Thursday, January 31

Korg Polysix+ Extension ReFill Review

alternating.bit posted a video review of Navi Retlav's Extension Refill - Korg Polysix+ on youtube, check it:



Speaking of Navi Retlav, he's currently running a giveaway on the PUF, here's the down low:

"Hi, I’m very close to new refill release. It will be something special.

Something that will contain , Kong patches, Rex files, ReGrove patches, and Combinator synths made out of Mid-Side recordings processed by Izotope Iris.

I’m so excited about this, that I want to share some of my paid refills for free.

It’s a “Navi Retlav Refills Giveaway” time.

I will randomly throw refills to half of the new subscribers/existing customers that will participate.

All what you have to do is:

1) Check my refill page and select your prize.

2) Write a comment in PUF, which refill you want?

3) Subscribe to my email newsletter, or update your data.

Giveaway starts now, and ends in 10th February 2013

My emails are very rare, one per month or less, so no worries about spam.

Most of them includes a new release info and some free content, like free Doomsday Bell refill last time.

If you are existing customer, please check your email box, since my last campaign was successful in 75%, and that means that some of you didn’t look in to my email at all.

Maybe it’s in the spam box by accident ? Search for

Good Luck."


Tuesday, January 29

Sonic Couture Konkrete!

Sonic Couture have released their new Konkrete sample based drum and percussion instrument for Kontakt Player and Maschine! Check out the glitch controls:

"A tutorial showing how to use Soniccouture's Konkrete Software to create exciting, glitchy hi-hat patterns."



Monday, January 28

EditEd4TV recover - Robyn With Every Heartbeat

If you follow EditEd4TV on the book of Face you know about his recent gig doing recovers and sound design for Frederic Riesterer and David Guetta. Here's one of those tracks:

"This is my version of Robyn's "With Every Heartbeat", recreated (a "ReCover" as I call it) completely in Propellerhead's Reason. All custom patches (except for the orchestral section which is made up of Orkester patches slightly modified), all original note data (no web download of MIDI files)."


Buchla Music Easel at NAMM 2013

Keyboard Magazine explores my holy grail synth, the Buchla Music Easel at NAMM:

"Synth design mad scientist Don Buchla is back, and this re-issue of his Music Easel is a virtually identical copy of the original from the mid-'70s. Esoteric synth expert Gino Robair goes hands-on."

Saturday, January 26

Dr. Lonnie Smith on the Sub P!

This made my day:

Buffre & Directre Real Time Performance Test

Peff testing out his next Rack Extension for Reason:

"Loop switching and effects tests with Buffre and Directre."


Thursday, January 24

Korg mini MS-20


Damn, I feel like a little kid on Christmas today! So much cool new gear, this has to be one of the greatest announcements from NAMM though, the second coming of the Korg MS-20:



DSI Prophet 12!


Oh my, the Dave Smith Prophet 12 looks fan-fraking-tastic! With "classic and complex waveforms", high and low pass filters, as well as the new character section, it's no wonder Dave Smith calls the Prophet 12 his favorite synthesizer. Check it:


Wednesday, January 23

Nektar Panorama P1!


Nektar have announced their newest controller for Reason and Cubase - the Panorama P1:

"Like Nektar's Panorama P4 and P6 USB controller keyboards, the Panorama P1 features generic MIDI controller capabilities that allow operating any DAW.

Used with Cubase or Reason, Panorama P1 automatically reconfigures depending on whether Mixer, Instrument or Transport mode is selected. Mixer mode provides complete control over the mixer, including EQ, dynamics and sends as well as insert VST plugins in Cubase. Instrument mode provides access to all controllable parameters in VSTi's or Reason Devices. Transport mode delivers a large font readout of song position pointers, left and right locators, tempo as well as critical settings in transport mode allowing thorough song or project navigation control from Panorama.

The Panorama P1 features the Nektar QWERTY macro support. Up to 8 keystroke commands can be sent to a DAW at a push of just one button giving you access to DAW functions and menus not normally available via MIDI. QWERTY macros can be assigned to any assignable button including the 11 F-keys which in turn can be stored as one F-key map to any of the 10 F-key map locations. In addition, Panorama P1 also has 20 preset locations for use in Internal mode with each preset storing the P1 controller assignments for generic DAW or MIDI hardware control.

The Panorama P1 features nine 45mm faders, 16 endless encoders, 8 LED buttons, 11 transport buttons, 22 Navigation buttons, 11 F-keys buttons, 1 assignable footswitch socket and a color high resolution TFT display.

The Nektar Panorama P1 will be available in April 2013 with an RRP of USD 299.99/ Euro 259.99/ GBP219.99 in stores worldwide. More info soon on"

New ReFills in the NSL Shop!


A boatload of new Reason ReFills are now available at! Including fresh offerings from Jiggery-Pokery, like The Kings of Kong - which features over 1,100 samples cherry-picked from classic drum and rhythm machines! is also now carrying New Atlantis Audio ReFills, as well as the latest Ed "Edited4TV" Bauman Refill, 88mph Vol.2. So if the coming NAMM show announcements have you lusting for gear, but you don't want to break the bank, pick up some new sounds for your Reason Rack!

Soundcells Antidote Signature ReFill!


Soundcells has released a Reason ReFill for the acclaimed Antidote Rack Extension by Synapse Audio:

"The Antidote Signature ReFill based on the Antidote Rack Extension from Synapse Audio - a synthesizer that offers a powerful architecture to produce more than mere ‘bread and butter‘ sounds, combined with a clear and logical user interface. Thanks to its high quality oscillators and the zero-latency filter design - among some other great features -, the user can be sure always to get a very clear and powerful sound out of Antidote.

The Antidote Signature ReFill is an impressive proof of this, and it brings highly playable and great sounding patches to the user´s hand.

It´s not genre-specific, so Wurlitzer-like pianos, modern screaming but also classic hardware-like leads, punching basses, warm & rich pads and surprising textures emphasize why this little gem should be part of everybody´s portfolio. If you own this Reason-exclusive synthesizer you´d better feed it some healthy and nutritious food..."


- 70 Combinator patches

- 100 Antidote patches

Available now @ for 8.90€


Tuesday, January 22

Directre Experimental Performance

New Peff video showing the coming Directre Rack Extension:

"Crossfade Test for ambient/live performance situation."



Monday, January 21

Moog Sub Phatty Synthesizer Demo by Daniel Fisher - Sweetwater Sound

Sweetwater has the new Moog Sub Phatty now on sale for a preorder price of $999! Check out Daniel Fisher demonstrating the Sub P:

"Daniel explains the architecture of the Sub Phatty and its connections before demonstrating just some of the sounds you can create with it. First he plays a range of sounds with just the Sub Phatty, then through some the Moog Clusterflux and MF-104M Delay pedals to show even more creative potential."



Nova Musik Sub Phatty Video

Nova Musik gets in on the Moog Sub Phatty lovefest:

Moog Sub Phatty Videos! brings us the first Moog Sub Phatty videos:

"Nolan puts the Moog Sub Phatty through it's paces. The track is 100% comprised of sounds created by the Sub Phatty (including the drums). Recorded live on set through an H4n into Ableton Live."



"We gave Jerry "Wonda" Duplessis a Moog Sub Phatty and right away he was putting it on some very high profile production. This is what he had to say about this future classic analog synthesizer."


Moog Sub Phatty Sneak Peak!


Today Moog Music is spilling the details on their Sub Phatty synthesizer! This new member of the phatty clan has a killer sounding "Multidrive" circuit, a sub oscillator (hence the name) and a noise generator. Want to hear it? Check out this track from none other than Flying Lotus, courtesy of Pitchfork, using the Sub P:



Sunday, January 20

Introducing the Midi Fighter Spectra

Ean Golden introduces the brand new Midi Fighter Spectra:

"The Midi Fighter Spectra is a brand new redesign of the Midi Fighter Classic, with full-color button lighting, a variety of customizable color and material options, and additional controls to make playing this device like an instrument."


Saturday, January 19

Peff's new RE - DIRECTRE!


Peff gave a glimpse on the book of face today of his soon to be released Rack Extension - DIRECTRE:

"Directre cabled. It's a Rack Extension mixer and splitter with synchronized channel on/off switches. You can chop signals on beat or transition with crossfades. It's designed as a performance fx and signal control hub for those playing live with Reason."

Friday, January 18

Moog Factory Tour: New Technology Preview | UniqueSquared com takes a "sneak peek inside Moog's prototyping room to look at a new technology they are developing called LEV-96."

Inverted Audio & Electronic Explorations Present Seekae - Friday 1st February 2013

Caught this great Inverted Audio video on the book of face, courtesy of Mount Kimbie:

"To celebrate the release of Ulrich Schnauss new album 'A Long Way To Fall' Inverted Audio and Electronic Explorations present two official album launch parties at The Waiting Room in London.

Seekae, a three-piece electronic outfit from Sydney, Australia will play live on Friday 1st February. With influences crossing 8-bit electronica and dubstep their live set will no doubt set the scene ahead of Ulrich's live performance."


Thursday, January 17

Novation // Launchkey

Unless you're in the market for a new midi controller you probably don't notice all the new releases. Unlike synths and drum machines, controllers are hard to get excited about, until the old one you uses starts crapping out. Well, if you're in the market for a new set of keys make sure to check out the new Novation Launchkey:

"Launchkey is a range of 25, 49 and 61 note keyboard controllers with up to 50 physical controls including 16 velocity-sensitive multi-colour trigger-pads that launch clips and scenes in Ableton Live. As well as enabling hands-on control of your DAW's mixer, instruments and more, Launchkey is an integrated software/hardware instrument. The control surface has been designed to work tightly alongside two intuitive apps for iPad: the Launckey app and the Launchpad app - plus the powerful V-Station & Bass Station synth plug-ins for Mac and Windows."


What is Reason?

An introductory look at Reason:

"Maybe you've heard your friend mention it... maybe you've seen the box in the music store... maybe you've been searching for software to record your music. Whatever led you to ask "What is Reason?" this is our answer. Get an introductory look at the music software being used around the world from music studios to garages, and from chart-topping hits to experimental synth noise creations."


Wednesday, January 16

Moog Factory Tour: Testing and Calibration |

I don't know about you, but I am loving the tour of Moog HQ! This time round they look at the testing and calibration process done to every Moog instrument before leaving the factory:


Tuesday, January 15

Dogboy1973's Buddha Machines!


Dogboy1973 created 3 Combinator patches based on FM3's amazing Buddha Machines available for download in this thread on the PUF.

"Based on the brilliant FM3 Buddha Machine devices, I did the first one of these way back in 2005!! Started the 2nd soon after but only recently dug it out & actually finished it. That inspired me to make a 3rd & I'm going to make more I think, eventually bundling into a Refill pack complete with my own samples & stuff."

Cool Dogboy1973! As some of you may remember I did my own version of the Buddha Machines for Reason a few years back, which you can still download here.


Submerse "Algorithms and Ghosts" Snippet (12"/EP - Project: Mooncircle, 2013)

Submerse "Algorithms and Ghosts" 12"/EP out now on Project: Mooncircle!

"This EP is the outcome of a five month spanning transition between warm and bright summerdays to dark and dusky winterdays resulting in a change of moods that accompany this shift from lights, colours and sounds perceived everyday. It is a soundtrack made for commuting between different places in large urban spaces, filled by swarms of people shoaling and funneling across intersections, subway stations and central hubs like corpuscles pulsating in the cities veins, conducted by invisible algorithms in the symbiotic superorganism that is a metropole."

Friday, January 11

Reason Wizardry Season 3!


Nucleus SoundLab has released Season 3 of Reason Wizardry, the most advanced Reason tutorial series ever produced on video! Check it:


"Nucleus SoundLab is proud to release Reason Wizardry Season Three! Reason Wizardry is a series of advanced video tutorials for Propellerhead Reason - that were originally delivered as a monthly subscription. Season Three is a compilation of the final eleven issues from the Reason Wizardry history, compiled into a comprehensive video tutorial product.

Through Reason Wizardry Season Three, you will continue to benefit from the vast sound design experience of Nucleus SoundLab Lead Designer Jeremy Janzen. Since 2005, Jeremy has pushed the boundaries of sound design in Reason - first by implementing 100% unique Combinators in a ReFill; followed by the first commercial effects Refill; and finally by introducing detailed and educational PDF documentation for each patch. Season Three is the biggest ever - it contains 11 issues and over 8.5 hours of invaluable Reason knowledge!

Reason Wizardry Season Three isn't meant to rehash the basics. It won't show you how to create a pattern in Redrum or how to connect a Thor to the mixer. Instead, by assuming each user had already read the manual and has a basic knowledge - Reason Wizardry skips directly to the good stuff. Each issue is packed with info on how to get the very most out of Reason devices, how to create your own sounds that step away from the cliches, and the not-so-obvious tricks that will save you time in your productions."



11 full-length video tutorials

Consists of over 8.5 hours of video and weighs in at 4gb

Captured at crisp 800x600 resolution (some issues are 1280x720 HD)

Includes 45 example patches


All the Main Topics from each included issue are listed below:

RV-7000 Reverb - In-Depth

Creating a Vocoder from Scratch

Phase Subtraction in Thor

Mastering Techniques in Reason

Kong Drum Designer - In-Depth

Create your own Pulveriser Compressor

Create your own Alligator Gate

Pulveriser and The Echo - In-Depth

Alligator - In-Depth

Neptune - In-Depth

Final Issue - Multiple Sound Design Techniques (1.5+ hours long!)


Pick up Reason Wizardry Season 3 today for the discounted price of $24 USD (reg. price $29, offer expires Jan.31).



Thursday, January 10

Dubspot First Look: Propellerhead PX7 Rack Extension

Chris Petti, from dubspot, takes a first look at the new Propellerhead PX7 Rack Extension, a new synthesizer for Reason 6.5 that brings advanced FM synthesis to the Reasonverse:


Wednesday, January 9


Coming next from Moog:

"Professor Herb Deutsch, synth pioneer and collaborator of Bob Moog, visited the Moog Machine Shop during Moogfest 2012. While here, Professor Deutsch explored Moog's next generation analog synthesizer, while still in it's research & design phase. In the past, Bob Moog always tested his ideas, instruments and sounds with musicians and colleagues. This spirit of collaboration continues at the Moog factory to this day and is essential to our work. It is a key part of the product development process, as it furthers our ideas and helps us shape better tools for musicians.

Making its official debut at NAMM 2013, the first 24 of these new instruments are being handcrafted at the Moog Factory this week. Until you get a chance to see it in its final form at NAMM 2013, please enjoy this video. Love, your friends at Moog."


James Bernard's Atari Punk Console!

James Bernard showcases his newly built APC with CVs:

"Just built this little beastie. Got the PC board from contact me directly if you are interested in one."

Tuesday, January 8

Moog Factory Tour: Minimoog Voyager | continue their tour of Moog with a look at the Minimoog Voyager:


Tutorial: Chilled Dubstep Wobble Bass (Chillstep Bass)

ODSTHelljumper with a brand new Chillstep Wobble Bass tutorial for Reason:


Apparat - Krieg und Frieden - A Violent Sky


Apparat announces the the release of Krieg und Frieden:

"Apparat, aka Sascha Ring, announces the release of “Krieg und Frieden (Music for Theatre)”, and album of music based on Sebastian Hartmann’s theatre production of Tolstoy’s War & Peace.

Sebastian Hartmann is considered one of the big innovators of contemporary German theatre, and asked Ring to contribute to this mammoth project, which was commissioned by the renowned German arts festival Ruhrfestspiele in Recklinghausen.

Apparat - Krieg und Frieden - Music for Theatre will be out on MUTE, February 15th."


Monday, January 7

Robot Koch at Emil Berliner Studios

Robot Koch mixing the "Robots Don't Sleep" EP at Emil Berliner Studios:

Peff 038 - Drumatix ReFill


The Peff 038 - Drumatix ReFill for Reason is now available! The Drumatix ReFill is based on samples from the legendary Roland TR-606 ReFill:

"The 606 has seven different drum sounds: A Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Lo Tom, Hi Tom, Closed Hi Hat, Open Hi Hat, and Cymbal. Also triggering Both a Closed and Open Hi Hat simultaneously creates another muted or pedal Hi Hat. All of these sounds can be accented, which alters the dynamics and tonal character. For this library, each drum is sampled eight times, and each accented drum is sampled 24 times (8 x three different accent levels 50%, 75%, 100%). In total there are 32 samples per tone for eight different drums. While each sample sounds very close the next one, there are subtle analog variations. Overkill? maybe… but it’s worth it.

The 606 tones are programmed in Kong Drum Designer via the NN-Nano Sampler. When triggered, the NN-Nano alternates between each of the eight samples, and the result has a nice realistic feel compared to single shot samples. Normal and accent samples are mapped at different velocity layers making it easy to edit dynamics in the Reason sequencer.

The P038 - Drumatix Refill contains several standard “realistic” kits which serve as 606 emulation patches. Three kits are dedicated to different accent levels labelled “Hard Accent,” “Medium Accent,” and “Soft Accent”. These correspond to the 100%, 75% and 50% knob settings on the 606. The library also includes several manipulated patches with different tuning, decay and Kong FX settings. The demo patterns from the video above are also included and can be used as building blocks for song ideas."

Peff 038 - Drumatix ReFill for Reason is available now for FREE from!



Wednesday, January 2

Moog Factory Tour: Moog Slim Phatty, Little Phatty, and Moog Guitar | UniqueSquared com continues the Moog Factory Tour:

"We go behind the scenes of the Moog factory to look at the Moog Slim Phatty, the Moog Little Phatty, and the Moog Guitar."