Wednesday, June 30

Mick Karn Cancer Appeal Fund

Mick Karn of Japan and Dali's Car fame was recently diagnosed with cancer, from

With great sadness we regret to inform you that Mick has recently been diagnosed with advanced stages of cancer. Mick is currently in a positive mood and undergoing further tests and treatment. His family and friends are close with him, supporting him in practical ways, and surrounding him with their love, friendship and care.

Mick has been struggling financially for some considerable time now and we are hoping that this appeal may help to raise funds for any necessary treatment and perhaps go some way towards providing a small degree of financial support whilst Mick's immediate family provide the care and comfort we would all wish for him. We are hoping that his friends, fans and musical colleagues will, over the coming months, offer any support they feel capable of giving. Quite aside from the sheer brunt of daunting medically-related costs, Mick's clear and major concern is for the security and well being of his wife and young son.

If you would like to make a donation whether as an individual or as a group, you can do so via the paypal link below which has been set up for this sole and express purpose. Any support you are able to give, no matter how small, could make a difference in helping Mick cope during this difficult period. His friends will be looking at a variety of ways to raise funds.

Donate at!

Video courtesy of ecallender

KORG DS-10 PLUS: 'Everyday' By Anthony Seeha

An original song that I wrote myself.
This song uses DUAL MODE in Korg DS-10 Plus. 100% Korg DS-10 Plus!!
I wrote this song right after the last day of the school year.
I consider this song to by my summer theme song. ^-^
Please enjoy!! :D


machine video preview

Machine is a unique compilation album and collaborative effort, produced in
its entirety by the community.
coming soon...

Moog noise

was going to do another bass video, but got a bit lazy and used the
noise from my hand instead. I used a behringer digital delay to
oscilate the signal and had some fun modulating it with the moog
god these things are cool

Tuesday, June 29

Oto Biscuit vs LinnDrum

Just biscuiting some linndrum samples through the oto machines biscuit

Melted Zone

Commissioned by Lock Tavern & Becks
Direction by Konx-om-Pax
Sound Design by Hudson Mohawke

Nike Stadium @ Firmament

Filmed and edited by Ken-Tonio Yamamoto Music by Apparat and PHON.O

Saturday, June 26

Reason Micro Tutorial - Dr. Octo Rex

The new Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player lets you load up to 8 REX loops into a single player but it's so
much more than that. This tutorial gets you up close and personal with the machine that will redefine
how you use REX loops in your production.

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 19: Breaking Out of Writer's Block

All of us have experienced some sort of writer's block at one point or another... and I have found
that there are some features of Reason and Record that help to break me out of that block and get
back to composing. This week I talk a bit about the Alter Note/Alter Pattern functions and
using the ReGroove Mixer to inspire new ideas.

Tuesday, June 22

Nightshift from New Atlantis Audio

Received an e-mail from Theodore, over at New Atlantis Audio, over the weekend about his latest refill, Nightshift! I'm hoping to procure a copy for a video review soon, in the mean-time here's some information on Nightshift:

Our latest release is called "Nightshift", and is based around a bunch of overnight field recording sessions we did at some of the biggest, spookiest places we could get in to. Abandoned factories, underground tunnel systems, an old foundry and more. We captured creaking machines, giant pulley systems, huge steam pipes, blast furnaces, acid baths, antique machinery of all kinds. One of the places even came with its own creepy ass crow on the roof, sometimes you just get lucky like that. Those field recordings were processed, mixed and mutilated in varying degrees to create this super unique, super atmospheric library that definitely sets a haunting tone with a totally original vibe.

This is our largest collection yet, weighing it at a healthy 1.2 GB, with just over 250 audio files ranging from short, fast moving effects and buildups, to long playing evolving soundscapes that bend, twist and morph all over the place - some are almost 3 minutes long! There is a tremendous amount to explore inside this library and we can't wait to hear what you do with it. We know many of you are doing scoring work for tv and games with our sounds and this collection will definitely be a killer toolset to have for those kinds of projects. While the audio content is most definitely the star of the show, we also included a little Reason ReFill with a handful of playable Combinators and a drum kit made from these found sounds. Head over to for demos and details.

Stompp Padmosphere ReFill

Stompp Presents: Free ReFill - PADMOSPHERE.
"Hey Tom, could you make some neat atmospheric and pad patches today?"
"You say that like I have nothing better to do."
"You have nothing better to do."
"Oh yeah."


