Monday, April 28

Mixer Solo change by Arpeggiator in Reason

Cool YouTube video by Knj Hrd showing Reason's Arp controlling the channels of a mixer:


Wednesday, April 9

Introducing Synchronous


New from Propellerhead - Synchronous:

"Building on the latest Rack Extension technology, Synchronous is an inspiring modulation plug-in that offers rhythmically synced effects that bring your music to life. With the built-in waveform tools, you can easily draw and dial in Distortion, Filter, Reverb, Delay and Level for anything from side-chain pumping and tremolos to beat-repeating and tweaked out wobbles.

Synchronous is available for free for all Reason 7.1 users up until June 30, 2014."


Monday, April 7

Elektron Analog Rytm Leaked!

Mr.Dataline showing off the hotly anticipated Elektron Analog Rytm Drum Machine in performance mode:

"Synthesis and Samples are used in this demo. Wanted to focus on the Performance Mode during this composition. This mode allows you to assign parameters from any tracks to the pads and manipulate them with pressure!"


Saturday, April 5

Enter Ivan!

A new synth built by Tanner Galvin of from the guts of a RadioShack keyboard:


Loop Loft All Stars!

Now this is a jam:

"An epic drum battle (in 7/8) with Omar Hakim, Eric Harland & Mino Cinélu during The Loop Loft All-Stars performance in NYC. More here: loop

The band:

Omar Hakim - Drums

Eric Harland - Drums

Mino Cinélu - Percussion

Mark Kelley - Bass

Doug Wamble - Guitar

Bob Reynolds - Tenor Sax

Recorded live at Guitar Center, NYC on February 27th, 2014."