Thursday, December 31

Reason Tutorial - Automation in Reason

Here it is guys!! Automation in Reason. One of the most important things you could ever learn. If you have any questions about it hit me up. It's pretty straight forward tho. and DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE PAGE!! More tutorials on the way, and if theres anything you'd like to see done or have questions about don't forget to shoot it all my way. Keep up on the music!!


Evol Fucifier Distortion Synthesizer | Vintage King Audio

The Evol Fucifier is a distortion synthesizer & sound shaper, designed to give you many colors with which to create and shape your palette of sounds. Everything in the signal chain, from the discrete Mic Pre, the Vintage Germanium Preamp, the Analog Filter, and the inductors in the Equalizer to the output transformer, is designed to be overdriven, saturated, overloaded or distorted in a pleasing way. Mix & match the Vintage Germanium Preamp for a little warmth or overdrive, the Tape Saturation overdrive for a little compression and limiting or a bit of signal saturation, the Analog Filter/Crossover (which in itself sounds great over-driven, and can be driven into self oscillation), the Dual Band Distortion which allows you to mix many different types of distortion, and the vintage-style inductor based equalizer to shape the overall tone and color of the sound.

APC40 winterdub

One acoustic instrument (melodica), one midi controller and ocean of digital sound and fx from control surface. This video has been made after three months usage of Akai APC40 - amazing Ableton Live controller. It is my own musical concept and implementation. As a sound engineer I've been addicted to dub realisation techniques using mostly analog devices. Nowadays we are ABLE to make similar TONes using digital, mobile equipment. Thanks for that Akai. Tribute and greetings Ableton team. Good luck from Warsaw to other APC40 European Video Contest participants!

Dub Step Dog vs Trance Cat!!!

Ableton Live sound design tutorial using a dog's growl to make a dub step bassline and freaky cat sounds.

Pick up Vespers latest hit release, "We Get Wicked", available exclusively on Beatport! "We Get Wicked" is currently #17 on the top 100 breaks, let's help him climb to the top 10, pick up a copy HERE.

Into Infinity Ear Loop Mix Routine

I played PICnome128 and mlr v2.27 and used EAR Artworks of into infinity.


Wednesday, December 30

Peff Ring Modulator for Reason

As if Peff's Monologue ReFill wasn't a great enough Christmas gift, Kurt posted a fantastic Ring Modulator Combi today on his Facebook page (listed under Peff - something else, click on to d/l'd.) This combi uses a Malstrom synthesizer's AM filters as ring modulators. Some of you that have downloaded Peff's Monologue ReFill may have noticed a few patches that used this technique...

Peff on facebook

Conga Combi for Reason

Today on the PUF, petegwatson posted a killer conga combi that uses Thor's LFO's to great effect:

Anyone for Congas? (Combinator Arpeggiating Congas)
An Arpeggiated Combinator using a NNXT standard patch for congas
This uses a random pattern on the arpeggiator to play congas (but could be any percussion sound)...

1) because I thought it would be a fun way to learn using the combinator
2) percussion loops get boring, this way the pattern constantly changes

What the knobs do
Play notes between C2 an B2 (Em is quite nice)... including other notes without sounds will introduce rests in the patter (as will changing the octave range with Knob 3) [EDIT - just realised I saved this patch with the octave shift set to -1.... you can just change that and then play in the C1 to B1 region]

Knob 1 uses a Thor LFO to change the velocity rate
Knob 2 changes the LFO waveform
Knob 3 changes the octave range - as this kit only has sounds in the lower octaves changing the octave range introduces rests in the pattern
Knob 4 changes the Arp rate

The buttons just toggle things on and off as labelled

I choose to output just a couple of samples to separate channels on a mixer and add a bit of delay to those channels so this is only triggered occasionally.

I haven't made a combinator before or used a thor as a LFO... so I might not have made the most intelligent assignments or connections. I know I may just be doing something someone has already done, but I haven't come across it yet (although I haven't actually looked)......Anyway, if anyone has any existing combinators that are better or would like to suggest (or just make) improvements, that could be fun.

Go to the first post ON THIS THREAD to download the combi for yourself!

PRO FX Sound Design in Ableton Live's Simpler Pt 1

Here's another great tutorial from Vespers, who some of you may remember from the last edition of 10 Questions here on Resonant Filter. Since the interview Vespers has uploaded a brand new DJ set to his website,, called Urban Echoes. Well worth the listen!

Join my mailing list: Learn how to create unique, custom effects and atmospherics in Ableton Live's simpler.

UPDATE: received an e-mail this morning from Vespers:

"Wicked, glad you like the mix! Thanks for posting the vids.

BTW, my new release - We Get Wicked - is currently in at number 17 in the Beatport top 100 breaks. Here's the link to check it out:

I'm hoping it'll go into the top 10 with any luck :)


Go check out his latest at Beatport now, and let's see if we can help break him into the top 10!