Programmed in just a single day, 10 fat atmospheric and pad combinators!


For a day's work these are some pretty hefty patches, so, you know, enjoy! :3

Much love,

Also massive thanks to my friend Esselfortium for the extremely super awesome Combinator backdrop he has made for my new free ReFills!

Friday, June 18

A Look at Filter Research 2 (Part 1)

Here's a look at a few of the patches I designed for Nucleus SoundLab's Filter
Research 2 Reason ReFill
. This effects based ReFill is available thru Nucleus
SoundLab directly and thru the Prop Shop for $59 USD. Thanks for checking it out!

Thursday, June 17

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 18: Using the Beat Repeater Effect

This week I show how to use the Beat Repeater effect from the Record Sound
Bank and how to tweak it using any USB control surface... urface... urface......
Reason users can download the patch from this link:

James Bernard - Propellerheads Product Specialist

More info on Digital Genome!

Received an e-mail from Harald a bit ago with some more info on Digital Genome:

Soundcells started working on this ReFill late 2008. "Digital Genome" slowly matured towards the final form in which it is now:

In modern molecular biology, the genome is the entirety of an organism´s hereditary information. It is encoded either in DNA or in case of this fine ReFill it´s the AMIGA1200 encoded in Reason´s NNXT samples. The AMIGA1200 (code-named ‘Channel Z‘) with it´s 8-bit Paula chip was extremely popular among producers all over the world in the early nineties. Using a specific trick it was possible to make recordings at 14-bit. "Digital Genome" picks up the thread where Soundcells left with "bitBUMPER deluxe" with it´s funky, housy and spacy lo-fi character! Warm, gritty, sleezy, dangerous and nostalgic are the keywords. This ReFill can be used as a full workstation since everything the old Amiga had to offer is in there: basses, keys, lead synths, warm pads and enough drums and percussion to eat your heart out. And do not forget the wonderful FX section - check the mp3 demos to convince yourself. The 150+ Genome combinators are conveniently built up with the right button functionality.

‘Digital Genome‘ Contents:

- 153 combinator patches, great for many different styles of music.
- 6 different folders: Bass, FX, Keys, Leads, Miscellaneous, Pads.
- 171 NNXT patches containing the basic sounds which were used for the combinators.
- 230 original AMIGA1200 samples, 178 MB uncompressed.
- 21 fresh and great useable rex loops.

Very cool! Now the Amiga 1200 this refill is sampled from was Commodore's third computer, released in 1992. However the sound chip was based on the earlier A-1000 model. And in reality the Amiga 1200 was technically similar to the Atari Falcon computer as well. What does this mean? The Amiga 1200 chipset is capable of some serious lo-fi digital grit! Check out Digital Genome at

Reason Micro Tutorial - Kong Basics

Here's a new micro tutorial from the Props on Kong! Now according to the NDA
I can't tell you how incredibly cool this new drum designer is or how much I'm
enjoying playing with the Reason 5 demo, so I haven't ;-).
Check it:

Kong is indeed a beast of a machine and in this micro tutorial we scratch the
surface to learn about the parts that make up this gorilla-sized drum machine.
More detailed tutorials will follow.

Reason & Record: Meet the Propellerheads

Why did Reason turn out like it did? What kind of thinking was behind the
latest version of Reason and Record? Meet the Propellerheads and get some
of the inside story on how we create our software.

Wednesday, June 16

Jeff Mills - The Occurrence

Jeff Mills latest release, The Occurrence, is a hybrid cd/vinyl release:

zZz is playing: Grip

Cool video for the song Grip from zZz. Saw this band play in Chicago a number
of years ago with Red Eyed Legends. They put on a killer set, using just an old
combo organ, drum kit, and a Roland MC-505 Groovebox. Check it:


Digital Genome from SOUNDCELLS!

Received an email this morning from Harald at SOUNDCELLS about his newest refill, Digital Genome, a soundbank for Reason based on the Amiga1200 chip! Exactly the kind of Lo-fi gritty sound that gets me excited:

Dear Reason / Record Users,

it took some time - but now it´s done:

"Digital Genome" has been released today!

This fine ReFill, wherein the AMIGA1200 is encoded in Reason´s NNXT samples, picks up the thread where we left with "bitBUMPER deluxe" with it´s funky, housy and spacy lo-fi character! It sounds warm, gritty, sleezy, dangerous and nostalgic - please check the mp3 demos to convince yourself.

