Friday, July 23

Take One with silverfilter EP3 - Tuning Your Percussions

A tutorial on tuning your percussions for your productions

Reason 4 / Record FX Incline Sweeper

here's a tutorial on how to create and modify a sweeping effect to fit your needs.

I haven't been uploading any songs lately. I'm waiting for the release of Reason 5
and record 1.5. Until then, I'll be sharing little things I use that make a big difference!


EMG (Evolving Mood Generator) for Reason 4

The EMG (Evolving Mood Generator) is a modular audio processing
system used within Reason 4 or Reason+Record 1.0 and above
where you can load your own sounds and then process them
through a series of slowly evolving mood send effects and
generators. Use the various rotaries and buttons on the Combis
to shape the sound.

More Info @ Reason 101

Thursday, July 22

Mount Kimbie - "Would Know"

Here's the first video from Mount Kimbie's "Crooks & Lovers" lp, released 7/19.
I'm calling it my summer must buy.
Would Know:

Directed by Tyrone Lebon

Propellerhead Record 1.5 and Reason 5 - James Bernard Interview!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Propellerhead Guru, James Bernard discloses some of the finer points of the
new Propellerhead Reason 5 and Record 1.5 features. In this video, 'Kong',
'Blocks', 'Dr OctoRex' and 'Live Sampling' get the once over.

James Bernard - Propellerheads Product Specialist

Robyn "Dancing on My Own" Late Show With David Letterman

Video courtesy of baluverxasurfclub

Computer Music Live / Battle Radio / Citrusonic App

Coming to the Apple iTunes Store: Computer Music Live / Battle Radio /
Citrusonic App. Here is a short trailer of things to come...


Koshdukai's CV Toggle Switch Tip

Koshdukai has a great tip on his blog about using CV to switch Thor's front panel buttons...

It would be really cool if we could change Thor Buttons state through CV triggering, wouldn't it ?

Ya know, if you need to toggle the on/off state of some CV out to be used on, let's say, a bank of 16 devices that react differently to the state of that CV ?

Well worth a read! Check it out.

ACS (Audioplay Control System)

The ACS (Audioplay Control System) is a modular synthesis system
used within Reason 4 or Reason+Record 1.0 and above where you
can load your own sounds in the source Combinator, then filter
that sound through a series of effects Combinators. Enable or
disable any effect by following the visual arrow design. Once
enabled, you can shape the effect parameters using the other
rotaries and buttons.

More info @ Reason 101

Wednesday, July 21

Blocks in Reason and Record


ADP (Audio Drum Processor)

The ADP (Audio Drum Processing System) is a modular synthesis
system used within Reason 4 or Record 1.0.1 and above where
you can load your own Redrum Kit into the sound source Combi,
then filter that sound through a series of effects Combinators.
Enable or disable any effect by following the visual arrow design.
Once enabled, you can shape the effect parameters using the
other Rotaries and Buttons.

More Info @

Tuesday, July 20

Andy Wig - EML/Biscuit Signals & Cycles

Here are sounds from my vintage EML 200 modular synth processed both
internally and externally (by the Biscuit). Its drones are morphed into a
random mechanical rhythm that is further filtered, delayed, and clocked for
your audio/visual edification... oh yeah! The original signal also plays
throughout "naked" as one knob on the Biscuit offers.


Line 6 FBV MkII Series Foot Controllers and POD Farm 2

Line 6's Propellerhead Product Specialist Matt Piper demonstrates FBV
Shortboard MkII integration with POD Farm 2.

From Matt's blog at

-008' Beat Triggers ReFill FREE for Reason

Here’s a new freebie!

-008’ Beat Triggers is a bunch of lo-fi loops i made from my various machines, and then recycled.
I did this in anticipation of the new Dr.Octo Rex and Nurse Rex in Reason 5….I can’t wait to use them!
..but i can prepare myself with fresh rex’s! ;)

These are great for adding percussive elements to your beats.
You got a hot kick and snare? Add some beat triggers and heat it up even more.
Having Writer’s Block? Start with some beat triggers for new inspiration.
Open a few of the Rexs in an NN-XT with an RPG-8 and make your own new rhythmic elements.

Contains 30 Rex Loops, all were made at 90BPM and fed through a crappy digital fx unit just for fun!

Dubspot :: 'Recording with Looper' in Ableton Live 8 w/ Laura Escudé

In this tutorial, Dubspot LA instructor and Ableton Certified Trainer,
Laura Escudé explain how to use the Looper effect in Ableton Live to record
a live instrument and build up layers of recording as it loops.

Learn more at the Dubspot blog

Seth Troxler @ Dubspot :: Interview

Seth Troxler talks about DJing, starting a career, Detroit, collaboration, his
recent mix CD Boogybytes, and more.

see more at DUBSPOT!

How To Be CREATIVE With Your Music!

This video will you run you through how to use an amazing FREE plug in
(Glitch) to make your songs sound alot more interesting and unique.


Modular Systems, Synths & Drum Kits ReFill

This isn’t your older brother’s typical refill! This refill is a collection of some very deep Modular Audio Processing Systems that are built in Reason, along with some very powerful Layered Synths and Drum Kits. Over 600 patches, loops and samples. The refill is approximately 30 MB in size, and will work with Reason 4 and above, as well as Reason+Record 1.0 and above.

The refill will be available for purchase on August 1st, 2010 for $49.00 USD. No hidden fees. No taxes. No shipping. It will be available via Paypal as a direct download. Once you purchase, you’ll get an email with a link where you can download the file. And yes, Paypal accepts Visa, Mastercard, and all the typical credit cards.

What files are included in this refill?

14 Modular Audio Processing Systems (.rns template files)
94 Combinators (Arps, Drum Kits, FX, Layered, Pads, Samplers, Synths)
280 Thor patches (Bass, Bells, Drums, Leads, Pads, Synths, Textures)
87 Malstrom patches (Bass, Drums, Pads, Synths, Textures)
103 Subtractor patches (Bass, Bells, Drums, Pads, Synths)
21 DrRex loops (from 80 bpm – 160 bpm; mainly used for showcasing some of the combinator examples)
11 Samples (.wav files; mainly used for showcasing some of the grain sampler combinators)

Logical Beat #1 - Intellijel Spock and Flip Flop

Electronic beat created by using XOR, AND and JK Flip Flop logic provided
by the Intellijel Spock and Flip-Flop modules. Sounds sources are Euro
Modular synthesizer. Logic is fed by Impulse machines on the Elektron
Machinedrum, uStep, clock from Ableton and a VCLFO.


PROPELLERHEAD REASON 5 BETA dr. octo rex Kong drum machine

Browing through and showing features of Reason 5.

Hydlide24 and my research on Mixers in Reason and Record

Here's a bit of a topic that has been catching my attention since
ehm... day.. ehm.. one since record was there. But ok, the
assumption is this: the mixer is sound output wise differently
then the SSL Mixer. Unnngghh.. wrong!
To prove some other stuff.. well.. you just have to watch it.. hmmk?

Monday, July 19

Back in Black!

The Drone Lab has gotten a make over. We’ve done away with the standard old green PCB and upgraded to a more sophisticated…elegant black! The Drone Lab is available as a kit or a finished unit through our order page. OR build your own from scratch. The drone lab is completely open source and we love to see people build their own.

Stefan Torto "Eye mirror"

Music Stefanos Tortopoglou. The video is made with the Novation
launchpad and some i-movie effects.


Zi8 Audio Test

Testing Zi8 Audio via Mic input.

Sunday, July 18

bleepwerks Original: Inside a Patch, Virus TI Snow

This is a video documentary of a patch I made on my Virus TI Snow. I wanted
to experiment with the new Arp to Matrix feature, as it is a feature I have
been wanting for some time, so I decided to document the creation of my
first patch using this feature. I used Ableton Live, with a single note from the
TI Snow, and drums from Ableton.

Being able to route the arpeggiator to any modulation source via the mod
matrix really opens up new possibilities on the TI, and is absolutely fun, fun,
fun. A cool trick was assigning the arp to modulate the Delay Send, so that
certain steps in the arpeggiation get soaked with delay, this is also useful
with the Reverb Send, or any other effect for that matter.

I set up the patch with only one oscillator, with pitch modulation from the
arpeggiator, and then used oscillator 2 for ring modulation, but you could
easily assign both oscillators, and even use different amounts.

More videos will follow, this was too much fun not to revisit.

bleepwerks Object Oriented - live.step Part 2

This tutorial introduces you to some advanced features of live step. You will
take you through using multiple sequences in a live.step object and using
the Extra1, and Extra2 modes to sequence device parameters.

EMS SYNTHI w/ Doepfer A-149-1+2

EMS SYNTHI AKS w/ Doepfer A-149-1+2 and CV/Gate interface, add. effects
ProTools. CV from A-149-1 to CH1+ 2.

Germanium Muff

I don't generally post guitar related stuff,
but this new EHX Germanium Muff is the shit:

Akai Mpc 60 - Drums Of Revolution

Akai Mpc 60 plus pads from cheetah ms 6 -thru- dod fx65 chorus
-thru- virtual smallstone in reaktor 5. all goes on tascam 22-2.
thx for watching


DJ Spooky presents Vertov Enthusiasm: Sinfonia Donbassa (beta)

A rescore of Dziga Vertov's first sound film.

