Wednesday, August 3

Maustaste Soundwelt - Insert & Send Effects Refill V.2

Just saw this on Facebook:

"‎!!! OUT NOW !!!! The Insert & Send Effects Refill – Version 2.0

You need help in a insert effect or need a new special send effect like these from above … When you load these as send as hall so your mouth will bump always open and you will never listen to each other in the reason fsb. word! . And when you need some other great helps in compressing or equing you become 166 Patches all sortet in diffrent folder for your help. This Insert and Send Effects V2 Refill is more a tool and working help by the way refill as a soundbank. I will imagine that it is more a vst plugin for a diffrent ways for help as a normal refill in reason or record.

The Complete Refiill comes with 19,4 MB and 166 patches (over 300 with the ALL EFFECTS FOLDER)"

Download the Insert & Send Effects Refill V.2 @


Marc said...

do you have a copy of that refill on your computer and, if so, are willing to share it on your blog?

unfortunately the owner of maustaste-soundwelt died 3 months ago and his website has taken down.


Lewis.72 said...

Oh that's horribly sad, I didn't know he passed away... R.I.P.

And sadly I don't have his refills to share, perhaps you can hit someone up on the PUF?