Thursday, August 4

Nucleus SoundLab's Pantheon III ReFill Now Available!

For the past few months I've been working on a secret project for Nucleus SoundLab - the latest incarnation of the legendary Pantheon series of Reason ReFills, Pantheon III! The Pantheon series has been one of Nucleus SoundLab's most popular projects and for good reason - genre absconding sounds from some of the world's best sound designers using Reason's Thor Polysonic Synthesizer. So when NSL CEO Jeremy Janzen asked me to be a part of the sound design team for Pantheon III I knew I had to bring my A game! And it's a good thing I did - because with a cast of designers like Tom Pritchard (Stompp), Adam Fielding (Distinctive Records), Kirke Godfrey, Clint Grierson (Point Zero Productions), Joseph Mizelle (Zensphere) & Shaun Wallace (Sonic Element) anything less would have been an embarrassment.*-). Spec wise, Pantheon III has 260 unique custom combinators. 36 designed in conjunction with Record 1.5, making them ready for the coming Reason 6 upgrade. And after perusing the patches last night from the other designers, I believe this just might be one of the very best refills available for the Reason platform. With sounds ranging from leads to pads to strange atmospheric modulations there's something in Pantheon III for everyone! Many of theses patches would be right at home on a release from Warp, Hot Flush or Ghostly. While others sound like they were lifted straight from 70s or 80s vinyl! But enough of my chatter. Go to to pick up your copy of Pantheon III today for $49 USD. Or if you don't already own Pantheon I and II, pick up the Pantheon Bundle for a huge savings. And if you're short on cash, make sure to download the demo refill to tide you over until your next check ;-).

Check out the demo video:

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