Using Tattoo's Multiple Outputs In Ableton Live

Here's a quick demonstration of how to access Tattoo's five extra outputs in Ableton Live.

audio damage

Synth Noise: March of the Toys


The Putney VCS3 EMS - Butch Cassidy Sound System

My video for 'The Putney' by Butch Cassidy Sound System. from the album 'Butches Brew'. Cool track that uses the VCS3 keyboard made by EMS. All rights in the music is by the band. This is just a fan making a video.

Thanks for watching :)


Tuesday, December 29

Devine GrainCube Instrument

Devine GrainCube Instrument from Richard Devine on Vimeo.

First few experiments with the GrainCube Reaktor Ensemble. This is a multi-granular processing instrument that has individual randomizing sections, allowing for endless never repeating sonic gestures.

A creation & collaboration between RachMiel (Rick Scott) Reaktor building/construction and LemurCube Control surface design by Antonio Blanca. Sounds, sources, samples by Richard Devine, Antonio Blanca and Josh Kay.

Please check out these two amazing designers work:

Rick Scott's:

Antonio Blanca:

Note: the video is a preview of the Lemurized version of GrainCube, the full version will have 4 granular samplers instead of two. Best of all it will be free from the site soon=)


Beat Mashing with Max4Live!

Thanks to Mike Chenetz of i've finally got round to replacing beatlookup and lucifer within my DJ template so that i can run things as native as possible....

This update to my clip control patch give beatjumping functionality that can either be on a Stutter or Continue basis, you can also select what division the 8 buttons control either 1/4s or 1/8ths....

With the smooth control you can vary the edges of the slices depending on the style of music your playing...

And finally the reverse function plays all the slices in reverse order from the last slice played and backwards giving a very smooth sounding rewind (only at the same tempo currently)

Patch for download at!


. tutorial: Object Oriented - Chucker and Live.Grid tutorial: Object Oriented - Chucker and Live.Grid from max4live on Vimeo.

This is the first in a series of tutorials entitled, "Object Oriented" that will take you through the M4L objects and illustrate their usage. This first part starts to go over the Chucker~ and live.grid objects. Additionally, the concept of MSP is introduced.


Novation Launchpad Jam

Novation Launchpad Jam from Seams on Vimeo.

Here's my first go at using my new Novation Launchpad with Ableton Live.

I'm still getting used to it, but it's pretty damn easy to use.

Apologies for the crappy camera quality...

More at


How use The Finger and other VSTs in Traktor **EFFECT MADNESS**

Demo on how to set up Traktor with Ableton to use THE FINGER, which is an effects processor for Reaktor. Check out other videos on youtube with Tim Exile
There you can see a demo of the finger.

You can also use this technique to route VST plugins to Traktor via Ableton.

Download the template here:

Download Soundflower here:


KJ Sawka presents his "Mad Beatz" loop and sample pack

KJ Sawka, drummer extraordinaire, has given us something special—two Live Packs, full of live drum recordings, loops and riffs. We'd like to share this holiday gift with you. He also produced his own movie to give you an idea of what to expect. Please join us in saying a big thank you to KJ Sawka.


Monday, December 28

Peff 34 Monologue ReFill

The Monologue Refill is a monophonic analogue synthesizer library for the Reason 4.0 NN-XT sampler. The sets include the standard sawtooth, square, triangle waves. Also included are a fixed rate pulse width modulation set, and hard sync sawtooth set. Other sources include, detuned pulses, frequency modulated oscillators, tuned oscillator layers, white noise, and sine wave samples from a self-oscillating resonant filter.

Each category of oscillator waveform is multisampled and looped (some more carefully than others). The NN-XT patches are expanded in dozens of combinator patches (Record and/or Reason 4.0 only) which cover classic bass tones, mono leads, sound effects, arpeggiated and sequenced patches, and a set of analog drum sounds. Also, a pseudo voice set was created using a hard sync sawtooth modulating the filter frequency. This was particularly challenging as each sample zone required careful tweaking.

The raw waveform samples were recorded with the monosynth filter wide open. The synthesizer was connected through an active tube D.I. box, modified with a NOS Telefunken 12AX7. The D.I. was amplified through a Neve 1095 Mic Pre/EQ, and the signal was digitized through a Universal Audio 2192 AD/DA converter. As I previously posted, the samples were tracked in Propellerhead Record where no processing was applied - EQ was applied using the Neve. The audio clips were bounced out and further edited using Redmatica KeyMap Pro for mapping and looping the instrument samples.

