Wednesday, November 27

Rack Extension Review!

Today marks the launch of Rack Extension Review! A brand new website specializing in Reason and Rack Extensions, with writing by Kosh Dukai, Brandon Peoples, Brock Mitchell, myself, and Jeremy Janzen. Danny Adler designed the above logo for the site which I think is awesome :-). Be sure to check out my first article for the site - Radical Keys Review. And while you are there enter the contest to win your very own copy of the Tres Rack Extension by FXpansion! I'll be posting the majority of my longer Reason articles over there from now on, but Resonant Filter will still be here to provide you with info, videos and the music that I find alluring on the internet. Peace!

Tuesday, November 26

Elektron Analog Keys - 4 voice polyphonic analog synthesizer

Elektron has released info on their new Analog Keys synthesizer based on the fantastic Analog Four!

"The 100% analog signal path of the four synth voices has been designed for providing a best-in-class analog sound. Two analog oscillators, two sub oscillators, dual analog filters and an analog overdrive circuit per voice provide that inimitable and organic sound. The power is striking."


Tutorial: Resampling in Reason

Re-sampling tutorial for Reason by Dorincourt:

Sunday, November 24

Katsunori UJIIE demos the Arturia MicroBrute!

Katsunori UJIIE, from Music Track JP, without a doubt is my favorite demo presenter on youtube. I have seriously considered learning Japanese just so I can know what he's saying.... Check it:


Tuesday, November 19

"Close to the Glass" a new Notwist song!

This just may be my November jam:

From the forthcoming album "Close to the Glass" by The Notwist, out February 25!

Crash Course for Reason 7!


Jeremy Janzen CEO of Nucleus SoundLab has launched a new one-on-one Reason teaching service thru Helpouts by Google called Crash Course for Reason 7! At just under $20 for a half an hour, this is with out a doubt the quickest way to get up and running with Reason. Of course Jeremy can also cover more advanced topics, as those of you familiar with his Reason Wizardry series no doubt remember. Here's the downlow from the man himself:


"Music is my passion - specifically computer music. I work with Propellerhead Reason every day, creating new sounds for musicians everywhere around the world to use in their next hit song or production. But what really excites me is sharing my knowledge! That's what Crash Course for Reason 7 is all about.

In this Helpout, I'd like to assist you in getting the most out of Reason. Whether that is just getting started with Reason as quickly as possible, learning how to create your own amazing bass in the Thor synthesizer, recording your guitar in the best-possible quality, or I can even act as a second set of ears when mixing or mastering your Reason track."

For more information and an introductory video go to the Crash Course for Reason 7 Helpouts website today!

Mount Kimbie - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

KEXP presents Mount Kimbie live in the studio:

Analog Signature V.4

Soundcells has released version 4 of their Analog Signature ReFill:

"Analog Signature v4 - five vintage beasts for the Reason Rack!

With version 4 of Analog Signature a new member is added to the family: the ROLAND Jupiter 6!

Moog Source, Korg MS20, the Waldorf Microwave 1, the Waldorf Pulse 1, and – from version 4 onwards – the Roland Jupiter 6 have been accurately sampled in such a way that their charming inaccuracies are still there in this perfect Reason environment in which Soundcells took their chance to add polyphony and velocity.
A good balance of retro 1970′ s and 80′ s analog / digital sounds with modern programming makes this ReFill versatile for current styles of music as well as retro …"

Analog Signature v4 Contents:

• 540 combinator patches.
• 276 NNXT patches containing the basic patches which were used to build the combinators.

• 1792 samples, 44 khz / 24bit.
• Samples coming from five classic synthesizer.

Friday, November 15

Parsec Additive Synthesis - Micro Tutorial

A new Micro Tutorial from Propellerhead, this time on the fantastic Parsec Spectral Synthesizer Rack Extension for Reason:


Tuesday, November 5

Duppy Gun on Recording in Jamaica!

Duppy Gun Records a label distributed thru Stones Throw:

"Duppy Gun Productions is a label founded in Portmore, Jamaica, 2011, by Los Angeles musicians Sun Araw (Cameron Stallones) and M. Geddes Gengras. Stallones & Gengras ventured to the island to record an album with roots-reggae chaplains The Congos, and soon began collaborating with the local music community centered around the fishing village of Forum. Duppy Gun came to fruition with the release of a 12-inch Multiply/Earth featuring vocals by Dayone (Carlton Sappleton) and Early One (Alan Pitt) over bugged riddims by the Duppy Founders.

Speaking on future plans, Stallones states: "Currently the DUPPY GUN will bring a steady stream of OUTER ORBIT DANCEHALL SELECTIONS on 12-inch to the public by curating an alchemical bond of warped rid dims from worldwide sources and vocal fire from THE ISLAND."

Monday, November 4

Korg MS-20 mini (Part II & III)

The new Korg MS-20 mini just may be my X-mas gift to myself: