Wednesday, November 30

Supacut Live by Ned Rush

"Supacut live is a maxforlive audio effect device that pastchies/rips off the supatrigga and livecut plugins. The buffer update sets how often the buffer records. The supacut rate sets how often the edits happens. The edits are set via 2 probability tables. One sets various playback effects, the other sets the rhythmic variations of the retrigga. Download from Thanks. NED RUSH MOTHER FUCKER!" -Mr.Ned Rush

How to create a gated delay effect in Reason

"Propellerhead Software's product specialist Mattias Häggström Gerdt shows you how to great a gated delay combinator in Reason based on the patch "Echodile" from the Reason Factory Soundbank." -Propellerhead

Tuesday, November 29

Présentation et Test de Propellerhead Balance

"Visitez notre store pour découvrir tout l'univers du Home Studio et nos Refills.

Présentation et Test de Propellerhead Balance : déballage, installation de Reason Essentials, raccordement de Propellerhead Balance et branchement de synthé, guitare, basse, micro actif et passif" -ReasonFrance

Reaktor Tutorial 04 - Scaling, Plucks and Wobbles

"A video explaining how to scale certain modules in Reaktor, and why."

Tempest - one of the first sounds

via ubikac

Tom Pritchard Sound Design - Vast ReFill

465 new Combinator patches from legendary Reason sound designer Tom Pritchard aka Stompp! Here's the down low on Vast:
Tom Pritchard Sound Design presents Vast for Reason versions 4 and above – a unique ReFill packed with 465 inspiring, innovative and incredibly useful Combinator patches. These Combinators make the most of Thor’s modulation possibilities to create expressive, rich sounds that are full of movement and are incredibly playable. Every patch has been meticulously crafted to sound detailed and interesting whilst sitting comfortably in a useful frequency range, so you can easily drop any of these patches into a mix and get down to writing some great music without having to tweak them.

Vast contains 100 atmosphere & FX patches, 42 bass patches, 58 keys and polysynths, 100 leads and monosynths, 100 pads and 65 sequencer based synths. The sequencer can be switched off at the push of a button for each of the sequenced synths, giving you an extra 65 mono and polysynths if you’d like to use your own sequences. Using Vast is like having a new sound module inside Reason. Combinator control mappings are set to be useful – all patches give you control of the amplitude envelope so you can quickly sculpt these sounds to your needs, whilst the Mod Wheel allows you to get some juicy variety in tone, and the buttons allow you to alter the timbre of the patch and activate or deactivate the reverbs and delay designed for every Combinator, so you can quickly get these sounds working with your music. Click on the player below for demos of each category.

Pick up Vast today for £45 from!

UPDATE: Tried Vast for the first time this afternoon, particularly the Keys and Poly folder and man is it good! Many of these patches use velocity sensitivity to alter parameters like pitch, filter frequency and of course volume in ways that make them feel like so much more than software. Seriously, buy yourself Vast for the holidays, you're with it!

Monday, November 28

Phaedra iPad Sequencer First Look...

As if Moog's new Animoog app wasn't reason enough to buy an iPad:

"This is a quick overview of the highlights of Phaedra, the "analog" style four-channel MIDI sequencer for iPads, coming soon from NaughtyPanther.

In this video, Phaedra is driving a DSI TETR4, a Doepfer modular synth, a Korg Monotribe, and an Eventide Space and TimeWorks. No DAW is used in the sequencing. Everything is being clocked from Phaedra." -Cranda11

Sunday, November 27

Propellerhead Balance Unboxing / Review

" - Mixing it up with Apple.
Today I am going to show you Propellerhead's NEW awesome recording interface, Balance. This is an interface meant to work with Reason Essentials and Reason 6. Balance works great for all recording situations and is a great compact recording interface. The design of Balance is completely sleek and has a high quality build. Balance connects to your computer via USB and has many inputs including XLR's with phantom power. Balance also includes two output monitor jacks as well. Direct monitoring is a strong point for Balance and also has a clipping feature to prevent unwanted clips and pops. Reason Essentials comes with Balance to get you up and running in minutes. With Reason Essentials you get six main instruments to produce music with, as well as the sleek redesigned interface to record all of your audio together with your music productions. For more on Reason Essentials, Reason 6, and Balance visit Propellerheads website!"

Saturday, November 26

Some Velvet Sequencer

Chris Randall, under the Naughty Panther moniker, is designing an "analog" style four-channel MIDI sequencer for the iPad called Phaedra. Below is a first look at Phaedra in action clocking NLog Pro's arpeggiator:


"Phaedra's MIDI output all working now." -Cranda11

Friday, November 25

Robot Koch "Island featuring John LaMonica" Live

Custom Kontakt Sampler - GRID MACHINE//SLICE

"Custom Kontakt Sampler. LoopTV video demo of the IDM Drum Kit version of the GRID MACHINE//SLICE Kontakt Sampler, new from Loopmasters and Channel Robot.

Loopmasters and Channel Robot are very proud to present a fantastic new concept for Kontakt Sampler users which combines Channel Robots unique design elements in the Kontakt environment, with the cutting edge samples from Loopmasters sound archives." -LoopTV

Thursday, November 24

Native Instruments Thanksgiving Offer!

Native Instruments is offering a whopping 50% off three brands for Thanksgiving - Traktor, Komplete, and iMaschine! Offer is good from November 24 - 28 - jump on it, cause nothing says "thanks" like spending money on yourself ;-).

Missing Pieces- Octopulsethor - Pads Demo 1

Below is a first look at some of the pad sounds from Navi Retlav's new Missing Pieces - Octopulsethor ReFill for Reason 6! Resonant Filter reviewed the Missing Pieces - Feedback Echo ReFill back in September and Octopulsethor sounds like another fantastic refill from Navi! And with 666 total patches for the low price of $36 USD you know you can't go wrong ;-). Check out the video and be sure to download the demo refill of Octopulsethor @

"This is Preview of Pad sounds from Missing Pieces- Otopulsethor Refill for Reason 6. More info and price here :" -Navi

Tuesday, November 22

DSI Tempest Tr-808-Demolition

"All beats in this Tempest video were created solely using the onboard Tr-808 samples. It took a while to make the sounds....." -dreamprobe

Conn Min-O-Matic Rhythm Box Analog Drum Machine

via trashbaggage

Monday, November 21

Reaktor Tutorial 03 - Envelopes and Macros

"A video explaining the uses and functions of Envelopes and Macros. Feel free to ask questions!" -peakssound

Twisted Tools - Jedsound's Transform

New from Twisted Tools - Jedsound's Transform:
"TRANSFORM is an extensive collection of field recordings, sound effects and designed sounds developed by sound designer Jean-Edouard Miclot (a.k.a. JEDSOUND). Bundled with sample mappings for many popular formats, TRANSFORM’s painstakingly recorded and processed sounds will find their home in the arsenals of sound designers, editors and music producers alike.

TRANSFORM features over 1.6 Gigabytes of 24-bit/96khz audio, all meticulously embedded with Soundminer enriched metadata and processed using a plethora of sound design tools, such as Symbolic Sound’s Kyma. Whether you’re a sound designer needing a massive Hollywood impact, an editor looking for a radio stinger or a musician wanting to add some ice crunch to a snare…or bass wobbles made from a processed moose, TRANSFORM has something for you.

To increase productivity and speed up workflow, Transform comes with sampler presets for the EXS24MKII, Kontakt, Battery, Maschine and Reaktor as well as the all new MP16c sampler for *Reaktor. To top it off, we’ve included MP16c templates for Maschine, Kore and TouchOSC for the iPad, as well as bonus material by Richard Devine."

Sunday, November 20

Floe from New Atlantis Audio

New Reason ReFill from New Atlantis Audio - Floe:
"In the tradition of the acclaimed and best-selling Polar Elements, Floe is an all new collection of stunning ambient winter-themed Combinator instruments and ensembles. Icy pads, bone-chilling frozen soundscapes, arpeggiated motifs and more.

Floe is powered by a brand new set of our custom-designed 24 bit granular field recording soundscapes, 80MB worth, with loop points and root notes embedded within for easy mixing, matching and experimentation. Drop these source files into any sample player in the rack to create new instruments of your own, or drop them directly onto your Reason timeline and loop away.

If you are creating soundtracks, ambient, new age, chillout, downtempo or just need to inject some dramatic and chilly vibes into your music and scoring projects projects, this ReFill is for you.

Floe is compatible with Reason 5 and up, with a handful of patches making use of some of the new effects in Reason 6."

Specs: Includes 30 Combinators, 80MB Source Samples

Floe Reason ReFill by Rackflip

Saturday, November 19

Elektron Octatrack + Machinedrum UW = Friday Tweak

"A little improv/tweaking with the octatrack and his new friend the machinedrum. All sounds are coming out of these two machines. The MD is fed into the octatrack where it gets processed and sampled. The machinedrum samples itself as well. The bass line is coming from the Octatrack via a single cycle wave. Drums are mostly from the MD but there is also a kick drum sample coming from the OT." -n3bsvid

Friday, November 18

Additive Synthesis with Lazerbass Preview

"Preview of the Additive Synthesis with Lazerbass tutorial which is now available from

This preview serves as a general introduction to additive synthesis. The full video plays for 30 minutes and covers every section of the interface with reference to a spectrum analyser where appropriate."


Reason Courses

New Effects in Reason 6 (Reason Courses Level 2 Module 13 Excerpt):

More information @

Thursday, November 17

Octatrack + MD UW + XBase 888 + Prophet 08 + SEM Pro = DeneDana

"A little jam featuring all hardware gear.

Elektron Octatrack
Elektron Machinedrum UW+
Jomox Xbase 888
DSI Prophet 08
Oberheim SEM Pro"


Wednesday, November 16

DSI Tempest Logic Sync Dance

"Showing of the DSI Tempest syncing to Logic 9." -dreamprobe

A Day in the Studio with Balance

"When Uprock Audio in Sacramento, California got their hands on the new Balance with Reason Essentials package they set about on a new creative project. The plan was simple enough: They wanted to record a song with a local artist, produce it, then sample it, remix it, and turn it into a second entirely new hip hop song... all in one day!

We captured the process, spoke to Dean and John at Uprock Audio about the project, and put it all together into a music video. You can hear the song that resulted from their day's work and get a glimpse into the social aspect that Uprock Audio uses for inspiration, motivation, and just plain fun."


Propellerhead Artist Interview: Olivia Broadfield

"Olivia Broadfield would be the first to admit that a common question when people see her name is "Who is she?" But she also realizes that their common follow up is "Why is she outselling everyone but Owl City on the iTunes chart?" Olivia is a self-producing artist who is more than just a gifted songwriter. She's has a gift for music publishing as well.

Where most bands finish their album, pile into a van, and start touring it around the country, Olivia takes to the modern online social networks to reach music supervisors and publishing companies. She has secured some of the most coveted film, tv, and commercial placements around, reaching audiences of millions with her music in the process. Most recently, Olivia was featured on Grey's Anatomy. It's a music placement which has made household names of artists like Imogen Heap.

We sat down with Olivia to hear about her early songwriting, what inspires her, and see how she's using Reason to create synth hooks from her vocals."


Wurlitzer Key Note Visualizer

Been on a bit of a Wurlitzer Electric Piano kick lately (in no small part due to Sonic Couture's Broken Wurli) and came across this great video of Kevin Henkel jamming on one plugged into something called a "Wurlitzer Key Note Visualizer". Can you imagine how cool this would be in a dark smokey jazz club on the bandstand? Dope:

video courtesy of Dr0id1

DSI Tempest & Mandelbulb 3D

"A Mandelbulb video processed in After Effects with music created on a Dave Smith Instruments Tempest, with Eventide Space & TimeFactor for Reverb & Delay." -Puzzlegob

Tuesday, November 15

MOTIF 10th Anniversary : Message from Chick Corea


peaksound - Reaktor Tutorial 2

Filters Selectors Signal Types:

"A video explaining how to use filters, selectors, and the difference between event and audio signal types."

dubspot - Building instruments in Reaktor

"Dubspot Electronic Music Production and Sound Design Instructor Evan Sutton explains how to make basic connections and building a subtractive synthesizer using Native Instruments Reaktor's Built In Modules in this new tutorial. There are many levels to Reaktor's hierarchy. In the last tutorial, we spent most of our time on the Instrument level, making small changes and swapping out effects. If you missed the first tutorial, you can find it here.

