Thursday, March 31

Ned Rush = MaxVlog4

got inspired by recent vid from learnmax eric i turned one of my
patches into a live sampling keyboard. one thing i've always
wanted and now i have it, a quick and dirty sk1 style sampler in
ableton. will be sharing when its well bling!

-Mr.Ned Rush

Kaoss Rack by Ned FX!

My friend Mr. Ned Rush, aka rude_NHS, has a new effects rack out for Ableton Live called Kaoss Rack! Pick it up at his blog More Kicks than Friends. It's free but I'm sure he'd appreciate a donation ;-).

Thursday Morning Prayer

An invocation to the spirits - Ableton Live live improv with kick & snare from Audio Damage's Tattoo, drone from Reaktor's Metaphysical Function, field recording from New Atlantis Audio's Lost & Found Reason ReFill. FX = Audio Damage's Autmaton. Thanks for checking out my reverent jam! L.72

Apogee Duet 2

Apogee's Duet is the most respected portable audio interface ever. Duet has won numerous industry awards, and has been used to record countless GRAMMY nominated records. While others have been trying to emulate its sound quality, ease of use and innovative design, we have been busy making an even better Duet. Duet 2 builds on the incredible success of its predecessor by incorporating customer feedback, adding advanced new features and delivering even better sound quality than the original.

Audiodraw Informational Demo - Sigi Mueller

An informational video about the interactive music/painting software 'Audiodraw'. Developed by Siegfried Mueller, 2011, in Max/MSP. Will be shown at international music therapy conference at Berklee David Friend Recital Hall on Tuesday, April 5th, 2011.

Röyksopp performing "Shores Of Easy" on KCRW

Norwegian duo Röyksopp have a knack for translating their cold
climate into warm downbeat electronica that combines elements
of house music and drum & bass. They return for a live session
on Morning Becomes Eclectic. Watch / Listen to the full session...


Wednesday, March 30

Giant Steps

Courtesy of Dan Cohen

Kontrol S4 Shoulder Bag From Dj TechTools

To learn more please visit:

Komplete Elements

The new Komplete Elements bundle contains over 1,000 studio-quality sounds, ranging from Abbey Road drums and VSL strings, Reaktor synths, Guitar Rig amps and effects to the best sounds of Massive and Absynth.
-Native Instruments

Foreign Exchange

Brian Green, proprietor of the great See You in Sleep Blog has a new project he's working on that you could be a part of - here's the details:

"Foreign exchange is a project i have been wanting to do with various sound artist, it involves collecting & stiching together recordings made and captured by sound artist from all over the world via the internet to create a large piece.

The goal for Foreign Exchange is for each artist to document their work of what they create and capture for this project in the medium of text and photos (some video would also be nice but not mandatory for this project), The text and photos will then be laid out into a book and will detail of each person created or captured their contribution for this piece

Most of the sound work i write as well as enjoy listening to is very calm and cinematic sounding, With that being said i would like for this project to have that sound in mind, I am not looking for electro synth lines or beats, What i would like to see in this project is a wide variety of texture and field recordings/found sounds

So there is a few ways you can be a part of this project:

1. take recordings of found sounds for me to process and make into layers

2. take field recordings for me to layer throughout

3. send stems of recordings or processing to be layered

The time span for this project is not set in stone but i would like to have everyones submissions within the next two months or so and then will take the next month piecing it all together and then the few weeks after putting the book together and sending off.

I will post more info as the days go on.

If you have any comments, suggestions or would like to be involved please get in touch with me via,

When emailing please include info about which one of the three interest you for this project as well as a link where i can check out your previous work.

thank you."

Tuesday, March 29

Alva Noto - unitxt/univrs (Derivative Version)

Alva Noto (Carsten Nicolai) at Ars Electronica 2010. Visual developed with Wuestenarchitekten (Markus Heckmann).
-Greg Hermanovic

Ned Rush = Kaoss Effects Rack teaser!!

this is a quick look at my Kaoss pad style effects rack for ableton
live 8. ideally for use with the korg nano pad, but will work with
any controller that lets to assign momentary controls to something
like a button, which most of them do. it will be available for free/
donation in a few weeks. hope you like.

-Mr.Ned Rush

Empty Nest

Quick improv using Camel Audio's Alchemy (Biolabs Tuned Gong) being controlled by Audio Damage's Tattoo, with an additional Tattoo for beats. Additional sounds created with Reaktor Mirage ensemble by Peter Dines loaded with Luftrum samples courtesy of The whole mess is being routed into Audio Damage's Automaton (Stutter Step variation.) Thanks for checking out my Tuesday morning improv session! L.72

Sound Doodle [walk-through]

Sound Doodle is a free desktop application for Mac that takes the
act of doodling, and brings it to the world of sound. The interface
elements are designed so that you can mold your sound by doodling.


a handful of classical+percussive samples in the mpc being machinedrummed.
-Sasha Borodin

Monday, March 28

6th of April -

Everything about reason and record is at your finger tips!
-The Sound Of

Gold Panda performing "You" on KCRW

Gold Panda generated a huge amount of buzz over his debut, a
lush mix of pastoral atmospheric soundscapes and glitchy
electronics with a lot of heart. We look forward to hearing the UK
artist's shimmering compositions live when he joins Morning
Becomes Eclectic. Watch / Listen to the full session here:


Ned Rush = Max Vlogs 2 & 3

this is how to make a simple delay in maxforlive.

live sampler that lets your mouse over the sampled waveform to
select loop points and playback pitch, using buffer~, record~ and
groove~ objects, plus a waveform~ and a rslider

-Mr.Ned Rush

Sonic Couture - Omnichord Japanese Relief


An Omnichord is an electronic musical instrument, introduced in 1981 and manufactured by the Suzuki Musical Instrument Corporation. It typically features a touch plate, and buttons for major, minor, and diminished chords. The most basic method of playing the instrument is to press the chord buttons and swipe the touch plate with a finger or guitar pick in imitation of strumming a stringed instrument.

The Omnichord we have sampled here is a ‘System Two’, and it has a great synth tone, which sounds ‘cheap’ in all the right ways. You can mix two different tones, one straight, and one modulated with a basic LFO. While not sounding much like a plucked string, it does have a pure character all its own, which won it many fans, such as Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno, to name but two.

We’d like to thank UK producer Neil Davidge for the loan of this particular Omnichord unit.

If you've never bought an instrument from us before, please consider buying this one.
The Omnichord will only be available until 31st April 2011, and we will donate 100% of the sales to the Red Cross Japanese Tsunami Appeal.
PRICE : $5 / €5 / £5

Info and Audio Demos

Compatible with Kontakt 3 and 4 - Full version of Kontakt required. ( NOT compatible with Free Kontakt Player )
or Apple Logic Studio 9 or Above


more md+mpc; much low end, so speakers/headphones with bass
highly recommended

-Sasha Borodin

Kill Paris- Simplest Most Easy Way to hook up rockband drums in Ableton with Nachos

-Kill Paris

Sunday, March 27

Bach Goldberg Variations DJ Spooky Remix

DJ Spooky featuring the Telos Ensemble @ Luxembourg Philharmonic
Anik Schwall on cello
Hwang Ye-Yun - violin
Ye-Hyun Hwang - violin

-DJ Spooky

Saturday, March 26

PROJECT PRESET - Native Instruments Razor - Torley

My man Torley beat me to the punch with these videos of Razor. Check it:



-Keys & Bells-

-SFX & Percussion-


-Soundscapes & Sequences-



Torley takes you on a tour through every preset/snapshot in Razor so you know what it sounds like before buying! Yes, it's really that simple.

And that concludes our all Razor all the time coverage................
Now back to your local broadcasting.

Kill Paris and the Wii Balance Board

Osculator with the Wii Balance Board Massive in Ableton
-Kill Paris

Friday, March 25

Reaktor Tutorial - Additive Synthesis

Native Instruments have just launched their latest Reaktor Synth
called Razor and it is causing quite a stir in the sound design and
production communities. So what makes this synth so exciting?
Well it is down to a process called additive synthesis.

Put in the plainest terms possible, additive synthesis is the sum-
mation of simple tones to create more complex ones.

The sound is constructed from partials (or frequency components)
firing in parallel, changing amplitude and even frequency over time.
Additive synthesis is a very powerful sound design tool because the
many micro-variations in the frequency and amplitude of individual
partials mirrors those that makes natural sounds so rich and lively,
and the resulting sound remains clear and precise at all times, even
when heavily modulated.

This video demonstrates how to go about building an additive synth
in Reaktor plus an overview of some of the other techniques that you
will learn on the Point Blank Online Sound Design course. Even this
fairly simple example consisting of just 8 partials, you can begin to
hear how an additive synth can create an impressively rich and mall-
eable sound. So when you think that Razor's additive engine consists
of up to 320 partials you can start to see why everyone is so eager
to get their hands on it!

Native Instruments Razor is the Hotness!

Razor as I'm sure most of you have heard by now is Native Instruments new synthesizer made in conjunction with Berlin based clubmusic maestro Errorsmith. While Razor is a Reaktor based ensemble you don't have to own Reaktor to use it, thanks to the new free Reaktor Player. I watched the initial trailer a couple days ago and while it piqued my interest it wasn't until reading the artist quotes on Native Instruments website last night that I was sold. Sascha Ring (Apparat), Joshua Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv) & Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto) all chimed in about their love of this new soft synth. Seriously if they only could have resurrected John Coltrane and Igor Stravinsky for feedback all of my musical heroes would be on board. Needless to say I picked Razor up last night and am mighty impressed. Unlike most additive synths I've tried, Razor is a blast to create sounds with - in no small part due to the lovely FFT display. I'll be filming a video this weekend with some of my favorite patches from Razor, but in the meantime here's a tutorial from to get you started:

Native Instruments

Thursday, March 24

10 Questions with Ryan Harlin!

Usually when I ask someone if they're interested in doing an interview I know quite a bit about the person. With Ryan Harlin, I only knew of his top rate video production work for Propellerhead. Serendipitously I found out while researching for the interview that he was part of an electronica duo that I'd discovered years ago on Sirius satellite radio. With this edition of 10 Questions we'll talk about Ryan's work with Propellerhead, his own musical creations and years spent running a recording studio in Philadelphia. Without further ado.......

- First off, where were you born and what was your first instrument?

I grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  My first instrument?  That depends on how I count.  My instinct would be to say "guitar" but I played cello in 3rd grade.  The only reason I picked cello in school was because I wanted to play guitar.  I never practiced cello with a bow in the traditional way.  I turned it sideways on my lap and strummed it to make the closest approximation I could to a guitar.  At age 9 my brother got a guitar for Christmas and I got a crash cymbal.  My parents decided Jesse would learn guitar and I would learn drums.  Their plan was to buy me one piece of the kit at a time.  Even at age nine I understood the fallacy of their plan:  what the heck is a kid going to do with a crash cymbal and nothing else?  So I stood in my room (since they hadn't gotten the drum throne yet) hitting a very nice zildjian crash cymbal until my brother lost interest in his guitar and I quickly took over.

- Tell me about your background in music and video production, I know you studied at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, was your time there spent on music or video production?

My background is in music production, performance, and engineering.  From the time I got my first Tascam portastudio I was hooked on recording.  I was very fortunate because despite their misguided plan to buy me a drum set starting with the most obscure pieces first, my parents were incredibly supportive of my interest in both music and technology.  Shortly after my adventures with the portastudio my dad and I went to our local music store and bought all we needed to set up a pretty sweet home studio for that era.  It was a Tascam DA-88 digital recorder, a Mackie 24-8 bus mixer, some Alesis outboard gear, and a couple mics.  I still think the best thing I ever did in my education process was I didn't turn anything on or plug a single thing in for two weeks after getting home.

I probably was driving my parents a little nuts because their big investment was still sitting in boxes in the home office but I didn't want to start using anything until I understood it through and through.  I sat, read, and reread those manuals until I could recite large sections by memory.  You have to understand this was before the internet.  These manuals were the most amazing resource I had yet seen about recording, signal flow, compression techniques, etc.

My interest in recording only grew from there and after high school I started looking for a college that had a full degree program.  That search sent me to Liverpool, England where I attended and graduated from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in 1999.  At the time, video production wasn't a big part of the course but it was something I took to.  I often found myself seeking out video projects to work on - though still doing audio post for them and not production.  In my final year we had a class on documentary production and my friends and I cooked up a scheme to travel to Russia to document the latest economic collapse it was suffering at the time.  That was my first role in the production side of video.  It was a natural lateral move for me because the tasks are so similar to audio production in my view and it even brought in a bunch of the visual design skills I had been developing in programs like Photoshop.

- Before you studied in Liverpool you were running a recording studio in Philadelphia.   Tell us about your work there and are you still involved in music production professionally?

Yeah, my studio!  This was back in the days when you could run a small project studio and bands who didn't have access to home recording would book it.  I ran it for a few years, doing various bands ranging from singer/songwriters, punk, to jazz.  It was a great learning experience but I realized how much more I enjoyed working on projects that were personally satisfying to me.  I mean if I perfectly captured a jazz band's sound as they saw it I really had only successfully fulfilled their vision, not mine.  I much preferred when I was working on something that was a creative outlet for me.  So after graduating, I closed up shop and moved out to California where I pursued any project that allowed me to be personally creative.  Some of that is in the music I make and some of that is in the visual work I do.

- I love the videos you do for Propellerheads!  What software and hardware do you use to create them?

Thanks!  I've been really happy to hear from people who are enjoying what I do.  I've been with Propellerhead for almost a year now and the second half of the year has been fun because when I go to interview an artist now, they've seen some of my previous interviews so they kinda know what to expect and they seem to be excited to work with me.  One artist I was with called up their friend and said "Hey guess who I'm hanging out with now? The guy who did that Adrock video I showed you."  So that's kinda fun.

As for hardware/software, there's nothing too revolutionary about what I use.  I edit in Final Cut Pro, do special motion graphics in After Effects, and I shoot interviews with a Canon 7D and a small army of Nikon prime lenses.  I actually do my audio post-production mixing in Record 1.5.  Sure I have to rewire it to Logic to get video sync but I've found Record to be my favorite audio post environment I've ever used.  The way I can route complex splitters for multi-channel sidechain compression to do audio ducking, draw in my automation, and generally work in the fast pace I need has been a very nice surprise for me.

Far beyond software and hardware, though, I have spent many years working on two far more important ingredients of the production process:  constructing a narrative in the edit room and putting people at ease in the interview chair.  Those are two things that you can't solve through software.  Coming from a musical background, there's a similar practice that they require like learning an instrument.  You suck at first but you get better and better, hopefully.  I'm always learning.  In the same way that a great guitarist can sound amazing on a cheap guitar and a bad guitarist doesn't get better by playing a vintage Fender, these narrative and interactive skills have far more of an impact on what I do than the software or hardware I use.

- How are the Props promotional and tutorial videos generally scripted?

I'll split these up into their two styles since the promotional videos and tutorial videos are dealt with differently.

The promotional artist interviews aren't scripted and they're never paid for.  In fact, the biggest bummer for me is when people say things on forums like "he was paid to say that"  or "I was almost believing he was sincere until I came to my senses."  I am extremely grateful to these artists that allow me to come into their homes or studios and volunteer half their day for my interview.  Without exception, they do it because they love our software and just want to share their love of it with the community.  I suppose it's the tendency for people to be jaded and think that marketing videos must be manipulated and paid for but we think that would defeat the purpose and it would be completely transparent if these guys were just reciting our talking points.  In the past year I have found that these artists are as much or more excited to meet one of the Propellerhead guys in person than I am to meet them.  The enthusiasm or appreciation they express in their interviews is genuine and all their own.

Aside from those, we do script the things that you hear Frank Sanderson saying - which are micro tutorials and feature announcement videos along the lines of what we did in May to announce Reason 5.  Actually, I've met a few people now that are taken aback when they meet me because I don't sound like Frank.  They say "but I thought you do the micro tutorials."  They're right.  I do but Frank reads what I've written.  Believe me, I was not born for a life of voice over work.  If you want to hear my speaking voice just listen to the off-camera guy in some of the deleted scenes videos we've done with Adrock, Printz Board, or Hank Shocklee and then you'll understand why Frank beat me out for the job.   ; )

To answer your question about the "how" of the scripting process, it's pretty natural.  We'll have an idea we want to get out there - usually a micro tutorial - and we'll draw up some bullet points of what ideas we need to include.  From there I usually take about a half day to work up a script and I send it off to Frank.  He's super fast so I usually have his voice over file back in a couple hours and I can start animating over the top of it.  Frank's been fun to work with because we're learning to predict each other's style.  I'm getting better at writing lines I know Frank can deliver well and Frank's learning how to interpret the words on the page in exactly the way I imagined him saying it when I wrote them.  This is especially true for the little joke gags that appear in our micro tutorials.

- How did you hook up with Propellerheads and is it a full-time gig?

I've known those guys forever.  My partner Lisa in Techno Squirrels (see next question) is friends with Tage Widsell who is Propellerhead's Creative Director of Marketing and has been with Propellerhead since 1997.  I would often see them at the NAMM show in LA and they got to know me, they knew I was doing documentary films, and that I specialized in bands and music stories.   A few years back Tage called me up to see if I would like to do some filming at the NAMM show for them, which I did.  Then a year later he asked me to do their Jason McGerr ReFill video.  From there the relationship just continued and in November of 2009 I did their Soul School release video.  That was a big hit around the office and it was a big hit on music sites too.  Propellerhead had been looking for someone to come aboard full-time with them and I think our plans just kinda lined up at the right time.  When they asked me to join the company, I was only too happy to say yes.  I've been a ReBirth user since 1996 and a Reason user since version 1.0 so I'm as much a fan of the company as anybody.

- A few years ago I was working as a bellman for a ski lodge.  Our vans there had Sirius Satellite radios and I was surprised to find out when researching for this interview that you are part of the electronica duo the Techno Squirrels, who I "favorited" years ago when driving guests to the airport.  Are you still making music with the Techno Squirrels?

Wow thanks!  Yeah we got some heavy rotation on Sirius' electronic channels when our single "Love Comes First" came out.  We are still making music.  We took a bit of a hiatus after that album came out but we've written a new album's worth of material and we're in production mode now on it.  Actually, you can hear what would be considered a Techno Squirrels new track on the Blocks micro tutorial video!  I worked up that idea just to display the blocks concept and I asked Lisa to help out when I needed a vocal recorded for it.  She liked the idea enough that I think we're going to develop that into a full song.

- The Techno Squirrels were played by one of my all-time favorite DJs - Nic Harcourt.   How does a group get an internationally famous radio host to spin their music?

All credit is due to Lisa Eriksson who is one half of Techno Squirrels and runs the label we release our music on.  She's a promotional animal.  She used to do promotional work for Virgin Records and learned the ropes through that but she's also just got an unflagging tenacity.  I really have her to thank for all our success.  Nic Harcourt, the chart position on Sirius, Paul Van Dyk including us on one of his albums, and so much more.  She is really good at finding the right channels to pursue, pursuing them, and then getting results.

- What equipment makes up your home studio?

In no particular order:

Music production software is 100% Reason/Record, though I keep Logic installed for when I need to sync to video.  Video production software is Final Cut Pro, Motion, After Effects, and Photoshop.  I record vocals with my Neumann M149 microphone, a DW Fearn tube preamp, and through my Fireface 800 interface.  I have old Alesis Monitor One speakers from my studio days which are beat up but I know exactly how they sound.  I play on a MPK49 keyboard controller and a Korg Padkontrol.  I work on a Mac Pro 2.93 Ghz Quad Core Xeon with a 30" cinema display and a 23" cinema display set up vertically (which I highly recommend for people who want to see the Record mixer channel strips in all their glory without scrolling).

- Finally, who are some of your influences, both in music and video production?

Music:  Postal Service and Death Cab For Cutie (really Ben Gibbard is the influence I guess).  I listened to a whole lot of Rush as a kid but my guitar playing draws more influences from Pink Floyd and Journey for some reason.  I love Imogen Heap and her previous band Frou Frou, Bjork was a big sonic influence to me.  Massive Attack changed my opinion of electronic music at the height of my smug and shameful prog-rock days.  I'm a total sucker for singer/songwriters like Patty Griffin, Richie Havens, or even Arlo Guthrie.

Video:  Errol Morris has been a big documentary influence on me mostly for his ability to interview and capture candid natural conversations.  Exhibit A: The Fog of War, but many others also.  I like Michael Moore's earlier work however I don't draw influences from it.  I'm not exactly storming the lobbies of corporate America like he would demanding to interview record label CEOs.  I think The King of Kong is one of the best put together documentary narratives I've ever seen.  It's a masterful construction of a real-life story unfolding in real time.  Early on in my career I used to watch the documentary "Dogtown and Z-boys" over and over.  That had a pretty big influence on me stylistically and narratively.  In a similar vein, Scratch is a great documentary.

Thanks Ryan for a fantastic interview!
Stay tuned to Resonant Filter for another edition of 10 Questions...

Wednesday, March 23

Advanced Mixing With Kong

How to set up your Kong drum designer to make it easier to mix when the time comes. This advanced mixing technique helps make your drums for flexible and better routing for FX.
-Mr Brandon Peoples

Reaktor*ng With Konkreet Performer

Nothing too serious! Just beats xperiment using Konkreet performer over OSC with Reaktor | ♥‿♥

More of this (iPad) controller & visualiser |


Mick Comito's ReBirth PCF Combinator

This works in Reason and Record. Mick Comito's creation. He re-
created the PCF (Pattern Controlled Filter) from Propellerhead
ReBirth, and brought its functionality into a Combinator that can
be used in Reason and Record. How sweet is that! Catch him on
Soundcloud under the pseudonym "SoulReason".

-Reason 101

how to automate Tempo with Ableton live

a short lil video describing different ways to automate tempo with ableton. either assign it to midi,write it in the scene launch or draw it in ..enjoy!

Alchemy Tutorial 10: Granular Synthesis

Dan Worrall has done it again and created a great tutorial on granular synthesis with Alchemy. It covers all aspects of the granular engine as well as explaining in detail how the position and stretch knobs can be used to create all kinds of effects. All Alchemy videos are now available for everyone to watch, even if you don't own Alchemy yet.
-Camel Audio

I Spit Roses - Peter Murphy

"I Spit Roses" the first single from Peter Murphy's forthcoming new album, called "Ninth", was released yesterday by Nettwerk Records. The album has a release date of June 7th. Check out the single:

Peter Murphy - I Spit Roses by nettwerkmusicgroup

Catch Murphy on tour:

March 7: Studio 7, Seattle, WA
March 8: Dante’s, Portland, OR
March 9: Mezzanine , San Francisco, CA
March 10: Rio Theatre, Santa Cruz, CA
March 11: Majestic Ventura Theatre, Ventura, CA
March 13: Galaxy Theatre, Santa Ana, CA
March 14: Mayan Theater, Los Angeles, CA
March 15: The Rialto, Tucson, AZ
March 17: Marchesa Hall & Theatre, Austin, TX
March 18: Granada Theater, Dallas, TX
March 19: Numbers, Houston, TX
March 22: Republic, New Orleans, LA
March 23: Vinyl Music Hall, Pensacola, FL
March 24: Freebird Live, Jacksonville, FL
March 25: State Theatre, St. Petersburg, FL
March 26: Firestone, Orlando, FL
March 27: Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale, FL
March 29: The Orange Peel, Asheville, NC
March 30: Norva, Norfolk, VA
March 31: The National, Richmond, VA
April 1: State Theatre, Falls Church, VA
April 2: Highline Ballroom, New York, NY
April 3: Bourbon Street Ballroom, Baltimore, MD
April 5: Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY
April 6: Diesel Club Lounge, Pittsburgh, PA
April 8: Musica, Akron, OH
April 9: Royal Oak Music Theatre, Royal Oak, MI
April 10: Reggie’s Rock Club, Chicago, IL

Equilibrium Point - Night Sessions #1

nord modular g2 + ableton live
-Equilibrium Point


Robyn - None Of Dem Remix

Robyn feat Royksopp - None Of Dem (Equilibrium Point Remix)
-Equilibrium Point

Tuesday, March 22

Novation Launchpad Creative Tricks with Kill Paris

Some Creative Tricks with Kill Paris
-Kill Paris

Octatrack vs. SammichSid

The iridescent SammichSid. Inside there's 2 6580 SID chips from
Commodore 64s. Depending on the angle of the light, the Sam-
michSid's color is purple, blue or gold. Mix those colors and sounds
well with an Elektron Octatrack and you get a blend of old and new.


M4L Tutorial #11

Sorry for the rushed tone tonight, but I got a lot going on! In this vid we take the easy way out and add some simple preset storage, you can get a LOT fancier, but this is the quick and dirty demo, remember? Oh, and I hope you all liked the wobble bass intro, my apologies for tricking some into visiting by name dropping ;)!

