ev=bp_titl

How to use an Xbox 360 controller with Ableton or any programs.

Here's a video showing how you can use a wireless Xbox 360 Controller in
Ableton. This will also work for any DAW including Reason, Cubase, Flstudio
etc...or just for operating your PC. This should also work with PlayStation
controllers and many others.

Hope it helps, please rate, comment and subscribe :]


Xbox 360 image:



Groove Criminals

Saturday, February 5

Reaktor Tutorials by Ewan Stefani

Part 1:

Tutorial 1 for Reaktor

Part 2:

In this second Reaktor tutorial, we add extra waveforms and an LFO to the

Part 3:

This third tutorial for Reaktor 5 demonstrates how simple use of macros can
be used to organise the different sections of the synthesizer structure and
control panel.

Ewan Stefani

Korg Kaoss Pad Quad UnBoxing

Hot item from the recent NAMM show, the Korg Kaoss Pad Quad incorporates
4 effects each with 5 effect types, plus a freeze function. Its great for gesture
control in the true Kaoss Pad style.

More videos, news and reviews at

Bibio - Excuses

'Mind Bokeh', Bibio's forthcoming album, is out on April 4th (March
29th in US). The original version of 'Excuses' is taken from the album.

Visit to sign up for further info and receive a free MP3.

Live Reaktor.wmv

Demostración y creación de loops en directo de estilos como Techno,
Breaks y House con el programa Reaktor.


Friday, February 4

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 46: Subtractor LFOs and Mods

After watching the first two Synth School videos you've probably realized that
the entirety of synthesizer sound design is simply about taking a basic sound
wave and reshaping it with basic tools like filters, amp envelopes, phase, other
oscillators mixed in, etc. This week we'll look at the final piece of the SubTractor
puzzle: LFOs and Performance Modifiers. When you're done this video you will
have everything you need to start creating some seriously unique SubTractor
patches. More importantly, you'll be ready to tackle the more complicated Malström
Graintable synthesizer.

Next week I think you'll be surprised with how much you already know about it
having built a strong foundation in a fundamental synth like SubTractor.


Launchpad fun

Official Website:

Native Instruments Absynth Tutorial: Sound Design w/ Aetherizer

Dubspot Instructor and Sound Design & Synthesis guru Heinrich Zwahlen takes
you on a journey into the wonderful world of Native Instruments Absynth in this
tutorial video. Heinrich offers tips and techniques for utilizing the Aetherizer filter
effect, a powerful transformation tool you can use to morph raw signals or dull
sounds into something richer, harmonic, ethereal, or whatever mood you'd like
create. In a step by step process, he demonstrates the Aetherizer creative and
transformative possibilities, by morphing a dry Saw tooth into complete harmonic
material; in other words, turning grains into harmonic scales. By the end of this
tutorial, you should be able to navigate the parameters of the Aetherizer effect,
from applying the rate of grains, randomizing pitch, controlling the length and
duration of the grains to feedback, quantizing, and controlling the filter frequency.
Now, it's time to blast off; go forth and synthesize harmonic and padded sounds
from grains!


Hip Hop Workshop from -008'

New from -008' comes Hip Hop Workshop a Refill for Reason 5!
Here's the downlow:

"This is my biggest ReFill yet!
It is a Rough Rugged & Raw Reason ReFill for HipHop/Rap."


- 30 FULL Kong Kits
- 480 Single Kong Pad Patches
- Bonus Instruments & Effects

Go to for mp3 demos and more information! Available now for $39!

Thursday, February 3

Twisted Tools - Scapes | Sneak Preview

This looks awesome:

Scapes is a feedback based effects processor and sound generator by Twisted
Tools. Pre-sale order now at | Available. 2/8/11
Details and more video/audio to follow...stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 1

Dubstep for Alchemy!

Dubstep - a dark blend of wobble basslines, twisted soundscapes and deep sub-basses. This 75-preset sound library is tightly focused on usable dubstep sounds, covering the complete range from sparse minimalism through to mashed-up mayhem. Basses abound, with bucketloads of animated wobble basses, throbbing subs, plenty of grime-laden, squelchy synths, heavyweight drum sounds, plus punchy FX for your builds, drops and transitions.

With over 150MB of new sampled content, Dubstep includes comprehensive kits full of punchy drums and lush FX hits, rich new pad sounds, reverberant soundscapes and glitchy FX. Crank up the tempo to 140bpm and let the inspiration flow!

More information and mp3s @

Beast - Fredhäll

Saw this video on and dug it:

Video by: Henrik Kihlberg

Invaders - Interactive Audio with Max/MSP

A school project I did using graphical programming interface Max/MSP.
Original sound design and patches, integrated into Unity.

Brad Cruz

Sampled Room

This is an example, how to use the basic stuff in your room in such creative
and musician way. Just take some noisy and voiced objects and record them
with any sampler. At the end use all this stuff to create any music u desire. Or...
You even don't need any sampler. Just use your friends, give them gadgets and
transform your party into gizmo-jam-session. I can guarantee much fun. Enjoy!


Canon EOS 5D mkII
DitoGear™ CrankSlider
Microphone Shure SM 48

2 Wine Glases
Bottle Opener
Tube Pack From Whiskey
Old Russian Camera

Shots, Edit & Music - Mateusz Zdziebko

Phosphor Overview

A quick run-through of Audio Damage Phosphor vintage digital additive synth
plug-in in two parts. The first part shows multiple Phosphor instances in a
musical setting, and the second part touches on the highlights of the UI and
creating a sound from the init patch.