Record & Reason 4.0 required to fully use all combinator patches. Included in the archive are a few .record session files and a Reason song file which demonstrate using the drum combis. There are several dozen combinator patches which take advantage of the Thor Low Pass Filter to shape the raw oscillator sets. The combis include several mono bass and mono lead instruments, synthesized drum patches, sound effects, arpeggiated and sequence driven patches, and polyphonic instruments. The Systems directory contains some of the basic architectures for these patches which allow you experiment and create your own variations of the patches.

Go to to download your copy today!

Wednesday, December 23

EditEd4TV's Reasonable Help 2010 NOW AVAILABLE!

Finally available after many years of collecting file after file, this is the 2010 Version of "Reasonable Help", full of clever Combinators for Reason/Record - in this collection you'll find nearly 5 years of creations that I've offered to the Propellerhead User Forum addicts. Just a few of the files included in this edition:

• Channel Checker (switch from stereo, inverted stereo, mono, L or R only, and more)
• Chordal Strummer (a *very* realistic/controllable acoustic guitar strummer)
• Heroic Pad (the fattest and most beautiful synth pad you'll ever use)
• Keyed Layer Selector (use specific keys to activate sound layers, without sacrificing a Combi knob)
• MethSqueak (authentic recreation of a classic guitar synth)
• ReDrum Flam-Roll (add MPC style flam and roll effects to any ReDrum kit)
• Rex to Rex Gate (converts ineffective Rex slice gates into useful triggers for multiple uses)
• Scrubadubdub (an excellent pitch shifting granular effect for any sample)
• Subharmonic Generator (add a super-deep tone to any incoming audio)
• Super-Flanger (the last and craziest controllable flanger you'll ever need)
• The Antiquator (make any incoming audio sound like classic vinyl with hiss, pop, and hum)
• Visual CV (the best way to see any CV source, with numerical readout and moving cues)

For those of you that have followed my creations through the years, you've seen and heard most of these files before - but... they've all been completely revamped and reconstructed with MUCH more controllability and functionality, so it's essentially all new.

A few quotes from some satisfied customers over the years:

"I am learning so much from your CD. So far I have used Reason on such a basic level - factory patches, minimal effects - and your CD is incredibly helpful in understanding different setups and how everything can be put together. I am working my way through the demo files and the explanations are helpful too."

"Your re-creations... left me wide-eyed and speechless at the level of mastery evidenced. When I first got Reason, I wasn't all that impressed with the sound, but it's obvious now that I had no clue as to what was possible. That example alone was worth ten times the price I paid; many thanks!"

"I just spent the weekend immersed in my newly-arrived copy of Reasonable Help, and must say that it's truly awesome. I honestly didn't know that Reason was capable of many of the the things you so clearly demonstrated. In addition to be quite informative, your notes and anecdotes were also especially warm and entertaining. I'd have glady paid a hundred times more than what I did for such a treasure-trove of insight into Reason!"

"I got more use out of Reasonable Help (the first version) than any other Reason related tutorial material."

"Reasonable Help 2010" is available as an emailed file only - no physical product shipped. Also included in the puchase is a very thorough and complete PDF file (128 pages!) that exhaustively describes each file, including audio and CV routing details. This documentation, in and of itself, is a great learning tool. Combine the fantastic files with this detailed documentation and you'll be learning things you never knew about the Combinator and many of the devices in Reason/Record.


Drum Machine

Project demonstration for University of Michigan Fall 2009 EECS 373: Design of Microprocessor-Based Systems.


Kanchi - impro session apc40 #1 - Burn -

Petite impro vomitive


Video of my Max for Live test project - a guitar Hero clone for Ableton live.

Make your own midi patterns and then get your friends to try and emulate them


Bliptronic 5000


Tuesday, December 22

Making A Simple Glitch Beat With Tattoo and Automaton

In this tutorial, we use Audio Damage Tattoo and Automaton to make a simple glitchy beat.


Buddha Machine Remix

Saw this video on Matrixsynth and really dug it:

Buddha machine and modular synth

Want the Buddha Machine sounds in Reason? Check out my Buddha Box ReFill! Approved by christiaan from FM3.

10 Questions with Vespers

This edition of 10 Questions features Canadian based DJ/producer Vespers. I became acquainted with Vespers' work thru his first-rate tutorials on youtube, which I've previously posted a few of here on Resonant Filter. According to DJ Vespers' PR Kit his "sound can be described as ranging from peak party time breaks to down tempo glitch and big beat. He has been predominantly influenced by heavy hitters like the Stanton Warriors, Alex Metric, Elite Force, and the Crystal Method." I can certainly here those influences, yet Vespers also brings his own personality into the music, with the help of his ace saxophone playing.

- Where are you from and what's the scene like there?

I'm from Vancouver. I just moved there in June so I'm still getting to know the scene there. I'm originally from Victoria, which is much smaller, but has a really tight knit and active scene. Van seems a bit more fragmented, with a bunch of niche scenes. There's lots of people, venues and international talent always coming through though. I'm happy to be there.

