Saturday, October 31

Reason Tutorial 9 RPG8 Glitch Arpeggiator Combinator Patch

A glitch combinator patch for Reason 4 using the RPG-8 Arpeggiator to control Arp Rate and Gate length. The patches for this tutorial can be downloaded from my site:

KORG EMX-1&miniKP saturday night session


mochika3 + miniKP


Roland TR606 + EHX MicroSynth + Doepfer A196


On this day...

On this day in 1963, guitarist Johnny Marr was born in Ardwick, Manchester. Marr is best known for the band he formed with writer Steven Morrissey at the age of nineteen, The Smiths. A little over a year after forming their first single was released on Rough Trade, "Hand in Glove":

Friday, October 30

Kaoss Videos


Sync Lock MPC 3000

Innerclock Systems

Korg MicroSampler review

Los Latinitos

Puremagnetik's Upright

Puremagnetik have a new micropak available for Ableton, Logic and Kontakt called "Upright":

A beautifully recorded double bass instrument, Upright comes packed with a multi-sample palette of articulations including plucked and traditional bow. In addition, Upright includes a number of unique synthetically enhanced instruments for electronic music or sound design applications.

Upright Features:
• A Huge Collection of Double Bass Samples
• Expertly Recorded "Bow" and "Plucked" Articulations
• Multi-Sampled Keymaps and Velocity Expressions

• Tightly Integrated Ableton Live Racks and Kontakt KSP Interfaces
• A Collection of Live Clips and Apple Loops

Go to for more information.

Xone92 four band eq and cue display options demo


nativeKONTROL apC Series - Presets 2


Akai XR20 Drum Machine Samples


Korg DS-10 and Apple motion squares

Korg DS-10 song and a motion animation. hope you like squares

Thursday, October 29

Babelbox Refill

A couple weeks back Tim at The Music of Sound blog posted samples from a circuit bent Touch 'n Tell toy, dubbed My Babelbox. Being a fan of anything circuit bent I downloaded these pretty quickly and started playing around with them in Reason's NNXT sampler. Seeing as Tim released these under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license I figured I'd share them here with anyone else that's a fan of glitched out noisy fun! The refill consists of one combinator patch loaded with 60 samples culled from Tim's audio. The samples are hosted in a NNXT starting on C1 and go to B5. Some of the samples are set up to loop cleanly, some as glitchy sputtering loops and others as one shots. There's also a RPG-8 in the combi that you can turn on with Button 2, and control the rate of with Rotary 2. It's set up to cover 4 octaves, so it works great to play around on the lower keys when engaged. Like I wrote earlier this is released under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial, so have fun, let Tim & me know if you make something cool, but don't use it on your next hit with Nelly Furtado.


Tattoo Tattoo

Audio Damage have just redesigned their website and posted the product page for Tattoo! For those of you not keeping track, Tattoo is AD's first foray into VST instruments, a drum synthesizer:

Tattoo Features:
12 Drum Synths: Tattoo comes equipped with twelve different voices, instead of the one general catch-all voice you find in most drum synth plug-ins.

Sophisticated Step Sequencer: Tattoo's internal sequencer comes correct, taking grid programming to the next level.

Randomization For Days: There are multiple routes to randomizing your beats, from subtle ghost notes to full on haywire.

Parameter Sequencing: Every synth parameter (and we mean every one) has its own sequencer, including randomization.

Synchronized: Tattoo can run off its internal sequencer, from host sync, or via "note sync," where the sequencer can be stepped with MIDI notes. In this way, Tattoo can run in any time signature you can come up with, or sync to any groove template in any host sequencer.

MIDI Input: Tattoo's MIDI implementation includes full MIDI learn for all parameters and MIDI pattern switching. You can also use MIDI note input in addition to or instead of Tattoo's internal sequencer, and still have access to the randomization features and MOD sequencing.

