Monday, June 8

Coming Soon Rob Papen's Vecto RE!

Two of my favourite synthesizers of all time - the Prophet VS and Korg Wavestation AD used Vector Synthesis to create evolving soundscapes by cross-fading between up to four sound sources with an onboard joystick. So when I heard legendary sound designer Rob Papen was bringing Vecto, a Vector Synthesizer, to the Reason Rack I was stoked! And you probably will be as well after hearing these patches:


Saturday, June 6

Tiny Telephone Oakland!

John Vanderslice is opening a new studio in Oakland! World class 23 foot ceilings, a legendary Neve console with daily rates well below market value. You can donate money to this great cause on Kickstarter and even reserve studio time at an even lower rate! Check it:



More info @ Tiny Telephone Oakland Kickstarter!


Monday, June 1

Elektron Overbridge Beta!

The public beta for Elektron's Overbridge software is now available for all A4 and Keys owners! The Rytm version is coming soon along with AU, multiple unit support and a slew of other amazing features that make these three Elektron machines great additions to any one working ITB. One thing I'd like to note to any designers out there - how about that GUI! Here's the down low:



Combine the strengths of Elektron hardware and your music studio software. Pure musical expression. No fuss.

Welcome to Overbridge. The easy way in. Step into a world of vibrant analog sounds, vaster and closer than ever before. The immersive and thoroughly designed Overbridge environment encourages only what matters most. Creativity. Usability. Convenience. Immediacy. A brilliant and more personal sound. Enjoy a true breakthrough.



More information @