In the second installment, we'll go even deeper and build our own instrument from the ground up. We'll be using Reaktor's Built In Modules, which are tools that range from simple math to complex signal processors. Many of these modules are the basic tools used in modular synthesis. We'll use these to build a simple synthesizer with one oscillator and an amplitude envelope. Remember to keep the volume down while you're setting up your modules.

It's important to explore basic signal flow in Reaktor. There are infinite possibilities for experimentation, but these concepts are the starting point for building larger and more complex ensembles."


Monday, November 14

Moog Voyager Wedding Cake!

How cool is this:

Congratulations Michael and Denise!
(video courtesy of j3ffw0j0)

Sunday, November 13

Telefon Tel Aviv - The Sky is Black

From the Telefon Tel Aviv Facebook page:
"OH hey also I just got the masters for the "Sky is Black" EP that will be coming out soon on BPitch Control. It's bawss because Ellen Allien did a remix and Matthew Dear did one, it's like a cover. Both are great. And now "Sky" gets a formal release, after sitting around for about five years."

via RSJacobs

Prophet 08 + Cluster Flux + Xbase 888 = 80s

"A little 80s inspired improv with the prophet 08 going through the cluster flux. XBase 888 comes in mid way.

DSI Prophet 08
Moog MF-108M Cluster Flux Moogerfooger
Jomox XBase 888"

DSI Tempest Tr-909-Destroyer

"The DSI Tempest is loaded with Roland Tr-909 samples and this video shows off what you can do with a very simple beat." -dreamprobe

Intro to M4L-Controlling Video With Audio

" presents-Intro to Max for Live, Controlling video effects with audio.
Zeal's Vizzable Pack-

Simple IDM Track Using Only Audio Damage Plug-Ins...

"This track, inspired by Autechre's "Corc" from LP5, is a demonstration of using Audio Damage effects and instruments to create an entire track. "
-Audio Damage

Friday, November 11

Audio Damage Filterstation Overview

"This is a quick overview of Filterstation, our stereo filter plug-in."
-Audio Damage

Reaktor Tutorial 01 - The VERY Basics

"A video going over some basic concepts of Native Instrument's Reaktor. More videos coming shortly. Feel free to ask questions! -peaksound

Sepalcure - Pencil Pimp

from the album "Sepalcure" out Nov 21st 2011 on Hotflush Recordings (HFCD006)

Director: Thor Erling Brenne
Producer: Tim & Joe
DOP: Martin Edelsteen
Production Design: Ulrika Westergren
Offline: Erik Aster
Online: Mathias Theisen/Hocus Focus
Art Director: Sougwen Chung
VFX: Sougwen Chung & Cato Lauvli
Styling: Brynjar Bredesen

Executive producer: Tamsin Glasson

With: Emir Mulaosmanovic, Guro Bøe Linnet & Kari Skotnes Vikjord

Thursday, November 10

The Dewanatron Novitiate



"Here is an introduction to the demonstration of the Dewanatron Novitiate- a one-of-a-kind instructional synthesizer designed by Dewanatron for the Bob Moog Foundation. The music you'll hear in the video was created entirely with the Novitiate (except drums, of course)."
-Automatic Gainsay

Synth in a Book

Konkreet Performer + MeeBlip + Custom Case, see story @

Wednesday, November 9

TONAL AXiS - Fallen E.P.

TONAL AXiS, aka Richard Hider, has a 4 track ep available in the FIXT Store right now for .99 cents a track! I first became aware of Richard's music from the two demo tracks he made for the release of Nucleus SoundLab's Pantheon III Reason ReFill. The Portsmouth U.K. based Hider has also worked with Rob Papen, LinPlug, and Mackie, as well as creating remixes for the likes of Subsonar (Tim Bran) and Lucia Holm (Sunscreem). I particularly dig the track "Unknown Territory" which RIchard told me was created with Rob Papen VSTs and mixed down using Propellerhead's Record! Pick up the Fallen ep from TONAL AXiS today @ FIXT Store.

Fallen E.P. by TONAL AXiS

pNORTNAOMI - Spine : Tremor (Stem)

"This is the original soundscape that is underneath the triggered samples in Spine: Tremor. I recorded the the thunder storm via a Zoom H2n and ads a great dimension to the synthetic sounds. The synthetic scapes were created in Graincube with custom samples and I really couldn't emphasise how great I think Graincube is and I recommend it to everybody for sounscapes and sci fi sounds. Reason 6 proves to be great with Audio material like this as you can route linear Audio tracks all over the place and Alligator is also good for splitting the signal further." -pNORTNAOMI

Monday, November 7

FatBank ReFill Review!

If you've been reading Resonant Filter for long, you've probably realized that Tom Pritchard, aka Stompp, is one of my favorite sound designers on the Reason platform. His patches have an "organic" instrument quality to them that make them both playable and listenable. When I first started doing commercial sound design work myself, Tom was nice enough to critique many of my early patches and his insight into creating great combinator patches has been priceless to me... so needless to say when I found out about his new solo venture, Tom Pritchard Sound Design, I was psyched! With this article we're going to specifically look at Tom's latest creation - FatBank; but for starters I asked Tom about his choice to go out on his own at this time after creating so many amazing free refills, and of course his work on many classic soundbanks for Nucleus SoundLab, this is his answer:
"Contributing to Nucleus SoundLab has been fantastic, and Jeremy is an absolutely lovely man to work with - very encouraging and supportive and really passionate about what he does. The main reason I'm going solo is just to try and make this a full-time gig; I've been through five pretty miserable day jobs in the last few years and I want out. I'd have loved to have tried doing this sooner but it's only with the support of my partner over the last year that I've had the confidence to really consider it. With digital distribution commonplace it's possible to enter the sound-design market with extremely low overheads, and with more people than ever before making their own music there's plenty of space to carve out your own niche. It's not like there's cuthroat competition as a lot of these things complement each other. You'd be surprised at some of the software companies that have excellent working relationships when you'd expect them to be pretty fierce competitors."

Let's start by taking a closer look at FatBank: this refill consists of 50 combinator patches broken down into three folders - Basses, Leads and Sequences. The Basses folder holds 12 Bass combinator patches that run the gamut from thick analog sounding tones to sizzling deep Techno triads. The 8 combis in the Leads folder are terrific as well and flavored with just the right touch of effects to make them sit well in a mix. The final folder, Sequences is the largest, with a whopping 30 patches. This folder has everything from leads to basses to lush chordal progressions, that all use Thor's Step Sequencer. However, if you don't care for pre-made sequences don't fret, Button 4 is assigned to turn off the sequences, so you can use the patches from this folder in any way you see fit! Every combinator in FatBank has the four rotaries and buttons on the front combi panel assigned to the most useful parameters for that particular patch. Generally the rotaries are assigned to control the Amp envelope properties, with the occasional tone, effect or filter envelope allocation. Also in the Sequences folder some combinators have Rotary 1 assigned to the rate to enable easy customization of the sequence for the user's song. The four button controls are a little more varied, generally being assigned to turn on effects, determine legato/retrigger, add harmonization and of course enable the sequence in the latter folder.

With a name like FatBank you'd expect the Basses folder to contain many patches using Thor's Analog Oscillator (which it does), but many of my favorite Bass combis in this refill use some unexpected Oscillator choices on the low end. Like the "Sexy Bass Chord" combi with it's four unique oscillators (FM Pair Osc, Phase Mod Osc, Multi Osc and Analog Osc.) Of course sometimes you just want that classic analog sound and "Squarepants" has that in spades! This patch is made up of two Thor synths, the first of which uses two Square shaped Analog Oscillators routed thru two Low Pass Filters that sculpt out just enough of the high end to give the patch that classic synth sound. The authenticity of the sound is furthered by LFO's modulating the pitch of the second oscillator (the first by 15, the second by 22 when the mod wheel is open - for a sci-fi type sound.) The second Thor in "Squarepants" houses the other oscillator, a Saw shaped Osc which is sent thru a LPF followed by a HPF, giving the patch just a touch of sheen. One thing I noticed about many of the Bass combis was the use of a PEQ-2 Parametric EQ cutting the bass just around 125hz or so. I asked Tom about this:

"On those EQs, try inverting the gain (so instead of being -64 or whatever it is it'll be +63). You should hear some really unpleasant muddy resonance. Even when it's not emphasised it really stands out to me. I don't like that in my basses so I get rid of it - I think it's around 150hz or so. I tend to use notch filters to get rid of it, I can't remember why I didn't here - it might have been to do with EQs colouring the sound less."

Let's look at the Leads folder, partcularly "Do It!". This lead patch is made up of two Saw shaped Analog Oscillators (the second sync'd) with an additional White Noise Oscillator sent thru a Low Pass Filter (6 Ladder Slope) then routed thru Thor's shaper set to maximum drive on the Peak setting and finally thru a High Pass Filter which cuts everything below 260hz. The Shaper really softens the sound of the patch from a more nasally searing lead to a classic analog hazy sound. This patch also uses velocity to control the envelope amount on the Low Pass Filter (but not the volume of the amp) which makes the patch incredibly playable! This patch has a lovely reverb (RV-7000) that's introduced with Button 1, as well as a dark ping pong delay (RV-7000 as well) enabled with Button 2. These effects patches reminded me of the lovely effects patches included in Stompp's Ambient Textures ReFill from 2006, which made me wonder if there were any plans for a TPSD all effects refill in the future:

"It's unlikely there will ever be a release devoted solely to FX but it's quite probable that at some point I'll program a whole load of FX patches as part of a larger release - much like I did with the Ambient Textures ReFill. Especially now that we have the new FX devices in Reason 6, The Echo is awesome!"

The largest section of Fatbank is the Sequences folder. As mentioned in the lead paragraph these patches use Thor's step sequencer for some awesome sequences, but can be turned off easily with Button 4, for those interested in creating their own sequences. As a mediocre keyboard player at best I love these combinators! They're great for coming up with song ideas and it's very easy to open up the combinator and transform the sequences into your own creations. One of my favorite Sequences combinators is the "Move Ya Feet" patch.  This combi utilizes the Mod Bus section to route the audio from Filter 1 and 2 to the inputs on Filter 3 bypassing Thor's Amp Envelope section.  I asked Tom about this:
"If you look at Osc 2 you'll notice the semi is +7 above Osc 1. Basically, as long as Osc 1 & 2 are different (and it doesn't have to be by much, nudging one of the Tuning values a few cents out will do it) routing the two filters to Filter 3's L & R input is a quick way to get stereo - if you flip the rack you'll notice the instructions for it as the third section under 'Some Routing Examples' - 'True Stereo Synthesis'."

Another thing I noticed about the Sequence patches is that many of the combis use Key Note in the mod bus section to modulate the Amp Gain by a negative amount.  I found this quiet interesting and asked Tom about this technique as well:
"It means that when you play a note in a higher octave the gain is reduced. Try setting it to 0 - play a note between C3 and C4, now play a note between C6 and C7. It just sounds really loud and harsh. I use the key note functions to help give the sound its own frequency space, if you have a sequence that spans different octaves then you don't want one end to be unbearably loud, it'll clash with other elements in the mix and sound painful. Sometimes presets dominate the entire frequency range and it's really irritating when you want sounds you can just drop into a track - sure a patch might sound great on its own, but patches that cover the entire frequency spectrum will cause havok in a mix."

FatBank has quickly become one of my new favorite refills! It's Tom's attention to detail and contemplation of how a sound will fit in a song that really sets these patches apart. And with the low price of £5 there's no reason not to pick up FatBank today! After checking out these patches I had to ask Tom what's next for TPSD:

"The first two releases were pretty small attempts to test the water, see if this would work - so far it seems to. The next release is pretty huge in size by comparison - I'm 200 patches in and it's not even half way done. It's my firm belief that the most important aspects of any patch are sound quality and playability and I'll never compromise on either. It's taken me quite some time to get this far and it'll take me considerable time to get this finished, but I'd like to see a release before the end of the year. I won't say too much about what it is just yet but I want to show people just how much potential there is in Reason's synths. Computer Music Magazine reviewed Arps Volume One this month (issue 171) and notably said "You'd never guess that the moody metallic percussion of patches like 'Bali' are the product of pure synthesis, and this sort of thing is the highlight of the pack" - I want to build on that and make wonderful, inspirational sounds."

You can pick up FatBank as well as TPSD's Arps Volume One @ Thanks Tom!

Sunday, November 6

Maschine and Reaktor

"A simple groove along with some realtime manipulation with Reaktor."

Saturday, November 5

Tempest Beats

"erforming some beats I programmed on the Dave Smith/Roger Linn Tempest Drum Machine. You can download the Audio at my Soundcloud."

Friday, November 4

Reason 6 - The Pulveriser Demo

"Reason 6, pulveriser Demonstration with 4 different setups."

Thursday, November 3

First look: Dave Smith & Roger Linn Tempest

"We unbox and test the new analogue drum machine from Dave Smith Instruments and Roger Linn Design." -musicradartv

New Monotrons from Korg!



More information @

Tremors Vol.2

New from Soniccouture - Tremors Vol.2:


Tremors Vol.2 picks up where Tremors Vol.1 left off - exploring more unique ways of blending breaks, drum machines, live kits and percussion.

As the dubstep and breakbeat scenes continue to spawn more and more styles, sounds and idiosyncratic producers Tremors Vol.2 draws influences from all of these, and adds its own style into the mix as well.


The grooves are sorted into sorted into 3 category folders - Busy features faster, more complex snare and hat patterns. Down is where you'll find the heavy, crunking grooves, with lots of atmospheric effects. Tech is the place for techno & Electro influenced grooves, drum machines and sharp beats.
BPMs range from a slow and seismic 64 bpm, right up to 190 bpm.


Each of the 300 loops in Tremors Vol. 2 is part of one of 51 grooves. Kicks, snares, percussion, hats, effects - every part is available as a separate loop allowing you to break down a groove within your track, or to mix and match different elements of different grooves to form completely original combinations.

Pick up Tremors Vol.2 @ for $59!

Tremors Vol.2 by Soniccouture

Apparat - Song of Los Remixes

Park Frequency Remix:

Mogwai Remix:

From Song Of Los EP | Label: MUTE UK [12 MUTE 460] | Release Date: Oct-24-2011 | Fotos by Krystian and Antonis

Modern Dj Knobs in Multiple Colors

Pick up knobs @

Tuesday, November 1

Rheyne - Live Jam #21

Live looping with analog keys, USB controllers, and Ableton Live:

"Live looping with a Fender Rhodes, Moog Prodigy, DSI Mopho, Akai APC20, Novation Launchpad, Akai LPD8, Akai MPD26, and an M-Audio Oxygen 25. All loops are recorded live. Video shot with a Zoom Q3HD and an iPhone 4." -Rheyne


Behind the Scenes:


Roland JX-3P analog synthesizer with RC-20XL loopstation Ultravox "Lament"

"This is not intended to be exact.I just wanted capture the vibe of the intro on one keyboard using the Roland JX-3P and a Roland loopstation." -CmathTV


Aalto + Sylenth1 + Session Strings + Octatrack = Barotronica

"A little baroque inspired jam featuring the octatrack sequencing a bunch of soft synths and providing drum sounds.

Elektron Octatrack

Native Instruments Session Strings
Madrona Labs Aalto
Lennar Digital Sylenth1
Native Instruments VC-76"


MoogFest Moogerfooger Warm Up

"MoogFest 2011 warm up" -Tara Busch