Sketches of Spain 50th Anniversary!

On this day in 1960 Columbia Records released Sketches of Spain by Miles Davis. The album teamed Miles up with arranger Gil Evans again, whom he'd worked with on Birth of the Cool and Porgy and Bess. With Sketches use of strings and more formal song structure many consider it Miles Davis' most accessible work. The compositions themselves derive from Spanish folk songs and flamenco music, which Miles Davis had recently begun listening to thanks to an anthology brought back from Spain for him by the actress/model Beverly Bentley. When Sketches of Spain was released Downbeat magazine gave it five stars, calling it one of the most important musical triumphs of the century.


Saw this video on and really dug it. It's by evenfloyd,
who has some other cool videos on youtube using the Launchpad as a Monome.

TouchOSC and Reaktor

Saturday, July 17

John Coltrane R.I.P.

On this day in 1967, John William Coltrane died of liver cancer at Huntington Hospital on Long Island at the age of 40. Coltrane came into prominence playing with the Miles Davis Quintet in the late 1950s, performing on the landmark album Kind of Blue. During this same time period he began releasing his first albums as a leader and developing his trademark "sheets of sound" playing technique. Coltrane's music transcends genre and for this reason he is remembered as more than just a musician, but a Saint.

"My goal is to live the truly religious life, and express it in my music. If you live it, when you play there's no problem because the music is part of the whole thing. To be a musician is really something. It goes very, very deep. My music is the spiritual expression of what I am - my faith, my knowledge, my being."

- John Coltrane

Below is a live clip of one of my favorite Coltrane songs, Naima:

Calum Scott's Robotic Musical Creations

3 classical guitars mechanically actuated by a series of solenoids and dc motors.
Logic > Max/Msp > Arduino/Miditron > Breadboard/Actuators

This piece is intended for installation in a public space. It responds to the
amount of movement sensed in a given area.

Calum Scott

EMS SYNTHI w/ Doepfer A-149-1 & CV/Gate interface

EMS SYNTHI w/ Doepfer A-149-1 RCV

Andy Wig - Biscuit Noir

A first attempt at using my new OTO Machines Biscuit with a Nord Lead
arpeggiation as the audio source. More to come.



Buy this song on iTunes.
This is an alternative mix of "Night Rain" from my first album.


Hydlide24 vs Thesys

Time for a pissing contest... After reading VST this, Reason that
bla bla bla for the last 3 years now, and I am at a stage that I
could recreate almost any VST if I want too.

So.. Time for a pissing contest of my own. Its VST wars...

Friday, July 16

Kicker Now On Sale!

Kicker - Low Frequency Percussion Synth - On Sale Now!

Kick drums, sub drops, bass hits, fat thumps and deep bumps - Kicker drops 'em all.

My latest, all-analog instrument is on sale now via my website and my eBay store (links below).

100% Analog, hand-made and tested in-house
Dual sine-wave oscillators with independent Pitch control
Punch switch for aggressive, high-impact sounds
Attack switch & Envelope Decay control
Can be Triggered using line-level Audio or a CV Pulse
Kick drums, sub drops, bass hits and more
Capable of very low frequencies
Manual available for download as a PDF file
Chrome-plated case & pro hardware
Runs off a standard 12 Volt DC adapter (not included) at approx. 300-500mA with a Negative Tip.
Limited-edition run, on sale while stocks last

Kicker Preview 02: Deep Drops, Hard Hits & Bass Percussion by abstractjuz

I Love Making Music:

I Love Making Music is a series of mini-docs that explore NYC's emerging
music production culture.

In this episode of I Love Making Music Angelo visits Puremagnetik, a company
located in Brooklyn, NY specializing in creating sound content for Ableton
Live, Kontakt, Logic Studio and other music production software. ; Co-founder
and sound designer Micah Frank explains the process behind creating their
custom MicroPaks including the Big Bertha, Microtron and Analog Drums.

For more info on Puremagnetik and to download free PakBytes visit:

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 22: Reason Key Commands to Speed up Your Work

Wanna impress all your friends with your mad Reason skillz? This weeks
episode will give you all the tools you need to have you blazing around your
Reason sessions and make you the envy of all your friends.

James Bernard - Propellerheads Product Specialist

Thursday, July 15

OhmSound update

I recently updated the OhmSound FM synth to fix some long-standing,
annoying bugs. Fortunately, I got a chance to revisit why I like this synth so
much, in spite of its quirky interface. In this video, I'm mostly just modifying
the Carrier and Modulator waveforms, showing how two knobs can create a
vast array of sound. Lay on some thick delays and you have the perfect tool
for your improv synth jams!

Kong Backdrop by Wendy Dunham!

Wendy Dunham, who designed my fantastic Resonant Filter Speak & Spell banner, made this new killer Kong combinator backdrop last weekend for me and I thought I'd post it here for everyone that's excited about Reason 5! For those of you that don't know, in addition to creating custom combi backdrops, Wendy also designs websites and writes her own original music. Thanks for the fantastic new Kong backdrop Wendy!
Download it here!

Wednesday, July 14

Holst The Planets



Only Use Propellerhead Reason4 & MIDI

Reaktor 5.5 Public Beta!

Today we are happy to announce the next version of Reaktor, and make it available to you as a public beta version at the same time: Reaktor 5.5

Version 5.5 will be a free update, and it is based on many improvements that we have made to Reaktor recently. It also has significant new synthesis capabilities that can literally take a lifetime to explore - both conceptually as a builder, and sonically as a sound designer and musician.

It has been quite a long while since we have released the last "big" update of Reaktor, but it has always remained a very central part of the NI instrument range. Last year it was the platform for some very well-received and successful instruments: the Spiral sequencer by Lazyfish, my own Spark synthesizer and Tim Exile's "Finger". The new Reaktor version will be the basis for even more of these instrument releases from us in the future.

If you have a look at the attached screenshot of Reaktor 5.5, you will see that the user interface of Reaktor has received a major facelift. The new version not only looks "modern" again, the new single-window interface with its different split views and many GUI optimizations also improves the handling in many areas.

The screenshot also displays Mike Daliot's new "Lazerbass" additive synth that is a new addition to the factory library in 5.5. This instrument is based on the new "Sine Bank" module. The sound quality of the additive synthesis in Reaktor 5.5 is quite outstanding, as you will see from extremely detailled, brilliant, aliasing-free sounds that Lazerbass can generate.

The "Modal Bank" module is another major addition in the Reaktor 5.5 arsenal. Modal synthesis can produce a wide range of complex, organic timbres with tremendous depth and dynamic range, especially in the physical-modelling domain. The Modal Bank is also the basis for a new synthesizer that I am currently working on, which we will release in the near future as a separate instrument, but also as an ensemble for use in Reaktor 5.5.

In Reaktor 5.5 we have also improved various crucial areas like the snapshot management, the way how send/receive modules work, and the auto-save function in plugin mode. Also, ensembles and instruments are now interchangeable in how they can be loaded into Reaktor.

Some of the most important improvements in Reaktor 5.5 are "under the surface", more than 30% of the code is new. The new version is based on our latest GUI and audio bridge frameworks, so it has a more flexible and robust technological basis. This also brings advantages like a full-screen GUI mode, higher quality of sample rate conversion, and up to 40 audio channels in standalone mode.

Another important focus for Reaktor 5.5 for us was the documentation. The "application reference" manual has been completely rewritten, and it now also includes a lot of tutorial-style parts. We are also working on a similar new version of the "module reference" manual that will be made available together with the next upcoming Reaktor update that will bring full 64bit compatibility.

You can find a detailed list of the improvements in the 5.5 version below.

I invite you to download the public beta version and take a close look at Reaktor 5.5. By testing it, you can help us to finish it with the best possible quality for the official release in September.

Starting in a few days, we will also invite all public beta participants to an online survey to get your feedback about the new version.

We also want to engage the ambitious Reaktor designers here in the forum with a new community project that we have planned for quite a while. We hope that we can also start this in time for the Reaktor 5.5 release.

Thank you to all of you for all the interest and dedication that you have put into Reaktor over the years. I hope that version 5.5 will inspire you for even more building and music making.

The update is currently in this phase:
beta testing
public beta testing
For an explanation of the different phases, please see the section below.


The update will include the following improvements:

New and improved features:
Additive synthesis capabilities (based on new "Sine Bank" module)
Modal synthesis capabilities (based on new "Modal Bank" module)
Instruments can now be loaded as ensembles and vice versa
Revised one-window GUI with flexible "split" view
Unified interface layout for standalone and plugin operation
New full-screen view in standalone mode
New "structure bookmarks" feature
Improved instrument header, properties and sample map editor
Improved audio player with browser integration, drag&drop and auto-mode
Improved preset handling with bank list and "snapshot master" function
Global master volume controls for audio input and output
Improved functionality of send/receive modules
Audio I/O channels increased to 40 in standalone mode
Improved handling of audio I/Os and ports
Improved auto-save in plugin mode
Improved sample rate conversion
New "Lazerbass" monophonic additive synthesizer by Mike Daliot
All ensembles from Electronic Instruments I + II now included
Additional keyboard shortcuts
New "application reference" manual with integrated tutorials

The Salad Bar's Been Replenished!

Salad Bar, the ever growing ReFill from SoundCells, has just been updated to version 3! Salad Bar is a great refill to purchase to get a taste of SoundCells sound design work. The refill covers all styles of music and in addition to the original Salad Bar patches it also contains combinator patches from other SoundCells ReFills. And what's even better is the price 9,90 EUR! Of course Salad Bar is just an appetizer, so each purchase comes with a coupon worth 9,90 EUR to be used on the SoundCells ReFill of your choice! I highly recommend Digital Genome, which is represented in Salad Bar with 16 patches.

Salad Bar Contents:

• 192 combinator patches (currently 45 'Salad Bar Only' ones).

• 8 different folders: Atmospheres & Textures, Bass, Keys, Leads, Miscellaneous, Pads, Rhythmic, SaladBar_exclusive.

• The modules folder contains the basic synth and NNXT patches which were used for the combinator sounds.

• 194 well balanced patches for Thor, Malstroem, Subtractor, NNXT and ReDrum.

• 45 rex loops

• 8 tracks in RNS format - inspiring with highl 'tutorialesque' value.

For more information & mp3 demos go to

Matthew Dear / Black City Teaser

This 'Black City' video trailer is a striking, Metropolis-influenced montage of
images and includes music from Matthew Dear's new album of the same title.
Now is Matthew Dear's moment, and it sounds like nothing else. Album is
available August 17, 2010 worldwide.

Flying Lotus - MmmHmm music video (taken from Cosmogramma)

Flying Lotus in MmmHmm, featuring Thundercat.
Directed by Special Problems. Commissioned by Warp Films.
Track taken from the album 'Cosmogramma', out now.

Meet Aalto.

I really dig the look of this new softsynth from madronalabs!
Here's some more information I gleaned from madronalabs message board:

Aalto is the Finnish word for "wave."
Mac AU and VST will come first.
Shipping this summer for the Mac

In answer to the post "As a Buchla user, I find that the palette is familiar, and
I'm delighted to see such ideas moving forward.."

Randy, madronalabs developer states:
"thanks and well put. Aalto is definitely inspired by Buchla's work. The Music
Easel was a model for me in how good design could give a small collection of
modules a huge variety of sonic possibilities. I also like how the Easel lends
itself to programming distributions of events, not just single notes. I tried to
make Aalto's sequencer flexible enough to offer a lot of possibilities here.
And then there are the woodblock and 259-like sounds that are new sonic
territory for plugins. My goal is not to emulate hardware but to make new
sounds that satisfy me in the ways the original ones do. In return for all the
inspiration I take pains to point out that, if you want to make Buchla sounds,
you gotta get a Buchla!"

Looks fantastic:

*click on pic for more detail

Making things

Video ends at 2:36

MachinedrumVsBCF2000 Live Dubstep

In the left screen iam using my Machinedrum with all the drum section, in the
BCF2000 all the Synths i´ve made in Cubase and Live mixing it all.
In the right screen iam processing the master out with the SugarBytes
"Artyllary" _ patch "All FX"

EMS SYNTHI w/ Doepfer A-149-1 RCV

EMS SYNTHI w/ Doepfer A-149-1 RCV
(Buchla "Source of Uncertainty" Model 265 clone)

Tuesday, July 13

DieHard Battery vs. Gary Numan

Reason Tutorial 12 - Vocoder Beats

Using the BV512 vocoder to process a Redrum pattern.
You can download the patches from this tutorial from my website:

Octapad : Stick to it! (by Franck Smith)

Vintage drums on Roland Octapad SPD-30 by Franck Smith © 2010

Reason Micro Tutorial - Kong's Synth Drums

Has music just not sounded the same to you since Miami Vice went off the air?
Then you're in luck! The synth drums in Kong bring analog drum sounds back
to your music. Most analog sounds these days are sampled, meaning the sound
you load is the sound you've got. In this micro tutorial you'll see how easy it is
to make wonderfully tweakable analog synth drums and assign them to your


Ace Tone EC-10 Echo Chamber on Ebay!

Up for sale is a vintage Ace Tone Echo Chamber EC-10. This unit produces a very bright and crisp echo/delay sound. Very unique sound of its own. All 11 modes work perfectly. It has 7 input and 3 output jacks and "vocal amp." input jack creates a "wet only" signal to the output. The pinch roller of this model does not disengage from the capstan when the unit is off. There is a thumbscrew that allows to "lock" the pinch roller away for long-time storage. Unit has a voltage converter and runs on 100V~240V. Just plug in the socket on the top to match the voltage in your country. Unit has some rust but overall it's in great condition cosmetically. Made in the early '70s. I've installed a new tape loop. Comes with a new replacement tape loop.

Seller: scrmgbird ( 42)
Item: 190410352466
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Price: $399.00
Shipping: $145.00 Object Oriented - Live Step part 1

Want to learn how to use sequencers like all the cool kids are? This tutorial
takes you through using the live.step object to do just that! This first part
introduces you to the basics. Look for additional tutorials that will illustrate
more advanced features and concepts.

Monday, July 12


Project Title: 'Amanallah'
Length: 2:38
Client: LuckyMe
Director: Stuart Langfield
Music: Mike Slott
Performer: Pep Lluis Llado
Production Assistant: Jennifer Mackie

Drumssette by Mike Walters - Intro

Saw this video on Create Digital Music:

Intro to The Drumssette by Mike Walters.
The Drumssette was built by Mike Walters in 2010.
The Drumssette is a Tascam four track cassette recorder that I
turned into a programmable drum machine. A cassette with four
tracks of repeating drum sounds can be mapped into a 16 step
rhythm using the 64 switches on the interface. The audio on the
cassette tape also clocks the sequencer.
More details at

Reason Tutorial 11 - Using the RV7000 to alter a Redrum pattern

This tutorial shows how to use the RV7000's GATE parameter along with the
multi-tap delay to alter a Redrum drum beat. Its kind of like a beat-repeat
effect, especially when you turn up the release setting of the gate. Reason 4
users can download this Combinator patch from my website: Numark V7 / Akai APC20 Teaser!

Part 1 of a 3 part demonstration of the Numark v7 DJ turntable controller
and the Akai APC 20 controller with Mike Hoska.

We will get deeper into the V7 and APC 20 in the forthcoming videos...

Nova Musik

Rhythmic Vocal Gating with Cosm

This is part 1 of a 10 part video series on fun ways to process vocals.
Visit for more info :)

Sunday, July 11

sneek peek

just showing the current setup..
in camera sound (sorry!)
things are getting more and more involved...
all 1 shot sounds, no loops...
song is "bring out your dead"
from the soon coming new full length "people are bad animals"
just a little mess around session


zahra sebti co-directed with Charlotte Cornaton

This is the video of our journey from est to west on the road 66.

It is a stop motion video made from photo and totems.
Each Totem come as a chapter that personify every step of the way designed to tell
our feelings and our (sub)cultural references that motivated this trip and this video.

It is part of a project from totem to video to edition (coming soon) and is currently
exhibited at the international poster festival in Chaumont, France, until june 20th
2010 (

music: crystall castles, alpinisms, agoria, gold panda, flying lotus, animal collective

Ultimate Boutique Delay Pedal Shootout

We recorded clips of 10 different high end delay pedals in Taylor Barefoot's
Studio in Brighton Massachusetts to show off the different flavors of delays

We recorded each pedal using an original 1959 Fender Stratocaster, Monster
Cables, a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power II, and Alessandro Black 'n Tan amp, Royer
121 microphone, Shure SM-57 microphone, Shadow Hill Industries Gama 8
preamp and a Lynx Aurora 16 A/D convertor into Protools.

Minimal digital limiting was added in Protools to boost the volumes.

Pedals used:
Moog MF-104
Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay
Dr Scientist Sunny Day Delay
Way Huge Aquapuss
MXR Carbon Copy
Toneczar Echoczar
ElectroHarmonix Deluxe Memory Man Reissue
Diamond Memory Lane
Hughes and Kettner Replex
Roland SRE-555

Each pass was recorded first with the bridge pickup, then the neck pickup.
Taylor tried to play the same thing each time, but we didn't use any reamper
or similar to get the exact same thing each time.

We simply set each delay to a setting (with tasteful modulation) that we felt
sounded 'good' for that pedal, as if we were trying to use it for a song that
had this riff in the studio- a real world application. There are plenty of videos
that go into the details of each pedal, look them up!

Ableton tutorial: Cern - Satellites [Kilotone remix] - The DSP Project

This video is incomplete due to upload restrictions!
See the full version here:

Cern are a leading kiwi DNB outfit so we were stoked to get a chance to remix Satellites. This isn't a "how to remix" video I just wanted to share some of the ideas and techniques and give you a window into how we work on a real project.

Find the finished track and more over here:

Friday, July 9

Konono No 1 performs "Makembe" on KCRW

Konono No. 1 was founded over 25 years ago and specializes in
African trance grooves native to their region, near the Congo border.
They'll fill our airwaves with thumb pianos, salvaged car parts
and makeshift percussion as they join Morning Becomes Eclectic.

Kicker - Low Frequency Percussion Synth

Every sound in this demo is from Kicker. The track was recorded using 8
separate overdubs and some live tweaking. There are no effects and the only
post-processing is a Limiter on the Master Output.


• 100% Analog
• 2 independent sine-wave oscillators
• Punch switch for high-impact hits
• Capable of very low frequencies
• Attack switch & Envelope Decay control
• Triggers via line-level Audio & CV Pulse
• Chrome-plated case & pro hardware
• Limited edition run

Available July 2010


Received an e-mail this morning from Justin Owen the chief boffin at Abstract Data:

Hi Lewis,

Thanks for the message and the positive feedback - it's appreciated.

Kicker is due to go on sale at 9AM on Friday July 16th but I will be confirming this via email shortly before that date.

It will be available to buy directly from my site here at:
and via my eBay store at:

The price will be GBP95.00 and this will include registered delivery anywhere in the world. Deliveries in the UK are by DHL and for overseas shipping I use the Royal Mail 'International Signed For Service' which is tracked, insured and reliable.

There will be a PDF manual available for download with purchase and while it's a fairly intuitive instrument - I'm generally pretty happy to help out with advice via email if needed.

I hope that answers your questions - please feel free to get back to me if you need any more info.


Justin Owen

Dubspot: Max for Live Tutorial: Spectral Mixer

In this video new addition to the Dubspot team Dave Linnenbank, creator of
Puremagnetik's Max Fuel collection of patches for Ableton and Cycling 74's
Max For Live walks us through his Spectral Mixer patch. It allows you to
adjust the volume of the loud, medium and quiet parts of a sound and create
some very interesting sounds.

Hit the link below to go to the Dubspot Blog and grab the files that you'll
need for this tutorial:

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 21: The Combinator Part 2

The combinator is like a bottomless pit of possibility. I always find that the
more I tweak it, the more "extra-tweakable" I realize it is. Last week I
reintroduced the fundamentals of the combinator for you. This week I'll go
deep with you and show you some advanced techniques you can employ.
Keep one hand on your controller keyboard and the other on the youtube
pause button... this one moves quickly.

James Bernard - Propellerheads Product Specialist

See Part 1 HERE!

Update on Viral Outbreak Pricing

If you already are an owner of Nucleus SoundLab's Viral Outbreak for Reason or Wuzikstation you're eligible for a 50% discount on the new Viral Outbreak for Alchemy soundbank! (That brings the cost down to $29.50 from the original $59 for those of you eligible.) NSL CEO Jeremy Janzen will be sending out an e-mail to everyone who purchased Viral Outbreak thru latter today. If you purchased VO thru the Props, forward your original receipt to and they'll verify the purchase and hook you up. Why the discount? This soundbank uses the same samples from previous Viral Outbreak releases, however the patches are all new for Alchemy. So if you ever thought when using Viral Outbreak for Reason, this sounds cool but wouldn't it be great if this same sample was run thru a granular synthesizer - this is for you. Don't own Alchemy? Each purchase of Viral Outbreak comes with the Alchemy Player. The Alchemy Player still gives users hands on control of the patch - with 2 X-Y controllers, 8 knobs, ADSR controls and an 8 section remix pad to morph between sounds! Pick up Viral Outbreak for Alchemy at

Ean Golden - The Midi-Fighter Mix

For the other 10 minutes, and a chance to win these controllers visit:

In this Video Ean Golden uses 2 Midi-Fighter Controllers, Rane Mixer and
Traktor Pro to demonstrate what his live sets sound like. For the mapping
used in this video please visit this page:

To purchase the controllers:

Thursday, July 8

Record Micro Tutorial - Neptune Pitch Adjuster

We thought we'd Cher with you a couple of Lil Ways you can use the Neptune
pitch adjuster to correct your vocals. Neptune is an automatic pitch adjuster,
transposer, and voice synth that isn't a Tpain in the neck to use.

Viral Outbreak for Alchemy!

Nucleus SoundLab in co-operation with Camel Audio released Viral Outbreak today for the low price of $59! This soundbank for Alchemy features 150 sounds, with 1200 variations, and comes with the Alchemy Player, if you aren't lucky enough to own Camel Audio's badass flagship synthesizer. I had the pleasure of designing patches for this soundbank in addition to Adam Fielding, Shaun Wallace, Tasmodia, and of course NSL's CEO Jeremy Janzen!

From Camel Audio:

"Viral Outbreak features dancing arpeggios, pop blips, unison leads, ambient drones and washes, shimmering pads, bizarre formant effects and sci-fi soundscapes, suitable for dance, IDM and electronica. This sound library draws on samples of the classic Virus synthesizer, featuring raw saw and pulse waveforms, massive supersaws, phase distortion, FM and classic wavetable sounds."

For more information, mp3 demos, and to purchase go to!

Reason Patch Exchange on Facebook

Cool new idea set-up on Facebook by Dan Reneer for Reason users to share their patches and listen to other people's creations. I've long wished Propellerheads had a user library on-line (similar to the Reaktor Library), so hopefully this can grow into a suitable substitute. For more information and to join go to the Reason Patch Exchange page on Facebook!

Shangaan Electro: New Wave Dance Music From South Africa

New from Honest Jons Records comes Shangaan Electro: New Wave Dance Music From South Africa!

Boomkat Description:

"Ask us about Shangaan Electro a week ago and we'd ask you to speak slower. Ask us this week and we'll rave about one of the most astounding records we've heard this year. The erstwhile and intrepid ears of Honest Jon's Mark Ainley and Hardwax/Basic Channel legend Mark Ernestus have been following this niche style from Soweto, SA, for a hot minute, long enough anyway to pick out twelve extraordinary examples of 180bpm, marimba-laden, afro-dance diamonds hewn from rickety drum machines and keyboards shaped into dazzling fillips of pure dance energy. We almost couldn't believe our ears on first listen, or the tenth. It was perhaps only when we witnessed the accompanying videos on youtube that it started to settle into place, watching liquid hipped Shangaan dancers scuttle and stomp like folk possessed by something untold but completely comprehendible. It's not a large punt to draw distinctions between this and Chicago footwurk or Caribbean Soca styles, from the high tempo velocity to use of basic equipment all deployed with the intention of eliciting faster and more furious dance moves from the participants. Essentially this is a continuation of traditional styles, only plugged in at the studio of Nozinja Music Productions to become utterly electrified and electrifying. But these aren't simply instrumental rhythms, they're also songs with passionate, soul wrenching vocals and head-rushingly sweet synth melodies. Four exemplary contributions from the scene's lynchpin Zinja Hlungwani are worth the entry price alone; from the gripping hypertension of 'Ntombi Ya Mugaza' to the warbling duet of synthesized and human soul in 'Nwa Gezani My Love', or the alien harmonics of 'Nwa Gezani', you're paying to experience a mesmerizing sound that you simply can't hear anywhere outside of Limpopo or low-res youtube clips. Nozinja is responsible for the breakneck speed of Shangaan Electro, responding to public demand for faster rhythms since opening his studio in 2005, even creating "boy bands" like the boiler-suited and clown mask-wearing Tshetsha Boys and producing for the rest of the artists included here. To be fair, this music is still a totally niche prospect, but initial reactions from friends we would never expect to like it have been as immediate as the music itself and there's no denying this will be one of the years most lauded albums among adventurous listeners. This is genuinely some of the most exciting music you'll hear this year, and alongside the Footwork/Juke craze currently taking hold, you'll have heard little like it before. ESSENTIAL PURCHASE!"

Tshetsha Boys - Nwa Pfundla:

Mancingelani - Vana Vasesi:

Masterclasses in the UK!

Propellerhead Software and UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd are proud to present Reason + Record masterclasses in the UK this month featuring James Bernard.

James Bernard is Propellerhead's artist relations manager and general Propellerhead Guru. This is your opportunity to gather valuable nuggets of knowledge, and discover the hints and tips of artists and power users from around the world. James will feature Reason on its own, and in combination with Propellerhead's new Record software. Imagine Reason with superpowers ... because that's exactly what you get when you add Propellerhead Record to the mix.

Monday 19th July, 7pm
Absolute Music, Poole

Tuesday 20th July, 5pm & 7pm
Digital Village, Clapham, London

Thursday 22nd July, 7.30 pm
Production Room, Leeds

Friday 23rd July, 7pm
Sounds Live, Newcastle

Saturday 24th July, 3pm
GG Digital, Glasgow

Free Soul School ReFill and giveaways on the night
As an added bonus, anybody purchasing a Propellerhead product at any of the events will receive a Propellerhead Soul School ReFill worth £69 free of charge, plus there will be free Propellerhead T-Shirt giveaways to pre-registered attendees (see link below). See Reason 5 and Record 1.5 Previews too!

Register at

Wednesday, July 7

Introducing a new ReFill - this time we're going for analog!

Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The analog synth freaks.
The ones who doesn't change things. The ones who like them the way they
were... :) Here's the Prophet 5. Revision 3.2. Sampled and neatly packaged
into a Reason 4 ReFill. Due for release July 20 2010.

Reason 5 and Record 1.5 Release Date...

It's official - 25th August!

OK, so we have finally made Golden Masters of Reason 5 and Record 1.5. These were sent over to Austria for duplication yesterday. Things are looking good and the Stampfer machine is rolling along in true Austrian fashion. My guess is that we manage to give the good people over there a new emotional connotation to the word “checksum”.

I would like to thank all the stars that were aligned in zenith and the goat whose intestine are now spread around my keyboard as scarifies to the gods.

25th August is when the official release will take place for Reason 5 and Record 1.5. This is also when you will be able to download the demo of these precious babies. Or to quote every single release in the musical instrument industry "This will change everything" (again).

Have a nice summer,