- What was your first instrument?

I started playing classical piano when I was 5.

- How did you get into DJing and music production and which came first?

Started DJing in 2000, then started producing in 2005. I got into the underground dance music scene in Victoria in 1998, loved it, and then decided I wanted to start DJing shortly after.

- I learned about you thru your fantastic videos on youtube, in which you show creative ways of using Ableton Live; what other DAWs, synthesizers, and samplers make up your home studio?

I also use Cubase, although not as much now as Live is my go-to DAW. I really like Akai products. I use the Akai EWI-4000s because I'm a sax player. Also have the APC-40, MPD-32, MPK-25. I use an Access Virus TI hardware synth, Sugar Bytes Unique soft synth, Arturia V-Collection, and NI Komplete 5. For samplers, I use Ableton's built-in Simpler, Sampler, and Drum Racks. I find them way better thank Kontakt and Battery, which I used to use.

- Your website ( is one of the coolest looking sites out there, it includes full DJ sets dating back to 2001 available for download and streaming, as well as MP3s of your production work and samples - who set up your website and how has the reaction been to it?

Azaris Studios and Linear Design in Victoria designed it for me. The reaction has been pretty good. Slow traffic to start, but it's building now more and more. It's less important to have my own site now that things like Soundcloud, Myspace and Facebook exist, where I can host information and audio. I still think it's good to have though because I can control the look and format.

- You've DJ'd everywhere from Tainan, Taiwan to San Francisco, California when preparing a set for a foreign country do you do anything differently and have you noticed a difference in crowd reactions in the diverse locales you've spun?

Asia is really different than North America. I've found the dancefloor is much more fickle there, but they respond better to visual elements. They really dig the sax and any live elements I bring in. My experience in Asia is limited, but I'd like to play more there. Best show I ever played in my life was for Heineken in Taiwan. They rented out an entire waterside park and did a fully sponsored event with several thousand people.

- Probably my favorite track of yours is "Farewell", it features your saxophone playing and is more of a downtempo/chill track, yet still got my head nodding to the middle beat, what can you tell me about the production behind this track?

Glad you like the track. This one was a more emotionally charged piece for me. It was done as a dedication to an ex-girlfriend. I used to play keys and really like the sound of acoustic piano. The keys are done in Native Instruments Akoustic Piano, strings from Cubase's Halion One, the sax is an original recording. I need to touch up the mixdown of it, then it'll appear on my upcoming album, to be released on Pop + Lock Records in 2010. The bass is from the Virus synth.

- Your music production work crosses many genres in the so-called "dance" field, from glitch to trip-hop to electro to breaks - when creating a new track do you generally think of which genre you are going to work in before starting a new piece?

Yeah, for sure. I'll usually start with a tempo. Most of the stuff I'm writing these days is 100-120 bp - glitch hop / big beat stuff. I still write the odd uptempo breaks track, but mostly dub step, glitch hop and big beat.

- While we're talking about your music production work, tell me about your usual work method. When starting a new track do you start with a beat, a melody, or does it depend on the situation?

I always start with the drums. They are the most important part of every track and everything else has to play around them. I use Ableton's drum racks to dump a bunch of sounds in, layer up beats etc. I typically use 2-4 layers for kicks and clap/snares, some organic recorded sounds layered up with heavy hitting Vengeance or Goldbaby samples. Often times I'll use non-percussion sound in my drum rack as if they were drums and write them in with the beat. Things like bass stabs, FX, vocal snippets etc. Next I'll write the bass and get it to interplay around the drums. I use Ableton's Simpler or Sampler and use several layers with a sub-bass sample from a Minimoog or Virus synth. Once I have the beats and the bass tight, I'll lay down the synth leads, vocals or whatever the hook of the track is.

- Your track "We get wicked" features vocals by London based MC Vex, how did you hook up with him?

He's a friend of a friend. He recently moved to Victoria from London. He used to be a full-time jungle MC there, but he hasn't really gotten into the scene here. He's super talented, but doesn't really MC out anymore. Every once and a while we jam out in the studio. All I have to do is feed him a bunch of Red Bull and he's spits out genius stuff!

- You've released an ep this past year called "This is the Beat" on Pop + Lock Records (available thru Beatport) which features remixes by Myagi and the Groove Diggerz, what's in store for us from you in 2010?

Well, coming up on Dec. 22nd I have the "We Get Wicked" release coming out as a Beatport exclusive. It has a MASSIVE General MIdi remix with it. Check out my Soundcloud page for streaming samples and embeddable players:

After that, I'm working on a solo artist album for release on Pop + Lock. It'll be 12-13 tracks ranging from dub step, to glitch hop, to big beat, to uptempo party breaks. Vex has done some vocal work on several of the tracks. I'm about 60% of the way through it now and I'm putting in some serious studio time dial it up. I'm really excited about this project as I can explore many different styles and sounds and get away from writing disposable party tunes. Uptempo dance tracks are fun, but they're formulaic and get tired after a while. I'm more stoked about the dub step and glitch hop scene right now. Expect to see lots of wobble, heavy glitchy beats and tweaked out acoustic instruments on the album.

Thanks for the great interview Vespers! Don't forget to pick up "We get Wicked", released today on the Pop + Lock digital imprint thru Beatport!

Stay tuned for more stirring editions of 10 Questions in 2010, here on Resonant Filter!

Dice Pola (Broombeck RMX) StudioVideo

here is a new studio video of my new Broombeck remix of Marko Nastics "Dice Pola" (release: jan./feb.2010)...

full length track:

merry XMAS!



Live jam featuring the Akai APC-40, tr-606, x0xb0x, maudio profire 610, 15" mac book pro, Ableton Live 8



This is more of an automated percussion machine than a drum machine. You start it with the push of a button and then with levers you select which ones the hammer will strike. There is a reset lever on the other end.


On this day...

On this day in 1883, composer Edgard Varèse was born in Paris, France. Edgard spent the majority of his life in the United States and became famous for what he called "organized sound", a term referring to the grouping together of timbres and rhythms into new structures creating a whole new definition of music. Although his surviving works only last about three hours, he has been recognised as a major influence by many significant composers of the late 20th century. Varèse's use of new and electronic instruments led to his being known as the "Father of Electronic Music". Author Henry Miller once described him famously as "The stratospheric Colossus of Sound".*

video by geekmilo

*From Wikipedia

Monday, December 21

A little demo of the MFB-522 analog drum machine

Not a bad analog drum machine for 280 euro!

I bought it directly from the maker:


CRAIG WEDREN-Sherlock Holmes

Craig Wedren covers Sparks!


My friend Andrew put this amazing Sparks song on a birthday mix for me a couple of years ago, and I wanted to do my own version ever since. When I started seeing promos for the new Holmes (Sherlock, not John) movie it gave me the prod I needed to finally hunker down and record it.

A few days later some friends were over for dinner, Mike Cahill among them (director of the sumptuous ‘Boxers and Ballerinas’; see ‘film/TV’ section), and we made this down-n-dirty lil’ video accompaniment. Please enjoy XO!

- Craig


Santa-Drive [EMX-1 + KP3]


Henrik Schwarz on the Schwarzonator (Max for Live)


On this day...

On this day in 1937, Walt Disney's first full length feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, premiered at the Carthay Circle Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Snow White was the first cel-animated feature film, as well as the first animated feature film produced in America. The film, based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Snow White, was rated by the American Film Institute as the greatest animated film of all time.

PROJECT PRESET - Sonic Fiction Kore soundpack by Jeremiah Savage

Another great sound pack demo on the Project Preset tour with the world's friendliest keyboardist, TORLEY!

GET IT@ http://www.native-instrumen...


Saturday, December 19

Squidfanny - Circuit bent sampler - ACTUAL DEMO........

As requested, an ACTUAL DEMO vid to show some of the GLITCH Mods on this mega-sampler.

10 minute's isn't enough time to even scratch the surface of what this machine can do, but it gives a rough idea of how the GLITCH modifications sound.

Sorry for poor vid and audio quality, I used a shitty bit of software called 'camtasia' which has totally crushed my vid files......

Rate the vid, leave a comment, put the kettle on and I'll skin up.....................



The Orange Line Revolution

There's an interesting article over at the Washington City Paper about punk rock houses in Arlington and the end of the fabled Kansas house. Includes bits about the Dischord home (pictured above), Teenbeat, Simple Machines, and Positive Force houses. If you were ever into 90s DC punk it's a must read.


This is my obsession... everytime I buy a new synth with a built in step sequencer, this is the first thing I try to do... "On The Run"!

...and this time I got an incredible result from this tiny little beast.

All you hear comes from only one single instrument:
the DSI Tetra...
Recorded one shot, no overdub.

Hope you like it !



Reason 4: factor828 - Wśród nocnej ciszy

Wesołych świąt! ^^
Merry Christmas!
Traditional Polish Christmas carol in more clubby version


Kegel - A Gathering of Folkteks (or Moe, Larry, and I in the Raw)

Here is the slightly extended version with no editing whatsoever. It's basically a record of some hijinks using my Folktek Custom Bug and Folktek Golden Keys (processing a Chimera bC 16 Patchable Synth. An Alesis Ineko and EH Memory Man help stir that mix up even more. Many Thanks to Ether Ra for his delightful "camera-work".


