Tuesday, May 31

First look at the Turnado

Just saw this crazy Richard Devine video of the new Sugar Bytes plug-in Turnado on Wire to the Ear, dig it:

First look at the new Turnado multi-effect tool by Sugar Bytes. Just checking out the interface, and listening through a few presets on one drum loop.
-Richard Devine

Ableton Live Tutorial: How To Use Clip Envelopes w/ Thavius Beck

Ableton Certified Trainer and Dubspot Instructor Thavius Beck explains and demonstrates How To Use Ableton Live's Clip Envelope feature, a powerful tool that allows automation of various parameters of audio and MIDI clips. Thavius starts by offering a basic explanation of the parameters of Clip Envelopes. Using a synth-line and a drum track, he shows how to automate the clip volume and apply effects, by simply drawing automation in the Arrangement view which controls the mixer view. Thavius Beck will go into further detail and offer more tips and techniques for using Live's Clip Envelope in Level 2 of Dubspot Online Ableton Live Program, which starts June 6th!

Reason: Applying a Mod Env to Thor's Chorus

In this tutorial, I will show how to neutralize that brief out-of-phase characteristic that the Chorus effect introduces in your sound. When you're playing in "staccato", this tip can help preserve the nice punchy attack while still letting that stereo field be heard on the tail of the sound.
-Pierre Chamberlain

Monday, May 30

Point Zero Productions - Pad Essential Collection

New Reason ReFill from Clint Grierson of Point Zero Productions - Pad Essential Collection. I really dug his ROAR Order ReFill that came out last year, so I have high hopes for this one! Here's the lowdown:

The full Point Zero Productions collection of synthesised pads for Reason. Over 700 new, classic, refreshed, re-tweaked and re-ordered synth pad patches.

Everything from lush, gorgeous, light, ambient, atmospheric, deep, brooding, dark, mysterious and intelligent pad patches for Reason 5.

If you need fresh, interesting and unique pads for any style of electronic music, you will probably love the meticulously programmed patches contained within this refill.

There's a king-sized 120 patch demo ReFill you can download for free @ pointzeroproductions.net! You can order the ReFill from the same link for $39.95 AUD.

Check out some samples:

PZP PADS Essential Collection Refill. by PZP

Emulating Modular Synthesis With Instrument Racks

Nasty Sh1t! This isn't a tutorial..it's just a sample of a filthy instrument that I created in Ableton.

Sunday, May 29

Review: Exode's Club Soundset Vol.1!

Exode's Club Soundset Vol.1

If you've been making music for long with Propellerhead's Reason chances are you've come across Daniel Olsson, aka Exode's work. His Minimoog inspired refill and Wave Soundscapes series are a few of my favorites, and of course his aptly named Massive Synthesis ReFill is a must have! So when I heard of the release of his new commercial series, the Club Soundset Trilogy, I couldn't wait to check it out. Now first off, while these refills are called "Club Soundsets" I think these patches could really be used in anything from Pop to Hip Hop to of course Dance music. For this review we are going to concentrate on my favorite of the three refills Volume 1! Let's break down what's in this set:


60+ combinator patches. Now while I generally like my patches broken down into different folders for each instrument, Exode has identified each patch with a two letter code at the start of each name. BS for bass, FX for effects, LD for lead, PD for pads, SQ for sequences (arpeggios), and SY for general synth patches. The Pads are my favorite here. "PD - Frozen Electronics" is just beautiful! This patch uses two Thors, 6 oscillators in total, run into a line mixer with a Scream unit set to "Digital" on the send channel. The Mod Wheel opens up the Frequency on the four of the six State Variable Filters this patch uses.

Another standout is "PD - Foundation" which uses 18 square wave analog oscillators to create a thick bed of sound that works great for chords. The Leads here are fantastic as well and I learned a new sound design tip when studying them - the patch "LD - Clouds" uses two Thor synths with one square wave Multi-Oscillator each run in tandem mono into a compressor for a wide stereo width sound. This same technique is used to great effect in the patch "SQ - Limit Break". This arpeggiator patch "dances" around the stereo field thru a lush Hall reverb algorithm. One final patch I'd like to mention in the combinator folder is "BS - Core" a 10 oscillator bass monster that really screams when you raise the resonance! Like most of the patches this one has well thought out controls for stereo spread (Rotary 4), detune (Rotary 3), resonance (Rotary 2) and frequency (Rotary 1); as well as buttons for switching the Filter to high pass and engaging a stereo multi-tap delay.


Next up are the Kong Kits, 12 to be precise - 192 unique sounds (Hey Ma, look I can do math!) Exode manages to coax a variety of sounds out of the 7 different Physical Modeling and Synth Designer Drum Modules in Kong. These kits are broken down into "Electro", "Energetic", "Hard" and "Trance". The "Electro" kits really stand out in my mind. They have that classic drum machine sound that I absolutely love!

The "Energetic" kits have a Hip Hop sound to my ears, which is a good thing. "Hard" is exactly that, mean sounding drums. Watch your speakers on these ones! The "Trance" kits have that classic 90s dance sound that hit the mainstream in the early aughts. Of course Kong has more than just synth modeling and Exode also uses the NN-Nano Sampler to great effect on these kits. I was so impressed with these samples that I had to ask Daniel where they came from:

"The samples are all from my own private library, most of them were actually designed with the devices in Reason and then exported as samples, edited and put inside the Nano."


The biggest folder of instruments in Club Soundset Vol.1 is labelled "Thor", and pardon the analogy, but Exode really brought the thunder here (I apologize for that, really.) But seriously I counted well over 100 unique instruments! And these aren't the ones used to make up the sounds in the Combinator folder like you find in a lot of refills. I was particularly impressed with the Bass patches here, everything from Minimoog and MS style basses to more modern digital mayhem. All labelled with monikers that will easily identify what kind of sound the patch will give you (i.e. "Big Taurus", "MS Style", "Vintage Bass", etc.)

The Thor folder uses the same two letter coded system identifying patch categories as the Combinators; with the addition of two categories: KY for keys (with some great organ sounds, "Wurli" being my favorite of the bunch) and RH, which kind of lost me as far as what it stands for, but suffice to say these patches use Thor's step sequencer (which for amateur keyboardist like myself are always great for one finger fun ;-). One thing I will mention about the Thor folder is I would have liked all the patches to have mapped knobs and buttons on the main faceplate, but Exode is only one guy and I can only imagine how long it must have taken to design all these incredible sounds. With all these different patches it got me thinking about how Exode can continue creating such stellar patches. So I sent him an e-mail with a few questions:

You've created some of my favorite sounds for Reason, from the Moog Tribute Refill to Voltage Controlled to the all encompassing Massive Synthesis. With such a substantial body of work how do you continue creating new and unique sounds? Do you worry about whether a sound/patch might be similar to something you've already released?

