Tuesday, December 31

Top 5 Rack Extensions of 2013!

Check out my list of the Top 5 Rack Extensions of 2013 on Rack Extension Review! Be sure to tell me some of yours in the comments :-).


Monday, December 23

Reason 101 Visual Guide to the Reason Rack Review!

Check out my article on Robert Anselmi's Reason 101 Visual Guide to the Reason Rack on Rack Extension Review!

Wednesday, December 18

Rob Papen PunchBD RE introduction


Rob Papen has released the new PunchBD Rack Extension for Reason, a kick drum powerhouse! Check it:

"PunchBD-RE is a versatile and easy to use bass drum synthesizer for your Reason Rack. With PunchBD-RE you get two modelled synthesizer drum modules, a click/noise module and a sample module to help you shape the main beat for your productions. From Dance and electronic and Hiphop to soundtrack. PunchBD-RE has it covered.

With further filters, envelopes, modulation routings and CV on the back you can take your bass drum sounds one step further to provide a solid sound to your productions. The bass drum is an essential part of building a track and this is where PunchBD-RE will deliver!

Introduction price until 31st December Euro 39 | USD 49 (after this period Euro 49 | USD 59 )"


Saturday, December 7

Hyperdrive Sounds for Parsec!


Nucleus SoundLab has released the amazing Hyperdrive ReFill for Propellerhead's Parsec Rack Extension. Hyperdrive has 128 Combinator patches and is the bomb-diggity, and I'm not just saying that because I worked on it :-). Check it:

"Hyperdrive contains a full palette of new sounds for Parsec, suitable for a variety of electronic music genres - such as ambient, IDM, trance, or filmscore. Nucleus SoundLab has employed five experienced sound designers to produce a ReFill of truly varied scope. Inside Hyperdrive you'll find their work has produced Blade Runner-esque FX, piercing psychedelic leads, glassy sweeping pads, hybrid Parsec/Thor duets as well deep sci-fi atmospheres.

The same quality customers have come to expect from Nucleus SoundLab is well-represented in Hyperdrive: Unique Combinators with unique Combinator controls; Parsec patches that make up each Combinator are individually available; full categorization of both Combinators and device patches; careful volume-balancing for every single patch. Together, Parsec and Hyperdrive are the perfect combination to propel your electronic music productions to vast new aural galaxies!"

Hyperdrive is available today for $39 USD! More info @ Nucleus-SoundLab.com



Wednesday, December 4

Jon Hopkins Live on KCRW!

Dig it:

"London-based producer Jon Hopkins strikes a perfect balance between melodic and avant-garde composition. We hear songs from his fourth studio album and more on Morning Becomes Eclectic."

Watch / Listen to the full session on www.kcrw.com


EditEd4TV 88mph Volume 3 ReFill for Reason

Another totally tubular ReFill from EditEd4TV! 88mph Volume 3 features 55 Combinators for Reason and Record that Ed specially created for his ReCovers videos on youtube of classic 80's songs, like Modern English's "I Melt with You", Berlin's "Metro" and Nena's "99 Luftballons"! Pick up 88mph Volume 3 today from Baumanproductions.com for $35 USD, or buy all 3 ReFills for only $80.

Monday, December 2

Robert Anselmi's Reason101 Visual Guide to the Reason Rack!


Robert Anselmi has released an all encompassing guide to Reason 7 in book form called Robert Anselmi's Reason101 Visual Guide to the Reason Rack! Consisting of "101 in-depth tutorials focusing on basics, utility constructions, sound design, advanced usage and Rack Extensions. This book is built from the ground up to explore all aspects of the Reason Rack." Expect a full review on Rackextensionreview.com soon, but in the meantime pick up your own copy of Robert Anselmi's Reason101 Visual Guide to the Reason Rack today!


Wednesday, November 27

Rack Extension Review!

Today marks the launch of Rack Extension Review! A brand new website specializing in Reason and Rack Extensions, with writing by Kosh Dukai, Brandon Peoples, Brock Mitchell, myself, and Jeremy Janzen. Danny Adler designed the above logo for the site which I think is awesome :-). Be sure to check out my first article for the site - Radical Keys Review. And while you are there enter the contest to win your very own copy of the Tres Rack Extension by FXpansion! I'll be posting the majority of my longer Reason articles over there from now on, but Resonant Filter will still be here to provide you with info, videos and the music that I find alluring on the internet. Peace!

Tuesday, November 26

Elektron Analog Keys - 4 voice polyphonic analog synthesizer

Elektron has released info on their new Analog Keys synthesizer based on the fantastic Analog Four!

"The 100% analog signal path of the four synth voices has been designed for providing a best-in-class analog sound. Two analog oscillators, two sub oscillators, dual analog filters and an analog overdrive circuit per voice provide that inimitable and organic sound. The power is striking."


Tutorial: Resampling in Reason

Re-sampling tutorial for Reason by Dorincourt:

Sunday, November 24

Katsunori UJIIE demos the Arturia MicroBrute!

Katsunori UJIIE, from Music Track JP, without a doubt is my favorite demo presenter on youtube. I have seriously considered learning Japanese just so I can know what he's saying.... Check it:


Tuesday, November 19

"Close to the Glass" a new Notwist song!

This just may be my November jam:

From the forthcoming album "Close to the Glass" by The Notwist, out February 25!

Crash Course for Reason 7!


Jeremy Janzen CEO of Nucleus SoundLab has launched a new one-on-one Reason teaching service thru Helpouts by Google called Crash Course for Reason 7! At just under $20 for a half an hour, this is with out a doubt the quickest way to get up and running with Reason. Of course Jeremy can also cover more advanced topics, as those of you familiar with his Reason Wizardry series no doubt remember. Here's the downlow from the man himself:


"Music is my passion - specifically computer music. I work with Propellerhead Reason every day, creating new sounds for musicians everywhere around the world to use in their next hit song or production. But what really excites me is sharing my knowledge! That's what Crash Course for Reason 7 is all about.

In this Helpout, I'd like to assist you in getting the most out of Reason. Whether that is just getting started with Reason as quickly as possible, learning how to create your own amazing bass in the Thor synthesizer, recording your guitar in the best-possible quality, or I can even act as a second set of ears when mixing or mastering your Reason track."

For more information and an introductory video go to the Crash Course for Reason 7 Helpouts website today!

Mount Kimbie - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

KEXP presents Mount Kimbie live in the studio:

Analog Signature V.4

Soundcells has released version 4 of their Analog Signature ReFill:

"Analog Signature v4 - five vintage beasts for the Reason Rack!

With version 4 of Analog Signature a new member is added to the family: the ROLAND Jupiter 6!

Moog Source, Korg MS20, the Waldorf Microwave 1, the Waldorf Pulse 1, and – from version 4 onwards – the Roland Jupiter 6 have been accurately sampled in such a way that their charming inaccuracies are still there in this perfect Reason environment in which Soundcells took their chance to add polyphony and velocity.
A good balance of retro 1970′ s and 80′ s analog / digital sounds with modern programming makes this ReFill versatile for current styles of music as well as retro …"

Analog Signature v4 Contents:

• 540 combinator patches.
• 276 NNXT patches containing the basic patches which were used to build the combinators.

• 1792 samples, 44 khz / 24bit.
• Samples coming from five classic synthesizer.

Friday, November 15

Parsec Additive Synthesis - Micro Tutorial

A new Micro Tutorial from Propellerhead, this time on the fantastic Parsec Spectral Synthesizer Rack Extension for Reason:


Tuesday, November 5

Duppy Gun on Recording in Jamaica!

Duppy Gun Records a label distributed thru Stones Throw:

"Duppy Gun Productions is a label founded in Portmore, Jamaica, 2011, by Los Angeles musicians Sun Araw (Cameron Stallones) and M. Geddes Gengras. Stallones & Gengras ventured to the island to record an album with roots-reggae chaplains The Congos, and soon began collaborating with the local music community centered around the fishing village of Forum. Duppy Gun came to fruition with the release of a 12-inch Multiply/Earth featuring vocals by Dayone (Carlton Sappleton) and Early One (Alan Pitt) over bugged riddims by the Duppy Founders.

Speaking on future plans, Stallones states: "Currently the DUPPY GUN will bring a steady stream of OUTER ORBIT DANCEHALL SELECTIONS on 12-inch to the public by curating an alchemical bond of warped rid dims from worldwide sources and vocal fire from THE ISLAND."

Monday, November 4

Korg MS-20 mini (Part II & III)

The new Korg MS-20 mini just may be my X-mas gift to myself:


Tuesday, October 29

Parsec Spectral Synthesizer!

This looks awesome:


"Propellerhead proudly presents Parsec Spectral Synthesizer — the futuristic sound of additive synthesis for the Reason Rack.

With two independent sound engines, up to 1024 oscillators per voice, a wide range of sound sculpting tools, built-in effects and free modulation routing, Parsec won’t leave you wishing when it comes to sonic horse-powers."

Sunday, October 27

Friday, October 25



As if the Minibrute wasn't small enough, Arturia today announced the Microbrute Analog Synthesizer:

"Packed with mixable waveforms, a new sub oscillator design, the famous Steiner-Parker multimode filter, super fast envelope, syncable LFO and the new step sequencer, not to mention the patchable mod matrix the MicroBrute is a landmark new synth at an incredible price."

The Microbrute is on pre-sale at Sweetwater for $299 USD, shipping begins in November! Speaking of which, check out Sweetwater's Director of Product Optimization Daniel Fisher get down with the new beastie:



Saturday, October 19

Sony PCM-D100 - AES 2013


Sound on Sound is at the AES 2013 conference where they have reported on a new Sony field recorder! The PCM-D100 is like the missing link between Sony professional and consumer recording lines:


"The PCM-D100 is a high resolution recorder with two-position (X-Y or Wide) stereo microphones, 32 GB of internal flash memory and a SD-XC Card slot. Recording formats include linear PCM (at 192, 176.4, 96, 88.2, 48 and 44.1kHz); DSD (2.8224 MHz) and MP3 (320 and128 kbps). Additional playback support is provided for FLAC, WMA and AAC files. The D100 is constructed of lightweight metal (aluminum) and it's built rugged to withstand the demands of pro applications, plus it offers long battery life using conventional AA alkaline batteries. The recorder includes a USB high-speed port for simple uploading/downloading to/from Windows® PC or Macintosh® computers. Other PCM-D100 features include digital pitch control, dual path digital limiter, low-cut filter, Super Bit Mapping® and A-B repeat capability."


Elektron Jam Session #1

The Elektron Analog Four Voice Synthesizer is one of the best deals around - 4 tracks of analog synthesis, Elektron's killer sequencer with param-locks, and a lovely sounding reverb all housed in a table top synth!

"In this session, all audio is routed through the Octatrack. Analog Four's output goes into Octatrack's input CD and Machinedrum's output goes into input AB. Also, Monomachine is being fed through the Machinedrum to add some Distortion and Sample Rate Reducer.

Octatrack is set to be the Master, sending MIDI clock to all other units. It also sends Program Change messages. By doing so, other units will follow the Pattern Changes made on the Octatrack. This makes it really handy when playing with multiple Elektron units.

Most of the beat is made up on the Machinedrum with some additional Loops from Octatrack. Monomachine is making trippy synth sounds and some glitchy hihat sequence towards to end. Analog Four takes care of all the Bass, Lead and other squelchy synth sounds!"



Friday, October 18


Brad Mehldau with Mark Giuliana tearing it up in Mehliana! Video courtesy of imaginarytube.


Thursday, October 17

The Daybreak Guide to REAKTOR's Splitter

Brent Kallmer, from Bluewater VST, posted a new video this morning detailing the Splitter Reaktor ensemble! One of my faves:

"Splitter is a granular beat production environment animated by a special old-school vibe to it that makes it extraordinarily fun and satisfying to use."


Wednesday, October 16

Happy Birthday BFD Core ReFill!


