Thursday, September 30

Reason Micro Tutorial - Kong's Nurse Rex Loop Player

It's a non-linear world, people! Media has become non-linear, reading via the
internet has become non-linear, and thanks to Kong's Nurse Rex module now
your loop library has become non-linear. If you loved REX loops back in Reason
versions 1.0 - 4.0, you're going to love what we've done with the Nurse Rex Loop
Player module inside Kong. No longer will you be playing loops from start to finish...
instead cut 'em up, split 'em in to slices, assign them to pads, and freak them.


Reason Electronic

In this compilation, some top electronic music producers and artists from
around the world discuss their love of and use of Reason.


Reason Beats

In this compilation, some of hip hop's most influential producers and artists
discuss their love of and use of Reason.


touchAble for iPad - Ableton Live Tutorial :: Dubspot

Learn how to use touchAble, the iPad app that allows you to control
Ableton Live. In this three part video series we take you through the
basics of the Touchable interface, how to control Live with Touchable
and how to use it for composition.

Check out the dubspot blog to learn more.

Wednesday, September 29

Patch Morphs - SpaceDrone instrument for iPad/Lemur/TouchOSC.

Short test, of patch morphs I created for the SpaceDrone instrument for iPad/
Created by Antonio Blanca, please download the free templates here:​​2010/​​09/​​spacedrone-mod-templates-for.html

touchAble on circus rehearsal

Arkaos Circus reheasal, music performed with touchAble,
controller for Ableton Live @ iPad

touchAble is available at itunes App Store,

more infos and details :

Realistic String Bending for the Violin in the Record 1.5

For those who wants a little bit real bending for the violin or any other instrument.
The key thing: use the neptune, it has a great pitching feature without a chimpmunk
effect. You need to make the combinator with the sampler with a violin samples.
I use miroslav refill so it's already the combinator. You need add the neptune
within the combinator, then shut off the control of a sampler's pitch wheel, and
now you able to play the violin and bend the neptune's pitch wheel at the same time.


Tuesday, September 28


NanoSequences from Nucleus SoundLab

Nucleus SoundLab presents both its first loop-based product and its first Reason 5 exclusive ReFill - NanoSequences. NanoSequences is a fresh set of RX2 format loops recorded from wavesequences, electronic basslines, arpeggios and melodies. But NanoSequences is more than just great sound content - its also about the innovative way in which this content is played back.

Nucleus SoundLab isn't content to create just another loop library and maintain the industry status quo. NanoSequences is the first in our series of MultiLoop ReFills. What MultiLoop means is that each loop is sampled at eight rootnotes and is playable from a MIDI keyboard. These eight loops are then loaded into the customized NanoSequences Combinator which utilizes the new Kong sampler. Depending on which key is played, the appropriate matching loop is triggered - free of any ugly transposition artifacts. MultiLoop ReFills are thus playable with high quality over an extremely large range of octaves and BPMs. All this adds up to make MultiLoop the the most flexible loop technology ever released for software or hardware! Regardless of what BPM or key your production is based on, you'll find NanoSequences fits in perfectly.

The loop content in NanoSequences comes from direct from our Viral Outbreak VST instrument. Viral Outbreak is capable of some amazingly varied wavesequences that simply aren't possible in the Reason environment. Additionally some of the content is sampled from Viral Outbreak add-ons such as VS Resurrection and SoundCell. All of these sounds together give NanoSequences a very diverse range of wavesequences. By harnessing these sequences using MultiLoop technology, you can bring their unique sound to your Reason productions.

50 Loopsets comprised of 400 RX2 files.
530mb+ of loop content
Video documentation included.
Extremely high-quality loops using MultiLoop technology.
Requires Reason 5+ either standalone or together with Record.

Pick up NanoSequences today from for the low price of $29!

