Wednesday, August 24

Wanna hear the new Audio Damage plug-in?

Chris Randall tweeted yesterday,"wanna hear the new AD plug?" with a link to the below soundcloud clip. No word on exactly what the plug-in is going to be, however a few days ago on Analog Industries, Randall mentioned it was an effect, not an instrument. I'm hoping for a bad ass filter with some serious grit!

Fs qd1 by Chris Randall


Chris Randall posted another example on Soundcloud, as well as bit of information on his blog Analog Industries:

"Here's a couple quick (well, "quick" as in I just banged 'em together, not "quick" as in "wow, that Soundcloud embedded player loads quick!") demos of the upcoming AD plug. I imagine that if I give you a little context, you can figure out what it is. In Fs_qd1, the source is Massive, with the filters turned off. First you hear it dry, then with the effect. In Fs_qd2, the source is FabFilter Twin2, again with the filters turned off. Any delay or reverb you hear is coming from elsewhere, not the effect."

Fs qd2 by Chris Randall

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