Today marks the one year anniversary of the release of the BFD Core ReFill for Reason! The BFD Core ReFill has 3.6GB of high quality FXpansion drum samples (with multiple mic positions), designed specifically for the Reason Rack by Jeremy Janzen, Adam Fielding, Tom Pritchard and Lewis Osborne (hey wait, that's me!) In celebration Nucleus SoundLab has announced a 40% OFF sale on the BFD Core ReFill until Nov.16!


"Nucleus SoundLab and FXpansion present BFD Core Refill for Propellerhead Reason 6+. BFD Core ReFill is a synergy between the best-in-class drum samples of FXpansion, partnered with the proven sound design experience of Nucleus SoundLab. The goal of this product is to be the absolute best drum ReFill available for Reason. Whether you need an incredibly detailed and produced drumkit for your mix, or you need quality samples to produce a drumkit of your own, BFD Core ReFill delivers."

Friday, October 11

TRES mono synth!


I've been wanting to post about this new synth from FXpansion for months! TRES is a fantastic monophonic synthesizer for the Reason Rack that bucks today's trend of including everything under the sun in an instrument in favor of creating an elegant interface that just begs to be played with... 3 Oscillators, 3 Filter models, an easy to use Mod Bus section, plus Tonal controls that can drastically change the sound of a patch! This is a Rack Extension I think everyone will dig and please check out my patches in the factory library while you're at it (with the LO extension :-). Adam Fielding, Tom Pritchard, Shaun Wallace and Nucleus SoundLab's mad scientist Jeremy Janzen also lent a hand in sound design! Check it:


"Tres is a DCAM analogue circuit-modelled monosynth Rack Extension from FXpansion. It features exciting TransMod modulation and a wide variety of timbral flexibility and tone sculpting.

Tres's modelled VCOs offer interesting audio-rate functions for complex tones along with filtered noise and a sub-osc. A keytracked shelf-EQ allows you to emphasize or cut higher harmonics before a multimode filter with huge resonance, self-oscillation, FM, adjustable drive and 3 distinct classic synth filter models. Tres's final output VCA provides a final drive stage for a variety of tonal colours from warm and smooth to gritty and aggressive.

Most of Tres's parameters can be modulated simultaneously by any of 10 available modulation sources, including Tres's built-in dual envelopes and LFOs and external CV sources from elsewhere in your Reason project. You can also route external sources for audio-rate filter FM and use Tres's built-in envelopes and LFOs to modulate other devices within your session. "

More info and audio demos in the PropShop! Pick up Tres today for $49 USD.




Nucleus SoundLab has just released the Antimatter ReFill for the Synapse Antidote Reason Rack Extension!

"Antimatter is focused on doing what Antidote does best - incredibly detailed, rich and spacious pads and atmospheres. Filtered chord washes, space exploration soundbeds, heavenly wavesequences, overdriven growls and various forms of supersaw-esque insanity are all on offer. Not only that, but for certain patches Nucleus SoundLab has paired up Antidote with Reason's elder statesmen - Thor and Malstrom - to create Combinators of truly epic sonic scale."

Pick up Antimatter today for $29 USD!


Monday, October 7

Kaivo Sneak Peak!

Madrona Labs has a new soft synth in the works called Kaivo, with a GUI similar to their fantastic Aalto synthesizer. Kaivo is a physical modeling synthesizer that's been in the works for almost two years and "brings Aalto’s ease of patching to a new set of modules based around physical modeling." Check it:


Friday, October 4

Propellerhead - Four EQ tips for a better mix

A new Reason tip from The Props:

"EQ is probably the most important tool to make sure your mix sounds good. But how do you know where to cut or boost? What frequencies are important? In this video Propellerhead product specialist Mattias lets you in on four EQ tips for a better mix. Learn basic EQ usage, what frequencies matter in a kick drum and more!"


Tuesday, October 1

Welcome to the Maschine!


Native Instruments has announced Maschine Studio, "the ultimate groove production system, combining software and hardware in perfect harmony." And it looks awesome:



DJ Tech Tools takes a closer look at the new Maschine:



Friday, September 27

Peff Idea Sketch 13.16b

New Peff video:

"i'm in need of a fly-swatter module... working out phrases and drum pattern arrangements... has a few rough spots, but the idea is to capture different scenes and finally work them together for a finished track - a la razor blade."

Wednesday, September 25

DSI Tempest as a 6-voice polysynth module

Just when I think I'm over my DSI Tempest lust tblv9300 has to go make this video showing off the Tempest as an analog table top poly synth:

Viking Signature ReFill

Viking Signature - a new refill for the Viking VK-1 Rack Extension for Reason 7 from Soundcells. Featuring 45 Combi patches and 75 Viking sounds for only 7.90 € (until October 20):

"‘Viking Signature‘ - funky and soulful leads, great basses and more!

This ReFill is based on the Viking Rack Extension which is basically a great sounding emulation of the Moog Voyager. For more than thirty years, Moog sounds have been most popular all over the world, and with Viking and especially the Viking Signature ReFill, these legendary sounds are now coming to your Reason Rack. Viking Signature convinces with its funky and soulful leads, authentic sounding bass patches with an awesome bottom end and several wired SFX patches. If you own Viking be sure to complete your ReFill collection with Viking Signature - a powerful soundset at a ‘knockdown‘ price …"

Monday, September 23

NOD-E Generative Beat

Antonio Blanca's NOD-E Reaktor ensemble used with the Newscool synth engine to generate beats/percussion sequences that don't repeat:


Friday, September 20

MOOG Analog Synthesized Percussion

Just when I think I'm over the urge to buy the Sub-P Moog puts out this video:


Tuesday, September 17

Korg Volca Keys - Sonic Lab Review

Sonic State finally looks at the Volca Keys box from Korg:

"The last of the Volca reviews, be sure to check out our other reviews. Volca Keys is a 3 voice analogue synth capable of the 3 voice poly operation. astonishing in such a small, cost effective package."


Propellerhead Artist Feature: Grieves on Stage

I dig these Propellerhead Artist Feature videos. It's always fascinating to see how different people use the same piece of software. Check out the latest featuring Grieves:

"Benjamin Laub or Grieves as he's known to fans, critics, and rappers the world over graduated from his MPC2000 to Reason after getting introduced to it by his long-time collaborator, Budo. Once he realized the depth and possibility, his production quickly shifted over almost entirely inside Reason. And when Grieves set out to take his latest album on tour he was faced with a problem: How could he get his live band to sound EXACTLY like his record sounds. Being a perfectionist, the nearest facsimile just wouldn't do for Grieves and thanks to Reason's rock-solid stability and legendary backwards compatibility, he had an obvious solution.

Opening up his entire back catalog of production files - years worth of music - Grieves was able to save patches to new document and create a live performance set up that includes the exact sounds off his record, complete with the same effects, same combinator routings, keyboard splits, etc. The result is a perfectionist's dream on stage and a fan's delight. We caught up with Grieves and his new band as they finished up rehearsals in Seattle and took their show on the road with the first show in Portland, Oregon."


Sunday, September 15

Audio Damage's Eurorack devices in action!

As you may have heard, Audio Damage, the makers of some of the best software effects and instrument plug-ins, has released their first hardware products for the modular set:

"This is a quick demonstration of the first three Audio Damage effects for Eurorack. Source is a tape loop on a Nagra III. First, DubJr is demonstrated, then Grainshift, and finally Errorbox."


Thursday, September 12


Brent Kallmer of Bluewater VST takes a look at Antonio Blanca's NOD-E ensemble for Reaktor:

"You might start by thinking of NOD-E as the sequencer that you get when the nodes in Spiral reach escape velocity and break out of orbit."


Random Volca Vids

Like many of you I am looking forward to getting my hands on the new Korg Volca series, particularly the Beats and Keys boxes. Below are a couple of new videos uploaded to youtube from users PerseusTraxx and Maochi Hanayagi. Dig it:


Korg Volca Beats and XOXBOX with effects. Acid recorded to tape:


Korg Volca Beats + Keys:


Chris Watson BBC article!


There's a fantastic article on the BBC about sound recordist Chris Watson, check it out here!