MIDI Output: Tattoo sends MIDI output of all its note events, including randomization, so you can use its step sequencer to drive any other drum synth or sampler (or any instrument, really) as long as your host allows MIDI routing from a plug-in instrument.

Audio Outputs: Tattoo has a stereo buss and 10 mono outputs. The stereo buss has a modified version of the Kombinat "One Knob Compressor" to add a little squish to things.

Launchpad - Improv beat session 1


Innerclock Systems Sync-Lock

Demo showing Ableton Live driving Roland TB-303 and Roland MV-8000 via simultaneous Midi Clock and Din Sync from the Sync-Lock and an FA-101 Soundcard. The Audio Loop playing in Live is identical to the pattern playing from the MV-8000 itself. There is an audio click in Live as a reference so you can hear the Audio Loop in Sync with the grid and you can hear the MV-8000 running off Midi Clock phase when they play together. The TB-303 is in sync with both perfectly. Radical tempo changes do not compromise the sync. The Sync-Gen plug-in allows clock swing which is passed on to the Midi Clock, Din Sync and Analogue Trigger outputs from the Sync-Lock feeding the MV-8000 and the TB-303.


On this day...

On this day in 1955 keyboardist Roger O'Donnell was born in London, England. Roger is best known for his work in The Cure, having played on the classic "Disintegration" album. Before The Cure, O'Donnell spent time playing with the Psychedelic Furs, Thompson Twins and Berlin, among others. He's now a respected solo artist famous for his use of the Moog Voyager, which he used solely on his 2006 album "Truth in Me".

Wednesday, October 28

P73 on the NMB

Here's an excerpt from a interview done earlier this year with Prefuse 73. For the rest of the interview go to

Launchpad & Nocturn - Instant Track Control Using MIDI Remote Scripts

In this video I'll demonstrate an interesting feature of Ableton: MIDI Remote Scripting. This allows you to use a MIDI controller, in our case the Nocturn, to access the first 8 Controls of a focused Device in Ableton. This is a similar feature to the Track Control section on the Akai APC40.

You can read more about it here:

& here:

I've uploaded the edited script and Automap Settings here:

As I mention in the video, being able to instantly access Device Controls is fantastic when working in the studio, however I prefer hard mapped controls when performing so I know what's what.

fletch music blog

Rebirth Peaches Remix

Saw this on Matrixsynth and just had to repost... because:
A) it's damn cool
B) it's done with Propellerhead's Rebirth!

.................................Video by Knarkdisco.

OPTONICA MX-1000 SOUND MIXER mixer with rhythm box on Ebay

Anyone ever seen one of these before?

very rare OPTONICA MX-1000 SOUND MIXER mixer with rhythm box
manufactured by OPTONICA(high grade audio brand by SHARP)in 1970s.

looks like classy audio amp
basically it's a 2 channel mixer but it has built-in analog rhythm box!
also has built in warm analog echo & reverb! 2 MIC INPUT(one input selectable for GUITAR input),phono input and aux input so you can simply put your guitar,keyboard or vocal into it and sing/play along with rhythmbox with echo effect.
rhythm box's sound are warm analog sound in good old days. it has 8 rhythms but you can push two buttons same time to creates more variations.

cool vintage tool for lo-fi recording or small live performance
hard to find even in Japan nowadays

*click on picture for a better look.

Harrision Mixbus

This looks similar to Propellerhead's Record, no?

Harrison, the manufacturer of world-class analog and digital consoles, is proud to announce Mixbus: a Digital Audio Workstation for Mac OS X.

For more details, visit

Filter Research 40+% Off Extension

Nucleus Soundlab has extended the massive sale on Filter Research thru November 7th. The sale price is a low $19.95 from the regular $34.95 and if you love effects as much as me it's really a no-brainer.

Filter Research



Roland Jupiter 6 with nice warm analogue filtered sounds


MINIAK BY mpcstef08


DEATH BY AMEN - superior drum breakin' insanity for kontakt & kore

For Native Instruments Kontakt by Looper Dooper.

This is a Kontakt Instrument I designed. It generates breaks based on tempo, timing and pitch. It's pretty crazy.


Ableton Live Sampler Kick Drum with FM

Loudon Stearns

Propellerhead's Record Redrum And The SSL Mixer

Blactracks Production

Novation Launchpad Demonstation

Below is a video from Sweetwater on the new Novation Launchpad that's set to come out in November. I have to admit that this controller looks very interesting to me, possibly because I've been using Ableton more and more lately and it seems to integrate with the program quite easily. One thing of note is they don't even touch upon what I believe is most interesting about this device - the User Modes, which is what is used in this video to fire off clips in a way reminiscent of a Monome app. Now I received an e-mail from my Sweetwater Salesman, Trent Thompson (ask for him if you don't already have a salesman of your own, he's been helpful to me in the past) and evidently they are getting an initial shipment of 88 Launchpads. So if you want one in November you might want to pre-order yours today. You can't beat the $199 price tag and to those of you that question such an inexpensive controller as being useful it should be noted that The Subliminal Kid himself, DJ Spooky will be using one in conjunction with turntables on his upcoming tour. Here's a quote from the man himself:

"The thing with my music is that everything is made from bits and pieces, there's nothing that's a whole chunk of something. What you're doing these days is finding edit points. So when I'm touring with the album, I'll bounce all the pieces into the Live interface, set up Launchpad to my liking, then show up with my laptop and sequence things for my scratch routines."


**anyone else notice how he said Max for Live is coming out in November at the end of this video?

On this day...

On this day in 1958, guitarist William Reid was born in Glasgow, Scotland. William is best known for founding the phenomenal Jesus and the Mary Chain with his brother, Jim, in 1983. The Jesus and the Mary Chain were one of the earliest bands signed by Alan McGee to Creation Records, when Bobby Gillespie, the band's drummer (and singer for Primal Scream) handed Alan a demo tape. The Jesus and Mary Chain's feedback fueled shows and nihilistic attitude made the press dub them "the new Sex Pistols". Their sound greatly influenced many bands and help start the so-called "shoegazer" movement. Here's a video from the mid 90's of a performance on the David Letterman Show, with Hope Sandoval:

Wobble Tech TV #2

Mr. Tunes

Tuesday, October 27

Michael Rasbury - Hurdy Gurdy Patch

The Props posted a few new top 5 patch charts this past week and one of them features theatre sound designer Michael Rasbury. His picks included the fantastic Jazz Upright combi bass patch from the Reason Factory Soundbank, as well as the Concert Grand Piano patch. However, another of his picks was one I'd never heard before, his own creation - the Hurdy Gurdy Refill patch available on his own website for download:

I imagine this is the only Hurdy Gurdy instrument for Reason's NN-XT. This Hurdy Gurdy has three strings, instead of the usual 6 (two per unison note.) When played correctly, this is a very realistic hurdy gurdy instrument with aftertouch. This instrument is chromatic and is tuned to "D." Play and hold A2 and A3 with your left hand. This replicates the drone created by turning the Hurdy Gurdy's wheel. The instrument has a monophonic melodic string. Use your right hand to play Bb3 through D4. Each key relase triggers a random, wooden mechanical button release sound. Use aftertouch "percussion" movements to make the drone buzz in rhythm with the melody you play.

Very cool! Make sure to check out his music, created all with Reason, while downloading the refill.

Bibio Interview

Bibio interview from Lou Liddiard-Smith on Vimeo.

I met up with Bibio at Hamstad Heath to chat about his new album, Ambivalence Avenue.

Music used with permission of Warp Records.

Sequencing Excercise : Tenori-on + Oberheim Four Voice

This is a Sequencing Excercise using the Tenori-on and Oberheim Four Voice only, conected trough the Roland MPU-101 and couple of Analogue Systems Joysticks for Filter and LFO control.