Coming soon - RAZOR by Errorsmith & NI

Razor is a synthesizer i developed in collaboration with Native Instruments. It’s programmed in Reaktor, a modular software synthesizer. You don’t need to own Reaktor in order to use it. Razor can be loaded in the free Reaktor Player software.

Simple Sampling V2!

Soundcells has updated their Simple Sampling ReFill to Version 2!
Here's the details:

Simple Sampling V2- a name, a concept!

At first Soundcells started working on a fun ReFill based on a Stylophone only, which was recorded for sampling purposes. Besides programming a patch that matches the real thing, the NNXT sampler in Reason was tweaked to go some extra steps and some fat funky clavinet-style patches caught by surprise. While producing the Stylofunk mini track (apart from the loop it's entirely based on stylophone samples) some extra cool stuff was added to this ReFill: a "single-sample-rhodes", a "single-sample-piano", a "single-sample-kalimba" and a lot of other nifty stuff... "Simple Sampling" gradually turned into a product full of "simple samples" coming from different sound sources. If you are looking for classic old-school sampled sounds instead of huge patches built by hundreds of individual samples, you will love this ReFill. Patches are super-fast loading, CPU-friendly and they are full of 'retro' character... Version 2 is an awesome update which adds 25 new combinator patches, some minor additions as well as reworked backdrops...

Simple Sampling Contents:

- 126 combinator patches for many different styles of music, subdivided in 6 folders: Bass, Drum Machines, FX & Atmo, Keys, Leads, Pads.

- A note by note (a2 - e4) sampled and looped Stylophone including it´s typical release click.

- "Simple Samples" coming from the Rhodes Mark 1, Doepfer MS404, Supernova 2, microKORG, G2,
Kawai K5000...

- The modules folder contains the basic NNXT patches which are used for the combinator sounds.

- 10 Rex loops, 5 Redrum kits

For mp3 demos and ordering information go to!

Ghostly Presents: Gold Panda

Director Shai Levy follows Gold Panda on tour in Germany while discussing loneliness on the road as a solo artist, self-guessing your art, his recent album 'Lucky Shiner' and the future.

Directed & Produced by Shai Levy

03.22 Vancouver, BC @ FORTUNE SOUND CLUB
03.23 Seattle , WA @ NECTAR LOUNGE
03.24 Portland, OR @ ROTTURE
03.25 San Francisco, CA @ 103 HARRIET
03.27 Los Angeles, CA @ TROUBADOUR
03.29 Chicago, IL @ SCHUBAS
03.30 Toronto, ON @ THE DRAKE HOTEL
03.31 Philadelphia, PA @ THE ARCH
04.01 Washington, DC @ RED PALACE
04.02 Brooklyn, NY @ GLASSLANDS
04.20 Laval, FR @ LE 6 PAR 4
04.22 Nancy, FR @ L'AUTRE CANAL
04.23 Paris, FR @ POINT EPHEMERE
04.27 Copenhagen, DK @ RUST
04.28 Malmo, SE @ DEBASER
04.30 Stockholm, SE @ STRAND
04.30 Bergen, NO @ BERGENFEST
05.13 Bucharest, RO @ FRATELLI
05.19 Berlin, DE @ MELT WEEKENDER
05.26 Barcelona, ES @ PRIMAVERA FESTIVAL
06.08 Belfast, IE @ AUNTIE ANNIES
06.09 Galway, IE @ ROISIN DUBH
06.10 Cork, IE @ THE PAVILION
06.11 Dublin, IE @ THE WORKMAN'S CLUB


Ad Rock Meets the Slim Phatty

Ad Rock of the Beastie Boys gets his first look at the Slim Phatty in the studio.

Moog Synths & Modular Sequencing

This video shows a Make Noise Rene' sequencer modulating a
Moog Voyager, Little Phatty and Slim Phatty. Rene' is a Cartesian
sequencer and brings a totally new method of control to the Moog
synths. No MIDI cables were harmed during the making of this video.

-Experimental Synth

Twisted Tools | Richard Devine Demos Antonio Blanca's Scapes Lemur Template

Richard Devine demos Antonio Blanca's new Scapes template. The template is available for free for registered users at
-Twisted Tools

Monday, March 21

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 50

If you've made it this far into Synth School without dropping out or changing your major to something less technical, then congratulations. You're nearly ready for graduation day. Today we'll be picking up where we left off with Thor's oscillator types, namely the multi-oscillator and the noise oscillator. There's a lot to these simple looking modules! From there we'll move over and take a look at the filter sections in Thor and I'll introduce you to the semi-modular routing buttons which help move signals through Thor.

Monoliner on TouchOSC

One of my favorite ensembles from Reaktor is definitly the Mono-
liner. This is a basic 16 step sequenser with adjustable knobs for
gate, velocity and pitch. The simplicity of it is it's biggest asset.
I tweaked it a little to keep the pitches within determined scales,
so I could tweak it live, without it running amok on me.

After that I went to my beloved iPad and on that, the smash hit
app TouchOSC by Here I made a replica of the Mono-
liner, and this little combi has now become one of my favorite toys.
This video (excuse the danish, I'm still trying to figure out if I
should post in danish or english) is the combi of the two, hooked
up to a modular synth in Reaktor by Herwig Krass.



A brief glimpse of Daphne Oram's unique 'Oramics' synthesiser, designed in 1957 after she left the legendary BBC Radiophonics Workshop to pursue the project.

The machine is now in the hands of The Science Museum in London and is being restored. It hasn't been performed since the 1970s.

For more information on Daphne Oram and her machine check out

-Nick Street

Richard Devine Hydrophone Recordings

"This weekend we went to Crystal Waters Florida and recorded various sounds of the marine life. We took a boat out to theses specific locations including Kings Point Bay, Shell Island, and Mouth of Rainbow River. Here we captured some bizarre sounds of Dolphins communicating, thousands of shrimp feeding, and the distant moan of the Hypostomus catfish. (Headphones highly recommended). These recordings where captured using the Aquarian Audio H2a-XLR hydrophones, and Sound Devices 702 Digital recorder. Original files recorded at 24-bit-96khz."

-Richard Devine

Hydrophone Recordings of Dolphins, Shrimp Feeding, and Hypostomus by RichardDevine

Drake Canadian Tour Rig

So here is my playback rig I built for Drake's Away from Home tour. It uses the Ipad for a wireless transport, so the Dj can control my multitrack from the Dj table. It has two computers and ultralites for each machine passing through a switcher for redunancy. I used the OHM64 on my desk in case the ipad lost communication with the computer.

This is a demo of how I programmed the ipad to work as a multitrack transport control. I was at front of house and my Ableton rig that played back the tracks was next to the monitor rig near the drum set. Although this was a super cool way to run the show, it was not perfect. Wireless networks are just not reliable enough for live shows. I will continue to use the Ipad as a transport for rehearsals and such, but have moved on to a wired solution.
-Henry Strange

Sunday, March 20

TONAL AXiS - Home (GuitarScapes Demo)

TONAL AXiS just posted his demo song, "Home", from Nucleus SoundLab's GuitarScapes Reason ReFill to soundcloud. It's one of my favorites, check it out:

Home by TONAL AXiS


recorded 1080p video with my canon t2i and then taped it onto VHS, and played with the vcr machine's speed control. music by two friends on guitars and me on rhodes piano, monome, and xylophone.
more info here:​archives/​1797

-Jared Smyth

Kaoss Pad Quad Demonstration by Marc the Darc

Sound-demonstration of the new Korg Kaoss Pad Quad. I'm running my EMX-1 through the KPQ for the purpose of this demo. It is running a loop from my upcoming track "133". which will soon be uploaded to my channel and will be featuring the KPQ in the final version. I'm certainly no pro in using this, it's my first KP and i've only had it for a couple of days. According to the clerk at my local gear-store, i'm quite possibly the first person in Denmark to own the new KPQ - they were digging it out of the first shipment for my sake, they hadn't even tried it out themselves. Make no mistake, this is a brilliant tool for adding effects to your music, and it has a lot more options in that department than previous KPs. And it has no USB, so Korg can't screw you over by not maintaining support for it either ;-)


A stand-alone patch made with a KORG MS20 mark II and a SQ10 with some random tweaking. no eq or effect were added. the signal is only processed by a crap VST limiter. audio and video are not well synced, I know, but this is my first video on the tube. I hope you'll enjoy. greetings from Italy. ciao!

FabFilter Timeless 2 - Tips & Tricks part 2

In this tutorial, Dan Worral explains some basic techniques with Timeless 2 that will help you setup your delays. Also, Dan explains how Timeless 2 can be used for clever stereo effects, using Haas filtering and more...

Mlrv 2.1 live beats jam

Live jamming beats with the lovely Mlrv 2.1 using a Novation
launchpad and a LPD-8 for drums via Ableton live. Timing and
structure is still not there yet, but practise makes perfect they say!

Download Mlrv for free @

Dont forget to donate!


Monome controlling Kurzweil and Moog

I just got the new monome with serialosc finally connected and
using polygome am controlling my K2661 and Voyager.


Saturday, March 19

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Drums, Sampler Info & Pattern Sequencer

More OP-1 videos @ djthomaswhite

Kong videos by bboyspaz

Let's take a quick look at this Kong thing in action!

Taking a closer look at loading drum sounds in the Kong Drum Designer. It's a cool time. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!! And shoot me multiple questions, I want to show you all there is to know about Reason!!

REAKTOR's Newscool - Part 5 - Tone Generator

Get up the learning curve on one of Native Instrument's REAKTOR's
most out-there sequencers...


Friday, March 18

MAX/LIVE : Charlie Sheen guests MIDI LFO modulator

Yes, I'm jumping on that band wagon, but there's good news in it for you. Watch to find out how to get a standalone LFO modulator that you can use WITHOUT Max for Live to modulate any MIDI controllable parameter.


subscribe to learnmax youtube page for a copy of the patch!

Key FluX FX Processor - Reason 101

"So one week, 300 + devices, 84 FX chains, enough cables to circle the earth at least once, and a massive caffeine-induced headache, here is my “Key Flux FX Processor.” Ta-da!"

Download the Key FluX FX Processor for FREE @!

Dubstep Combinator Presets Patches for Reason

Dubstep Wobble Bass Soundbank and Soundset for Propellerhead
Reason. Experience the power of Thor Malstrom and Reason with
these Presets and Patches.

Free Patches and Preset packs for sale at :


Robert Randolph Meets the Moog Lap Steel

Robert Randolph gets his first look at the Moog Lap Steel

Jewel Audio Dreams of Thunder Reason ReFill

Just saw this on the PUF:

Dreams of Thunder is a compelling, useful and extremly inspirational Ambient Refill for Reason: a first-class patch collection of 150+ interesting, inspiring and intense patches and sounds for Thor and some other Reason synths as well. All patches employ the modular routing of Thor and Reason, Thor patches use it´s extended possibilities - formant filters, comb filtering and wavetable oscillators - to the fullest extent. The results are useful, hauntingly inspiring and dreamy alike: while heart-stirring and fragile keys, sublime and moving wavetable pads, highly specialized fx sounds known from contemporary artists, extremly playable classical leads and majestic sounds dominate, there are also useful musical analogue basses, evolving pads, wonderful arpeggios and intriguing electronic soundscapes.

The regular price is 25 Dollars/ 20 Euro. Until June, it can pe purchased as introductioanry offer for only 15 Euro!

Japan Tsunami Fundraising Warp T-Shirt!

Warp Japan T-Shirt - all proceeds go to Red Cross Aid

10 inch red circle print, 33.3 per cent Warp inner logo
Buy Japanese Warp Fundraising T-Shirt at Bleep

On sale until 4th April
Shirts delivery estimate 22nd April
Postage costs covered by purchaser

$19.99 USD

FXpansion Geist Quick Tip 01 - Automating Tools

A quick look at some new features introduced in Geist version, including advanced automation tools and brand new envelopes.

New from Tascam - DR-07mkII


TASCAM’s DR-07mkII improves on one of the best-selling portable recorders ever with adjustable microphones, clear sound quality and a great new design. The stereo recorder features a pair of adjustable condenser microphones. The built-in cardioid pattern mics can be moved from an XY position, for tight imaging, to an AB position, for a wider ambient sound. Choose the best sound depending on the source and environment.

Superior Sound Quality

The sound of the DR-07mkII reflects over 30 years of TASCAM’s recording experience. A separate power supply for the codec enables the full capabilities of the A/D and D/A converter, and separate analog & digital circuit boards and low impedance circuit design reduce noise in the design. The DR-07mkII records to microSD or microSDHC media, recording in MP3 or WAV (BWF) file format at up to 96kHz/24-bit resolution.

The 1/8” mic/line input allows you to plug in your own microphones and can supply plug-in power for mics that need it. The Level Align function prevents uneven volume levels during playback through the 1/8” headphone output or built-in speaker. Variable-Speed Audition – which changes playback speed without affecting pitch – and looping are also available during playback for transcription or learning new music. 17.5 hours of longer battery life at 44.1kHz/16-bit, WAV (BWF) is long enough for any recording situation.

Advanced Recording Features

Sharing some features with the new DR-05, the DR-07mkII makes recording simple enough for any musician. The Peak reduction function sets the optimum recording level even in recording to avoid the over level. Quick Menu selects commonly used parameters in playback or record like auto level setting or limiting, while deeper settings are available through a full-featured setup menu.

Some DR-07mkII features that aren’t found on the DR-05 include Overdub mode, which records over your previous take but keeps a copy of the original. The portable recorder also includes Auto Record and Auto Mark settings for hands-off operation. A reverb effect is also provided to give your recordings that mastered polish.

Getting great-quality stereo recordings has never been easier than TASCAM’s DR-07mkII.

American Musical Supply seems to be the only place listing this for sale so far at the price of $149 USD. Availability listed as 3/31/11. I was actually planning on picking up the DR-05 next week, might just have to fork over the extra $50 for this bad boy though ;-).

Glitch my Sax Up! 2 - Ableton Live Performance Video

Ableton Live Performance Video from Vespers, Ableton Live Certified Trainer, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Glitch hop, controllerism, sax.


Thursday, March 17

Jedsound | Twisted Tools


We are excited to offer an amazing new collection of sounds by sound designer Jean-Edouard Miclot.

It isn’t everday you can get your hands on unique and properly recorded field recordings, sound effects and foley sounds, so grab ‘em while they’re hot and feed them into your favorite Twisted Tools device!

To get you inspired, we’ve even added a bank of fx presets that make use of these sounds in Scapes.

Samplepack Features:

127 Unique Field Recordings and Sounds
24bit/44.1khz Samples

BIO: Jean-Edouard Miclot, is a sound editor, recordist and studio technician living in Canada where he works on Walt Disney’s Air Bud franchise after a stint in London at Heavy-Entertainment and on the set of Harry Potter.

“I’ve always been interested in any kind of art, science and storytelling adventures.” Jean-Edouard Miclot

Pick up Jedsound @!

Jedsound's Twisted SFX + Scapes by twistedtools

Reaktor Prism FX

Native Instruments

Funk Essentials Reason 5 ReFill

With 229 REX2 loops, 4 Combinators, 5 Kong and and 26 Dr Octo Rex Patches, The Funk Essentials ReFill is a collection of drum grooves and sounds inspired by everything from early Motown, spaced-out Funkadelic, dirty hip-hop, James Brown and everything else in between.

We took hundreds of super-funky rex drum loops and meticulously grouped them into custom Dr Octo Rex patches, allowing you to instantly trigger different beats and fills, all from a single player. To step up the funkitude another level, we created a series of custom Combinator patches that give you hands-on tweakage over a plethora of custom racks created by The Loop Loft. And with all of these funky drum samples mapped directly into Kong, you’ll breathe new life into your existing groove collection. Just drop any MIDI file onto a track and let the Funk Essentials ReFill do rest!

It’s time to get funky inside of Reason. It’s time for The Funk Essentials ReFill.

ReFill Specs:

- 229 REX2 Loops & Samples
- 26 Dr Octo Rex Patches
- 5 Kong Patches
- 4 Combinator Patches
- High Quality, 24-bit 48 khz Audio
- File size: 135 MB

-The Loop Loft

CQ: How to Stop Clipping but Maintain Richness in Dubstep tracks - Ask your own questions there! :)

This CQ is about keeping that punchy, powerful sound but avoiding clipping in tracks!

CQ stands for Community Questions if you didn't infer that already

eXode Club Soundset Samplers

New audio examples of eXode's Club Soundset ReFills for Reason 5
Check it:


Brand new club soundset for Reason 5 by eXode featuring:
128 Thor Patches & 64 Combinators. And as an extra bonus 12 Kong drumkits! This ReFill is for Reason 5 only.

This refill can be purchased for €25 from my soundstore:


Club Soundset V2 is the second part in the Club Soundset trilogy
for Reason 5. This refill consists of 128 Thor patches divided into:
40 Bass, 64 Lead and 24 Pad patches. This soundset has a diffirent
and dirtier sound to it than V1. The sampler is showcasing a fraction
of the patches in a musical context. Drumbeat is supplied by a Kong
patch from the Reason Factory Soundbank.

This refill can be purchased for €15 from my soundstore:


Club Soundset V3 is the third and final part in the Club Soundset
trilogy for Reason 5. This refill consists of 64 patches for Thor
divided into 24 Bass, 8 Pad and 32 Synth patches. This soundset is
focused more towards progressive and electro house but works well
for other genres as well. The sampler is showcasing eight bass and
eight synth patches from the soundset.

This refill can be purchased for €10 from my soundstore:


ULT-SOUND DS-4 Custom Drum Synthesizer (TOYO GAKKI)
Amazing vintage drum synthesizer, composed of 4 sections with 4
indipendent trig inputs. Is possible to concatenate all the sections
for make sequences, it's awesome for xperimental music, techno!
I have his 4x pads but I tried to drive the Ult sound thru input1
connected on the Casio VL1 out ...with a surprising result ;-)


Scapes Inside of NI Maschine 1.6 | Demo

Demo of Twisted Tools Scapes running inside of NI Maschine 1.6 (beta)
Drum sounds and patterns are from Maschine's library while extra effects and accents are produced by Scapes.
Buy Scapes here:
Buy Maschine here:

Wednesday, March 16


LFOTool is a VST and AudioUnits plugin (32 and 64-bit) which syncs up to your sequencer with sample-accuracy, and allows you to draw custom shapes for one or more graphs (up to 12) and perform rhythmic effects (autopan/trancegate/autofilter/tremolo/sidechain-simulated ducking, and more). LFOTool will be $24.95 but *FREE* with purchase of the xferrecords EP "Fish", released March 22nd on

Ned Rush = Break Rack for Ableton Live

this is a follow up to my loop rack video. this time loops can be
broken down into sections for breakbeat mashup stuff, no midi
clips, all just the rack. will probably be a big project to finish but
if you follow some of the other videos on this topic you could
probably knock one up yourself. when its finished i'll upload.
yet again my late night drunken performance doesnt really do it
justice but i dont care cause i made it and it awesome yeah. maybe.


Reason/Record Tutorial: Headphone Mixer

We're just going to get straight to business with this first installment of the Reason/Record blog instead of trying to convince you on why you should keep reading. In my use of R&R in the recording studio environment, I found that simply splitting the master or control room outs for use as a headphone out was limited.

The Record Project File for this tutorial is available @

-UpRock Audio

Pearls for Swines - God Save the Glitch

Music & video made by Pearls For Swines
Video shows Audiocubes & Thingamagoop

You can download the track here on Soundcloud

-Pearls For Swines

EditEd4TV ReCover Human League Don't You Want Me

Kick ass recreation of the Human League's "Don't You Want Me" by
Ed Bauman, aka EditEd4TV. Resonant Filter interviewed Ed back
in August of 2009. Check it:

This is my version of Human League's "Don't You Want Me", re-
created (a "ReCover" as I call it) completely in Propellerhead's
Record. All custom patches.


Thom Yorke Live DJ Set @ Low End Theory LA 3.9.11

Filmed by: Theo Jemison, Grace Oh, Arthur Mor, Alter

Editing: Strangeloop

Ned Rush = MaxVlog1

some basic xy fun for controlling general midi controls in sampler
with the mouse that otherwise would have been hard without max.
some of my max videos will be cocktails of stuff i've seen on other
youtube channels, so please check out these guys too cause thats
basically what i did.


Kibeja - Nocturnal Reverie

Read about this track "Nocturnal Reverie" by Kibeja on the Propellerheads User Forum last night and just had to share it here on Resonant Filter. The song fuses electronica with world music, yet still manages to retain both authenticity and originality. Here's what Kibeja had to say about it:

"This is a tune that features some of the wonderful sounds available in the newest refill from Nucleus Soundlab. The new refill is called GuitarScapes and I must tell you it is a joy to work with. Aside from the vocal and the drums/percussion, everything else is from GuitarScapes. If you use Reason/Record you should definitely check this refill out at

I hope you all enjoy the tune and thanks Jeremy for putting together such a great refill!"

Nocturnal Reverie by Kibeja

Thom Yorke + Burial + Four Tet

Thom Yorke, Burial and Four Tet team up for two new tracks, played on RinseFM last night by Four Tet! The tracks are from Text-010, a 12" which is coming out this week. Bleep has it listed as sold out "but we will have the final allocation on sale shortly". Check out the tracks:



via abitnang + flylib

Dubstep Combinator Presets for Reason

Dubstep Combinator Presets for Propellerhead Reason
30 Ultra Heavy Dubstep Presets for Propellerhead Reason

30 Deep Dark Nasty Basses, Wobbles and SubBass' patches

All presets take full use of the Combinators 4 Macro controls all
programmed and ready for easy manipulation. Combinator Patches
take full use of all Propellerhead Reasons powerful synths,
including Thor and Malstrom.

Download FREE Demo Presets @

Purchase full pack @

Tuesday, March 15

Cry Baby: The Pedal That Rocks The World

Cry Baby: The Pedal That Rocks The World tells the story of the wah wah effect pedal, from its invention in 1966 to the present day. Musicians, engineers, and historians discuss the impact of the pedal on popular music and demonstrate the various ways it has been used, as well as how its evolution has improved the ability of artists to express themselves musically. The film features interviews with Brad Plunkett, the inventor of the pedal, plus many other musical luminaries such as Ben Fong-Torres, Eddie Van Halen, Slash, Buddy Guy, Art Thompson, Eddie Kramer, Kirk Hammett, Dweezil Zappa, and Jim Dunlop. These professionals explain how a musical novelty transcended convention and has become timelessly woven into the fabric of modern pop-culture.
-Joey Tosi

Ableton multiple looper trick with Kill Paris

Ableton multiple looper trick (live looping) with Kill Paris


Teddybears - Cardiac Arrest (featuring Robyn)


Star Slinger - Mornin'

Free Dubstep Patch Download (Thor She Wubs)

Here is a dubstep patch I created with the Thor device. I've seen several patches for malstrom and subtractor, so I took what others were doing and put in a Thor. You are free to download the patch and use it to your likings. I'd love to hear from you if you manage to use it :)



Twisted Tools | Scapes | Touch OSC Template

Scapes now comes with a template for Touch OSC in addition to the already available Konkreet Labs Performer template. Check it out!

You can buy Scapes here:

You can buy Touch OSC here:

Circuit Bent Roland MC-505 on Ebay!

Seller: amigauser26 ( 121)
100% Positive Feedback
Time left: 7d 06h (Mar 22, 201120:14:25 PDT)
Price: US $1,699.00 (Buy It Now)
Best Offer: -


So, what's new on this machine?

Aside from the stellar paint job and wooden ends from I applied a mini breadboard to give the MC-505 a patchbay for the nineteen or so newly-added contacts. This was a lot harder than it sounds, considering the casing is metal (always a risk of shorting connections) and there's not a lot of space to work with when reassembled. In the end, I'm extremely happy with the way it turned out..even if it took a few months.

This machine now allows you to short out only the sounds, but keep all the other functions intact. Everything behaves as normal when the breadboard is or isn't in use. The resulting audio is largely unpredictable but can be reproduced if noted. Think of it as the heaviest sequencer Roland never made.

Furthermore, all green LEDs were replaced with red (except for the main playback indicator at the middle top), the white buttons/keys were whitened with retr0bright, and the LCD screen was replaced with a snazzy, new red-on-black unit.

This project was something of a proof of concept which turned out to be pretty fun. This is certainly a one-of-a-kind piece that I never really intended on keeping for very long. Now it just needs a good home where someone will use it on a regular basis.

Those who might be interested in this unit would also be a fan of Metasonix gear, NIN's Year Zero album, Ed Banger-style techno, EBM, Nitzer Ebb among many other noisy electronic styles. /namedrop

All audio below is direct from the MC-505 with absolutely zero post-effects/EQ. Expect to hear some patch switching, knob twiddling and adjustments on the breadboard though. All patterns used were simple presets.

Circuit Bent Roland MC-505 Examples ( by stagediver