MAX FOR LIVE: MIDI video sync plus probabilty sequencing

Video synchronized to probability based music and randomly sliced beats. All of this is for my new live show... no two shows will ever be the same. I'm quickly discovering Max for Live is way fun.


Friday, December 18

Propellerhead Record + Reason: Playing Guitar Through the Malström Synthesizer

From Matt's blog at

Line 6's Propellerhead Product Specialist Matt Piper demonstrates how to process electric guitar with a Malström Graintable Synthesizer, using Propellerhead Record together with Propellerhead Reason.


Thursday, December 17

LPD8 & Ableton - How To Get LED Feedback & Control Surface Automapping

By popular demand, a video explaining how I MIDI wrangled my LPD8!


On Windows Vista/Windows 7, put the "Akai LPD8" folder here:

[Windows boot drive]\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Ableton\Live 8.04 [or your version]\Preferences\User Remote Scripts

(Yours may be in Local rather than Roaming, depending on whether you installed Live for all users. On XP, the path is similar, but in your boot drives Documents and Settings.)

On Mac, put the "Akai LPD8" folder here:

\[your user name]\Library\Preferences\Ableton\Live 8.04 [or your version]\User Remote Scripts

Note that on the Mac, in similar fashion to the Remote/Roaming difference on Windows, you may need either the Library folder at the root level of your boot drive or the Library folder inside your user folder (the one you see when you click Home, Documents, etc.).

above referenced from

As for the LPD8 Editor preset files, you can put these anywhere, load them from the editor software using the Load dialogue, hit "Commit - Upload" for each preset (repeat load, commit, for each preset 1-4), which point they are stored on the actual LPD8 and can be deleted/moved on your computer.

Please note that preset 2 is the one used in this tutorial, so be sure to switch to it once you've loaded all the files, and before you try to do anything in Ableton.

The other presets are my personal ones for use with Serato, etc. Preset 4 simply takes the entire top row of controls (pads and knobs) and flips them with the bottom row.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be in NOTE mode on the LPD8 for this all to work, not CC mode!


Wednesday, December 16

Novation, Ableton & Puma: Beat Showcase, LA

On the 4th November 2009, Novation, Ableton and Puma got together to celebrate all things Launchpad. Ableton artist Thavius Beck introduces this beautifully shot video.


Spectral Mixer is an audio processor. It allows you to independently adjust a signal's quiet, mid and loud parts. Sure, you could use it as a noise gate, but there is no reason to stop there. Want to hear a little more of the fretboard and a little less of the guitar? No problem. Want more 'play in the joints'? Try the attack and decay parameters. Just looking for a new way to re-balance a track's sound? This is your answer.

Max Fuel from PureMagnetik

Tuesday, December 15

Making the MPC60 vol 3 sample pack

This is the last in the MPC60 series of sample packs. It includes: Layered Drums, Vinyl Drums, Various Drum Machines, FX and even some synth sounds. All sampled on the MPC60. Then captured as 24 bit wavs. These super solid samples are dripping with the MPC60's legendary sonic character.

1053 x 24 bit samples

Recorded from a much loved MPC60 II

All these formats are included with purchase: Battery 3, Refill, iDrum,Guru and Wav Pack

Nucleus Soundlab Holiday Sale!

Wizardry July 2009 Issue Now Free for Christmas!

Every Christmas we at Nucleus SoundLab enjoy giving some presents back to the community. This year, we are releasing an entire Reason Wizardry backissue for free! The July 2009 Wizardry issue is available right here for streaming on Vimeo.

Additionally, if you choose to subscribe to Reason Wizardry for 12-months before Jan 5th, 2010 - you'll also receive the Ambient Drums Refill as a free bonus! So you'll receive both the Bonus Thor Wizardry as well as Ambient Drums Refill. Now is the perfect time to subscribe to Reason Wizardry!

Holiday 50% off sale!

We have some more goodies for your stockings right here.

Until Jan 5th, 2010 you can purchase the following products at a full 50% off!

Synthetic Kits Refill
OB Resurrection Refill
Dragonfly for Sylenth1
Valkyrie for Zebra2

For more info on each product, click the above links. To purchase at these special prices, click the link below:

Nucleus SoundLab Holiday Sale

Max For Live Melodic Step Sequencer

Novation have launched StepSeq, a free Max For Live Patch that turns Launchpad into a fully fledged melodic step sequencer. Conceived as a cool but powerful sequencer to enable Launchpad users to programme melodies, leads and basslines quickly in Live, the buttons are configured diatonically (as opposed to chromatically, as with a traditional step sequencer). The degree of the scale and its tonal centre can be set by the user, meaning that, once set up, any note you trigger in your sequence will fit in harmonically with your track, making it really easy to keep within the context of the song.


BPitch Control Artist Video - Apparat

video by Lisa Wassman

Monday, December 14


Another cool combinator on Phi Sequence Music, nice work Robert! Check it out:

A hybrid combinator I put together with a Rhythm layer and a Synth layer. Lots of variations in the Rotaries and Buttons. You can use this as a template to put in your own sounds or play it as is. The Pitch Bend goes up/down 4 semitones. You can adjust the FIlter Frequency, Thumping, distortion, etc. Let me know what you think?

Go to for more information and to download the patch!

"Gattobus Meditation" Dopefer R2M + Moog Little Phatty

Live improvisation using Doepfer Ribbon Controller R2M connected CV to the Moog Little Phatty.
Position on the ribbon determine pitch and pressure sensitivity controls the filter cutoff.

I used the Modular G2 filters to create a rithmyc drone and the Elektron Machinedrum for drums.
The Roland Alpha Juno2 is connected midi to the Access Virus TI desktop.

Added some reverb and delay using 2 stomp pedals Digitech Hardwire DL-8 and RV-7 and Korg AM8000R.

That's all.
Played one shot.


ukulele the beatles - obladi oblada


Ecler Evo5: Digital USB/FireWire DJ Mixer Winner - DJmag Tech Awards 2009

I wonder how James Zabiela feels about this video? First they misspell his name on the sign, then West End DJ head honcho Eitan Zilkha calls him "Pete". DOH! Rest assured Resonant Filter digs you James! We not only can spell your last name, but unlike Eitan we can tell the difference between you and Pete Gooding.... You're the girly looking one ;-). Check it out:

Eclers Evo5 won the Best Digital USB/FireWire DJ Mixer category, beating Allen & Heath Xone:4D, Korg Zero4, Gemini PS-626 USB and Numarks C3USB.

This footage is from the Live DJmag Tech Awards 2009, where the nominated manufacturers for this category presented their products to a panel of judges at the BPM Show in Birmingham NEC, UK.

James Zabiela, Pete Gooding, Eitan Zilkha, Kutski, and Mick Wilson were presiding.

To see all of the demonstrations and the full battle between the manufacturers and all the nominated products, watch the full video and Judges verdict here:

To buy the winning product, simply visit our sponsors website Westend DJ:

And thanks to DJTV and David Eserin for the Live video production.

Cougar - Patriot

Just ran across these videos for the band Cougar and really dug their sound. They remind me a bit of Tortoise with a little bit of the Fugazi swagger thrown in for good measure...

Cougar - Stay Famous:

Cougar - Patriot, Electronic Press Kit:

Sunday, December 13

Pantheon II is out!!!

This past fall I had the pleasure of designing patches for Nucleus Soundlab's latest release Pantheon II. I initially met NSL head honcho, Jeremy Janzen, thru the interview I conducted with him on the very first edition of 10 Questions, which came out on August 5th of this year. A week later, after pestering him with e-mails concerning sound design work, he asked if I wanted to work on Pantheon II. Needless to say I was very excited and had a hard time not posting about the work in progress here on the blog! Unlike a lot of sound design companies that release products based on genres and dance styles, Jeremy Janzen releases his refills based on the synthesizers and samples used in the sound design. Pantheon II is based on Reason's flagship synthesizer, Thor, and each patch designed had to utilize Thor somehow. He also of course wanted each patch to be unique and designed from scratch, with every knob and button mapped and labelled with a singular purpose. Needless to say a lot of work went into these patches and that's not even considering the intense documentation that comes with Pantheon II, detailing the inspiration and performance notes of every patch! Okay, enough rambling.... here's the technical info:

Nucleus SoundLab proudly releases Pantheon II, the next in their series of ultimate Thor Refills for Propellerhead Reason 4. Pantheon II carries on the the fine lineage set by the original, with a massive new variety of intricately constructed patches ready to inspire you. Once again, these patches inner workings are revealed with refined and detailed PDF documentation.

Imagine a Refill without compromise. Instead of patches consisting of a single good idea, you'll find patches that contain several great ideas, tweaked to absolute perfection. As is now the Nucleus SoundLab standard, these patches are totally unique and fully mapped - ready to start or jump-start your new track. You won't have a problem finding a suitable patch either - not only are all Combinators categorized intelligently across diverse categories, but all Thor patches are as well!

The original Pantheon brought detailed and informative patch documentation to mainstream Reason Refills. Now with Pantheon II, that concept has been further refined and fine-tuned. PDF bookmarks now make finding the exact patch you are looking for simple. Further, the new documentation is more concise and takes up less pages, while offering even more useful information about the performance, inspiration and design behind every patch!