Ja-Ja-Ja-Jung! Jetdaisuke's Wavedrum...


Reason Wizardry October Issue Now Ready!

The October issue of Nucleus Soundlab's Reason Wizardry is now available for subscribers to download. This time around the topic is drum synthesis and programming and takes a look at some of the patches from the phenomenal Synthetic Kits refill. NSL's lead designer Jeremy Janzen recently spoke at Propellerhead's Canadian Producers Conferences about some of the topics from this particular issue and it should be fantastic. What are you waiting for?

MIJOY PRO - Use a joystick or gamepad as a MIDI controller

MIJOY PRO 3 is a VSTi that lets you use your joystick or gamepad as a MIDI controller.

For more info visit

Fizmo Demos

When I was living in San Francisco in the late 90's the music store a few blocks from my apartment had an Ensoniq Fizmo on display in their keyboard room. Much to the dismay of the sales clerk, I spent many an afternoon in there drooling over this astounding synthesizer. Not familiar with this synth? Here's a bunch of videos recently posted on youtube by crawlingwind showcasing this transwave monster:

On this day...

On this day in 1782, Italian violinist and composer Niccolò Paganini was born in Genoa, Italy. Paganini was one of the most celebrated violinist of his day, while his reputation as a ladies' man and gambler only propelled him to the 1800's equivalent of rock star status. It is believed that Paganini contracted from syphilis from his fast paced lifestyle and it's effects led to his opium addiction, which only infuriated his declining health. Scandals aside, Paganini is remembered for his famed instruments and compositions, Caprice in A minor, Op. 1 No. 24 being the most celebrated. Here is Jascha Heifetz performing said piece:

Monday, October 26

Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio

Mrfixitrick shows a series of seven experiments with his Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio, a non-powered crystal radio circuit built in a jam-jar.

This simple crystal radio shows abilities such as: detecting lightning, making voice phenomena, interacting with all forms of light, creating music and sound effects, reading a computer screen, acting as a mike, and detecting RF pulses. In that order!

The Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio is plugged directly into the iMac computer sound-in port. Audio Hijack Pro software provides the gain and real time sound effects based on the radio's input.

The radio's antennas are inspired by Tesla's higher voltage examples, and its basic LC circuit is similar to Tesla's original inductor coil and capacitor circuit schematics.

The Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio was a recent winner of the monthly Gadget Freak award by Design News, the oldest engineering news magazine.
See the article here:

The building instructions for this project are found at,
Please vote for my Instructables there! (Thanks ;)

The real inspiration for the Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio comes from the BetaBlocker line of spirit radios made by EJ Gold and found at

Get EJ Gold's book, "Parallel Worlds Explored"

Mrfixitrick's Spirit Radio playlist:

max/msp + Ableton Live


How to get your music on Beatport


DCAM Quicktip 11 - S & H


BPitch Control TV - In the Studio with Fuckpony Part 1

BPitch Control

GroovePacks - FreeStyle 2


just a quick notice to tell you that Groove Packs second Live Pack is out now.

Following the FreeStyle series, number 2 again gives you a finely tuned selection of instrument racks, effect racks, live clips and more.

There are lots of audio and video examples on the website, as well as a small demo pack available for free.

There is also a new freebie on the website, a big audio effect rack called the Audio Synth, designed to "sinthify" your audio, like drumloops or whatever, using a combination of resonator, freq/ring shifting, vocoding and grain delay.

Have fun and check out

FreeStyle 2

Audio Synth

Sunday, October 25

Ableton DJing 101


Boids & Operator

Here's an interesting video by Plangoplang in which he uses the program Boids to control Ableton's Operator synthesizer. Boids is an artificial life program that simulates the flocking of behavior of birds and is generally used in computer graphics programming:

Lavalamp Controlling Reason


6 voltage-dividing pairs of light dependent resistors arranged round a standard lavalamp and read by analog inputs of Muduino (arduino clone) to generate semi-random streams of MIDI continuous controller messages

MIDI controllers then mapped to various controls in Propellerheads Reason.. just to see what happens really... Result is rather addictive and hypnotic... turn up the speakers, watch the lamp, turn into a zombie


Tech Talk #6 - Composing with Effects Part 1


Friday, October 23

Part Common - Secret Lemonade Drinker

mumblecore music

Wobble Tech Episode #1

Mr. Tunes

Novation Launchpad - User Mode 1 (Drum Rack)

In this video we take a look at User Mode 1 on the Novation Launchpad, which is taylored for triggering Drum Racks in Ableton Live.

By default the Pad LEDs don't respond when pressed in User Mode 1 or when notes are being played by Ableton so I'll show you some MIDI routing that will allow you to get a visual feedback.

Using the Drum Racks in User Mode 1 it's quite easy to build up a drum loop using Overdub in a MIDI clip.

fletch music blog

Thursday, October 22

Dubspot: Adding Space and Dimension to Minimal Techno Drums Part 1


Field Recording In Stumphouse Tunnel

see you in sleep is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs, no doubt because of the great field recording videos. Here's the latest:

On this day...

On this day in 1960 Darryl Jenifer of the mighty Bad Brains was born in Washington D.C. Here's a live clip from 1988 featuring one of their illest songs:

Wednesday, October 21

2001 - A Beer Odyssey




Wiigee + MAX-MSP (Hidden Markov Model)

I altered the Wiigee source code to handle Open Sound Control messages by writing a short java class in Netbeans and changing 2 lines of code in the file, recompiled it and ran it from Terminal window, so each Wiigee gesture will be routed to MAX/MSP to control stuff in the patch. The gesture can be routed to Processing (so if you gesture by drawing a circle, then the circle could appear, the accelerometer data could alter the radius, or use the gestures to trigger drums, sound files, midi etc) You could also re-route via AudioMulch, OSCulator, ChucK, CSound, Reaktor, vvvv etc, main problem with wiigee is that the gestures cannot be saved to disk, have not figured this out yet (also IR does not work), maybe the author of Wiigee will add this basic functionality, but it is a cool tool and demonstrates well how the Hidden markov model works. The wiimote is normally used for reading peak values on roll, pitch and yaw, but gesture reading can give so much more arbitrary possibilities.

Interactive Arts NI

Wavedrum Video


BPitch Control Artist Video - Moderat

BPitch Control

Demonstration of a Novation 25 SL MKII controlling Ableton Live 8 Suite instruments through Looper

Cheesy track I know, but this shows you how the SL MKII can control the entire Live session remotely, including effects, so that the track can be created completely 'live'!

Rob Producer Tech

On this day...

On this day in 1917, John Birks "Dizzy" Gillespie was born in Cheraw, South Carolina. Dizzy's father was a local bandleader and instruments were always around the family home. Which is why Dizzy started playing the piano at the age of four and graduated to the trombone and trumpet by twelve. Gillespie gave up a music scholarship to the Laurinburg Institute to pursue his music professionally and for awhile played with the great Ella Fitzgerald in her orchestra. In the 1940's Dizzy was part of the growing bebop movement that is considered by many to be the first modern jazz movement. Under his tutelage many great musicians got their start including Miles Davis, Clifford Brown, Lee Morgan, Arturo Sandoval and Fats Navarro. Dizzy is most remembered for his scat singing, beret and puffy cheek style of playing.

DreamBall Hang Drum Ableton by Deftaudio

Beautiful DreamBall with internal microphone, preamp kit, Midi footswitch FS-8 made by DeftAudio

Live looping thru Ableton Live 8.

Tuesday, October 20

Visualfuzz Studios Reason Vocoder Tutorial


The Massive Moog Giveaway

From the Museum of Making

The Museum will be hosting an opportunity drawing to win one of several great prizes donated by Moog Music, Inc., The Bob Moog Foundation, the Museum of Making Music, George Duke and others. There is no limit to the number of entries you can purchase, there is no limit to the number of times you can win (i.e. on entry = one chance to win, drawn entries will not be re-entered to win, however, winners who have multiple entries will not be eliminated from winning additional prizes)! Unless otherwise noted, you don't need to be present to win AND unless otherwise noted, drawing will take place on November 6, 2009:

A private look at The Bob Moog Archives in Asheville, North Carolina and lunch with The Bob Moog Foundation Executive Director Michelle Moog-Koussa.

A VIP tour of Moog Music Inc. and lunch with Mike Adams, President/CEO of Moog Music Inc.

A VIP tour and luncheon at the Museum of Making Music on January 18, 2010 with Moog exhibition advisor Brian Kehew, Moog Foundation Executive Director Michelle Moog-Koussa, Moog Music Inc. President/CEO Mike Adams, Museum Executive Director Carolyn Grant and Curator Tatiana Sizonenko.

Moog Little Phatty Synthesizer autographed by George Duke and Moog luminaries (including Brian Kehew, Michelle Moog-Koussa and others). Please note: DRAWING FOR THIS ITEM WILL TAKE PLACE ON APRIL 30, 2010.

Two (2) tickets to the George Duke & Anita Baker concert at the Nokia Theatre on November 7, 2009. Please note: ENTRANTS NEED TO BE PRESENT TO WIN!

Starting October 15, 2009 the Museum will offer opportunity drawing tickets for $1 per ticket. Additionally, for every 25 entries purchased, the Museum will provide 2 complimentary entries.

Ticket holders for the George Duke Benefit Concert will automatically receive 10 entries. Tickets (except for Little Phatty) will be drawn on November 6, 2009. Except in the case of the drawing for the George Duke & Anita Baker concert tickets, winners do not need to be present to win. Entrants may win multiple times. Drawing for the Little Phatty will take place on April 30, 2010.

Unless otherwise noted, the Museum of Making Music and The Bob Moog Foundation are not responsible nor will reimburse the winner for any expenses incurred as a result of winning (this includes travel, shipping costs, packaging costs, meals, lodging, etc.).

Winners who decline acceptance or do not claim their prize within 2 weeks of the drawing will forfeit their prize and a new winner will be drawn. No substitutions will be made for declined or unclaimed prizes.

Those who are ineligible to participate in this opportunity drawing include individuals and their immediate family members who are employees, volunteers, and officers of NAMM, the International Music Products Association, the Museum of Making Music, The Bob Moog Foundation, and/or Moog Music, Inc

Museum of Making

Improvisation on alto sax and flute, using ableton live.

Groovetone Music

Guitar Hero to Midi app


Shredding with a guitar hero axe + ableton live + tal-uno62 + AXIS.
Axis lets you map any musical scale over a four button, binary scale on an xbox usb guitar whilst simultaneously using "control mode" to navigate any midi controllable software.

Another demo of AXIS controlling hardware here:

This video demos the tilt sensor functionality - three tilt sensors and a whammy bar pump out MIDI CCs you can map to any parameter to make the guitar really expressive. in this vid one tilt axis is mapped to LFO depth, another axis is mapped to pitch and the whammy is mapped to both reverb dry/wet and decay time. It is HEAPS FUN!

i'll be releasing AXIS for free in the future after writing up some nice documentation and giving it a good polish. I'll release the source for any max developers to modify too.
be sure to check out my other vids. if you dig, subscribe! ;D

i blog about all this stuff at

the awesome and free tal uno 62 soft synth is here:

Another Launchpad video

Artist Relations

Record Video Tutorials


Found on FFFFOUND!


nativeKontrol nanoLive II

nativeKontrol now for Mac as well as Windows. Here's the latest video:

nativeKONTROL is pleased to announce the release of an updated version of nanoLive for the Korg nanoKONTROL. nanoLive II is fully compatible with Windows, OS X and Live 8.

NOTE: If you own the previous version of nanoLive, you can crossgrade to the new version:

Also, for pKC users, we have a new step-sequencer (pKC-DSQ) available for beta testing:

For APC users, the beta preset for working with Monomulator is still available:

Lastly, we have a new app for controlling ReCycle with pretty much any MIDI controller. This one is PC only unfortunately. ReCycle Kontrol is available in the Free Software section.



Monday, October 19

Launchpad AES

Gattobus - SHARDS

I saw this over on Matrixsynth and am reposting it here because I know I'm going to want to watch it again (and probably again;-). This video is by Italian musician Gattobus and is one of the best live granular experiments I've ever witnessed:

Stereo headphones recommended.

The audio is sampled live from Nord Modular G2 audio inputs and reduced to bits, stretched, and compressed by a patch of my creation.
The button that I press on the modular is for capturing audio fragments.
The captured sound sources are the Nord Modular itself, Elektron Monomachine and the Elektron Machinedrum.
Nothing is pre-recorded, everything is sequenced LIVE and processed in real-time time.

Gattobus vimeo page
Gattobus myspace page

Record Ready App Beta

Record Ready, an app that assists with conforming Acidized wav files and Apple Loops to Propellerhead's Record, is now available in beta version for everyone to download! Below is the video about the program I posted awhile back:

Funk Around Live Mix with sax, APC40, MPD32 & Kaoss Pad 3


Ellen Allien interview on Bleep Blog

There's a great interview with musician and bpitch control founder, Ellen Allien, over at the Bleep Blog. Check it out!

And if you aren't familiar yet with Ellen's work, below is a video by Marco Testoni, for the song "Way Out" from the album "Orchestra of Bubbles", featuring the always amazing Apparat!

*photography courtesy of Lisa Wassmann

Saturday, October 17

Drum Drops in Studio


"This is the Beginning of Everything"

The Ampd Project

Wiard / Malekko Noisering Anti-Oscillator Random FM Sequences

Big City Music

The Covert Seq

The Covert Seq is arguably the most complex MIDI Effect Rack ever made. And if you do not already own it, today is your lucky day! To celebrate Ableton's 10th anniversary and our own upcoming 5th anniversary, we are giving away this project to every Live user owning Live 6 or a higher version.

This Rack is a fully functional and MIDI controllable Step Sequencer made out of a combination of Dummy Clips and Ableton's MIDI Effects.

Covert Operators

Rewiring Reason/Ableton Tutorial


Launchpad Beat Repeat (Using User Mode 2)

fletch music blog

Rusted Spring FX combi

The other day I was trying to create a Reason version of the Jomox T-Resonator and ended up fooling around with the fantastic "Spring" setting on the RV-7000 instead. What I ended up coming up with is the Rusted Spring combi. Now this is a strange effect which uses the envelope follower on Scream to bounce the frequency setting for the Spring reverb, hence the name. I sent a copy of the combi to Stompp after finishing it and he liked the effect on drums, which I concur. Needless to say the T-Res recreation still alludes me, but in the meantime check out:

Rusted Spring.cmb

Friday, October 16

Using Launchpad to trigger Beat Repeat (with Automap MIDI)

fletch music blog

Jetdaisuke's Wavedrum


Rebirth Acid, 303 - 909


On this day...

On this day in 1923, brothers Walt and Roy founded the Walt Disney Company as an animation studio in Los Angeles, California. Now of course Disney is much more than an animation studio, with divisions in radio, travel, television, publishing and other entertainment mediums; in fact, Disney is the largest entertainment conglomerate in the world with earnings over 3.7 billion last year alone.

Thursday, October 15

hydrophone + mason jar/water + toy piano + ableton/reverb/beat-slicer

Tutorial: Random Resampling in Ableton Live

uedi Tutorial: Beginning Max

Cycling 74

hantera demo

smoking bunny

Beatserv Series Two

Beatserv have just released their second collection, titled "Series Two":

With over 340 loops, more than 180 original samples, plus 4 NI Battery kits, you get an arsenal of beats, and our best value.

Series 2 was built from the ground up, starting with the best drum microphones and Lavry converters. From there, we compressed, recompressed, synthesized, and tricked-out the samples until they became our own. In Series 2, you’ll find everything from solid, fundamental drum hits to the most warped styles.

Dark Downtempo 2
A continuation of our top seller from Series 1, Dark Downtempo 2 expands upon an already classic approach to the chill out beat. Timed vinyl and tape artifacts mesh with carefully placed ghost notes and all original samples to create yet another essential set.

Electronica producer Bounte sliced and sequenced found sounds, field recordings, synth bits, and Beatserv studio samples into these diverse original grooves.

"Dope as fuck" was our initial reaction. Constructed by acclaimed producer Andrew Sega (Iris, The Alpha Conspiracy, Stromkern), Ocular features big, hard-hitting, but decidedly intricate beats.

Broke Bias
With a tape and razor blade ethic plus the added perspective of an accomplished drummer, Corey McCafferty's Broke Bias loses the rigidity of programmed beats and explores an entirely unique direction. Part 70's oversaturation, part futurist beats, and 100% original samples.

Each loop in the Collection comes in 24-bit 44kHz wav, rex, and Apple Loops formats. Additional samples are 24-bit wav.


New Ned Rush Combi! Key FX Vol. 3

Stop whatever it is you are doing right now and go to this page on the Props forum to download the new Ned Rush Key FX Vol. 3. This thing is a monster! I counted 120 different devices inside the combi and was amazed when I flipped the rack... Here's what Ned said about it:

Here is an update of the FX combi i made a few months ago, now with more FX and more playability.

Key FX is an effects unit you can play by triggering FX from your midi keyboard and in my humble opinion is a unique way to use effects in Reason 4. Here's how it works.

Load it in a new combinator and make sure it has its own sequencer track (this is very important!) then plug something into it like you would any other effects combi your used to, drums or a whole mix (can't wait to hear what its like with vocals in Record). Once this is done press play on your sequencer and press WHITE keys on the midi keyboard, ranging from C0 to E4 (more could be put in place but i ran out of steam). This is how you turn the effects on an off. The rotaries do some basic edits to each effect. Mess around with them to get a rough idea of what they do. The buttons turn LFOs on and off to do the tweaking for you.

Now, hit record, press some keys and turns some knobs and it'll record all the key entries and automation, giving you a quick and easy way to do some interesting DSP in Reason and a great way to edit the effects to tighten them up.

Keys C4 to E4 are send fx. i wanted to push this further and probably will in an update.

There are loads of fx of varying degree. some are subtle, some are bonkers. I considered making a list of all the individual effects and what they do but wanted to get it out there quick.

if you take a look inside you'll see its a bit messy. i tried to make it easy to work out the routing but got carried away in the process so for those who are interested here is how it works.

if you take a look at the matrix routing in the thors at the top of the rack, you'll see i've routed key gate info to the CV out puts then routed that to the mod wheel. this is how you can adjust parameters in stuff using midi keys. the mixers which choose the effects have "receive notes' activated, so when a key is press and track is soloed, thus signaling the effect chain. then you need to make a bypass mixer, use a load of audio splitters to create effects chain. to add more effects you have to transpose the mixers. there's more too it than that but i thought most people would just wanna get on with it. if you wanted to create you're own effects chain it would take a while to explain or figure out but it is possible. you just have to wokr out where stuff is going and replace with your own stuff.

have a go and see how you get on. there aren't any good defaults for each effect so watch out when jumping between loads of effect in quick succession. just place around and get some good sounds out.

hope you enjoy.


ps (WHITE notes only from CO to E4, all other notes with make a terrible noise)

WARNING it also uses quite alot of CPU, sorry. i could try and sort this out but it will make some of the effects sound rubbish.