"a. God knows really. Maybe it's because I try to develop new ideas and techniques all the time, even at my level you still learn new stuff and I use that knowledge and apply it to my work.

b. It's not a very advertised fact but for instance some of the patches in Club Soundset V1 use a technique to get an asymmetric BP filter as well as something I would call a 24db HP Ladder filter. I wrote a tutorial on that technique on the PUF a while back. I also have some patches in V3 that use LFO1 as a fourth oscillator, also something I wrote a tutorial on.

c. I do worry about sounds being similar occationally, but then I think that even if a patch is similar to something I've released before, people will realise that it's not intentional (or at least I hope they do!)."

The Club Soundsets Vol.1 ReFill might just be my favorite release of yours yet. Lush pads, meaty basses, killer Kong kits and soaring leads - it really covers every sound you'd need to create a banging club hit! Where did the inspiration come for this refill? Are you a big fan of dance music?

"The inspiration definitely came from dance music but I also had a set goal for this refill and that was to create sounds that could compete with popular VSTi's such as Sylenth1 and Dune. I've always had a weak spot for different types of dance music, especially trance, israeli and psytrance."

I had the pleasure of interviewing you back in November of 2009 for Resonant Filter and at the time you said that you had become more moderate in your use of effects in patches. I noticed while playing with Club Soundsets Vol.1's combinator patches that you used effects quite generously and effectively on many of the sounds. Was this a conscious decision on your part or is that just what the patches called for?

'Yes, that is true, I guess I have come full circle! No, but seriously I should have given that statement some more thought because there are applications where you might need more effects, it's not black and white. For the combinator patches in Vol.1. it was very much a conscious decision because I think it's what these type of sounds are about. Big sounds with heavy processing fit the dance genre well and it also kept in line with my goal of showing that Reason can sound just as good and big as other popular VST's. The effects helped me to that goal."

As a budding sound designer myself I learn so much from studying your patches. For example in Club Soundsets Vol.3's SY_Classic Patch you use a White Noise Oscillator to moderately modulate the pitch of an Analog Square Wave Oscillator and the frequency of a Low Pass Filter. This gives the patch a hint of the White Noise sound as well as a slightly out of tune sound reminding me a bit of Boards of Canada. This is something I never would of thought to do, but I'll certainly be using the idea now ;-). Where do you get your new sound design ideas from?

"a. For some time now I've had the philosophy of incorporating random elements to some of my patches to make them less perfect and a bit more organic. The idea of using noise as a modulation source and applying it to filter and osc freq came from when I programmed my Tetra (Dave Smith Instruments). Because the Tetra has digital controlled oscillators they are perfectly in tune. I used this trick to make the Tetra less perfect and a little more noisy!

b. I usually get my ideas from my own mind or by looking at other peoples patches, I think there's no harm in learning techniques from other sound designers, in fact it's a very good method of learning, as long as you don't steal their work obviously. Finally, owning a modular synthesizer helps envision stuff that I hadn't thought about before because the way you work with CV and interact with the instrument is very direct when compared to software that make use of a mod matrix or similar."


Great sounds that cover multiple genres of music, from Dance to Pop to Hip Hop! I see this refill as being useful to a few different folks - the aspiring sound designer will definitely learn a thing or two studying the patches, the composer will appreciate the coded system Exode employed to quickly identify the instruments, and finally the rest of us will just plain dig the spectacular sounds!

Exode's Club Soundset Vol.1 can be purchased for €25.00 from:


Buy it today!

KORG SyncKontrol for monotribe [iPhone App]


Moog Lunar Impact - Novamusik.com

Moog & Novamusik.com present the Lunar Impact!

Saturday, May 28

Gil Scott-Heron R.I.P.

Poet, musician, badass Gil Scott-Heron died yesterday in New York, he was 62 years old. Gil Scott-Heron was most celebrated for his 1970 spoken word piece "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised", credited with being the germinating seed that begot Hip Hop. The song was banned by many radio stations for it's stark depiction of the African American experience and righteous self-examination of global consumerism. Born in 1949 Gil Scott-Heron became popoular for his poetry and spoken word performances in the late 1960s. His music has been sampled by many artists, such as Kanye West, who sampled "Comment #1" for his 2010 song "Who Will Save America," and Common, who sampled "No Knock" on his 2008 hit "Universal Mind Control." Last year Gil Scott-Heron released his first album in 13 years, I'm New Here, a collaboration with XL Records' CEO, Richard Russell. A remix album entitled We're New Here with Jamie XX was released this past February. Ironically one of the tracks is called "New York is Killing Me", a hypnotic bass heavy shuffler. After years of battling drug and alcohol addictions, as well as HIV, Gil Scott-Heron passed away at a New York Hospital yesterday at 4:00pm in the afternoon. His death will not be televised.

Video courtesy of XL Recordings
Photograph courtesy of Henrietta Butler

Music Making Month - Sample Everything and Anything

Learn how you can use Reason to sample everyday noises, objects and machines around the house, circuit bent toys, and synths to create your own unique sonic fingerprint.

The Return of Gattobus

It's been well over a year since Italian producer/composer Gattobus graced Youtube with a performance video. Well the wait is officially over - He posted the studio session "Pensieri" yesterday:

I've been through a lot of troubles in this last two years... I've lost someone very important to me... but now I'm here again with my instruments and my music. Thank you very much to all my Youtube fans who waited patiently for my return. Gattobus is back in his little studio, finally.

Friday, May 27

FXpansion Geist Quick Tip 11 - Midi Control of Graphs

In this Quick Tip we take a look at two methods of controlling automation graphs using midi controllers.

Ian Boddy Odyssey: A Journey in Sound Design

IAN BODDY is one of the UK´s most celebrated synthesists and sound designer and has been creating award-winning sample libraries since 1992. In this enormous compendium Zero-G has collated his last EIGHT sound libraries into one stupendously large library of sublime sound design which has been made available in all the most popular audio formats.

This collecion is packed full of ambiences, soundscapes, drones, loops, single hits and FX and is the perfect tool for any professional movie soundtrack or dance producer looking for some extra creativity and imagination.

Here Ian Boddy tells us about his background, the libraries in this collection and how the sounds were created.


