Thursday, February 28

Moog Sub Phatty & Q960 Step Sequencer

AudioCentralMagazine posted this fantastic video of the new Moog Sub-P hooked up to a Q960 Step Sequencer:

"The mighty analog Moog Sub Phatty Synthesizer is under control of Q960 Sequential Controller. As usual, Row A is for Pitch, Row B is for Filter opening. On this video, while sequence is running, there are tests for EGs snap, OSC reset under key Gate, fattyness of SubOsc, wild brutality of Multidrive distortion. Such a lovely, little analog machine."




AudioCentralMagazine posted another Sub_P video today, this time featuring an oscilloscope:


Wednesday, February 27

H∆SHTAG$ - Don't Call It #Beats - Episode 4

The Red Bull Music Academy released episode 4 of H∆SHTAG$, their new mini-documentary series on Internet music and digital culture! Check it:

"For the fourth episode of H∆SHTAG$ - our web series chronicling Internet-based music - we take a deep dive into the fledgling beats scene. Flying Lotus, TNGHT, The Gaslamp Killer, Shlohmo and XXYYXX are just a few of the artists that talk about how a small LA club night and circle of friends turned into a truly global phenomenon and transformed both electronic music and hip hop along the way."


The Moog Sub Phatty Part 5 - Envelope and Presets

Marc Doty with Part 5 of his in depth look at the Sub-P, this time looking at the VCA section and presets:


Tuesday, February 26

Malström Sound Design - Micro Tutorial

I love the Propellerhead Sound Design Micro Tutorials. The latest explores Malström, a synth designed by Magnus Lidström (of Sonic Charge fame) back when he had a day job with the Props:

"Malström is a one-of-a-kind synth, begging to be explored. In this tutorial we'll learn the basics of this mean green machine by creating a synth pad sound from scratch. And once you've got a feel for what Malström can do, endless sound design possibilities are just around the corner!"


A Native Revolution

Native Instruments posted a sneak peak of a synthesizer they claim will "rule them all." With years "of meticulous research and the latest in cutting-edge DSP technology combine to deliver a virtual synth with teeth." What we know:

1. It appears to be Reaktor based. Of course Native Instruments uses the Reaktor platform to design most (if not all) of their software, so it may be sold as a stand alone in the end. But with the Reaktor Player tech I doubt it.

2. The synth has the classic analog waveforms and filter set up. This is just what I need, a software synth that will keep me from dropping a grand on the new Sub-P.

3. It sounds awesome:



Monday, February 25

Moog Sub Phatty Part 4 - Modulation P.2

Marc Doty goes deeper into the Modulation options on the Sub-P:


Silk Road Demo

Cool demonstration of Silk Road a "tangible interface":

"Silk Road is a tangible interface combined with original musical content, suited to concert performance or interactive installation. The interface uses minimal hardware – a single contact microphone – to turn an everyday surface such as a table top into a responsive and user-discoverable performance device. Two principal gestures, RUB and TAP, are derived by feature recognition on the FFT decomposition of the microphone signal. More complex control gestures arise from combinations of the basic pair (Quick rub followed closely by one tap: maximize sustain of sound. Quick tap followed closely by rub: start loop recording (rub to stop & play). Etc).

Silk Road began its life as an acousmatic composition, based on instrumental material with overt melody, rhythm, and harmony. The acousmatic work is imbedded in the software realisation (Max, Ableton Live, and Reaktor), and in the choices of gesture mapping, such that the user/player is able to deconstruct and reinvent the musical material. User gestures act as control for the triggering and parametric control of playback and sound transformation on a library of sound clusters derived from the original composition; but this control passes through a stochastic layer so that the system also creates its own variety and a resulting stimulus to the user. Silk Road has been tested with a number of users and has been found to be rewarding both to extended free-form play and to the creation of performances shaped through time. The system has also be tested successfully with different musical source material."


SILK ROAD - short demonstration video from Eric Samothrakis on Vimeo.

Goldbaby Studio Tour

Goldbaby release some of the greatest sample libraries around. Here's a tour of Hugo's studio:


Sunday, February 24

The Moog Sub Phatty Part 3- Modulation Part 1

Part 3 of Marc Doty's look at the new Sub-P:


Saturday, February 23

The Moog Sub Phatty Part 2- The Filter

Marc Doty continues his exploration of the new Sub-P - in Part 2 with a look at the famous Moog Filter:


Friday, February 22

Creating tribal/cinematic percussion with Kong

Adam Fielding with a tutorial video! Check it:

"Adam Fielding demonstrates how to create cinematic percussion from scratch using Propellerhead Reason's Kong drum machine and it's physically modelled drums combined with the Groove Mixer."


The Moog Sub Phatty Part 1- Oscillators

Marc Doty, of the Bob Moog Foundation, takes a look at the new Moog Sub-P:


Thursday, February 21

Rotor - a Rotary Speaker Rack Extension for Reason

New from Propellerhead Software - Rotor:

"Introducing Rotor, a rotary speaker Rack Extension from Propellerhead. Meticulously modeled on the Leslie 122, Rotor brings the sound of the classic rotary speaker design to Reason—perfect for adding a vintage flavor to organs, guitars, vocals and keys."


the curve test

MrDjstarski1 uploaded this video testing out Selig's The Curve Rack Extension:


Monday, February 18

Locked Groove - Heritage EP

New Locked Groove EP - 'Heritage' out February 25th on Hotflush:


"Young Belgian producer Locked Groove (aka Tim Van de Meutter) cements an increasingly central role in the Hotflush family fold with the release of the Heritage EP.

Since his debut on the label, Tim has propagated what he himself has termed ‘100% House and Techno,’ combining elements of the big room, the deep and moody and straight up four-to-the-floor both into the space of a single track, and across the length of an EP.

Taking a marked step on from last year’s Rooted and Keep It Simple EPs, Heritage pursues a joining of musical dots between and beyond classic House and Techno; from the Kerri Chandler-esque House of ‘Wear It Well’ through the epic landscaping of ‘Lost’ to 'Dream Within A Dream''s Blade Runner beach party."


A1 - Do It Anyway

B1 - Wear It Well

B2 - Firefall

C1 - Night Time At The Garage

C2 - Dream Within A Dream

D1 – Lost


j.viewz playing Teardrop with vegetables

j.viewz plays Massive Attack's "Teardrop" on some interesting instruments:


Sunday, February 17

How to Build a Soundpack with Mad Zach

DJ Tech Tools has released a 1 hour tutorial with Mad Zach on creating your own Soundpacks in Ableton Live:


WaveChaser Reaktor Ensemble

WaveChaser Reaktor Ensemble from Everything Turns:

"The WaveChaser is a sample player that uses a granular synthesis engine to play any sample with independent control over pitch and time.

Generating lush sequenced effects that scan and morph around the eight dimension windows, producing never ending midi playable wave sequencing textures."


Saturday, February 16

Ned Rush - Scrubber (coming soon)

Coming soon from Ned Rush - Scrubber:

"new maxforlive instrument for turntable style scratching and cutting of a sample in Ableton via midi."


Reason ReCap Episode 15: Post Valentines Day Love

One of the best ways to keep abreast of what's going on in the Reasonverse is thru Mr.Brandon Peoples fantastic Reason ReCap Episodes:


Prdator RE Filter Input:

TONAL AXiS (aka Richard Hider) posted a informational tutorial to the tube yesterday on routing audio into Rob Papen's Predator Rack Extension:


Thursday, February 14

Reason Artist Interview - Cookie Monsta

Another Reason artist interview, this time round with some bro-stepper named Cookie Monsta:

"Tony Cook was just a kid when he saw his brother playing Music 2000 on his Playstation console and in an instant, after seeing two sounds combined to form something entirely new, Tony knew that music was his calling. After attending music college and getting exposed to Reason, his ability to make big sounds and killer beats was quickly apparent. It wasn't long before Tony was known to the world as Cookie Monsta - DJ, Producer, and Subwoofer-punisher extraordinaire.

We visited Tony in his Nottingham, UK studio to get an insight into how he layers Malström synths up to make his big speaker-rattling sounds."


Now and Later!

2 new Reason Rack Extensions from The Chronologists available in the Prop Shop - Now "is a ten channel control voltage counting gate which allows you to extract data from a CV signal for further modulation" and Later "is a ten channel control voltage delay unit. Later comes with delay time in note values or cv samples, positive and negative feedback, a merge input, and a dry/merge/wet mixer."






Tuesday, February 12

EditEd4TV ReCover - M83's Midnight City

Ed "EditEd4TV" Bauman is back with another great ReCover in Reason:

"This is my version of M83's "Midnight City", recreated (a "ReCover" as I call it) completely in Propellerhead's Reason. All custom patches, all original note data (no web download of MIDI files)."


Announcing: The Curve, from Selig Audio

Trailer for The Curve, a Reason Rack Extension from Giles Reeves and Selig Audio.




"Introducing The Curve, a Rack Extension from Selig Audio for Propellerhead Software's Reason music creation software."


Glitchmachines FRAGMENT - Promo Video

Glitchmachines the sound design company that creates a lot of the content for Twisted Tools amazing Reaktor ensembles has a new sound pack out called FRAGMENT:

"FRAGMENT is the first installment in our new MACROPACK series. Macropacks are affordable sample packs that feature collaborations with cutting edge software developers and sound designers. Fragment features 300 sound effects by Ivo Ivanov, an exclusive plugin from Inear Display and a custom Lemur template from Antonio Blanca!

The lo-fi character of this sample pack is perfectly suited for projects in need of aggressive, provocative, and mind-bending material. Sourced from a private collection of circuit bent hardware, these samples were skillfully layered and processed to offer a fresh perspective on the sonic range typically associated with bent sounds."

FRAGMENT is available now for $9 USD from


Monday, February 11

Pre-Order New PLVS VLTRA 7"


PLVS VLTRA, the solo project of Toko Yasuda, has a new 7" coming out on Scioto Records! Two brand new exclusive tracks available autographed on "Razzleberry" colored vinyl to the first 100 buyers (400 additional singles on classic black), with hand screen printed covers. Here's the downlow:

"PLVS VLTRA is the new project from Toko Yasuda. She is best known for her work in the band Enon, and is currently playing a moog synthesizer touring with St.Vincent. Her debut album, Parthenon, was released by Spectrum Spools / Editions Mego in 2012 and quickly sold out.

Scioto Records specializes in 7″ records from experimental artists from all over the world. While our releases cover a variety of styles (outsider folk, avant-indie-rock, sound collages), they all share the spirit of discovery and experimentation."

Pre-order your copy of the new PLVS VLTRA 7" single "Rooftop Arcade" @


The Postal Service - A Tattered Line of String

Finally a new Postal Service song:


"Brand New Music from The Postal Service! "A Tattered Line of String" from The Postal Service's 4/9/13 10th Anniversary Deluxe Reissue of Give Up."



Chris Randall - blinkerette

Chris Randall, of Audio Damage, posted this jam:

"A little late-night jam with Elektron Analog Four and Maschine. Nothing else but a whole raft of Audio Damage plugs, as usual."


Thursday, February 7

Legends at Play | Stevie Wonder | Bernie Worrell | Dr. Lonnie Smith | Larry Dunn

The new Moog Sub Phatty captured the attention of everyone at NAMM 2013, including a number of legends:

"Keyboard legends Stevie Wonder, Bernie Worrell, Larry Dunn, and Dr. Lonnie Smith were among the artists to visit the Moog booth during the madness of NAMM 2013 to play the new Moog SUB PHATTY."


The Bleep Drum!


New from Bleep Labs - The Bleep Drum, an Arduino based lo-fi drum machine designed by Dr. Bleep.


- Four sounds, two with pitch control

- Four selectable sequences

- Record patterns just by playing them

- Tap tempo

- Reverse mode

- Hyper Noise 30XX mode

- Stereo 1/8″ output


Available in both Kit form ($60) and pre-built ($85) from

Wednesday, February 6

H∆SHTAG$ - Episode 2 - Don't Call It #PostDubstep

Red Bull Music Academy with the second episode of H∆SHTAG$, featuring Mount Kimbie! Check it:

"For this second edition of Red Bull Music Academy's H∆SHTAG$ we examine the ever-changing bass / garage / dubstep continuum and the role the Internet has played in its maturation and ubiquitous global reach. Artists including Mount Kimbie, Praveen Sharma and Machinedrum of Sepalcure, Bondax and Deadboy weigh in alongside Dave Hayes of Soundcloud, Thristian bPM of Boiler Room and noted journalists and bloggers.

H∆SHTAG$ is a new series of mini-documentaries from the Red Bull Music Academy, chronicling some of the most fascinating themes emerging from the web in recent times, from #cloudrap to #seapunk, #postdubstep to #advancedpop."


Monday, February 4

MS-20 Mini -- The Legend Reborn

New Korg MS-20 mini video narrated by William H:

"Take a look at the new MS-20 Mini! Overseen by the engineers who brought us the original MS-20 back in 1978, MS-20 Mini features the exact true-analog signal path. The incredibly powerful dual filters with peak/resonance, CV functionality, external signal processing, and unique hands-on patching system are all here - with 5-pin and USB MIDI to boot -- and all at 86% of the original size."


Sub P-Funk!

Moog's Chief Engineer Cyril Lance talks with Source Distribution about the new Sub Phatty while the legendary Bernie Worrell checks out the instrument for himself:



AutoArp Tutorial - Performance

Check out how the AutoArp Rack Extension can be configured for a performance:



Sunday, February 3

My Bloody Valentine - MBV!


21 years later Kevin Shields and co. have finally released the album they've been hinting at... and surprise, it sounds like My Bloody Valentine! Here's one of my favorite tracks from the record "only tomorrow":


Friday, February 1

NAMM Jam 2013 Tip Top JB!

James Bernard showing Mix Master Mike how to work a modular synth at the Tip Top Audio Booth NAMM 2013!



NAMM 2013: Tiptop Audio Modular Synthesizer Demonstration (20130126) from ICON on Vimeo.