Wednesday, August 3

High Priest aka HPrizm w/ Badawi @ Dubspot

"In this episode of Wireless, Dubspot instructor, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Raz Mesinai aka Badawi sits down with experimental hip hop and electronic music producer and lyricist HPrism aka High Priest of New York City's legendary Antipop Consortium for a wide-ranging conversation punctuated by an improvised live electronics jam session. While Raz is an Ableton Certified Dubspot Instructor and has been producing and performing with Live for many years, Priest, on the other hand is currently using Propellerhead Reason as his main production tool. After meeting James Bernard at a Propellerhead Producers Conference, Priest was exposed to the program's versatility and extensive list of synthesizers and samplers and he immediately became an avid Reason user. In their conversation, the two producers talk about their individual creative approaches, their production tools, the utilization of controllers and hardware in live electronic music performances and the importance of engaging with your audience when doing a live show."

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