Thursday, July 25

NI REAKTOR's Krypt - Do You Dare?

Brent Kallmer continues his world tour of Reaktor ensembles with this look at the infamous Krypt:

"NI REAKTOR's Krypt groovebox is not for the faint of heart. Here are three essential points to propel your explorations of Krypt's twisted universe. Full post (with bonus video):"


Sonic Lab Sub P Review!

The review we've all been waiting for on


Directre+Buffre Beat Mangling with Synth Noodling

Another great example from Peff of his Directre and Buffre Rack Extensions for Reason:

"just some weird jamming with directre and buffre. Original drum loops are from a recording of Tim Bulkley."


Tuesday, July 23

how-to KORG MS-20 mini - Part3:オシレーター -

Part 3 in the Japanese language MS-20 mini tutorials:

"アナログ・シンセサイザー MS-20 mini のハウトゥをご紹介。Part3「オシレーター」編"


Reaktor Tutorial 09 - Ghetto Reverb

Another great Reaktor tutorial from peaksound, this time on creating a "ghetto reverb". Peaks has a new EP coming out in the next few days... Keep your eyes on his website for more info!


Green House V.3


Soundcells has updated their Green House Reason ReFill to version 3! Green House uses samples from the amazing Synplant soft synth created by Malström designer Magnus Lidström, and is a great way of porting the sounds from this strange synthesizer into the Reasonverse. Check out the details:

"Greenhouse v3“ is an awesome ReFill based on samples coming from the popular Synplant software synthesizer. The 174 combinator patches provide an insight into the highly characterful sound capabilities Synplant has to offer … In addition, some One-Shot-FX kits are included to let you produce some glitchy electro beats.

Version 3 adds 15 combinator patches based on 140+ new Synplant samples, 10 new MicroTonic rex loops and re-worked backdrops for a better and much clearer look."

Greenhouse v3 Contents:

• 174 combinator patches

• 151 NNXT patches containing the basic patches

• 21 rex loops and 37 drum samples coming from the MicroTonic drum synthesizer

• 990+ Synplant samples in 44Khz / 24 bit, 1030 mb uncompressed

Pick up Green House today for the discounted price of €19.90 (until August 19.)

Sub Phatty | Modular Control

Okay, this is just awesome:

"Suit & Tie Guy of STG Sound Labs brought his modular synthesizer by the Moog Sound Lab and controlled four of our Sub Phatty Analog Synthesizers with his labyrinth of analog modules."

Majical Cloudz performing live on KCRW

Canadian electronic duo Majical Cloudz stopped by KCRW yesterday to perform live on Morning Becomes Eclectic! Dig it:

Monday, July 22

Industry pros trust Native Instruments Komplete

New Native Instruments promo:

"What do games like Command & Conquer and Halo: Anniversay, TV shows like Arrested Development and Top Gear, and films like Transformers 3 and Live Free or Die Hard have in common? Their scores were created with Komplete -- the trusted instrument and effect collection for epic, blockbuster sound."


Saturday, July 20

A Centenarian down on Bourbon Street

Cool news story courtesy of the Associated Press about 102 year old Lionel Ferbos the oldest actively working musician in New Orleans. Play on Lionel!

Thursday, July 18

Thorkit II from Tom Pritchard!


One of my favorite sound designers has a brand new library for Reason out - Thorkit II:

"ThorKit II for Reason 4 and above, the sequel to the popular ThorKit ReFill – 200 new Thor patches! ThorKit II contains 100 lush Chord patches, 50 evocative Polysynth patches, and 50 driving Sequence synths. Chord patches use Thor’s Step Sequencer to mimic Chord Memory, a function found on some synthesisers whereby pressing a note plays an entire chord, resulting in some huge sounds. You can deactivate the chord with Button 1 and use these as 100 deep Polysynths if you prefer."

Available now for £15 @


Tuesday, July 16

Thursday, July 11

Peff Reason Control Voltage Tutorial

A great video from Reason guru Peff on how various types of control voltage affect oscillator pitch:


The Lions performing "This Generation" Live on KCRW

Something about the summer heat makes me crave reggae, here Los Angeles based reggae outfit The Lions perform "This Generation" in the KCRW studios:


Monday, July 8

Thursday, July 4

Mount Kimbie - You Took Your Time feat. King Krule (taken from 'Cold Spring Fault Less Youth')

Digging this Mount Kimbie track "You Took Your Time" featuring King Krule, from their Warp Records debut 'Cold Spring Fault Less Youth'.

Check out the vid:

Ghost Shift Reaktor Ensemble! have an awesome new filtered delay effects ensemble for Reaktor available thru their site called Ghost Shift that costs a mere Facebook "Like"; and it sounds and looks awesome:


Wednesday, July 3

NI REAKTOR: Never Outnumbered, Never Out-Looped

A brand new tutorial from Brent Kallmer and Bluewater VST!

"In this tutorial, we will: 1) harvest loops from three of REAKTOR's grooveboxes (Massive, Newscool, and SineBeats), 2) bring our crop of loops together into a Sample Map (using the Sample Map Generator), and 3) enter—Sample Map in tow—the mind-bending world of Random Step Shifter, a Sample Transformer that will take our loops to places undreamt."


Tuesday, July 2

Gattobus - ...July morning

Been awhile since we've posted a Gattobus video on RF, and this latest one is the perfect piece to get reacquainted with his work! Featuring a lust-worthy Eurorack Modular synth with Elektron's Machinedrum and Monomachine, this video is sure to give you G.A.S. (gear acquiring syndrome.)


KORG RHYTHM 55 KR-55 Vintage Rhythm Box 1979 | HD DEMO

AnalogAudio1 showcasing the classic Korg KR-55 Rhythm Box:

"The Korg Rhythm 55 (KR-55) is a non programmable analog rhythm box from 1979. The KR-55 and its little brother KR-33 were the successors of the Korg Minipops series. Same knobs as on the MS/PS-series. The sound of the hi hats is more complex - similar to those on the Roland TR-808/606.

The KR-55 has some special features: a TRIG OUT jack including several triggering modes, SHUFFLE function and volume faders for the most drum sounds.

The rhythms are not mixable like on earlier Korg rhythm boxes (Minipops series). TEMPO and VOLUME controls. It was used by Jean-Michel Jarre (Magnetic Fields) and Depeche Mode (Speak and Spell) among others. It has a very characteristic sound - it sounds fantastic!"


Monday, July 1

Skychord Cloudbuster Delay Pedal w/ Sleepdrone 6

Big City Music uploaded a great video this morning of the Skychord Cloudbuster Pedal:

"Check out the crazy/cool Skychord Cloudbuster pedal! The Cloudbuster is a super fun delay/sequencer. Each step controls the delay time for that step. There are also controls for sequence speed, delay glide, overall delay time, feedback amount, and more.

We start with a simple drone from the Sleepdrone 6 and eventually fade out the dry signal almost completely. The Cloudbuster is the only pedal of it's kind and we love it!"