Thursday, May 26

Korg Monotribe Sonic LAB Review

Full review of Korg"s new Analogue Ribbon Station.
Article: http://www.sonicstate.com/news/2011/05/26/sonic-lab-korg-monotribe/

Many thanks to those who posted questions in the comments here and on our site on the un-boxing video. I hope we answered all/most of your queries.

-Sonic State

Music Making Month - James Bernard Takes Requests

Propellerhead guru James Bernard holds a special live session to take user-submitted requests for Reason tips.

Music Making Month - Frequency Band Processing

Complex sounds from Thor, for example, span wide frequency spectrums. Who's to say you can't split your sound up in to separate frequency bands and process each band differently and separately? Nobody! That's who! Imagine if you could add reverb to a bass line without muddying it up. You can. And imagine gating different frequencies in different ways to create stereo effects. You can. Mattias Häggström Gerdt shows you how.

Link to file: http://anosou.com/Frequency%20Split%20Showcase.zip


Reason Wizardry May Preview

Get your subscription for Reason Wizardry today from Nucleus SoundLab!

New Amon Tobin record out this week

Bleep Blog has a great interview posted with Amon Tobin about his new record, ISAM, and the gallery installation with Tessa Farmer @ Crypt Gallery set up to mark the release. Below are a couple videos showcasing both the gallery show and ISAM:

Reason Wizardry May Issue Now Available!

The May 2011 issue of Reason Wizardry is now available to download for subscribers from Nucleus SoundLab! In this issue Jeremy Janzen examines mastering in Reason, specifically the M-Class Mastering devices! The issue comes with a .rns file demonstrating the devices discussed. And the best part is next month will be a continuation of the topic. Subscribe to Reason Wizardry today @ nucleus-soundlab.com!

Rob Papen Punch Introduction

Rob Papen Punch
virtual drum machine
With Punch, Rob Papen delivers a brand new speaker busting, body rattling software instrument. Punch delivers synthesized drums in the finest audio quality and with breathtaking features for the contemporary producer.

You can can use synthesis and the build in samples to build your own unique sounding drum-kit, but also your own samples can be loaded into Punch to complete your kit. Your sounds can then be crafted using the stunning features, filters and huge synth power we all know from other RP synthesizers.

Punch has a unique sound but also built in sequencers, allowing you the user to have multiple patterns at your finger tips. These grooves can be triggered in a live environment to build a song, but are also great for just improvisation and jamming!

Also featured are drum-kits built by famous DJ's which complete the arsenal of power that is Punch...

-Rob Papen

Wednesday, May 25

Reason 5 - ReSampling

A basic tutorial on how you can use the sampling function of Reason 5 to sample the internal instruments. I use ReDrum to sample a Thor kick drum patch and a couple of slices of a Dr Octo loop. Visit my blog for more videos, tutorials and other keyboard related stuff: Totally Keyboard

Mary Anne Hobbs @ Dubspot

:: 'Wireless' Interview w/ Badawi

In the first installment of our new interview series Wireless, Dubspot instructor, composer, and producer Raz Mesinai, better known as Badawi, talks with established and rising musicians and DJs. In this premier episode, Raz talks with renowned radio host, music journalist, DJ and international champion of experimental music Mary Anne Hobbs, who recently stopped by Dubspot HQ for a workshop and discussion, where she offered incredible advice. The treasured radio DJ and music journalist has relentlessly supported and showcased a wide range of experimental and electronic dance music for nearly two decades, from grime and dustup to hip hop, house, and techno. MAH recently left BBC Radio 1 and is scheduled to start hosting a new weekly show on Xfm June 9. This interview was conducted during the NYC stop of Mary Anne Hobbs' The Road Warrior Tour in April which also featured rising electronic music artists Lorn, Take, Gonja Sufi (and surprised guest appearances from Kode9, Terror Danjah, Roska, and Mike Slott.) Badawi talks to MAH about her influences, the beginning stages of her radio career; the formative years of UK club and DJ culture and the significant contributions and roles clubnights and labels like Goldie's Metalheadz, Digital Mystikz's DMZ, and FWD; the legendary Dub War party she played alongside Pinch and residents Dave Q and Joe Nice.

Reason MIDI Out to iPad via MaxMSP

The quest continues! found a workaround for scheduling issues in Max which caused repeating notes. Now to find a fix for the velocity message issue. iPad Connected via Line6 MIDI Mobilizer.

Reason Control Voltage to MIDI Out - MaxMSP5

some early tests of routing Reason Note and Gate CV data from a Matrix Pattern Sequencer to MIDI note data. this is still experimental and needs a lot more finishing before it will be viable, however early tests work with both internal and external hardware synths.

Tuesday, May 24

SBTRKT - Wildfire

This be my new slow jam:

Reaktor 5.6 Update!

What's new in REAKTOR 5.6.0?

64 Bit support for Windows and OSX
Added breadcrumb navigation to structure
Improved navigation concept
Added searchbox (Win: Enter or CTRL-F, OSX: Enter or CMD-F) to add modules
New module reference and 5.6 manual addendum
Scrolling of structures with Alt+Drag over structure
Added hide frame and transparency property to XY module
Added drag copy to other structure view
Recorder shows recorded time while recording
Add abort function to file not found dialog on project recall
Improved loading time for ensembles with many Send/Receive terminals
PNG file support for picture modules
Updated start templates
Added shortcut info to tooltips
Miscellaneous bugfixes

Download your update @ Native-Instruments.com!

Missing Pieces Refill - Preview 04: Tape Voco Echo

This is preview of "Tape Voco Echo" combinator device from Navi Retlav - Missing Pieces Refill.
Tape Voco Echo is a completely new echo/reverb algorithm combined with tape distortion and pitch shifting.

Audio Samples from this video are not included in this refill.

New Reason Refill Coming Soon !
Subscribe for more videos and feel free to give comments.

-Navi Retlav

Soundcells - Pads The Big Box V.2!

Just received an e-mail from Soundcells CEO Harald Karla announcing Pads - The Big Box V.2:

"Pads - the BIG box V2" contains all patches from the three Mystic Dream Pads - 2, 4 and 5 - in ONE really big ReFill with (since version 2) 62 new combinator patches that have not been released before - and all this at a sharp "bundle"-price. All patches were revised to match perfectly together. This ReFill gives you all you need when searching for atmospheric patches, conventional pads - bright or dark, inspiring soundscapes, rhythmical pads, fx & experimental sounds and more... The variety of sonic atmospheres coming from three original ReFills makes this collection very complete so chances are big that you´ll find what you are looking for while browsing for the right pad. Version 2 is adding 30 new combinator patches, furthermore every original combinator patch has been reworked - same sound as before, but highly expanded button / knob assignment, consistent naming of the functions and new backdrops...

