Sunday, April 29

Where is this Leading Me

Reason user, composer, sound designer and all around good bloke Adam Fielding has found a home for his ambient project! "And All Is As It Should Be" will come out later this year on Lost Language Recordings and features the track below "Where is this Leading Me".
"Ambient album has been signed... which is incredibly satisfying as it basically started life as a small EP project that I did purely for the enjoyment, which then took on a life of its own and became a full-length album. I was expecting to have to release it independently or something. I was working on it between a couple of other projects, and because it was something I just fancied doing and had to get done in a relatively short space of time it's like a musical snapshot." - Adam Fielding (via Facebook)

Saturday, April 28

Mouse on Mars - Live for All

Mouse on Mars perform live with Ableton Live:
"For the tour supporting their latest album Parastrophics, Mouse on Mars' three live members designed an interactive performance system around three laptops running Ableton Live."

ANIMOOG - Timbres

"Moog's Chief Engineer Cyril Lance lifts the veil off timbres, the essential sound source of Animoog's Anisotropic Synth Engine. ASE allows you to dynamically move through an X/Y space of unique timbres to create a constantly evolving and expressive soundscape. The constantly expanding library of timbres are the key to unlocking the limitless potential of Animoog's 2D soundscapes."

Taylor Deupree's live set-up!

The above picture, of 12k founder Taylor Deupree's live set-up, was posted by Headphone Commute with the message:
"Taylor Deupree's setup and my view of his performance with Ryuichi Sakamoto"

Thursday, April 26

Skanner XT from Native Instruments

Native Instruments has released Skanner XT, "a raucous and exciting synth from the creator of REAKTOR" Stephan Schmitt. For those of us that downloaded the original Skanner at X-mas time, NI is offering a special upgrade price of 50% off! Not bad considering the original was FREE ;-). The new version includes 2 new sound categories (Chiptune and Motion) as well as a slew of new samples!
"SKANNER XT is the wildly unpredictable synth for REAKTOR – part synth, part sampler. SKANNER XT is an untamed beast for highly creative sounds – perfect for earth shattering basses, ethereal pads, and evolving soundscapes. An innovative interface allows for sophisticated control, and includes a preset-morpher for further sound mangling potential."

On This Day...

On this day in 1940 record producer and composer Hansjörg "Giorgio" Moroder was born in Urtijëi, Italy! Giorgio first made a name for himself in Germany in 1969 recording "Looky Looky" for Ariola Records, which was awarded a gold disc the following year. Throughout the 1970s Moroder began using synthesizers more and more in his productions culminating in the disco classics he produced for Donna Summer - "I Feel Love" and "Love to Love You Baby". Giorgio founded Musicland Studios in Munich, which was used by many artists, such as Electric Light Orchestra, Led Zeppelin, Queen and Elton John. He is perhaps most famous now for his movie soundtrack work on films such as Midnight Express, Cat People, Scarface, Superman III and The NeverEnding Story. My own favorite Moroder work is "The Chase Theme" from Midnight Express:

JUPITER-80 Version 2 Synth Adrian Scott Demo

All Hail the Beat!

Author/Director Nelson George takes a look at the legendary Roland TR-808 Drum Machine in this 3 minute feature for Focus Forward Films:
"The sounds of the Roland TR-808 drum machine inspire musicians around the world, even though the device hasn’t been made since 1984 and most of its avid users have never actually seen one."

Tuesday, April 24

How to Build a Controller (Making of The Mojo)

Moldover shows you how to make your own Mojo in less than 10 minutes: _

Ableton Tutorial: Humanize programmed drums

Great new tutorial from innerstatejt on humanizing programmed drums in Ableton Live:

Saturday, April 21

How to build a bass amp combinator in Reason

James Bernard is back with another installment to the Reason Sound Design videos! This time he looks at building a bass amp combinator in Reason:

Download the patch:

Loop Twister (for iPhone & iPad)

This new Loop Twister app looks like it'd be a blast to play with:

Iggy Pop is 65!

