Tuesday, December 31

Top 5 Rack Extensions of 2013!

Check out my list of the Top 5 Rack Extensions of 2013 on Rack Extension Review! Be sure to tell me some of yours in the comments :-).


Monday, December 23

Reason 101 Visual Guide to the Reason Rack Review!

Check out my article on Robert Anselmi's Reason 101 Visual Guide to the Reason Rack on Rack Extension Review!

Wednesday, December 18

Rob Papen PunchBD RE introduction


Rob Papen has released the new PunchBD Rack Extension for Reason, a kick drum powerhouse! Check it:

"PunchBD-RE is a versatile and easy to use bass drum synthesizer for your Reason Rack. With PunchBD-RE you get two modelled synthesizer drum modules, a click/noise module and a sample module to help you shape the main beat for your productions. From Dance and electronic and Hiphop to soundtrack. PunchBD-RE has it covered.

With further filters, envelopes, modulation routings and CV on the back you can take your bass drum sounds one step further to provide a solid sound to your productions. The bass drum is an essential part of building a track and this is where PunchBD-RE will deliver!

Introduction price until 31st December Euro 39 | USD 49 (after this period Euro 49 | USD 59 )"


Saturday, December 7

Hyperdrive Sounds for Parsec!


Nucleus SoundLab has released the amazing Hyperdrive ReFill for Propellerhead's Parsec Rack Extension. Hyperdrive has 128 Combinator patches and is the bomb-diggity, and I'm not just saying that because I worked on it :-). Check it:

"Hyperdrive contains a full palette of new sounds for Parsec, suitable for a variety of electronic music genres - such as ambient, IDM, trance, or filmscore. Nucleus SoundLab has employed five experienced sound designers to produce a ReFill of truly varied scope. Inside Hyperdrive you'll find their work has produced Blade Runner-esque FX, piercing psychedelic leads, glassy sweeping pads, hybrid Parsec/Thor duets as well deep sci-fi atmospheres.

The same quality customers have come to expect from Nucleus SoundLab is well-represented in Hyperdrive: Unique Combinators with unique Combinator controls; Parsec patches that make up each Combinator are individually available; full categorization of both Combinators and device patches; careful volume-balancing for every single patch. Together, Parsec and Hyperdrive are the perfect combination to propel your electronic music productions to vast new aural galaxies!"

Hyperdrive is available today for $39 USD! More info @ Nucleus-SoundLab.com



Wednesday, December 4

Jon Hopkins Live on KCRW!

Dig it:

"London-based producer Jon Hopkins strikes a perfect balance between melodic and avant-garde composition. We hear songs from his fourth studio album and more on Morning Becomes Eclectic."

Watch / Listen to the full session on www.kcrw.com


EditEd4TV 88mph Volume 3 ReFill for Reason

Another totally tubular ReFill from EditEd4TV! 88mph Volume 3 features 55 Combinators for Reason and Record that Ed specially created for his ReCovers videos on youtube of classic 80's songs, like Modern English's "I Melt with You", Berlin's "Metro" and Nena's "99 Luftballons"! Pick up 88mph Volume 3 today from Baumanproductions.com for $35 USD, or buy all 3 ReFills for only $80.

Monday, December 2

Robert Anselmi's Reason101 Visual Guide to the Reason Rack!


Robert Anselmi has released an all encompassing guide to Reason 7 in book form called Robert Anselmi's Reason101 Visual Guide to the Reason Rack! Consisting of "101 in-depth tutorials focusing on basics, utility constructions, sound design, advanced usage and Rack Extensions. This book is built from the ground up to explore all aspects of the Reason Rack." Expect a full review on Rackextensionreview.com soon, but in the meantime pick up your own copy of Robert Anselmi's Reason101 Visual Guide to the Reason Rack today!