Pantheon II doesn't seek to retread old ground. If you already own Pantheon I, you'll find virtually no sonic overlap. Instead, new directions are explored: Malstrom/Thor hybrid synthesizers are featured; hardware-inspired monophonic beasts are uncovered; the Thor Step Sequencer is harnessed and taken to the next level; massive atmospheric washes using wavetable and FM techniques are explored; and RPG8 creates both classic dance arpeggios and exotic and delicate physically-modeled algorithmic patterns.


173 fresh and unique Combinators.
244 Thor patches.
30 Subtractor and Malstrom patches.
8 .rps demo songs.
All Combinator and Thor rotaries/buttons uniquely mapped.
All Combinator and Thor patches categorized intelligently.
PDF Design documentation for each patch, detailing important aspects of its design, inspiration and performance.

Pantheon II is priced at $49 USD in downloadable format. Want the full Pantheon experience? Why not check out the Pantheon Bundle? You'll get both the original Pantheon as well as Pantheon II at nearly 20% off.

For more information, a demo refill, and to purchase Pantheon II go to

Glitch Secrets in Ableton with DJ Vespers!

I recently moved across the country and missed a lot of great tutorials that were posted on Youtube during my cross country haul. This four part series on Glitch in Ableton by Canadian musician/DJ Vespers is one of them. For more information on Vespers check out his website at

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Stay tuned for a future edition of 10 Questions with DJ Vespers, coming soon!!!

Saturday, December 12 Access Virus TI2 Whiteout Synthesizer Teaser

Access Virus TI2 Whiteout Special Edition Synthesizer. Contact Nova Musik if you have any questions : - email: Ph. 414.270.1948 or Toll Free: 877.290.6682


MONOMACHINE + MACHINEDRUM - Digitalism - Zdarlight Cover

Programmed, played and recorded during my lunch break...
Ain't got much spare time lately...
This is what I got in about 30 minutes. I really love Elektron machines...
Nothing special this time, but I hope you like it too.


Ableton LIve - Preparing your set for the APC40 / Launchpad


how 2 wobble everything inside ableton live 8_0001.wmv


Friday, December 11

Moog Multi-Pedal MIDI-to-CV Conversion - Parameter Sequencing

Use the Moog Multi-Pedal, a computer and virtually any sequencing software to create synchronized, "Step Sequencer"-like Control Voltage signals that can be used to animate a wide variety of Moog gear and other analog equipment.

Thursday, December 10

Sweatshirt Weather works with Record - Episode 4

In this episode we show you how we go about creating a song in Propellerhead's Record software.


New Portishead single for Amnesty International

Portishead - Chase The Tear from Mintonfilm on Vimeo.


International human rights day (10 December) marks the anniversary of the United Nation’s historic ”Universal Declaration Of Human Rights” on 10 December 1948. The UDHR set out for the first time in a single document the fundamental rights to which everyone, everywhere is entitled - including the right to life, liberty, security, the freedoms of opinion, association and expression, and the right not to be subjected to torture or cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment. More information:


Abbey Road and Native Instruments team up

A visit to Abbey Road studios, and some first information about what to expect from the new partnership between the legendary recording facilities and Native Instruments.

Native Instruments

Not to be confused with THIS.

Tutorial: Chopping Samples In ReCycle and Using Them In Reason

Here's my first tutorial. Leave feedback and things you want tutorials on in the comments.


Dubspot: Minimal Techno: Ableton Live 8: Adding Space & Dimension to Drums - Part 2

Dubspot Instructor, Michael Hatsis, shows how to add Space and Dimension to Minimal Techno style drums. Topics covered include Stereo Widening techniques as well as getting more out of Live's delay devices such as the Ping Pong Delay, the Filter Delay.


See Part 1 HERE.

Wednesday, December 9

Here is a video on how to use Frequency Shifter and the Groove Pool

Here is a tutorial on how to use the frequency shifter as a phaser, and the groove pool to achieve a more human feel on your tracks.


Ableton Tip # 2 - Dummy Clips (four ways of using it - part 1 & 2)

Part 1:

Part 2:

This is part 1/2 of my second Ableton tip. I try to show you 4 ways to use dummy clips. Rate it and if you like it I'll post some more. If you wanna learn more about dummy clips I suggest See ya!


Dj Spooky talks Launchpad

DJ Spooky tells us why and how Launchpad and ableton are pushing the boundaries of music making.


reactor 1 Psychorobot (Propellerhead reason mix) Dub Truba

Psychorobot (Propellerhead reason mix) Dub Truba
Jamp jamping


setup for live performance in ableton using bomes midi translator (tutorial)

shows a body how to navigate, launch clips, arm, and record tracks for using ableton live as a live performance synth


Jawbox Live on Jimmy Fallon!

90's DC alt-punk band Jawbox performed on Latenight with Jimmy Fallon last night to celebrate the re-release of their major label debut "For Your Own Special Sweetheart". The album has been out of print for years and is now available from Dischord Records on vinyl, cd, and digital download.