"Digital Genome" is on sale until July 15!

Enough words - visit the product page :0)

King regards,
Harald // Soundcells

Nucleus SoundLab's Filter Research 2

Check out the brand-new Filter Research 2 effects ReFill - for Reason 4 and Record.

For more information and to purchase, see the product page at:

Tuesday, June 15

Glitch Combing Aftermath

Nutcase Glitching effects using comb Thor Enjoy!

Filter Research 2 - NSL MURFY

Here's the video documentation for a patch from Nucleus SoundLab's
newest ReFill, Filter Research 2, which comes out tomorrow!

This is an excerpt from the Video Documentation that comes with the Nucleus
SoundLab Filter Research 2 ReFill. Each one of the 5 Epic Combinators included
has detailed video docs - totalling more than 90 minutes!

Watch this video to learn more about the NSL MurFy effect - based on the MIDI
MURF hardware effect by Moog.

Monday, June 14

Glitch Combing

Nutcase Glitching effects using comb filtering. Enjoy!

Ableton Live, How to bounce clip to audio..

In this video we look at how to bounce a MIDI instrument and a variety of
effects to a single audio clip using Live's freeze track feature. This is a
response to a discussion in my Advanced Music Production course at Check it out here:

Demo of New "Alicia's Keys" Plug-in from Native Instruments

A demo of the Alicia's Keys plug-in from Native Instruments, which features
detailed samples of Alicia's Yamaha C3 Neo grand piano (one of only 3 in thes
world). Alicia actually used this plug-in instead of her piano on her last album.
There's convolution reverb included too.

4 - Voyager Instructional Videos - Filters

If you're an experienced Voyager player or are just thinking about
taking the step up to one, these videos are for you. Brian Kehew
(Moog Cookbook, The Who) unlocks the mystery behind every knob,
switch, and button, revealing the secrets to putting your finger in
the electronic pulse.

These videos taken from the Moog Sonic Infinity Series DVD collection
are an easy way to learn more about this iconic synthesizer and about
synthesis in general.

For more information, visit

Propellerhead Record + Line 6 FBV Foot Controller: Live Guitar Looping

From Matt's blog at

Line 6's Propellerhead Product Specialist Matt Piper demonstrates
live guitar loop recording with the Line 6 FBV Shortboard MkII Foot
Controller and Propellerhead Record + Reason.

The bass and drums in the track are from Propellerhead's Reason
Soul School ReFill.

Emergens 0.1

Flipping between Thunderbird and Pi-heptomino in Glitch Sequencer which
sends out midi to a Novation Supernova.

Max4Live - Random Note On CC Generator

Here's a demo of a new plugin I've developed for max4live.

Sunday, June 13


Semesterprojekt „Interactive Installations”
Sommersemester 2010
Hochschule Darmstadt (h_da)
Dozent: Martin Schuster

Kammerflimmern is an interactive installation that deals with the relationship
of humans and machines.

The visitors heartrate is measured and converted to a midi clock signal which
is fed into a sequencer which creates a symphony of machine sounds.

Furthermore on every heartbeat some air is mixed into a circuit of liquid to
visualize the pump function of the heart.

The project was realized using
- an old bike computer to measure the heartrate
- an arduino board to get the data into the software
- puredata to convert the signal to a midi note
- midiclock-software to generate a midi clock signal
- native instruments Maschine to generate the actual sounds

Techno in 6 sounds using nanoloop

Nanoloop is an app for the iphone/ipad, it is a 6 part sequencer
with sounds synthesized using FM, noise, pulse or sample. You
can find out more about it by visiting

This is my first attempt at using it for a track, it is quite easy to
use and very minimal but quite interesting and a lot of fun. If
you have an ipod touch, iphone or ipad and enjoy making music
it is well worth checking out.

Daren Ager

Saturday, June 12

Stompp Composer

New from the mind of Tom Pritchard, aka Stompp, comes Stompp Composer! An awesome refill for Reason/record that helps users come up with unique and original melodies based on different scales, modes, and ragas. What a great idea! Is it just me or can this guy do no wrong? Seriously I think he might sh*t symphonies. Check it:

Hello everyone! I have been quiet for some time, but having finished my degree I'm now getting back into making free patches. This is the first in what I hope to be a whole load of new freebies. This time around it's more of a tool than a usual sound patch, so please read the following carefully, absorb inwardly and enjoy.