The new Fairlight MK II refill for Reason 4 & 5

Fairlight CMI Legacy MK II Aka Supersonic - a ReFill packed with 12 months
of hard core Reason programming and audio editing. Just about 2,000
sound patches ; over 1,000 NNXT patches, over 450 Combinator patches,
new Signature patches, Subtractors, Malströms and Thors as well as over
150 ReDrum drum kits. The entire Fairlight library in addition to many,
many new and fresh sounds, such as classic drum machines and both
analog and digital synths. We dare say this refill is an utter masterpiece.


Monday, September 27

Korg USA's Fall Rebates

Put great gear in your hands and big bucks in your pocket with our
amazing fall specials. Deals like this won't last forever, so enjoy
nearly $400 in total rebate savings on the hottest musical products
now -- and don't get left in the cold!
Visit for details. (U.S. residents only)


Soundcheck with Drummachine Ace Rhythm Ace FR-2L & Boss RE-20.

Aalto Virtual Synth - Buchla Forest Patch

Here is my first patch using 3 different layers of the Madrona-labs Aalto synth.
Buchla-inspired complex oscillator, with FM, timbre and waveshape controls
makes some very interesting sounds.

Sunday, September 26

Showcase: Blocks mode in Reason 5

Novation Supernova arpeggiator

just a really simple pendelum pattern, using one note across 3 octaves

linndrum testing and making a few 80's beats

just got my linndrum after searching for many years, not to many of them in
South Africa. this one is in perfect condition and i only paid $550.


Saturday, September 25

Just Playing Around With The Reaktor Spark

Reaktor Spark noise.

Early work on a granular/additive patch in Camel Audio Alchemy

At Electro-Music, there was an old florescent light in my room.
It made the coolest sound when you turned it on.

I of course recorded it with my handy Zoom H2 and now I'm
working on some patches using this sample as source audio.
A quick video of early work on a patch in Camel Audio Alchemy.

Friday, September 24

Producing Music with Reason at Berklee

Kurt "Peff" Kurasaki is going to be teaching a section of the course "Producing Music with Reason" this fall on-line thru Berklee College of Music. The term starts this coming Monday!

Course info:

Producing Music with Reason

Course Author: Erik Hawkins

With a rack of virtual instruments, effects, mixers, a comprehensive sequencer, extensive groove control for fine-tuning the "feel" of your music, and a patching system that emulates real-world hardware setups, Reason provides a nearly complete production environment for producers and engineers. Producing Music with Reason presents a broad overview of this versatile software's capabilities, and the techniques you'll need to learn to operate it effectively. The course covers sampling, sound design, and sequencing basics, and guides you from the fundamentals of mixing and mastering to more advanced problem solving techniques that will improve your overall productions. You'll learn to create your own unique sounds, and because the program's parts closely parallel much of the setups used by today's top producers, you'll also learn portable skills that you can transfer to a number of different software and hardware setups.

By the end of this course, you will:

Develop your own instrument patches
Understand simple and advanced samplers
Compose using multiple pattern sequencers
Apply real-time grooves to change the "feel" of your music
Know how to make and use a catchy hook
Give song structure to your project
Mix and master your final project

Sign up at!

Exercise for Buchla and Nagra

Just a new improv with a Buchla 200e Modular system + Nagra IV-L as tape
echo. more at

Giorgio Sancristoforo

Reason Tutorial 13 - Matrix Loop Remix Combinator

This tutorial is for Reason 5 users, and it looks at using a Matrix to
switch loops on a Dr OctoRex device, inside a Combinator. You can
download the patch from my site.

Thursday, September 23

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 31: Using Neptune on an Already Talented Singer

So many times people look at pitch correction from a standpoint of "how extreme
can it go?" Understandably, entire sub-genres of Hip-hop have risen out of this
mentality. However, this week I decided to show you how MOST of us will
probably be using Neptune. This week is all about using Neptune tastefully
for perfecting an otherwise nice vocal performance and applying additional
harmonies via the voice synth.

James Bernard - Propellerheads Product Specialist

Wednesday, September 22

Beat Triggers from -008'

Just received an e-mail from -008' about his latest freebie - Beat Triggers:

"-008’ Beat Triggers is a bunch of lo-fi loops i made from my various machines, and then recycled.
I did this in anticipation of the new Dr.Octo Rex and Nurse Rex in Reason 5….I can’t wait to use them!
..but i can prepare myself with fresh rex’s! ;)

These are great for adding percussive elements to your beats.
You got a hot kick and snare? Add some beat triggers and heat it up even more.
Having Writer’s Block? Start with some beat triggers for new inspiration.
Open a few of the Rexs in an NN-XT with an RPG-8 and make your own new rhythmic elements.

Contains 30 Rex Loops, all were made at 90BPM and fed through a crappy digital fx unit just for fun!
With Octorex & Kongs"

Pick up Beat Triggers @!

Anyone Can Play Guitar

Oxford, England has been home to one of the most important music scenes in the world for the last 30 years. Bands like Radiohead, Talulah Gosh, Ride, Swervedriver and Supergrass all began in this South East English city. Both a college town and a manufacturing center, Oxford is now most famous for Harry Potter. Yet in the past three decades this city of under 200,000 has birthed more great bands than many major metropolises. Anyone Can Play Guitar is the story of the Oxford Music Scene, as told by the band members themselves.

A feature-length documentary about the Oxford Music Scene and the bands it
spawned - Radiohead, Ride, Supergrass, Foals, Swervedriver, The Candyskins,
Talulah Gosh, Dustball, The Mystics, 530, The Nubiles, and many more.
Anyone Can Play Guitar

Atoms For Peace @ Fuji Rock!

See more video @ vagabond506

Ableton Amp

Ableton and Softube team up to present Amp, an effect that emulates the sound
and character of seven classic guitar amplifiers. Amp is free with Ableton Suite 8,
and comes bundled with Cabinet, a separate effect offering classic speaker
cabinets and optimized microphone configurations.


The Bridge - Refine Your Mixtapes

Ableton and Serato present The Bridge -- a natural link between Ableton Live
and Serato Scratch Live. DJ Eskei83 shows how The Bridge allows a DJ to tweak
multiple parameters from a Serato Scratch Live mix, resulting in a perfectly
refined mixtape.


Tuesday, September 21

Weird Sci-Fi Synth Sounds on Reason 101

Reason 101 has a great post up on creating weird sci-fi sounds in Reason. Rob uses Thor, Malstrom and the Subtractor to create interesting sounds that would be right at home in a modern remake of Plan 9 From Outer Space. Head over to to check it out!

Record 1.5 - Neptune tutorial

In this tutorial, we're taking a deeper look at the Neptune Pitch Adjuster.
We'll see how to correct to scale, to correct single notes via MIDI, how to use
the Voice synth, the transpose function and more.
If you already have Record, this is the same video as the one you can find in
the Video Tutorials folder.

This shit be frantic.>>>

FLying Lotus Pattern + Grid

Sunday, September 19

Sudan 365 - A Beat For Peace

In 2011, a referendum will determine whether or not the Southern region of Sudan becomes independent from the North. Experts fear that instability in the run-up to the referendum or its aftermath could reignite a civil war and cause massive human rights abuses unless international efforts are intensified to find a peaceful path through the next 12 months.

Take part in a world-wide drumming video and help us pressure world leaders to push for peace in Sudan. Simply post a video reply on YouTube - in your video description add a line about who's doing the drumming and where it's happening, then tag it with 'Sudan365' and 'beat for peace'. We'll take the best responses we receive and mix them into a final video - containing clips of drummers from across the globe - to demonstrate the support for international action to prevent further conflict.

Sudan365 is a year of campaigning for Sudan. It has been organised by a coalition of groups including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Save Darfur, FIDH, Refugees International, Darfur Consortium and Arab Coalition for Darfur. More info at

MLR-Style Sample Chopping in Ableton Live

In this edition, I explain how to use Ableton to mimic the functionality of the
popular Monome program MLR. With this setup you can do live sample
chopping. A great addition to your studio workflow and your live show!

The Ableton Cookbook

Roland GAIA SH-01 - Luftrum Soundbank

Audio demo of Luftrum 6 - Soundbank for Roland GAIA SH-01 containing 64
ambient patches ranging from warm space pads over Berlin School arpeggios
and organic sound effects - suitable for ambient, cinematic and filmscore
productions. 32 of the 64 patches are spine-tingling ambient pads, lifting the
GAIA up to the next level of sound!

Luftrum 6 is drawn out of inspirations from Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream,
Biosphere and Steve Roach and is a follow up to soundbank successors
released for Propellerheads Reason and lately the standalone Luftrum:Ambient
for Camel Audio's Alchemy - which cemented Luftrum's signature as an
ambient tone painter.

Luftrum 6 is available as download-only from

Saturday, September 18

Flying Lotus @ North Coast Music Festival

Flying Lotus performs @ The North Coast Music Festival in Chicago, IL.

Interview by The Goodie Bag

Video By: Cam Be


Playing around the Farfisa "Melodic Rhythmer" CER-60. It's a very
rare analogue drumbox from the seventies. There are CANCEL
tabs for several sounds: CYMBAL, CLAVES, COWBELL, BASSDRUM.
With these tabs you can mute them.
This box has a funny design, it looks like a guitar amp.
There is no speaker inside. It's also perfect for your next prank
with a guitar player ;-)


UltraNova: Creating sounds

Step by step video showing how you can build a sound with the UltraNova.

Machinedrum SuperSlow LFO

The Machinedrum has some fast LFO speeds, but the slowest only goes 4 bars.
Here's a trick to make it go much slower than that for longer, evolving sound
creation. Getting past the 4-bar limit can help to make patterns feel looser and
breathe more. This trick can be adapted to the Monomachine and probably to
many other synths that have more than one LFO and the ability to modulate
LFO speed. Video is available in HD so you can see the screen settings.


Friday, September 17

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 30: Using Neptune on Singer That Needs It... ME!

Now that Record 1.5 has come out, people are experimenting with the Neptune
Pitch Corrector and Voice Synth and some have been asking for tips for lead
vocals. Still others have been asking how to activate the Voice Synth for some
insta-harmonies. This week I'll attempt to answer both questions by putting
Neptune to the test ON MYSELF! You are about to witness my debut as a singer...
and my swan song all the same time.

James Bernard - Propellerheads Product Specialist

Grainged Beats


Trololo on Etherwave by Jairo Moreno

Trololo (I'm Glad Cause I'm Playing a Theremin)



Thursday, September 16

LoopTV Tutorials Record Parts 1 & 2

Welson Super-Matic S12

I collect old rhythm boxes and am constantly searching for rare ones.
Never heard of the Welson Super-Matic S12 before today. I know
Welson is an Italian company from the 60s-70s who made guitars.
Check it out:

Playing around with the WELSON SUPER-MATIC S12 analog drumbox
from the seventies.. It's an old Italian analog drumbox with 12
preset rhythms. It has 4 pads to trigger 4 sounds: Roll Drum, Claves,
Tom 1 and Tom 2.


Wednesday, September 15

Key Bounce from Filter Research 2

I've had a few people ask me about using the Key Bounce patch I designed for Nucleus SoundLab's Filter Research 2 ReFill. So here's a quick run down... This patch uses the keys from your midi controller keyboard to "bounce" the echo effect in a Thor synthesizer. Each key creates a different delay time that only plays when the key is pressed. In order to get the keys to play on an effects combinator it is necessary to create a track for the device. On a mac you'll want to right click on the combi and choose "Create Track for Combinator #). Once you've created the track your free to bounce beats and record your fx into Reason's sequencer track. Which means you can go back and clean up your different echoes and bounces later!

Here's a video showing some live bouncing in Reason 5:

Pick up Filter Research 2 from Nucleus SoundLab for the low price of $39 USD until September 18th!

Dessert Drum Machine

A quick video I made for my algo animation class.
brett burton

Artist Interview: Adam "Adrock" Horovitz (Beastie Boys)

It's hard to fully comprehend the impact the Beastie Boys have had on popular
music. In collaborations with Rick Rubin and The Dust Brothers, the Beastie
Boys have birthed some of the most infectious and fun beats of the last 25
years. From the early 2000s, on a recommendation from band-mate Mike D,
Adam Horovitz (Adrock) started making beats in Reason and instantly ditched
his venerable SP1200. Reason has been at the heart of their beat laboratory
ever since.

Deleted Scenes

We just couldn't let these stories hit the cutting room floor! Beastie Boys
fans and music fans in general will enjoy these random anecdotes from
hip-hop pioneer Adam "Adrock" Horovitz. Hear how Adam decided to buy
his first drum machine, how he discovered LL Cool J, or his thoughts on
the art of sampling existing records.

For another great interview with Adrock check out Soft Focus!

Molar Finger

Kind of a happy accident. I was routing Molar VST to send midi to The Finger
when this rhythm somehow emerged.


Tuesday, September 14

Buffeater vs Bassnectar (Boombox)

Buffeater "obliterating" Bassnectar's "Boombox".
Unprocessed audio courtesy of Bassnectar and OM Records.

NEDFX now available!

This collection of DSP multi-fx combis will change the way you process audio in Reason and Record forever, and will make your music making process a much more hands on and visceral experience then it already is. The Ned Rush ReFill not only brakes a few boundaries between what is capable in Reason but also some boundaries to how you handle your effects, by taking a huge collection of different effects patches and making them accessible quickly and musically from your midi piano keyboard, which can be recorded and edited into the sequencer.

Available now for FREE @!

Filter Research 2 - Key Split FX Documentation

This is an excerpt from the Video Documentation that comes with the Nucleus
SoundLab Filter Research 2 ReFill. Each one of the 5 Epic Combinators included
has detailed video docs - totalling more than 90 minutes!

Watch this video to learn more about the Key Split FX patch - which uses
innovative routing to provide a versatile performance patch with a different
effect on each key.

Nucleus SoundLab


Just 4 days left on the Nucleus SoundLab Late Summer Sale!

LoopTV 200810 ProAudioNews Reason5

My man JB talking it up with LoopTV:

Monday, September 13

sunday jam 01

First jam creating with my monome that i had couples weeks ago with reaktor i'm not a musician and still in the learning process i know it's
far to be perfect and maybe a bit "linear" but here it is anyway :)!


Sunday, September 12

Aalto available September 13th!

Aalto by Madrona Labs will be available for $99 USD tomorrow! Aalto is inspired by the Buchla 259 and designed to be controlled by Madrona Labs own Soundplane controller (which is still in the development stage) - of course you can use any midi controller with Aalto in the meantime. As Madrona Labs CEO Randy Jones wrote earlier this past summer, "Aalto came about because I wanted Soundplane owners to have a rich and expressive sound making tool right out of the box. I designed a small synth that would be easy to learn, easy to use, rich in possibilities, and tightly connected to the controller. Though we still have some work to do on the controller, the synth is nearly done. So we are releasing a MIDI-controlled version of Aalto as an AU and VST plugin this summer."

Below is the demo video I posted awhile back for those of you new to Aalto:

Saturday, September 11

Novation UltraNova!

I'm a big fan of Novation synthesizers - from the original Bass Station to my current controller, the Xio. This past week Novation unveiled the UltraNova, an analog modeling synthesizer based on the legendary Super Nova II. With the addition of wavetables, effects and an audio interface this is looking more and more like the perfect replacement to my Xio!


• Up to 18 note polyphonic

• Single Part

Oscillator Section
• 3x oscillators
• 2x ring modulators
• 1x noise generator

Choose from sine, sawtooth, square, pulse, triangle and 9x saw: pulse combinations. There are also 36 wavetables and 20 digital waveforms to chose from!
Each oscillator has:
• Density & density-detune function which can detune the oscillator against itself
• Virtual sync which allows the oscillator to sync to itself
• Hardness (which is effectively an extra low pass filter on each oscillator)

Filter Section
• 14 filter-types - you can run 2 filters simultaneously

Filter types include high pass, band pass and low pass

Envelope Section
• 6x envelope generators

LFO Section
• 3x LFO's

• 5x simultaneous effects per voice
Choose from: Distortion, Chorus/Phase, Delay, Reverb, Compressor, Gator, EQ

There are multiple effects routing options including series, parallel and 8 further different configurations

All effects are editable and each individual instance has its own settings

• 20x Modulation slots

Modulation sources:
• 6x envelopes
• 3x LFOs
• Aftertouch
• Velocity
• Key scaling/track
• Mod wheel
• Expression pedal

Can be used to modulate 66 different destinations including:
• Oscillator pitch, pulse width, wavetable index, level & sync
• Filter cutoff and resonance
• Effects parameters and send levels
• You can even modulate a modulator (envelope LFO etc...)

Vocoder Section
• 12 band vocoder, with included dynamic gooseneck microphone

• 33 Arpeggiator patterns with velocity information
• Select up, down, up&down, number of octaves, apreggiator gate-time

Chord Function
• Play in a chord, and lock it to a single note so you can play single-finger chords

This synth will be released just in time for Christmas with a price just shy of $700 USD.
I'm putting one on my X-mas list!

Novation UltraNova

Friday, September 10

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 29: Kong's New Effects Used With Other Devices

Kong didn't just redefine how you design drum sounds in your Reason and
Record productions... it redefined your sound processing in general, thanks
to Kong's ability to be routed as an external effects device. Doing this gives
you access to use Kong's built in effects like the Transient Shaper, the Analog
Tape Echo or the Snare Rattler on other audio tracks or Reason devices. In
this week's episode I'll show you how to wire up Kong like a Send/Return
effect into your mixer.

James Bernard - Propellerheads Product Specialist

Prism Tutorial

This introduction provides an overlook of this new Reaktor instrument.
It also gives a short glimpse into the basic principles of modal synthesis,
its underlying structure.

More information about the instrument @

BUFFEATER from Twisted Tools!

Sneak Preview 02

Maschine Teaser

Buffeater by Twisted Tools. Coming Sept. 14th, 2010. $49

Monday, September 6

Making Beats with the Synthesis Technology e350 Morphing Terrarium

Making synthesized drum beats with the Synthesis Technology e350 morphing
terrarium module. All sounds sequenced by the MakeNoise Brains, Pressure
points, Doepfer A-160, TipTopZ8000 and STG Graphic Sequencer.

Reaktor 5 Tutorials - Introduction

A brief intro to Reaktor 5 and its capabilities.

Sunday, September 5

BitCrusher BC3 Combi from Peff!

Peff just posted a really cool bit crusher patch on his blog that takes advantage of Reason 5's new combinator CV inputs. Make sure to check out the "BitCrusher Modifications" section for further ideas. Check it out!

Saturday, September 4

En el Estudio usando Reason 5

tosee radiotechnika

Yamaha RX11 Circuit Bending

Random behaviour of a Yamaha RX11 drum machine.
An error was ocurred in the main chip when I tried to modify it.
I could fix it after this incredible random moments.


Friday, September 3

Reaktor Skrewell Sound Generator

This is the Skrewell sound generator in Reaktor.

Check out my album on iTunes:


MPC Electronics MPC-1 Analog Drum Machine Demo

This is a brief overview of the features and sounds of the MPC
Electronics Music Percussion Computer. This is a fully Analog Drum
Machine made in Cambrige in England in 1982 by MPC Electronics
featuring a four pattern internal sequencer and plenty of interfacing
methods for a machine of this age. For whatever reason this machine
seemed to fade almost entirely into obscurity, however if you
managed to find one in fully working order it would make a fine
addition to any electronic studio.

It should be noted that this machine is not 100% working, the
internal battery has leaked and damaged the external sync circuits
meaning that it will only work as master clock and a few of the pots
are broken. Most notably the snare tune and decay pots are gone
resulting in the snare being a very short burst click sound where as
on a full working unit it would probably sound closer to a 909 snare.

For the cheesy little demo track at the end of this video the
instruments used are as follows.

Drums - MPC-1
Latin Percussion - Roland TR-727
Electronic Piano - Roland JX-3P
Bass - Oberheim DPX-1 (with Juno-60 bass patch sample)
Harpsichord - Akai S900 (with Juno-60 patch sample)
Organ - Roland Juno-60
Sequencer - Akai ASQ10


Elektron Machine Drum , Mono machine & Nord rack2 Session BY Mojanne

I bought Elektron Machine Drum SPS-1 & Mono machine SFX60.
It's my trifling music.
Please liten if you have free time.


Thursday, September 2

Don't know about anything

Don't know

Hip hop beat & fun whit KONG

Fun whit New propellerhead reason 5 KONG device, and make a beat from start
to end only whit KONG.

adding an NN19 sampler for scratch fun!!!


Loud Studio

Using 6 Launchpads - Explained

An explanation of how connecting 6 Launchpads at a time opens up a new
dimension to Ableton Live


Buchla #14

Here is another Buchla sequence. I like the changes possible when you switch
between the different modes of the mod oscillator on the 261e.


Reason Wizardry August Issue Out Now!

The August issue of Reason Wizardry is now available. This issue is the first to feature Reason 5 describing in detail Kong, the new combinator CV inputs and sampling. Go to today and order your subscription to Reason Wizardry!

Wednesday, September 1

Reason 5 Neptune Harmony Record 1.5

In this video I show you how to take a single vocal line and create a harmony
using the Neptune pitch correcter. This same concept could be used to create
a choir effect, but that's for another time.

Love God
Love Music
Live Life



52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 28: Nurse Rex (Kong) Chunk Trig Tips

This week I'll show you how the Nurse Rex module inside Kong is redefining
Rex loops' ease and creative potential in your music. Previously creating Rex
chunks and triggering them in a track required some planning, ReCycle
software, and locked you into a tempo once you made your custom Rex files.
All that is a thing of the past in Reason 5 and what's left is just unlimited

James Bernard - Propellerheads Product Specialist

Moog Guitar x MIDI MuRF

The Moog Guitar in full sustain mode is the ideal sound source for sonic
exploration on the MIDI MuRF. Its rich sound palette run through the 8
analog filters of the MIDI MuRF combine to make an unparalleled rhythmic
experience for guitarists.


Neptune Seminar on Saturday!

The first of EditEd4TV's Reason 5.0 and Record 1.5 Online Seminars will be this coming Saturday, September 4th, from 8:00am - 10:00am (Pacific Standard Time.) Saturday's seminar is on Record 1.5's Neptune Pitch Adjuster and Voice Synthesizer and if I know Ed Bauman this two hour class is going to cover everything you could want to know about Neptune and then some!

Sign up for the course @

invisible I

completely done in the box . guitars recorded & processed in ableton live 8
and cubase 5 . grooves & synths : reaktor 5 . thanks to for the
"invisible man" . thanks to oyez for his great "al banco" samples at :

oyez (
al_banco.MP3 (

videos & pictures created during august 2010 in france
at several places in the south .

Thomas Bongart

The Beat of New York


Thomas Noesner, our DoP, was in New York for a shoot of the new Mercedes
R-Class. Right after the job, he took his camera and strolled through the
busting streets of „The City“. While screening the pictures of a drummer in
the tube station, I had the idea of creating a „remix“ of the recorded drum
sequence to use it as a soundtrack for the film. That´s when our sound-
designer Toussaint came into play... We composed a track around the drum
beat of this guy. Watch and listen to the beat of New York!

tim hahne