Wednesday, September 11

Water for Alchemy!

Water is a new sound library for Camel Audio's incredible Alchemy instrument; available now until October 9th for the price you name, with 50% of the proceeds going to Frank Water a charity which funds sustainable clean water projects in developing countries across the world. Dig it:

"Water is a sound library for Alchemy and the free Alchemy Player, with all presets derived from or inspired by water related sounds."


Beats Like Bonham!

Is the drummer in your Led Zeppelin tribute act leaving you dazed and confused? Just slap a sigil three sticker on your lappy and pick-up the latest bundle from The Loop Loft and you're good to go:

"The grooves made famous by John Bonham are now at your fingertips. Introducing Beats Like Bonham Drum Loops. Following the success of our hugely popular Bonham Complete Takes series, we have designed a new stereo loop set collection, giving you all of the beats in 24 bit 48 kHz clarity and in a wide range of formats including WAV, REX2, AIFF (Apple Loops) and Stylus RMX, allowing you to easily drag and drop the loops into the DAW of your choice."



Tuesday, September 10

Moog Little Phatty R.I.P.


"The Little Phatty was released in 2006 as a tribute to the life and legacy of Moog Music founder and synthesizer pioneer, Bob Moog. Following the passing of Dr. Moog, The Little Phatty was the first Moog synthesizer designed by Moog Music's Chief Engineer, Cyril Lance.

Over the course of its seven year production run, the Little Phatty has gone through three incantations including The Tribute, Stage I, and Stage II editions. During that time, the Little Phatty has become one of the best selling professional analog synthesizers in history. Its sonic impact on modern music can be heard on thousands of records, and its signature swooped-back silhouette can be seen in top recording facilities around the world as well as on the stages of internationally touring musical acts such as Rush, Jack White, Queens of The Stone Age, No Doubt, Bernie Worrell and the hit shows American Idol, Nashville and Portlandia."



Holy Ghost! - "Okay" Live at the Village on KCRW

Another great live performance on KCRW:

"Brooklyn-based dance band Holy Ghost! join Morning Becomes Eclectic at the Village Studios for a spirited alchemy of electronics."


Monday, September 9

Korg Volca Bass - Sonic LAB Review

Sonic State checks out the Volca Bass - Analogue Bass Machine:

"We take a look at the Korg Volca Bass, a three oscillator analog mini synth. Part of the impressive Volca range that has been rocking the synth world."

Saturday, September 7

Abandoned Space Bass Station II

Benedict Roff-Marsh with his new Novation Bass Station II:

"This is the same piece as the album track of almost the same name but re-voiced with the Novation Bass Station II synth. I intended to do this with the Slim Phatty but it wasn't to be. The Bass Station II is such a joy to use that this was fun, slow but fun.

ALL the sounds in the mix (except for the vocode) are from Bass Station II. Sequencing, effects and mixing done in Propellerheads Reason 7."


Thursday, September 5

Bluewater VST // REAKTOR: Let There Be Loops

Brent Kallmer with another look at using loops in Reaktor:

"In this tutorial, let's take a look at how to bounce individual parts of a groove from Aerobic and SineBeats—two stunning REAKTOR grooveboxes."


Wednesday, September 4

Adam Manning - Roland HandSonic HPD-20

University of Newcastle (Australia) Percussion Teacher Adam Manning takes a look at the new Roland HPD-20 HandSonic Dynamic E-Percussion instrument for stage and studio:


Roland HandSonic HPD-20


New from Roland - the HandSonic HPD-20!

"Roland takes digital hand percussion to a new dimension with the HandSonic HPD-20, a unique and versatile instrument that’s ideal for a wide range of music creators, from percussionists and drummers to electronic dance music performers, composers, and producers. Equipped with the renowned SuperNATURAL® sound engine and potent multi-effects, the HPD-20 offers 850 dynamic, ready-to-play sounds, plus the ability to import your own custom sounds via USB flash memory. 13 pads provide ultra-sensitive response and flexible control options for playing onboard sounds and external MIDI instruments with an incredible range of expression. The HandSonic pad interface also excels in computer music applications, where it’s perfect for playing virtual instruments, recording MIDI and audio performances in DAW software, and much more. And with its convenient trigger inputs, you can easily expand the HPD-20 with a Roland pad and hi-hat controller to build a super-compact percussion set."


- Powerful hand percussion instrument for life performance studio music production

- 850 ready-to-play sounds, including percussion from around the world, melodic instruments, drums, tones for modern electronic beats, and more...

- Roland's acclaimed SuperNATURAL sound engine delivers unparalleled tone quality and expressiveness

- Import up to 500 of your own WAV sounds via USB flash memory and assign them to pads

- Deep editing capability allows you to tweak and layer instruments and process tones with three independent multi-effects engines, ambience and EQ

- 13 silicone rubber pads provide ultra-sensitive velocity response and comfortable feel

- Dynamic pad assignments let you dampen, mute, and tune sounds for authentic performance of acoustic hand percussion like congas and tabla

- Roll button and real-time modifying knob; D–BEAM for controlling sounds and effects with hand movements

- Easily capture performances and ideas with the Quick Rec function and export them as WAV audio files to USB flash memory

- Inputs for connecting a Roland pad and hi-hat controller (sold separately)

- USB Computer port for audio/MIDI communication with popular music software, including DAWs and standalone virtual instruments



Nektar Panorama P1 Demo | UniqueSquared.com

UniqueSquared.com take a look the the Nektar Panorama P1:


SonicLab look at the Korg Volca Beats

The first in depth look at the new Korg Volca Beats comes courtesy of SonicState.com:

"First of the three Volcas to come under our beady eye, its a low-cost analogue drum machine with 6 analogue voices and 4 PCM."

Thursday, August 29

Ambient Loop Generation in REAKTOR

Here's a fantastic video from Brent Kallmer of Bluewater VST on using Reaktor's Metaphysical Function ensemble in a groove based scenario:

"Ever wonder how to use REAKTOR's stunning Sound Generators against a groove? Look no further than this tutorial!"

On this day...


On this day in 1920, Charlie "Yardbird" Parker (aka "Bird") was born in Kansas City, Kansas, the only child of Charles and Addie Parker. Charlie's father was a pianist on the vaudeville circuit and was absent for much of his early childhood. Yet Charlie still followed in his father's footsteps, picking up the saxophone at the age of 11 and began to diligently practice in the late 1930's; in an interview with fellow musician Paul Desmond, Bird said that he spent 3–4 years, during that period, practicing up to 15 hours a day!

In 1938 Parker began his recording career with the Jay McShann Band, which he also toured with including stops in Chicago and his future home New York City. The following year Charlie moved to NYC, working as a dishwasher to make ends meet. It was in New York that Charlie met Dizzy Gillespie whom he would famously play with throughout the next decade. These early years in NYC were key to the development of Charlie's playing, including one of his main musical innovations - that the twelve tones of the chromatic scale could lead melodically to any key, breaking the confines of simpler jazz soloing. This style of playing, honed in the after hours clubs of Harlem, such as Clark Monroe's Uptown House and Minton's Playhouse, became known as Bebop!

"Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your horn. They teach you there’s a boundary line to music. But, man, there’s no boundary line to art." - Bird



Wednesday, August 28

Casio XW-P1 XW-G1 Moog Inspired Set

I've been quite impressed with the latest gear released from Casio. The new Casio PX5S Stage Piano sits proudly in my home studio and the new XW-G1 Synth really is cool looking:

"A quick information video of a new bank of sounds, inspired by the Minimoog. It is such a classic design and sound that is still sought after today. Casio's XW-P1 and XW-G1 while being a digital synthesizers can do a pretty remarkable job of mimicking those classic Moog sounds. The Minimoog had 3 oscillators plus a noise generator and although the XW has a 4th oscillator in its Solo Synth engine - all of these sounds were crafted with the original in mind. A set of 10 Leads and basses, the specialties of the Minimoog. Separate versions above for the XW-P1 and XW-G1. Downloadable at www.casiomusicforums.com"