Recently I've been finding it hard to come up with musical ideas. Inspired by my Kaosillator, I thought I'd program something to get the ideas flowing. It worked quite well, figured I'd share it!

The Kaosillator itself comes with a built in series of modes, which can be transposed up or down to your heart's content. The idea is that by selecting a different mode and playing about, you won't be able to hit a wrong note on the Kaoss Pad and musical ideas will leap out at you as you play - which they do!

What I have done is to take most of these modes and sequence each into a Matrix Pattern Sequencer Pattern inside a Combinator.

Here's how it's supposed to work.

There are 25 combinators in this ReFill. Each one is programmed to play a distinct mode. Here are all the modes with their notes when in the default pitch (starting from C), as according to the Program Category List that comes with the Kaossilator.

Ionian - C D E F G A B C
Dorian - C D Eb F G A Bb C
Phrygian - C Db Eb F G Ab Bb C
Lydian - C D E F# G A B C
Mixolydian - C D E F G A Bb C
Aeolian - C D Eb F G Ab Bb C
Locrian - C Db Eb F Gb Ab Bb C
Major Blues - C Eb E G A Bb C
Minor Blues - C Eb F Gb G Bb C
Diminish - C D Eb F F# G# A B C
Combination Diminish - C Db Eb E F# G A Bb C
Major Pentatonic - C D E G A C
Minor Pentatonic - C Eb F G Bb C
Raga Bhairav - C Db E F G Ab B C
Raga Gamanasrama - C Db E F# G A B C
Raga Todi - C Db Eb F# G Ab B C
Spanish Scale - C Db E F G Ab Bb C
Gypsy Scale - C D Eb F# G Ab B C
Arabian Scale - C D E F Gb Ab Bb C
Egyptian Scale - C D F G Bb C
Hawaiian Scale - C D Eb G A C
Bali Island Pelog - C Db Eb G Ab C
Japanese Miyakobushi - C Db F G Ab C
Ryukyu Scale - C E F G B C
Wholetone - C D E Gb Ab Bb C

The first pattern of each combinator has one of these modes programmed as an ascending scale. The Matrix is hooked up to the Combinator's CV and Gate input, so that when you run the pattern, whatever is inside your Combinator will be played by the Matrix.

Here's the fun part!

Right click on the Matrix pattern and select Alter Pattern. This will randomise the notes within the current mode. Simply drag in the gate triggers and lengths as you desire at the bottom, and voila! An instant, musically pleasing pattern. Want more variations? Just copy the pattern to another pattern slot, alter the notes again, and tada! Instant variation. Rotary 1 is set to cycle through all available pattern slots, so copy and paste all the patterns you like and switch between them using Rotary 1!

This technique allows you to very quickly create musically pleasing sequences that will work in harmony together. To transpose your mode, simply right click the pattern and select shift pattern up or shift pattern down until you reach the scale you are looking for.

I have included a fairly simple little synth in the patches to demonstrate the potential for these modes - if you like this, please do feel free to use it. To use these patches with other sounds, simply delete my synth and load the relevant devices into the Combinator (don't forget to hook them up to the Line Mixer).

Much love everybody, hope these are useful! I'll be back soon with a proper soundbank.

Download Stompp Composer on the PUF!

Particles 1-4





particles with: javascript, max/jitter
sound with: ableton live

Jacob Rendell

Virus TI Richard Devine Signature Set 2 Mini Teaser

Just three Sounds and a drum loop. This future set will be full of nastiness,
dirty basses, screaming leads, sequencer style patterns and effects.


Saw this on and really dug it:

Prophet 5 REV 2 Improvisation with Video Montage

Created for my good friend Nap. Lines only buddy.

Signal flow is: PROPHET 5==>SRE-555 Tape Echo==> Siemens 295b EQ ==>
Eventide 2016 Reverb==> Prism Orpheus AD/DA

Left Channel is SRE-555 Output A, Right channel is SRE-555 Output B.
Chorus is output from A+B. Spring Reverb is output from B.
Tape Delay is Output B. Direct Signal is output A.

All video shot with a Nikon D90 using a Nikkor 1.4 Aperture 50mm lens,
along with 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G zoom.

On this day...

On this day in 1979, Robin Miriam Carlsson, better known by her stage name's spelling: Robyn, was born in Stockholm, Sweden into a family of actors. Robyn got her own start in show business at the age of twelve recording the theme song for the Swedish television show Lilla Sportspegeln. A few years later, at the age of sixteen, Robyn signed a recording contract with RCA and became internationally popular with the single "Show Me Love". However, it was Robyn's self released fourth album, Robyn, that solidified her career and brought about her own sound, a combination of electronica, R&B, and Hip Hop - in no small part to her collaborators Klas Åhlund from Teddybears STHLM, Swedish duo The Knife and former Cheiron producer Alexander Kronlund. Later this week Robyn's fifth album, Body Talk Pt.1, will be released on her own Konichiwa Records label. The album features tracks produced by Diplo, Röyksopp, and Klas Åhlund. Below is a video of her performing the song "Show Me Love" on the streets of Stockholm:

From the SVT program "Dom kallar oss artister" ("They call us artists"). Enjoy.

Friday, June 11

Merger & Splitter de Reason

une part:

deux part:

Pour prendre des cours privés en ligne avec moi, veuillez lire la procédure
indiquée à cette adresse :

Reason France Le Site :

Holding you Close

Song and Video made by Thomas Piper. Using Max 4 Live, Live clip chopper.
Launchpad & Melodyne to remove Graham Nash's Vocal and put mine in Etc.
Scenes with Launchpad done in real time

Vocals By Thomas Piper & Sample of Crosby Stills & Nash
You can purchase the song here.

52 R & R Tips Week 17: Becoming an NN-XT Super User!

Live Sampling is coming in Reason 5, and since we will all be sampling like
madmen, I wanted to cover some NN-XT sampler tips and tricks. This week
I dig in my own toolbox of production tricks, when using the NN-XT. Ever
wonder how to get a stutter or glitch edit on a vocal... maybe you want to
play the sound of a TR-808 kick drum as a bassline... all this and more is
covered in detail in this weeks episode.

James Bernard - Propellerheads Product Specialist

Moog Source Magic

Sonic Gesture with Ableton

This is Sonic Gesture, trained with 28 unique hand symbols.
The program outputs OSC, which is translated into MIDI by OSCulator.
This midi is then played by Ableton Live.

More info about Sonic Gesture can be found on the website:

4-Step Micro Sequencer

Built-in "Pepper-monaka" is USB to MIDI physical computing device.

Thursday, June 10

Coming soon from Nucleus SoundLab...


A tiny music video/promo for the
first release on the DUB45 netlabel
Suizen - Cartesian Space

a 90 second version of the B1 mix

HISSandaROAR's Seal Vocals

Seal Vocals a new sound library from HISSandaROAR.

Kamoni: Live Wobble Massive

An audio teaser for Kamoni's Live Wobble Massive. Booking now for 2010-2011

All of Kamoni's music is recorded and performed live and in real-time. No pre-
recorded loops are used although a laborious process of pre-production sound
programming is involved for each sequence.

On stage, Kamoni's solo assemblage of jungle beats, cerebral sounds, and
chopped up samples has received an international audience as he implements a
unique, dynamic use of percussion hardware controllers, synthesizers and software.
In recent years he has performed throughout North America and Europe as his
work has been featured in Electronic Musician, Sound on Sound, XLR8R, Remix,
Computer Music, Knowledge, Keys and other publications.

KORG monotron (mod.) demo

At the mtm05 Tokyo Japan. Demonstration by denha.

Wednesday, June 9

Ned Rush = Hack Reason

quasi sample based delay experiments.
be sure to try it live in Record with a mic input.

Beat Creation with Maschine 1.5

Once again F Major building a beat from scratch on Maschine version 1.5.
This time using exclusively the sounds from the Maschine sound library.
This is not a tutorial - it simply shows how fast and hands-on Maschine
is for creating music.
For more information, go to:

animalvideo - KOTORI REC


Thickening Up the Moog Voyager

From CL516 BLOG.
Youtube killed the sound.
Better quality here @

eleven tigers 'Clouds Are Mountains' preview

Order your early bird CD here:

eleven tigers live set rehearsal:

Tuesday, June 8

ipad meets uw part 1

running the app ssquares thru the machinedrum, resampling it
and generally messing about.

Monday, June 7

The Demonstrated Way (Music Video)

Music video of my song "The Demonstrated Way". The message?
Everyday is Saturday... this is how it's done... Feel it... Do!

AGS - Vinte Seios Mae Porco

Rebirth test run

Bitches Brew!

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the original release of Bitches Brew, Miles Davis' 1970 paradigm-shifting landmark fusion breakthrough, Delaware's Dogfish Head Craft Brewery has created its own 'Bitches Brew' - a bold, dark beer that's a fusion of three threads imperial stout and one thread honey beer with gesho root, a gustatory analog to Miles' masterpiece.

Birth of the Brew:

Video courtesy of avs002

mini ark polyphonic

For more videos go to

Selfmachine - I Blame Coco

I'm really digging on Sting's daughter lately, interesting how she sings in a
similar fashion to him on this song - "day-o":

I Blame Coco releases her new single Selfmachine on the 11th july. Available on
download and 10" vinyl. The vinyl is available to pre-order from Rough Trade

La Roux Remix:

Sonic Charge Patternarium w/ Torley

Cantina 2010

adidas Originals invites you to join David Beckham, Daft Punk, Snoop Dogg,
Franz Beckenbauer, Noel Gallagher, Ian Brown, Ciara, Jay Baruchel, DJ Neil
Armstrong and some of your dear, old friends for an intergalactic 2010 FIFA
World Cup™ viewing party that you'll never forget.

Sunday, June 6

Creating a Pendulum drum and bass beat like Watercolour in Reason/Record

This quick tutorial shows how to create a basic DnB beat, like the
one from Pendulum's Watercolour, in Propellerhead Reason.
It covers principles of layering samples and using EQ and compression
to create composite kick and snare sounds, as well as which beat
to place them on and how to tweak panning to get the right effect.
The full script for the tutorial is at
along with other lessons and tips and my own music!


A Quick Tip For The Subtractive Synthesis In Reason

My friend, Callum, assisted me in sharing this valuable knowledge
with the world. I am using Propellerhead Reason


Multiply Gates

Splitting a square (pulse) wave into two pulses with an inverter.
This is multiplying the original pulse into two pulses. The opposite
of gate division, which makes one pulse for every two original pulses.


Ghost Radio

This 1940s Pye Wireless Radio has been picking up broadcasts from that era at the Montrose Air Station in Scotland without power. According to trustee Bob Sutherland:

"If there was a transmitter nearby you'd think it might pick up Radio One or something, but I know what we heard. It went on for half an hour on and off. But the aerial is out anyway. We've had the back off and the technicians said there was nothing but cobwebs and spiders."

Read more @

Tin Can Contact Mics

Contact Piezo Microphones made from reused tin cans, perfectly sealed back up. Can be used to pick up and amplify mechanical vibrations.

Various sizes and shapes, yours will be chosen randomly.

Each is tested before shipping

$7 @ Makers Market from the people at

Why aren't American commercials cool like this...

Saturday, June 5

The Akkord Sequencer in Reaktor by Native Instruments

Launchpad x 4

Read you can add 6 launchpads up so i figured i'd see what i could do, only
managed to borrow 2 more, got my mate to film it with his cameras. Looks
fairly sick in the end.


Friday, June 4

Boiler Room #11 Kai (Mount Kimbie)

Boiler Room #11 Hosted by Mr Wonderful and The bPm
w/ special guests and friends Kai (Mount Kimbie), Major Dude
and Ethan Saunders.

For full track listing, podcast and photos please visit: Platform

Trailer Voice from Sonokinetic

Trailer Voice

We’re proud to present, Voice over cues for promos, trailers, event introductions, dvd and cd presentations, sports events, launches, epic entries, teasers, world premiers, song enhancement and more impressive narrative moments.
If you need to make an impact. Want to blow your audience away. Make an everlasting impression on your clients, sweep all your competitors of their feet. Or simply blow a whole in the theatres roof. You should add some of the “Trailer Voice” by Sonokinetic to your productions.
Created by the high quality standards of our professional public relation experts, vocal specialists, commercial advisers, recording specialist, sound designers and composers, this library contains a broad feature of generic and catchy quotes and phrases. Three top notch professional experienced and award winning voice actors spent weeks recording this royalty free collection of speech samples. Giving their all and performing to the best they have to offer for this unique and one of a kind sound design library. Trailer Voice by Sonokinetic build this library around two talented male voice experts and one beautiful sounding professional female narrator .This library provides a broad sound pallet of voice styles en timbres.
Each voice collection is divided in different styles. Which will give you an inspiration on giving you the most impressive, authoritative,hard hitting “Hollywood ” warm, mystical and mysterious sound.


3 Voices; 2 male , 1 female
400+ original quotes , cues, words, phrases and sentences. Easy to use and with a wide range generality
Each take has been recording in at least 2 versions up to 8 takes to give you a brought rage of interpretations to choose from.
5 vocal styles (divided over the voices). Trailer Style, Mystical, Casual, Amusing and Authoritative epic
Each vocal samples folder is provided into two mix settings. Dry and Wet.
With over 10.000 voice over samples files making this the most affordable and dedicated voice over library out there.
The “Trailer Voice Manual” .pdf
“The Voice Of God” tutorial. A walkthrough on creating a subbass deep Godlike voice in Logic Pro.
Bonus folder (inside the Tutorial) with edited voice over cues from Jasen into the “Voice Of God”. (Logic Pro file and pdf)
Trailer Voice scripts. The male and female script produced by Sonokinetic. (.pdf)
A license and agreement on the royalty free samples (.pdf)
The impulse response from the Sonokinetic Recording stage for Logic Pro Spacedesigner
High resolution Art work for the “Trailer Voice” dvd.
all files in 44.1 kHz , 24 Bit wave format
All samples are organized into folders and named alphabetically.
Each file contains information about the style, text, recording take and mix setting.

TrailerVoice by sonokinetic

Complex Effect Combinator in Reason and Record

How to build complex effects combinators in Reason and Record. for more Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials for Today's Musician.

52 Reason / Record Tips- Week 16: How to Hook Up and Use A Vocoder

When James goes out to give Reason presentations and demos, he gets one
question more often than anything else: "How do I hook up this very cool
Vocoder that makes no sound when I try to use it?" Vocoders are neat but
they don't work the way we're used to synths working at first glance. There
are no oscillators or LFOs... there are instead Carriers and Modulators...
bands... and other weirdness. But this week James breaks it all down simply
and he'll have you getting in touch with your inner-robot in no time!

James Bernard - Propellerheads Product Specialist

Thursday, June 3

Mount Kimbie

Just when I get bored with music Mount Kimbie comes along
and reminds me why it is so important...

Videos courtesy of HotflushUK, thebigchillfestival and StaleTale

Novation Launchpad advanced configuration - Part 1

As I start digging into the launchpad I am trying to create a fun setup for playing
with drum loops live. To achieve this I really needed monetary CC control
values on some pads, as oppose to the default toggle behavior.
In order to set this up we need to use Novation's Automap software. All the
reading I could find pointed to me having to choose either the native Launchpad
configuration (with session mode etc.) OR the Automap configuration to get my
monetary controls. However this is not the case! There is a way to switch between
the two different setups on the fly. If you have a Launchpad and dont know how
to do this I highly recommend you check out this episode!

Please subscribe, comment and rate here:


Tenori is driving 303. Tenori-On (Midi Sequence)
Futureretro Orb (Convert Cv/Gate)
TB-303 Mod (Cv/Gate In)


Ned Rush = Hack Reason


Reason Patch A Day Refill Review by Reason 101

Robb Neumann's great new Refill package showcasing all his patchwork from
the past year and a half is available for a donation on his website.
This is a review of just a few of his patches. There's Malstrom Sounds, Thor
and Subtractor Synths, all sorts of FX and about 500 patches or so. You really
can't miss out on this one!

Reason 101

Wednesday, June 2

Explode Your Lanes and Regroove Your Drums

This video shows you how to use Propellerhead Record to Explode
a Redrum kit into different drum lanes and then apply some Regroove
to each lane. A very quick and easy tip that is sure to improve your
production workflow.

Tuesday, June 1

cokabit doepfer maq 16/3 jp8080 dub session mix 1juni 2010

test with doepfer maq16/3 & Roland JP8080 DUB SESSION ;)

Berna Jam

One creative thing today in a year of creative things.

Berna is this really rare application that emulates a 1950’s electronic
music studio. It’s based on the methods used in the early days of
sound synthesis to make musique concrete. You have 4 reel to reel tape
recorders in the upper right hand corner that you can route anything to.
You record loops and play with playback speed all the while sending it
through vintage radiophonic-style filters. It sounds amazing and last
night I really had to stop myself or else I would’ve been up all night
messing around with it.

Venetian Rex

a patch i made to randomly toggle between different rex loops,
plus a few effects.