Monday, August 8

micronaut - oxide

Chris Randall posted a new live micronaut piece to Analog Industries today and it is absolutely lovely:

"For this one, I busted out the TSR-8 tape deck. I'm only using Live for MIDI sequencing in this video. This is all done live, in real time, direct to tape. I then mixed from the deck on a small analog console.

The iPad is stuck in an Alesis iO Dock, and is running Korg iMS-20. This provides the hat and zap sounds in the beginning, and the kick and clap sounds a little later on. The Monotribe is doing the 16th note snare pattern, and the synth arpeggio thing that comes in at 3:30 or so.

The big synth sound in the beginning is the DSI TETR4, and that off-beat digital-sounding sound is the MeeBlip running through my circuit-bent RRV-10. The Doepfer stuff is sequenced by the MakeNoise René, and the real MS-20 is sequenced by the uStep from Intellijel."
-Chris Randall

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