‘Pads - the BIG box‘ Contents:

- 447 combinator patches (62 "BIG box" only ones).

- 11 different folders: Ambient, Atmospheres, Electric Keys, Exclusive Big Box Patches, FX & Experimental,
Miscellaneous, Old MDP Reminiscence, Pads Conventional, Pads Dark, Pads Light, Rhythmic.

- The modules folder contains the basic synth and NNXT patches which are used for the combinator sounds:
183 Thor patches, 156 NNXT patches, 105 Malstroem patches, 59 Subtractor patches, 38 RV7000 patches

- All patches & demo tracks coming from MDP2, MDP4 & MDP5 are included.

Pads - the Big Box V.2 is on sale for 44.90€ until June 15th! For more information, mp3s (make sure to check out Adam Fielding's track "Docking Procedure") and ordering go to soundcells.de!

Make Noise Pressure Points

A second jam with the Pressure Points, this time using them as a bass in the jam. Similiar setup as the previous PP jam except that I have selected two steps on the A-151 vs. three last time.

Bass heavy, please use headphones or a bass capable speaker system. Enjoy.


Happy 77th Birthday, Bob Moog!

In honor of Bob Moog's 77th Birthday, Moog engineer Steve Dunnington summons a Minimoog Voyager Orchestra to play a Mooged Out version of what else?...Happy Birthday!

Steve overdubbed 6 tracks of Minimoog Voyager, one voice at a time, to realize this rendition of Happy Birthday. Using sounds from the Voyager factory presets, this special version of Happy Birthday for Bob was envisioned as a stylistic mashup of Kraftwerk and Jean-Jacques Perry. Both are artists who helped put the Moog Synthesizer in the ear of listeners all over the world.

Happy Birthday, Bob! This year marks some big changes for the little company you started. None of it would be possible without your fearless genius, passion for innovation and overwhelming humility. Thanks for everything, Bob!

All pictures of Bob Moog courtesy of the Bob Moog Foundation. Visit them here: http://www.moogfoundation.org/

Make waves. Support Bob's Legacy. http://www.moogfoundation.org/supporting-the-bob-moog-foundation/

Visit Moog Music on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/moogmusicinc?v=wall


Monday, May 23


Director Martin de Thurah
Dop Laust Trier Mørk
Editor Mikkel E G
Producer Dom Thomas
Line Producer: Juri Wiesner
Styling Tabassom Charaf
Art Director: Frank Niedorff
Make Up: Patrycja Postek
Post Production: BaconX / Jonas Drehn, Jan Tvilling
Grading Sofie Borup
Production co Academy films A+

-Martin de Thurah

KORG monotribe bloggers meeting

コルグ モノトライブ ブロガー向け発表&体験会

KORGさんのブロガーミーティングに出席して、最新の機器をひとあしお先に体験してまいりました。まずは話題沸騰中の「monotribe(モノトライブ)」から。解説 はおなじみ坂巻さんと高橋さん。
複数台でのSyncも可能ですし、DAWや専用iPhoneアプリでの同期も可能という、とても素晴らしいものでございました。いてもたってもいられず帰りに注文してしま いました(笑)


Music Making Month - Freemasons Masterclass

The Freemasons are no strangers to the UK dance charts. For the last 6 years they've been there time and time again. James Wiltshire, one half of the group, tackles new technology with a fervent drive to understand its every possibility. So when James first got to work with our new Neptune pitch corrector in Record 1.5 he instantly wondered what else it can do. How can Neptune be used as an effect to make wide vocals? James will show you the results of his experimentation.

MashTactic mashup tool! From QuikQuak audio plug-ins.

MashTactic is a plug-in that can separate various parts of a full audio mix.
Many sounds, include vocals can be cut or isolated from a track.
* A great tool for mashup music makers.
* Can be used as a sharp cut-off filter, as demonstration in this video.
* MashTactic works on transients, allow the user to emphasise and cut percussive sounds allow control over punch of drum tracks.
* Great for analysing stereo spread and mix of a track you're composing.
Coming soon to: http://www.quikquak.com

-Quik Quak

Filenaming 101 - The Method Behind The Madness

Visit www.thelooploft.com for more info and a free loop sample pack!
-The Loop Loft

Vespers - How to choose the right audio interface

How do you choose the right soundcard for your computer music studio or to DJ with Ableton Live? This HD tutorial shows you all the things you need to consider to choose the best sound card for your type of music. From Vespers, Ableton Live Certified Trainer, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Sunday, May 22

skinnerbox: iftah shows his new live setup

took a while but its finally done, the sbx spaceship is ready! cliplauncher on the right monome, mlr clone + realtime step recording drums on the left monome, and on the middle an arduino based self built controller(still missing some caps for the potentiometers tho!). this is a very early demo, all done with live + max4live. www.facebook.com/myskinnerbox

Drone on the Moog LP

Just playing around with some drone type sounds on my LP.
I plugged one end of a cable into the Gate input to hold the
VCA open.


A dramatic exit of tosca

Music: Isan and Evan Voytas
Video: Rafael Rozendaal, Jeffers and Rosa Menkman

-Rosa Menkman

electro percussion lab 4

"Demonstrating new snare and bass drum prototypes. Four years of studying Roland schematics and thinking about the physics of real drums has yielded some detailed and flexible all-analog models. Selected elements of Roland TR-606 and TR-808 are combined with a clarified philosophy on the transfer of resonant energy from drumstick/beater to vibrating drumhead. All harmonic oscillations are generated with high-Q bandpass filters, as opposed to the triangle VCO/EG/VCA design utilized in lots of cheezy drum synthesizers that just go 'PYOO-PYOO!'... bleh. You know the type.

DIY-savvy types are invited to check out the Andromeda Mk-1, Mk-2, Mk-3, Mk-4 minimal drum synthesizer kits available thru my site, ericarcher.net

A Hewlett Packard 8018A Serial Data Generator was used for sequencing in this video."

-Eric Archer

Saturday, May 21

Mount Kimbie - Carbonated ep

Mount Kimbie has a new ep dropping June 27th on Hotflush
entitled "Carbonated".