Iggy Pop turns 65 years old today! Here's a tv appearance from 1979, which features Iggy wearing a shirt for the last time:

Friday, April 20

Tom Pritchard Sound Design - Portals ReFill

New from Tom Pritchard Sound Design - Portals ReFill:
"Introducing Portals – 50 Combinator pads and atmospheres from Tom Pritchard Sound Design. Take your music to another dimension with glacial pads, evolving glitch textures and otherworldy ambience! These Combinators layer Reason’s Malstrom and Subtractor synthesisers to form organic, evocative tones."

Portals is available now for £5 from

Wednesday, April 18

ReSync: video sync for Reason

Retouch Control has a new application out called ReSync:
"ReSync is an application which allows to sync video to Propellerhead's Reason. ReSync does not use Rewire, so you don't lose any functionality in Reason."

Monday, April 16

Roland Model 101 = Morning Improv

n3bsvid throwing down an early morning improv on a Roland Model 101:

Subtractor Essentials!

Subtractor Essentials is a new Reason ReFill designed by Shaun Wallace from Sonic Elements! Shaun Wallace has worked on numerous projects for Nucleus SoundLab and released droves of sound libraries for everything from the Access Virus TI to Sylenth1, but Subtractor Essentials is his first solo venture for Reason.
"Sonic Elements and Nucleus SoundLab present Subtractor Essentials. Subtractor Essentials is the first in a three part Refill series. Each release will focus on a different synthesizer in Reason. Each release contains production ready combinator templates. These combinators will also help expand upon your existing libraries. There are a wide range of sounds represented in this refill. Each sound makes full use of the Subtractor's FM, Ring, and Phase capabilities to deliver all of the essential sounds needed in today's productions."

220 Patches including:
170 Subtractor Patches
7 Combinator Templates
43 Combinator Variations

Sunday, April 15

Inside Synthesis - FM Synthesis, Part 1

William H taking a look at FM Synthesis:
This is the original first installment of FM Synthesis. It presents a method of understanding FM for those who know subtractive synthesis.

Friday, April 13

How to build a guitar amp combinator in Reason!

Mattias Häggström Gerdt with another installment of Reason Sound Design this time Mattias looks at building guitar amps in Reason:
"Propellerhead's product specialist Mattias Häggström Gerdt brings out the six-string and shows you how you can build a great sounding guitar amp combinator in Reason. A very flexible set-up that can be the basis for a wide array of sounds - from screeching distortion madness to soft overdrive!"

Download the patch @

Squarepusher - 'Dark Steering'

From forthcoming album 'Ufabulum' out 14th/15th May!

Thursday, April 12

Kurt Kurasaki Beat Repeater RE April 2012

Ed "EditEd4TV" Bauman posted a video of a bit of Peff's presentation from last night:


Part 2

Peff - R3bEAT

Peff demonstrated his new "R3bEAT" device last night in San Francisco at the Elite Session with Propellerheads Reason Software at Pyramind Studios. No real descriptions so far of what the coming Rack Extensions device does... but, I'm thinking a Beat Repeater of sorts?
"R3bEAT is a working title. We need to find a name that is less likely to infringe on existing trademarks."

Ed Bauman was on hand and checked out R3bEAT personally:

UPDATE: According to ZionAural on the PUF, R3bEAT is "based on buffer playback" with "different playback modes, including LIVE REVERSE!" Evidently the Rack Extensions device will come with a Lemur template for those of you lucky enough to own an iPad ;-).

*photos courtesy of Alan Strahsburg

Wednesday, April 11

Bluewater VST - Maschine + Twisted Tools Rolodecks

Be sure to check out to check out Brent Kallmer's fantastic look at Twisted Tools Rolodecks with Native Instruments Maschine!

Watch the video @

Now I just have to fight the urge to buy a Mashine Mikro for myself...

Tuesday, April 10

Twisted Tools | Micro Kits MK02 by Glitchmachines

New From Twisted Tools - Micro Kits MK02 by Glitchmachines:
MICRO KITS 02 by GLITCHMACHINES, features 5 meticulously crafted drum kits, perfectly suited for use in glitch hop, IDM, noise and bass music. The collection of kits is made up of aggressive analog and digitally processed sounds brought to you by renowned sound designer and music producer, Ivo Ivanov of Glitchmachines. The sample pack’s kits are formatted for a wide variety of samplers, providing instant inspiration for your music productions. The raw .wav files are included as well, which can be used with nearly any software.


- 5 Drum Kits with 16 sounds each, designed by Glitchmachines.
- Kits for Maschine, Battery/Kontakt, EXS24MK II, Ableton and Reaktor
- 80 24bit/44.1khz WAV Samples

Twisted Tools - - - Glitchmachines

Ned Rush = Drum'N'Breaks MegaCast

Mr. Ned Rush, aka rude_NHS, taking an "epic look into editing, warping and mixing some drum tracks, then resampling, slicing and sequencing into a hardcore drum break of doom."

Dig this sound? Then be sure to pick up the latest rude_NHS ep, Hook at Head Time!

Telefon Tel a Springsteen

Telefon Tel Aviv conjuring up the Bos! Recorded back in the summer of 2009 after the European leg of the Immolate tour, I'm on Fire:

* Telefon Tel Aviv live photo taken by Adam Kissick

Monday, April 9

The Arturia MiniBrute Part 3- Modulation

In Part 3 of Marc Doty's investigation of the Arturia MiniBrute we finally get a look at the MiniBrute's modulation section:

Herbie's Smoking

Herbie Hancock is one of the only musicians I know that can make a keytar look cool:

via imagination

Inside Synthesis - Korg Monotribe Review (with Mods)

Inside Synthesis with a review of the Korg Monotribe with Mods:

Saturday, April 7


NakagawaGakki uploaded this superb video of an EMS Synthi AKS being controlled by a hacked turntable with a hand-drawn sequence disc:
"Custom electronics by NonLinearCircuits. 7 light sensors track on a re purposed scanner rail. 6 Sensors send VC (with potted slew) to the Synthi's 2 inputs. 1 sensor sends a gate to the Envelope Shaper.

Very fun to play.

Recorded straight from the Synthi, no effects, to the camera, for your complete gritty experience.
Further modifications will be VC turntable speed and VC scanner tracking..."

How to create effective transitions in Reason

My man James Bernard is back with a new Reason Sound Design video tutorial, this time on creating effective transitions in Reason!

Check it out:

Download JB's patch here:

Ford really likes Figure

Ford plays around with Figure and decides he "really likes it." Video from lukestark. Do you really like Figure?


Part 1 of a 3 part series on using the Moog Minitaur with Ableton Live! In Part 1, hosted by Moog Product Development Specialist Amos Gaynes, we learn "how to integrate the Minitaur Analog Bass Synthesizer into Ableton Live. Learn how to connect your Minitaur using a multi-channel audio interface, setup your session, and produce a simple track. Part one covers MIDI sequencing, filter automation, using the Minitaur as an external instrument, using the Minitaur Editor to load presets, and how to manually dial in basic sounds."

Dig it:

Friday, April 6

Ean Golden Reviews Figure!

Ean Golden, of, checks out Propellerhead's Figure iOS app! I should mention that there is a "Revert" button on Figure that erases the last input you did on an instrument, which was Ean's one quibble with Figure. You can find the "Revert" button next to erase, when in Record mode. Check it out:

Rumpistol & Red Baron - I'm Not Listening

Danish musician Rumpistol has a new album coming out next week on Project Mooncircle with vocalist Red Baron entitled Floating. Here's the first track I'm Not Listening:

And here's one of my favorite Rumpistol tracks for old time's sake - Refleksion from the album Dynamo, with live footage courtesy of mindwavesmusic:

Thursday, April 5

Clark - Black Stone

Official video for the track Black Stone from Clark's Iradelphic album out now on Warp Records:

Jim Marshall R.I.P.

Dr. Jim Marshall OBE, the founder of Marshall Amplification, passed away this morning at the ripe age of 88. While Marshall began as a drum kit retailer, it was his work with guitar amplification in the early 60s that begat the famous amps that bear his name. The eulogy on reads:
‘It is with profound sorrow that we announce the passing of our beloved founder and leader for the past 50 years, Jim Marshall. While mourning the Guv’nor though, we also salute a legendary man who led a full and truly remarkable life.

‘Jim’s ascent into the history books as ‘the Father of Loud’ and the man responsible for ‘the Sound of Rock’ is a true rags-to-riches tale. Cruelly robbed of his youth by tubercular bones, Jim rose to become one of the four forefathers responsible for creating the tools that allowed rock guitar as we know and love it today to be born. The ground breaking quartet also includes the late, great trio of Leo Fender, Les Paul and Seth Lover – together with Jim, they truly are the cornerstones of all things rock.

‘In addition to the creation of the amps chosen by countless guitar heroes and game changing bands, Jim was also an incredibly humble and generous man who, over the past several decades, has quietly donated many millions of pounds to worthy causes.

‘While the entire Marshall Amplification family mourns Jim’s passing and will miss him tremendously, we all feel richer for having known him and are happy in the knowledge that he is now in a much better place which has just got a whole lot louder!

‘Rest in Peace and thank you Jim.

‘Your memory; the music and joy your amps have brought to countless millions for the past five decades; and that world-famous, omnipresent script logo that proudly bears your name will always live on.’

Wednesday, April 4

Figure for iPhone

Check out the Figure video:

Tuesday, April 3

Figure - Now available in the Apple app store!


Got three minutes and want to make some music?

Figure is the fun music-making app for instant inspiration.

Create an addictive beat before the next bus stop or lay down a beefy bass line while waiting in line at the bank. Figure will have you making music within seconds yet is deep enough for endless play on a transatlantic flight.

Figure highlights
• Make songs with Drums, Bass and Lead Synth
• Play by sliding your finger across the play pad
• Always stay in key and on the beat
• No previous playing skills required
• Tweak and twist your track on the fly
• Sounding amazing has never been this easy
• The sound of Reason on your phone!

Truly designed for mobile user on the go, Figure gives you drums, bass and lead synth, controlled by an incredibly easy to use touch interface that gets you sounding great literally in seconds. Slide your finger across the play pad and hear your bass line play. Tweak the Rhythm, Range and Scale Step wheels to get the result you’re after. Programming drumbeats is just as easy. Set the rhythm and play the drums with your fingers. You won’t want to stop. You won’t believe how amazing you and your phone can sound.

If you are new to music making, getting started making great sounding tracks has never been this easy — and sounded so great!

If you are a seasoned musician – music creation has never been this fun!

The nitty gritty details:
• Bass & lead parts use Reason’s Thor synthesizer
• Drums powered by Reason’s Kong drum machine
• Play in different keys & modes. Set once or change on the fly.
• Increase the Shuffle to loosen up your beats
• Turn up Pump to add a club sound to your tracks
• Adjust levels using Propellerhead’s legendary mixer

** Requirements: works on iPhone 4 or higher, not recommended for iPhone 3GS

03 - Basic Synthesis : Stevie Wonder Moog Bass Tutorial

Here's Marcus James recreating one of my favorite synth sounds of all time in NI's Massive, from Stevie Wonder's Boogie on Reggae Woman:

Rob Papen Blade Harmolator

Rob Papen explaining how the Blade Harmolator works:

Hybriddrumming with Yamaha Artist Merlin Ettore

I don't feature a lot of drum stuff here on Resonant Filter, but this video from Yamaha featuring Merlin Ettore is bad ass:

FreqBeat - experimenting with the Moog FreqBox, MIDI MuRF, Ring Mod, Voyager, Slim Phatty & Korg iElectribe.
"An exploration of Moogerfooger analog beat processing and some interesting Control Voltage tricks that sync filter modulations with the beat."

Monday, April 2

Ned Rush demoing SYNPLE

Mr.Ned Rush showcasing a new M4L Ableton device:
"SYNPLE is a quick and dirty monobass synthesexer. using XY planes to control various parameters, sounds can be made super quick with little effort."


The title says it all, from n3bsvid:

Modular Pedal Tests

Awesome videos from Poppaneedsanap featuring a slew of Moogerfoogers combined into a modular monster...

Part 1:

Part 2:

Dataline - Sweet Potato...Octatrack + Machinedrum

Sweet Potato from Dataline featuring the Machinedream and Octatrak (loaded with OP-1 melodies). Dig it: