Saturday, December 26

DSI Prophet 12 Linear FM Synthesis!

I have the new OS loaded up on my P12 and it is now my favorite instrument:



Tuesday, December 1

KRTS - My Head is Jumpin'

Project Mooncircle proving once again why they are one of the greatest labels:


Sunday, November 22

Rhythmic Convolutions 2

Diego Stocco blows minds for a living:


FFS // Rhythmic Convolutions 2" is a set of 200 rhythmic Impulse Responses specifically designed for the processing of beats, synths and instruments with a percussive timbre.



More information @

Saturday, November 14

The Mercedes-Benz Citan as a Mobile Music Studio

Christian Maile and Frieder Maurer take a Citan to the Swabian Alb to lay down a track in one night:



Tuesday, November 10

Monday, August 31

Buchla Music Easel vs MiniPops

Just when I think I have my GAS under control ozashikiTECHNO has to post this video featuring a Korg MiniPops running into a Buchla Music Easel with EHX Hazarai:



Saturday, August 1

Switched On Rhythm!

Switched On in Austin, Texas has this awesome modified Wurlitzer Rhythm box for sale! Includes input triggers and a pitch control for the block sound. In the video it's being controlled bt an Arturia Beatstep Pro:



Monday, June 8

Coming Soon Rob Papen's Vecto RE!

Two of my favourite synthesizers of all time - the Prophet VS and Korg Wavestation AD used Vector Synthesis to create evolving soundscapes by cross-fading between up to four sound sources with an onboard joystick. So when I heard legendary sound designer Rob Papen was bringing Vecto, a Vector Synthesizer, to the Reason Rack I was stoked! And you probably will be as well after hearing these patches:


Saturday, June 6

Tiny Telephone Oakland!

John Vanderslice is opening a new studio in Oakland! World class 23 foot ceilings, a legendary Neve console with daily rates well below market value. You can donate money to this great cause on Kickstarter and even reserve studio time at an even lower rate! Check it:



More info @ Tiny Telephone Oakland Kickstarter!


Monday, June 1

Elektron Overbridge Beta!

The public beta for Elektron's Overbridge software is now available for all A4 and Keys owners! The Rytm version is coming soon along with AU, multiple unit support and a slew of other amazing features that make these three Elektron machines great additions to any one working ITB. One thing I'd like to note to any designers out there - how about that GUI! Here's the down low:



Combine the strengths of Elektron hardware and your music studio software. Pure musical expression. No fuss.

Welcome to Overbridge. The easy way in. Step into a world of vibrant analog sounds, vaster and closer than ever before. The immersive and thoroughly designed Overbridge environment encourages only what matters most. Creativity. Usability. Convenience. Immediacy. A brilliant and more personal sound. Enjoy a true breakthrough.



More information @


Friday, May 15

FabFilter presents... Niels Broos - "Encounters"

Dutch keyboardist/composer/producer Niels Broos performing "Encounters" for FabFilter:



More information on Niels and FabFilter @


Sunday, March 22

Kuja Hivi Karibuni

Wakisubiri Maelekezo Zaidi...


Monday, February 2

Inspired Music Making with Discover and Reason!

This new video made by Ryan Harlin for Propellerhead's Reason software has a fantastic tutorial near the end on time stretching a track that drifts in tempo:



Thursday, January 22

Wednesday, January 21

Rode NTR



RODE have announced a brand new ribbon mic for NAMM dubbed the Rode NTR! Listing at $799 USD, the microphone will include Rode's legendary 10 year warranty and looks like an absolute beauty in the rubberized black enclosure they introduced on last year's NT1. Check it:



"At first glance of the NTR you’re aware that it’s very special and unique – an intricate blend of art and science.

Designed to hang in the world’s finest recording studios and performance halls equally as well as home studio spaces, its existence is a labour of love for RØDE. Every element of the NTR, from the transformer to the ribbon element itself, has been designed and created in-house at RØDE’s headquarters in Sydney, Australia. All with the aim of crafting the finest ribbon microphone available.

Sonically, the NTR is capable of reproducing unprecedented high frequency detail and accuracy, addressing common criticisms of other ribbon microphones, while opening up the possible usage scenarios considerably. This allows it to record sound sources that usually require a more sensitive microphone element."



Rode is also introducing a couple of new shotgun mics perfect for capturing wildlife sounds in the field on a budget:




Tuesday, January 20

Waldorf NAMM News!

Waldorf is one of the most exciting music production companies around in my book. Not content with just following the herd they came out of left field last year releasing the tabletop Streichfett String Synthesizer, which models the cheesy string synths from the 70s used on classic soundtracks and early New Wave hits. This year they have a few more tricks up their collective sleeve with:


1) Nave for VST-AU-RTAS

2) nW1 Wavetable Module for Eurorack systems

3) Attack Drum Synthesizer & Sequencer for iPad

4) Waldorf Edition 2 with new Attack, D-Pole & PPG Wave 2.V






Monday, January 19

Back to the Future!


Moog Music announced this morning the return of the System 55 Modular! Along with it's siblings the 35 and the portable 15. When I was in college I had the pleasure of working with some original R.A.Moog modules and I have to admit they are worth the asking price. How much are they? A year or twos tuition. Here's the down low on the System 55:

"Three years of research and design has culminated in Moog Music recommencing the manufacturing of a limited number of Moog System 55 modular synthesizers. Using all of the original documentation, as well as the original circuit board and art files, Moog engineers have hand-built true recreations of the original instruments based on their 1973 factory specifications.

Each individual module is hand-stuffed and the components are hand-soldered to circuit boards using traditional wiring methods. Each module is then finished with a photo-etched aluminum panel, and placed in its new modular instrument.

This limited reissue of the Moog System 55 modular synthesizer is built to order. Only 55 total units will be made and sold worldwide."






Wednesday, January 7