01 Carbonated
02 Flux
03 Baves Chords
04 Adriatic (Klaus Remix)
05 Carbonated (Airhead Remix)
06 Carbonated (Peter van Hoesen Remix)

Check out Baves Chords below:

Untitled n°7

video response to tspiritr's question on switching to different drumkits while playing live. random finger drumming.

Music Making Month - Finish What You Started

with James Bernard

Do you have a lot of ideas for hooks of a song, but you get stuck on how to take that hook and turn it into a complete and finished piece of music? This week James will share some tips and concepts on how to take a hook and sculpt it into a finished piece of music.

Selig's Ear Training ReFill!

Just saw this post on the PUF for Selig's Ear Training ReFill:

"Happy Music Making Month, Yall!!!

In honor of Music Making Month, I wanted to contribute something that could possibly help take EVERYONE'S music making up a notch.

Introducing Selig's Ear Training ReFill!

Now I know ear training isn't glamorous, but I truly believe it is one of the fundamentals that can go a long way to making your music production more enjoyable and productive. The ReFill includes 18 combinators that run random ear training drills in increasing difficulty, designed to 'strengthen' your musical ear.

I have also included a 2000 word PDF file (available to read online here) that gives tips for using the ReFill as well as basic background on intervals and chords.

Hope this brings you as much musical productivity as it has me! :-)

This ReFill will also be available in the Props 'Free ReFills' download section.

Here's the concept:

Selig's Ear Training ReFill
The benefits to ear training are many - but the main two for me are for learning other folk’s songs quickly (in the studio especially), and for learning the songs I hear in my head quickly (they tend to be fleeting, so the better and quicker I can identify the intervals and chords that I’m hearing in my head, the more likely I am to find them on the keyboard before I loose them forever!

What’s it Do?
This ReFill simply plays randomly selected intervals or chords so you can try your hand at identifying them. This ReFill covers the first octave of Intervals, and triad (three note) Chords. The intervals are divided into two groups, Basic Intervals and Advanced Intervals. Basic Intervals are the Unison (P1), Perfect 4th (P4), Perfect 5th (P5), and the Octave (P8). The advanced intervals include thirteen intervals, covering one octave. The Basic Chords are Major and Minor. The Advanced Chords add Diminished, Augmented, and Suspended.

Combinators in this ReFill:
Here’s a list of the Combinators included with this ReFill, in relative order of difficulty, followed by a brief description of the terms used to describe each Combinator.

01-Intervals-Basic-Melodic Up
02-Intervals-Basic-Melodic Down
04-Intervals-Adv-Melodic Up
05-Intervals-Adv-Melodic Down
07-Chords-Basic-Melodic Up
10-Chords-Basic-Inversions-Melodic Up
11-Chords-Basic-Inversions-Melodic Down
13-Chords-Advanced-Melodic Up
14-Chords-Advanced-Melodic Down
16-Chords-Advanced -Inversions-Melodic Up
17-Chords-Advanced -Inversions-Melodic Down
18-Chords-Advanced -Inversions-Harmonic

Melodic means the notes are played one after the other.
Harmonic means the notes are all played together.
Interval means two notes.
Chord means three notes (there are no ‘4 note chords’ in this ReFill).
Basic Intervals are the ‘Perfect’ intervals of Unison, Fourth, Fifth and Octave
Basic Chords are just Major and Minor, first inversion
Advanced Intervals are all intervals in the first octave
Advanced Chords include Major, Minor, Diminished, Augmented, and Suspended, first inversion.
Basic and Advanced Inversion (Inv) Chords include all three possible inversions, I, II, and III (1st, 2nd, and 3rd inversions) for each chord."


Download Selig's Ear Training ReFill for FREE @ http://web.me.com/gilesreaves/Seligs_Ear_Training_ReFill/Download_the_ReFill.html

And don't forget to tune in to Selig's "Live From the Nashville Synthlab" broadcast on May30th, one of Propellerhead's Music Making Month events!

SoundStrip Arduino DIY Midi Ribbon Controller

SoundStrip is a DIY Midi Ribbon Controller made using an Arduino and some simple sensors. This video shows the SoundStrip Max4Live device playing the SteamPipe synth in Reaktor

UPDATE: Explanation video:

Music Making Month - Exploring Synthesis for Inspiration

Chris Petti can dream synthesis routings while he sleeps. The man
has never seen a VCO and an LFO he didn't like. But behind all the
science and technology, Chris also knows that the point of synth
sound design is making great musical sounds. He joins us to show
us how we can all explore synthesizers a little deeper for custom
patch creation while always keeping our minds on the song we want
to make. Oh and he'll make a bass synth that will melt your face!!


Jeremy Ellis Performing on Maschine - Unlike Any Other

To celebrate the release of "Unlike Any Other," I decided to break down the components of my Native Instrument's Maschine video. No chatter, all beats and samples. Pay attention and you'll see how I play up to five parts at a time, using some pretty unique technique. Drums, Bass, Harmony, Vocal chops. This is what I'm up to these days. Trying to develop some brand new music performance styles, utilizing my knowledge of drums, keyboards, synthesis, and music history. Hopefully, the concepts are simple enough for kids to get into, but I'm really trying to impress the spirit of Jaco Pastorius.
-Jeremy Ellis

Maceo Parker Meets Moogerfoogers

Maceo Parker came to visit the Moog factory in Asheville, NC last week and treated us to an impromptu improv in the Moog Sound Lab. While Maceo wailed away we couldn't resist filtering and modulating his sound through the Moogerfoogers. Beginning with the natural sound of Maceo's Fresh N' Funky Alto Sax, we quickly hurdle into another dimension by adding the MF-101 Low Pass Filter to the mix. Crankin' on the Cutoff knob of the MF-101 Low Pass Filter draws out an analog "Wah" that allows for additional sonic articulations -- say, "Wah-wah What?!?" It is recommended to keep the Resonance & Mix on the high side to bring out the most color when using this charismatic extension of your horn's voice. The MF-102 Ring Modulator, and MF-103 12-Stage Phaser are being used here to add anywhere from subtle tremolo effects, to mild grit to the tones being passed from the MF-101 Low Pass Filter, and MF-104Z Analog Delay. The root of all Space-Funk is in our MF-104Z Analog Delay -- setting the Delay Time knob to a desirable tempo/pulse, and the Feedback knob to the desirable echo length, gives Maceo an analog canvas to work with that he can both apply color to, and take color from -- watch as he pauses to explore his audio imprint, then snatches it back to shape again. Rocking on the Delay Time switch, and tweaking the Delay Time knob at the end of Maceo's phrases twists his sound to an otherworldly degree, crea

Friday, May 20

Analogue Solutions Europa Sequencer running Jomox MBase999 & Moog Slim Phatty

In this video Peter is using the Analogue Solutions Europa as the master to the Jomox XBase 999 drum machine and Moog Slim Phatty monosynth.
-Big City Music

Introducing the Midi Fighter Pro Controllers

DJ TechTools and Ean Golden are proud to announce the Midi Fighter Pro DJ controllers. Over a year in the making, the Midi Fighter Pros are a powerful set of tools that can be used to mash beats, master cues, and control powerful effects.

Read more about the Midi Fighter Pros here: www.djtechtools.com/

-DJ Tech Tools

Thursday, May 19

Music Making Month - Sampling Inside the Reason Rack

Sampling isn't always about sticking a mic in front of your dog to turn his bark into your next bass lead. Sometimes the best stuff you can sample is inside the Reason rack. Why would you want to do this if it's already in Reason? There's plenty of reasons and Mattias Häggström Gerdt will show you the why's and how's.

SonicBoom Angel@Lexington17thMay2011

Spectrum was the most high-profile and straightforward of the projects undertaken by Pete "Sonic Boom" Kember after the demise of the trance-rock avatars Spacemen 3.

Wednesday, May 18

Moderat Feature

Just saw this video on Createdigitalmusic.com:

Slices Parachute jumping with Moderat. Taken from Slices Issue 3-10.
Get your Slices DVD here: www.electronicbeats.net/ebshop -

-Electronic Beats

New Ned Rush Max Device

Live Drum Sampler 1.0

"This is an ongoing project in its first incarnation. its based on the sampling of the korg kp3. you have 7 cells for recording 2 seconds of sound. put it on an audio to channel to record sounds live. to use it you need the midi control plugin which you can get here.

use C4 to toggle between record and play modes, and use white notes from C3 to B3 to record, play the samples.

very early doors. hope you enjoy."

-Mr. Ned Rush

EditEd4TV ReCover: Modern English I Melt With You

Another great ReCover by Ed Bauman. And speaking of Ed, make sure to tune in on May 24th @ 3pm (EST) to Ed's live broadcast, titled "Create That Sound You Imagine", part of Propellerhead's Music Making Month!

This is my version of "I Melt With You" originally by Modern English,
recreated (a "ReCover" as I call it) completely in Propellerhead's Record.
All custom patches (though I started with some Reason Electric Bass
and Reason Drum Kits presets, modified quite a bit), all original note
data (no web download of MIDI files). Electric and acoustic guitars
recorded by Rick Silvestri. Rick also programmed the drum patterns.

-Ed Bauman

Sonic Lab's first look @ Monotribe!

Although I've heard many people say the Monotribe looks like a toy I have to admit I'm intrigued. Battery operated, multiple knobs and the famous Korg analog filter, what's not to like? I'll be buying one! Below, Nick Batt from Sonic Lab gives us a glimpse of what one looks like coming out of the box:

Sonic LAB - we open up the Monotribe box prior to our full review. Please leave any questions below in the comments and we will do our best to answer them in the full review.

Propellerhead's Artist Interview: Semothy Jones

Semothy Jones was 8 years old when he heard a record that showed him the meaning of life: producing music. Admittedly unable to sing or rap, young Semothy faced a somewhat existential crisis: "I make beats, what am I?"

The answer soon revealed itself to him when his beats were sought out by UK artists like Little Boots and Professor Green. When Green and Jones decided to do a remake of the 90s hit "Dub Be Good to Me," they had no idea that pop-royalty Lilly Allen would jump on the chorus and take the album to number 2 on the charts.

Since being introduced to Reason in 2002, every Semothy Jones production starts and ends inside the Reason rack.


UPDATE: Here's the track he's talking about at the start of the interview:

Video courtesy of DirtyMusicVideo

Maschine & MPC Lessons - Jeremy Ellis

Jeremy Ellis returns with a new lesson for your 16-pad controller of choice. Using Native Instruments' Maschine to control Propellerheads' Reason & record duo, specifically using the sampler instrument Kong. This lesson concentrates on using one hand to play the bass drum, snare drum, and hi hat parts. Practice slowly and carefully!
-Jeremy Ellis

Tuesday, May 17

Reason 101 looks @ The Theory ReFill

For full review check out Reason101.net
Pick up your copy of The Theory from 3rd Floor Sound!

MMM - Terri Winston From Women's Audio Mission

Propellerhead's Music Making Month is just past the half way mark!
Here's a replay from yesterday's event with Terri Winston from the
Women's Audio Mission:

ReWire Tutorial

This is a tutorial I made in my Music for Media class illustrating how to ReWire ProTools to Reason.
-Nick Arner

NI Kontakt Tutorial: Creating Expressive Instruments from Raw Samples

Dubspot Electronic Music Production Instructor, Synthesis & Sound Design and Logic expert Evan Sutton shows you how to navigating various effects parameters of Native Instruments powerful sampler Kontakt, and offers tips and techniques for transforming irregular audio samples into rich, harmonic, musical materials. Kontakt 4 already contains a vast and diverse library of samples for you to utilize, but here Even demonstrates how to morph a peculiar vocal sample - by editing, slicing, time-stretching, pitch-shifting, and syncing - transforming it into various elements for musical composition.

Sunday, May 15

Mountainhead // CMYK

This is a live performance I did using my new Monome using Parc and a custom synth patch I made in Ableton.

I routed the Monome to control both a drum machine and the synth at the same time, so everything you hear is live.

Hope you enjoy!


Musicrow Ebola demonstration - Reaktor Ensemble

A video demonstration of the Ebola synth. Musicrow Ebola is a powerful semi-modular synthesizer for NI Reaktor.

Music Making Month - Controllerism with JB!

It's great that Reason's interface emulates physical hardware but what if you actually want to use it with physical hardware. The world of controllerism only continues to grow year after year. The new boutique hardware controller manufacturers paired with the explosion of iOS controller apps means that you have an infinite set of choices for your live set up when using Reason. James Bernard will walk you through some of the history surrounding controllerism and some of the latest gizmos.

Snapshot Morpher 2.0

This video shows how to operate the Snapshot Morpher MFL device by The Covert Operators.
-The Covert Operators

Untitled n°6 by extensionIN

rainy day beat. Reaktor patches and MPD24 only.

Saturday, May 14

7447 - Brian William Green


Kill Paris on Basslines

Using Massive and some other processes to make phat and nasty
Basses. Join the Kill Paris Facebook page and vote on what you want
to see in the next video - www.facebook.com/pages/Kill-Paris...

-Kill Paris

Friday, May 13

Unboxing Arturia Spark

Spark is a virtual drum instrument combining analog and physical modeling with samples and a fast, intuitive hardware controller for easy creation of block rockin' beats. And at just $549, anyone can afford the power of Spark!

On this day...

On this day in 1988 jazz icon Chet Baker fell out the window of room 210 of the Hotel Prins Hendrik in Amsterdam, Netherlands to his death.
R.I.P. Chet

New from The Loop Loft:

Indie Rock Drums Vol.1 ReFill


Janek Gwizdala Bass ReFill "The Fodera Sessions"


Thursday, May 12

Music Making Month - FM Filters in Thor

The filters in Reason can powerfully alter the sonic characteristic of very basic synth waveforms in Thor. In this Music Making Month special video, Product Specialist Mattias Häggström Gerdt will show you how to use the mod matrix in Thor to turn an otherwise simple analog oscillator into a pulsing, grinding, screaming synth.


Sync, a platform for sound and video artists based in Italy announces the release of the DVD SYNCHROPATH. For the release of the project SYNCHROPATH , originally conceived as a live performance, SCHNITT chooses exclusively the DVD format in order to render sound and image inseparable. The DVD duration of around 50 minutes is composed of 8 visual and sound parts to be reproduced in continuous play.

SYNCHROPATH develops a method of composing based on the synchronism of video and audio files.The generated files come from several different sound and video sources. SCHNITT selects 42 audio sources and 28 video sources from which they extract 678 audio files and 234 video files. The single files will be processed, assembled and synchronized between themselves and build up the basic structure of this work.

The initial inspiration for the realization of the project Synchropath can be found in the impact of the disorder and chaos generated by the invasive and oppressive presence of sound and visual sources which surround our everyday lives. SCHNITT questions the status of the image, an exploration between communication systems post - television, public screens, websites, home movie's, surveillance cameras, service monitors etc. SCHNITT activates a process of addition/subtraction which is taking position beyond from the image itself .During the interaction between sound and light the captured images reveal only in some parts their own figurative origin, the 8 tracks continue along between balance and abstraction, harmony and obsession. Each part refers to a certain type of synchronization using its single basic colour for the chromatic development of the video part. The audio part is composed simultaneously to the visual part and is developed by a selection of more than 600 sound fragments which have been extracted especially for this project from the examined 42 sound sources. The sound of SYNCHROPATH is the result of assembling and overlapping sound work , a sort of utopian harmonic organization between communication systems. The sound of electronic origin builds up on rhythmic structures which SCHNITT defines in accordance with the external inputs.

SYNCHROPATH is produced and released by Sync with a limited edition of 500 copies.


The Sound from Heaven

Ableton Live + Native Instruments Reaktor =

Turn NI REAKTOR's Space Drone into a heavenly chorus using
this simple tip...


B. Bravo @ Beat Drop - Workshop

B.Bravo deconstructing one of his tracks for students @ Beat Drop. Beat Drop is an electronic music production and DJ school in Calgary, AB Canada.

Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix)

Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix) by robyn

Elektron Octatrack - Basic Demo

In this video Peter demonstrates some basic features of the Elektron Octatrack utilizing sounds from the Demo mode. More to come!
-Big City Music

Wednesday, May 11

-008' ReFills 2 Year Anniversary Sale!

Happy Anniversary to -008'! In celebration of the two year mark -008' is holding a sale! 20% off all refills for the entire month of May!

13&god - own your ghost out now!

Transcontinental supergroup 13&god's new album "own your ghost" out now on alientransistor! 13&god is made up of members of Oakland, California's Themselves and Weilheim, Germany's The Notwist. The group was formed in a seedy hotel on the U.S./Canadian border when their 2004 joint tour bus broke down leaving them stranded for a few days. Making the most of a bad situation they began collaborating on music. "Own your ghost" is the group's second album. Check out some previews:

Armored Scarves Preview:

Unyoung Preview:

Loupe 1.5 for Reaktor!

Now with bidirectional OSC mappings for TouchOSC

Changes include:

Added copy / paste slice (fixed since beta)
Added duplex OSC mappings for TouchOSC
Added two page OSC iPad template
Fixed release envelopes cutting off prematurely

Update is free for owners of Loupe 1.0

-Peter Dines

Pad/Chord Synth Reason Tutorial (Nebula Genex Remix)

Here is another quick Effect tutorial I did for the Nebula Remix Comp for those who are new to Reason or Record :)


Tuesday, May 10

Reason 5: Neptune's Voice Synth in Record 1.5 Tutorial

Need better vocals in Record? I know I sure do. Here's a sweet way to edit your vocals in Record 1.5 to play along with the sweet sounds you've created with Reason 5!
-Mr.Brandon Peoples

Ned Rush Phrase Looper M4L

Ned Rush, aka rude_NHS, just introduced a new Max for Live instrument, the Ned Seq 1 1.0:

This is a cheap as chips midi looper for maxforlive, plus its the first patch i've made that i will actually use and will continue to develop, and wasnt for learning curves or experimental purposes. if anyone would like to collab with me on it i'd be more than happy.

drop this before a synth or drum rack, hit go and play something and it will loop, using seq~. different bar lengths give you more time to record.

this was a quick and dirty interface design plus its early doors as i'm very new to max. hope you enjoy.


Download the device @ Maxforlive.com!

Opposition. - Air Plant (Live MPC)

Opposition laying down a cool jam in Pahoa, Hawaii. For this video Opposition is performing on an Akai MPC 2000xl. He also regularly uses Korg's Electribe ESX & microkorg, as well as a mixer to bring it all together.


Opposition playing "Air Plant" on the MPC.

Jeremy Ellis Music - My Mark I & My Mark II

From the sweetest ballad sound to the grimiest fuzz tones, My Mark I & My Mark II will turn your rack into a vintage soul, funk & fusion factory. For use with Propellerheads' Reason.
-Jeremy Ellis

UPDATE: Now available in the Prop Shop! The Mark I and Mark II are sold as two different refills. Which one should you buy? Both obviously ;-). I've heard the Mark I described as "meatier" and "barking" by some people and the Mark II as "brighter". You'll find people that swear by either. A little history - The Mark I was introduced in 1969, replacing the silver top 60's model. The Mark II was introduced in 1979.

Monday, May 9

3rd Indie Dev Collective Sale now running!

IDC is back with our most diverse sale yet. Featuring 14 developers, including four new IDC members, bring you some of their latest synths, effects, samples, loops, presets, and even a host - all on sale at the same time, direct to you, with prices cut up to 65% off for this limited time sales event.

26 deals on over 55 products by:

Dangerous Bear Underground
Dusted William Sounds
H.G. Fortune
Hardcore Harmonics | Supersynths
Mildon Studios
Nucleus Soundlab
Perimeter Sound Arts
Psychic Modulation
Westgate Sounds

Visit the Indie Dev Collective site for more information, and to check out all the great deals!

Reaktor Phadia, Bass One, Piky - Audio Demo

Audio demo for new released NI Reaktor Ensembles:
- Reaktor Phadia
- Reaktor Bass One
- Reaktor Piky

Download for free: http://www.thecolorspace.net/software.html

-The Colorspace

JB's Just Let Me Have a Moment

Propellerhead's own James Bernard just uploaded a few choice cuts to his youtube page. Here's one of my favorites, "Just Let Me Have a Moment", from the "My Beautiful" album:

Sunday, May 8

CDs are DEAD, produce music in 24 bit not 16 bit

HD tutorial, why you should produce music in 24 bit not 16 bit depth. Vespers, Ableton Live Certified Trainer, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

stretta's plane

More info @ stretta:Flavors.me

Saturday, May 7

Missing Pieces Refill - Preview 03: Glitchelay

This is preview of Glitchelay combinator device from Navi Retlav - Missing Pieces Refill. Glitchelay gives you new approach to delay effect. Thor Sound "Evidence" is included in this refill. New Reason Refill Coming Soon !
-Navi Retlav

The Theory ReFill Scales

Part 3 - Chords on Scales

Part 4 - Full Scale Maps

The Theory is not your average reason refill. It's an idea refill, a
scale and chord resource, a midi score checker, and a teaching
tool for Reason 5 and Record 1.5.

-3rd Floor Sound

Friday, May 6

Andy Toma (Mouse on Mars) interview for SAVE festival

Mouse on Mars video shot by Barbara Klein for 2011 SAVE Festival hosted last March in Moscow, RU. The festival held on March 19th, this year, featured Mouse on Mars, Alva Noto, Dr. Nojoke, Electro Guzzi, Jin Choi, Seph, Smirk and Farben. As well as visuals by Barbara Klein, the videographer behind this video. Dig!

Music Making Month - Sounds From the Darkside

Propellerhead Product Specialist James Bernard will be exploring some methods for creating dark and angry sounds that scream at you, eat all of your pancakes, and leave a mess for you to clean up. If you watch this video after dark, make sure to leave the night light on so you don't get scared.

The Theory ReFill In Use

Part 1, Chords:

Part 2, Scales:

The Theory is not your average reason refill. It's an idea refill,
a scale and chord resource, a midi score checker, and a teaching
tool for Reason 5 and Record 1.5
-3rd Floor Sound

Missing Pieces Refill - Preview 02:

DJ64 - Lord Fader (Rex Loop Player)

This is preview of DJ64 - Lord Fader (Rex Loop Player) combinator device from Navi Retlav - Missing Pieces Refill.

DJ64 - Lord Fader can load 64 Rex loops and Crossfade between them in DJ style. This device is perfect for mixing loops in house, trance, dnb, breakbit, techno, dance and many more. (Rex loops from this video are not included in this refill.)

New Reason Refill Coming Soon !


Thursday, May 5

My Mark I & II Combinator - Jeremy Ellis Music

From the sweetest ballad sound to the grimiest fuzz tones, My Mark
I & II will turn your rack into a vintage fusion and funk factory with
classic effects tucked into dozens of Combinator patches. For use
in Propellerheads' Reason.

-Jeremy Ellis

Kay Test

Video by waveshaper

Tascam DR-07 MkII Review & Demo | UniqueSquared.com

Taylor from the Unique Squared video production team walks us through the Tascam DR-07 MkII. He takes it out to a local pub to test out it's record-ability. See what else Taylor has to say about the Tascam DR-07 MkII on our blog: www.uniquesquared.com/blog/

-Unique Squared


Follow the life of the Minimoog Synthesizer from its inception through its prolific contributions to poplular music throughout the last 4 decades.

In this first installment documenting the journey of the Minimoog synth through the 1970's, we explore the musicians and the people that were instrumental in bringing the instrument to prominence. We also sit with one of Moog Music's earliest engineers, Bill Hemsath, who recalls the process of the Minimoog's birth and sheds some light on what sets the Moog synthesizer apart from other analog synths.


Speaking of Moog, make sure to check out the new Moogmusic.com website; featuring an extensive "Legacy" section, "Sound Gallery" and the "Moog Sound Lab"!

Live beats with UltraNova and Launchpad

Novation's resident Controllerist jamming on UltraNova and Launchpad with Ableton Live.

Wednesday, May 4

Music Making Month - Using Loops to Start Song Ideas

In this Music Making Month video, Product Specialist Mattias Häggström Gerdt shows us how you can kickstart song ideas but chopping up basic loops for inspiration. Don't let the common attitude that using sampled loops in your music is not real creativity! Some of the biggest hits of the last 30 years started off as loop manipulations.

3rd Floor Sound's The Theory!

The Theory is not your average instrument refill. It’s an idea refill, a scale and chord resource, a midi score checker, and a teaching tool for Reason 5 and Record 1.5

152 song files (76 for Reason 5 & 76 for Record 1.5)

-17 Chord files containing 82 chords, each in individual clips organized four different ways: by quality, type, interval structure, and type versus structure.

-12 Scale files containing 223 scales in individual clips, and 30 full scale maps that contain the scales plotted across the entire keyboard.

-12 “chords on scales” files that contain all the chords transposed and plotted across 30 scales where they fit. 30 more Chords On Scales files, one for each scale, that has the scales and chords transposed for each key.

-3 scale files that include every possible 5, 6, and 7 note scale organized by structure, mode, and transposed in modes. 1 file containing 30 full scale maps transposed for each key.

-1 Music Theory overview - a song file that works as a course covering everything from sight reading to time signatures, the circle of fifths, chord construction and more.

-2 pdf files: a companion to the music theory overview, and a chord & scale index listing the spelling for every chord and a cross reference of every scale.

Refill - 77.5 mb, total download - 88.6 mb.

Pick up The Theory today for $34.95!

UPDATE: Ben from 3rd Floor Sound posted a song file in Reason and Record format that contains a few examples of different parts of the refill on the PUF and told me I could put a direct link to it here on Resonant Filter, check it out: