Sunday, July 31

REAKTOR's Massive - Part 5 - Through the Narrow Gate

"Time to get selective. Here's the low down and dirty on the Gater Page in Native Instruments REAKTOR's Massive... Infuse otherwise boring drum sounds with new life by dynamically changing gate length."
-Bluewater VST

Saturday, July 30

Grainframe 2 from New Atlantis Audio!

Theodore and New Atlantis Audio are back with a second version of Grainframe:
"Based on a whole new set of footage from some very unique sources... Kalimbas, Tea Kettles, Bees (didn't get stung!), Guitars, Ambulances and more, these Combinators go deep, deep into subtle atmospherics. They are powerful and dramatic, with a really nice organic quality throughout. Very good for scoring or any kind of atmospheric work.

These new frames have loop points and base notes embedded so you can take them outside of this ReFill into any sampler instrument of your own in Reason and go to town."

Pick up Grainframe 2 this weekend for the lowprice of $9.99! (

Reason: Introduction to using Send FX as Mix-Channels

"This is a Tutorial that shows an alternative method of creating Send FXes in Record & Reason."

Friday, July 29

RetouchReason2.0: iPad controller for Reason

"Video introducing version 2.0 of RetouchReason. This new version features (1) support for all Reason 5 FX devices (2) easy connection between iPad and the computer via Bonjour/ZeroConfig. Available now at"
-Retouch Control

Thursday, July 28

Virus TI Programming Boot Camp Episode 1 - PWM

"This summer, we'll give you a programming boot camp video every week. In this episode, we'll make you a Pulse Width Modulation expert ... You can download the patches created in this session on the Virus TI homepage."
-Access Virus

Strangeloop - Fields

"Fields is not so much an album as it is an evolving A/V experience, an environment that leans more in the direction of Steve Reich-inspired minimalism than towards the beat-heavy territory that Strangeloop explored prior in his cult A/V release 2010 : [or] How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Technological Singularity. Fields is in some ways a continuation of 2010, the story of the AI deity, now waking up enlightened, made of fields of anenome-like information.

Known mostly for his live visual executions accompanying an unending list of artists including Amon Tobin, Flying Lotus, 12th Planet and most of the Brainfeeder roster, Strangeloop explores new lush and organic visual worlds in his latest release, available both for purchase and as a part of an interactive A/V experience online.

Inspired by an experience while in an altered state of consciousness, Strangeloop heard a composition which he tried to recreate directly after, resulting in a fluctuating subliminal epic in three sprawling and unique movements: 1. Plants Inside 2. Ghostlines and 3. Becoming Fields. The three tracks correspond to three movements within a psychedelic trip, of initial birth/constellation, then death/dissolution, then finally a transcendental union of both.

The release features additional synth work by Strangeloop’s longtime friend, collaborator and fellow Brainfeeder, Austin Peralta, as well as sparse vocal revelations by Singapore-based vocalist Vanessa Fernandez and Portland-based vocalist Anna Gariby. The album was mastered by Daddy Keand features visual collaborations with artists Gavin Gamboa, Ben Olsen, and Singapore based Brandon Tay."

Puremagnetik Devil07

"Devil07 is a classic Roland TR-707 drum machine instrument and much, much more! It is a re-programming of the Diabolical Devices modification that augments the TR-707 with limitless sound potential. With close to 600 individual samples, and 21 banks of sounds, Devil07 will take you to places that the original 707 could never come close to."

soft photons

"lightbounce. generative. physics. electronica.

refmatrix generates midi notes when the ball hits an obstacle or wall. renoise sends the midi signals to the plugins, effects, and sounds. grid 1 is assigned to a filtered rhodes soundfont, grid 2 to lo-fi drumkit samples. copious amounts of reverb and calf vintage delay are layered over the instruments and tweaked throughout the track, using the nanokontrol.

audio download:​ioflow/​soft-photons
controllers: grayscale monome 128, korg nanokontrol
application: refmatrix
production: renoise 2.7
os: gentoo linux"


Tuesday, July 26

Free Ableton Melodica Rack from AfroDJMac!

"Ableton Live Rack I created with samples of my Melodica. It's a great little instrument that I have just begun using in my live performances and made a lot of use of on my Forest Far Album years ago.

I make a free Ableton Live Rack / Sample Pack every week, please stop by, follow, friend, and enjoy.

Download it here:

More Free Racks @

Enjoy, comment, and Share!"


Monday, July 25

mlrV n°1

"Live improvising for the first time with mlrV 2.2. After understanding a bit how this thing works (and struggling with the audio routing through Live), I decided to give it a go, drop in some random samples I had. It's obviously messy and uninteresting for the moment, so feel free to give me some tips."

Sunday, July 24

REAKTOR's Massive - Part 4 - Delay on Steroids

"Unleash the power of delay in Native Instruments REAKTOR's Massive to take your sounds in wild new directions. Seriously powerful stuff..."

Zoom H2n Portable Field Recorder

Zoom has an updated version of their H2 field recorder soon to be released. The H2n features 5 internal mic capsules and the Ability to record in 360 degrees and mid-side formats! The recorder is capable of recording Wav files up to 24-bit/96kHz and can be used as an audio interface for your computer (USB 2.0). Speaking of computers the H2n comes with a stripped down version of Steinberg's Wavelab software to edit your recordings. Comes with a built in compressor/limiter, low cut filter, metronome, tuner, variable speed playback, marker and surround sound mixer. Sweetwater currently has a pre-sale price of $199.00 USD listed for the H2n, retail $349. Check out the promo videos from Samsontech:

Boite Diabolique vs Konkreet Performer

"The Boite Diabolique is a Reaktor sampler instrument I've worked on for a long time without ever really getting anywhere with it, partly because it had too complex an interface. Once I saw Konkreet Performer I realised that it might offer a new way to approach the instrument and this is kind of a first marker of progress at a simplified KP-controlled interface. I'm not sure the way I have things mapped really makes sense. It actually turns out to be quite a hard problem and I think it will take some more time & effort to get it right. But maybe it will be of interest anyway."

Crumar MOJO Demo 2

Crumar the Italian maker of the Performer synth (used by Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran) is back with a new B-3 inspired organ called the MOJO. The Crumar brand was licensed in 2008 by BG's Musical Instruments. BGMI is run by Mauro Baldassari and Maria Grazia Gioielli, the daughter of Alfredo Gioielli, the maker of the Italian Electromagnetic organ, PARI. The PARI Organ was B-3 inspired as well, coincidentally. Check out a demo:

"The new Crumar MOJO demoed by Antonio Capasso with Massimo Barrella (guitar) and Elio Coppola (drums). The Crumar MOJO is powered by GSi VB3. Recorded "live", mixed and edited in the GSi Studio in July 2011."

Saturday, July 23

Grainframe ReFill from New Atlantis Audio

Brand new refill from New Atlantis Audio released today called Grainframe:

Grainframe is a sonic adventure through the strange and beautiful world of granular synthesis. This collection of stunning Combinator instrument ensembles is powered by a set of specially designed stereo waveforms which were created with custom-made granular processing tools.

Acoustic instruments, field recordings, human voices and more were sampled, processed and turned into these expressive and cinematic playable instruments for your music and scoring projects. Layered alongside beautiful Malstrom graintable patches, these instruments come alive as evolving, complex soundscapes merely by playing simple chords. Truly one-of-a-kind sounds here.

Specs: Includes 25 Combinators, 1 Kong Kit, 17 Stereo Sources in 24 bit

Pick up Grainframe today only for the price of $9.99 @

Grainframe by Rackflip

Friday, July 22

Ned Rush = MaxVlog (monosynth 2)

"this is a monosynth i've been working on for the past week and a bit in maxforlive. 4 waves, filter, chorus, overdrive and reverb, using max's pattern storage system to take snaps. hear are some presets i made on it and features a bit of nano pad 2 action too. very basic but lots of tweakage and quite versatile."
-Mr.Ned Rush

Mount Kimbie - Before i move off @ Bayou festival 2011

Mount Kimbie performing the track "Before I Move Off" live at the Bayou Festival in Erfurt, Germany on June 25th:

Video courtesy of finkingsystem101

Thursday, July 21

Three ways of using a Sonigen Modular VSTi

"Three ways of using a Sonigen Modular VSTi."

Rio Loco : Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex

Legendary Ethiopian Saxophonist Getachew Mekuria performing with Dutch anarcho-punks The Ex & Brass Unbound in front of 18,000 people at Rio Loco in the south of France last month:

Video courtesy of arte LIVE WEB.

Wednesday, July 20

Dubspot Interview: Federico Aubele & Jerry Busher

Dubspot interviews Berlin based, South American musician Federico Aubele and touring drummer/multi-instrumentalist Jerry Busher (member of harDCore band Fugazi and sous chef @ DC's Room 11 restaurant). Check it out:

"Dubspot caught up with Aubele at New York City's Gramercy Theatre just before a live performance. He was in town celebrating the release of his new album Berlin 13, which was influenced by Tarot card 13 (death) and the years he spent in the German capital where he embraced the city's strong electronic music identity. In our Soundcheck interview, Aubele talked about mixing and incorporating electronic music production techniques and elements using Ableton Live with live instruments and organic sounds, and also translating that process in a live performance setting with his band, a trio of musicians which includes drummer and multi-instrumentalist Jerry Busher, member of Washington D.C. post-hardcore band Fugazi and pianist and collaborator Will Rast. Federico also told us what he's currently listening to, which includes UK electronic dance music artists Lone and Actress, as well as Detroit house producer Big Strick."

Music Production Tutorial: Drums on "Single Ladies"

"Music Production Tutorial from ModernBeats Hit Talk: Programming quality R&B Dance drum beats by picking drum with character, varying drum duration, & applying velocity values Using 'Neptunian Drumz' Hip Hop Samples from The 'Neptunian Drumz' sample library has been used in numerous hit songs such as Beyonce's "Single Ladies" & Timbaland's "Marchin On".

Order 'Neptunian Drumz', Get Free Song Submit Uploads to submit your music directly to record labels, record label a&r, and film/tv music supervisors for film/tv/label placement.

'Neptunian Drumz' loads automatically into Propellerhead Reason NN-XT, Kontakt, Battery, EXS24, Halion, & more."
-Modern Beats

Little Dragon performing "Ritual Union" on KCRW

"Swedish group Little Dragon delivered an impeccable set of soulful electro-pop in front of a small live audience at Apogee's Berkeley St. Studios recently. We share highlights from our intimate evening, including lots of brand new tracks, on Morning Becomes Eclectic. Watch / Listen to the full performance here."

Tuesday, July 19

Danny Thompson | Bass Samples

Josh Mobley, aka Neoverse, posted a link to the Danny Thompson - Bass Samples Library today on the book of Face saying it was "one of the best upright bass libraries I have ever heard." Have to admit I'd never heard of this bloke, but he's played with everyone from Nick Drake to Graham Coxon. If you are a Reason user make sure to purchase the ZIP (main) option, which is on sale right now for $45.11 USD! Check it out:

Monday, July 18

Soundcells "Salad Bar" version 5

Received an e-mail this morning from Harald Karla of Soundcells announcing the release of Salad Bar V.5:

Salad Bar from Soundcells showcases a magnificent collection of Reason patches brought together in this ever growing ReFill, many future patches in the upcoming ReFill range from Soundcells will be added to Salad Bar... Every time a new Soundcells ReFill is released, Salad Bar gets an update. And in this way Salad Bar versions 2, 3, 4 etc, will be created. Besides this, Soundcells will also be developing lots of unique 'Salad Bar Only' patches. With the coming of Greenhouse it was clear that it wouldn´t take very long for Soundcells´ evergrowing Salad Bar ReFill to get its latest update. So we put 20 Greenhouse patches in there and also added 15 exclusive Salad Bar patches (75 SB-exclusives in total now). With its 260+ combinators this ReFill becomes more and more a fully-fledged workstation. Apart from that it´s a real bargain and "must-have" for the user and an excellent ambassador for Soundcells.

Salad Bar's patches cover all kinds of music styles showing the very best Soundcells has to offer. It's a great ReFill to get to know Soundcells' work, introducing you to their signature dimension in designing sound.

Salad Bar v5 Contents:

• 262 combinator patches in 8 different folders: Atmospheres & Textures, Bass, Keys, Leads, Miscellaneous, Pads, Rhythmic, SaladBar_exclusive (currently 75 'Salad Bar Only' ones).

• 261 well balanced patches for Thor, Malström, Subtractor, NNXT, ReDrum and 45 Rex2 loops.

• The modules folder contains the basic synth and NNXT patches which were used for the combinator sounds.

• 8 tracks in RNS format - inspiring with highl 'tutorialesque' value.

Pick up Salad Bar Version 5 today for 9.90€ @

Beat 707 with Propellerhead Reason Device Kong

"This is the Beat 707. Rugged Circuits."

Saturday, July 16

Syncromesh - OP-1 Monotribe Bugbrand Modular Sync

"Experiment with syncing the OP-1 to the modular by way of the Monotribe, recorded the Monotribe clock into OP-1, panned hard left, recorded a few parts on the remaining 3 tracks panned hard right, input the Monotribe and OP-1 into the mighty Bug system where they were sequencer filtered. Good fun!"
-Daren Ager

monome 40h + parc + Reason

"A three part video of me jamming on the monome 40h with parc sending MIDI to Reason, using the instruments Redrum, Maelstrom, Thor and Subtractor.

parc is sending out 4 channels of MIDI which are spread amongst several instruments to produce each sound. parc also changes the rhythm and notes in a semi-random sequencer and timing adjuster."
-Stephen Surlin

Friday, July 15

Jurassic Park symphony orchestra with Reason 5!

DJSTARSKI posted a link to this great video on the PUF this morning, stating: "listen to what this guy is doing with Reason"

"Jurassic Park Symphony orchestra made Pivotao full instruments soundtrack. Composed by Jhonn Williams.
No MIDI, No VST's... Only refils Reason orchestra soundbank , factrory soundbank NN19 instruments"

Thursday, July 14

James Blake - What's In My Bag?


REAKTOR's Massive Part 3 The Magic Shuffle Machine

Brent Kallmer of Bluewater VST is back with Part 3 of the Insider's Guide to Reaktor's Massive Drum Computer. Part 3 is a look at Massive's Quantization capabilities, dig it:

"Discover how to breathe life into your drum tracks using the "magic shuffle machine" in Native Instruments REAKTOR's Massive."
-Bluewater VST

Wednesday, July 13

Madeon - Pop Culture (live mashup)

"This is a little idea i've been playing around with to implement in my set, hope you like it.


Alphabeat - Boyfriend
Alphabeat - Fascination
Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars
Black Eyed Peas - Gotta Feeling
Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time
Capsule - Can I Have A Word
Chromeo - Momma's Boy
Coldplay - Viva La Vida
Daft Punk - Aerodynamic
Daft Punk - Around The World
Deadmau5 - Raise Your Weapon (Madeon Remix)
Deadmau5 - Right This Second
Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed
ELO - Mr. Blue Sky
Girls Aloud - Biology
Gorillaz - Dare
Gossip - Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix)
Gwen Stefani - What You Waitin For (Jacques Lu Cont Mix)
Housse de Racket - Oh Yeah
Justice - DVNO
Justice - Phantom Part II
Katy Perry - One Of The Boys
Ke$ha - Take It Off
Kylie Minogue - Wow
Lady Gaga - Alejandro
Linkin Park - Crawling
Madonna - Hung Up
Martin Solveig ft. Dragonette - Boys and Girls
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
Nero - Me and You
One Republic - All The Right Moves (Danger Remix)
One-T - Magic Key
Ratatat - Shempi
Solange - I Decided (Freemasons Remix)
Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star
The Killers - Losing Touch
The Who - Baba O'Riley (SebastiAn Remix)
Yelle - Que Veux Tu (Madeon Remix)

Made with FL Studio & Ableton Live, played on a Novation Launchpad & Novation Zero SL MKII."

Tuesday, July 12

A first look at Reason 6, Balance and Reason Essentials!

A few months back Propellerhead's CEO Ernst Nathorst-Böös gave a speech at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship about branding products. He mentioned the trouble of having your product's name be more familiar than your company name. Sound familiar? With that in mind I'm looking at today's announcement of Reason 6 and Reason Essentials. Reason 6 introduces three new effects devices The Pulveriser High Yield Demolition Unit (makes me think Metasonix was an inspiration), The Echo an advanced stereo echo with the same wobble capabilities of the echo in Kong (but with a lot more programability) and the Alligator, a three channel pattern based gate effect with built in phaser, delay and drive. But the big news and why I mentioned Ernst speech at SSES is the end of Record. That's right the end of Record. Reason 6 brings it all together in Reason in 64 bit! Neptune, the SSL modeled mixer with master bus compression, audio recording with time stretching and transposing and a fancy schmancy recording meter that doubles as a guitar tuner. Here's a look:

Now bringing it all together in Reason 6 to me makes perfect sense. And offering the "starter" product Reason Essentials that comes with Reason's new Balance audio interface is a great way to rope in the singer songwriter market that Record was originally marketed towards. I think the real downfall of Record was that the target market probably end up using whatever came with the audio interface they bought - generally Pro Tools. So offering Balance with Reason Essentials is a great way to compete for Propellerhead with Avid. And from the initial tech specs Balance looks pretty good:
2-in by 2-out audio interface
USB 2.0 – bus powered
Hi-end pre-amplifiers
Hi-end 24-bit ADC/DACs, 44.1 to 96kHz
Low latency design
Clip Safe — a “built-in recording engineer” that automatically "heals" clipped recordings.
Mac OS class compliant (no driver on Mac OS). ASIO drivers for Windows installed with the software.
Built-in Propellerhead Ignition Key
Direct monitoring (for stand-alone or DAW use)
Two XLR microphone inputs w. 48V phantom power
Two 1/4" guitar inputs with padding
Four 1/4" line inputs (two stereo pairs)
One 1/4” headphone output
Two 1/4" TRS balanced main outputs
Hardware input source selection
Input level control
Separate output and headphone level control
Output muting

Check out the video with future Mrs. 72, Olivia Broadfield:

The question that I'd really like answered at this point is if Recycle will someday be incorporated into the Reason rack? That's the one thing that Reason 6 is missing for me. But I was stoked to find out that Miho Hatori uses Reason:

Reason 6, Reason Essentials and Balance will be available at the end of September! Reason/Record owners that purchase Reason Essentials with Balance receive a free Reason 6 upgrade.

Monday, July 11

Daren Ager Monotribe Videos!

First Test:

A Teaspoon of Bugbrand makes the Monotribe go wow:

Another Monotribe TSP Bugbrand Jam:

"A Monotribe arrived today..."
-Daren Ager

Sunday, July 10

Native Instruments REAKTOR's Massive - Part 2 - Edit Modes

Brent Kallmer from Bluewater VST returns with Part 2 of the Essential Guide to Reaktor's Massive series, check it out:

"Part 2 of Bluewater VST's Massive Essentials puts you in the driver's seat with Edit Modes, the basis of total drum-computer domination..."
-Bluewater VST

-008' Rolling Machine

New free refill from -008' - Rolling Machine. Here's the info from the PUF:

"I made this as a quick and easy way to get your own creative dirty south or trap style rolls and fills. Reason 5 is required.

Contains 5 combinators:

-Kick Kicker
-Snare Snapper
-Hat Hitter
-Tom Tapper
-Blank Roller"

Download Rolling Machine for a e-mail address @

Saturday, July 9

Hadron Particle Synthesizer

Mr.Ned Rush clued me into this new Max for Live device last night called the Hadron Particle Synthesizer. The Hadron synth is designed by Partikkel Audio for Max for Live and is FREE, they promise a VST version later this year for those of us without M4L. Here's the down low:

"The Hadron plugin is your ultimate granular synthesis tool. In fact it is such a complete implementation of granular synthesis we’ve renamed the technique to particle synthesis. The plugin is of course free and open source.

For your convenience, we’ve made a preset system allowing you to quickly get started making music with it. All presets have selected “expression controls” to allow creativity and flexibility, and you can morph between presets for ultimate creativity. The plugin comes with a basic set of presets, and you can buy additional preset packs to expand your sonic palette. This kind of presets is called “states” in Hadron.

Hadron can be used as a synthesizer or an audio effect. It can also seamlessly morph between different sound processing methods, so you can make the plugin gradually change from synthesizer to audio processing mode. This is all part of the state morphing system, accessible via the big 2D joystick control.

You can also use live sampling as a sound source for manipulation with Hadron, as well as audio files and live audio input."

Check out audio examples and download the Hadron Particle Synth @

Friday, July 8

Mount Kimbie Gilles Peterson Interview

Mount Kimbie posted some content from the vaults this past week on their soundcloud page, including this interview with the BBC's Gilles Peterson and some live tracks, some of which I believe are from the same broadcast, which was recorded some time last year:

01 Maybes by mountkimbie

05 Interview with Gilles Peterson by mountkimbie

03 Before I Move Off by mountkimbie

02 William by mountkimbie

04 Field by mountkimbie

Dave's Live Electronics Setup

"This is a quick tour of the gear I use when playing live in my band You and What Army."
-Boy in a Band

Randomizing EQ

"The cutoff frequency of a low cut filter being automated by a random generator in MAX/MSP Jitter."
-Rishabh Rajan

Thursday, July 7

Wednesday, July 6

Realtime Composition and Performance - Bill McGettigan

"A Demo of my University Final Year Project titled 'An Investigation Into Realtime Aleatoric Composition and Performance'."
-Bill McGettigan

Kero Bits + Beats w/ mlrV 2.2 + monome 40h

"Jamming on the monome 40h using mlrV 2.2 with some samples from the new samplepack "Kero's Bits & Beats" from Twisted Tools."
-Stephen Surlin

Monday, July 4

REAKTOR's Massive Part 1 Intro and Overview

"Part I of Bluewater VST's Massive Essentials series takes you on a lightning-fast, boredom-free overview of the secret-weapon Native Instuments' REAKTOR Ensemble, and sets the stage for total drum domination. Visit Bluewater VST to grab the tutorial ensemble..."
-Bluewater VST

Tom Ellis - Live KP3 & Reaktor Improv (July 2011)

"Having a wee mess about with a Reaktor patch i've been working on for a while, also accompanied by my trusty Kaoss Pad 3."

Tenori-On A Sunday Afternoon

"King Tet plays Tenori-On A Sunday Afternoon. Tenori-On as a midi-controller with Roland SonicCell. Audio track mastered by Radio Ready Masters.
-King Tet

Sunday, July 3

StellaReFill from Benedict Roff-Marsh

New Reason ReFill from Benedict Roff-Marsh - StellaReFill. Synthetic sounds aimed at electronic styles, 1200+ patches in the following categories:

-ARPs & Patterns
-Drums & Percussion
-Poly Synths
-Strings & Brass
-SFX & Bells
-Effects for instruments and mixes including my Mastering patch
-45MB of unique wave and drum Samples

Pick up the StellaReFill for Reason 5 today from for $20 AUD.

Reason Wizardry Demo Video - June 2011

"Reason Wizardry is a series of advanced video tutorials for Propellerhead Reason 4/5, produced fresh and delivered electronically each month. This is an excerpt of the June 2011 issue. Find out more about Reason Wizardry at"
-Nucleus SoundLab

Saturday, July 2

Missing Pieces Refill - Preview 06: MonoPoly ArpThor

"This is preview of "MonoPoly ArpThor" combinator device from Navi Retlav - Missing Pieces Refill."
-Navi Retlav

New Atlantis Audio - Forest ReFill

Forest - A Physical Therapy ReFill
“Following in the tradition of the acclaimed Physical Therapy series, this set of all new playable Combinator ensembles are some of the most beautiful sounding instruments we’ve ever designed.

Featuring a handful of gorgeous stereo wildlife field recordings from around the world, breathtaking and expressive Malstrom instruments and physically modeled glass tones, Forest is just oozing with lush organic musicality that will breathe new life into your music or scoring project.”

Forest Reason ReFill by Rackflip

Friday, July 1

Si Begg - Electro Glitch Essentials Sample Library

"Si Begg and Zero-G present over 2GB of glitches, noises, bass, loops and logic tools for the discerning dance producer. Out 1st July 2011."
-Si Begg

Opposition - Satellites

Another great track from the 808's Opposition:

"Music Video for Satellites by Opposition."

Multi-Tap Delay Freakazoid v1.0

"Redesigned Interface with a multi-tap feature. Each tap has its own delay time, level and pan settings.
Kept the frequency shifter from the previous version with a randomizer feature that creates rhythmic patterns using the logistic population equation algorithm."
-Rishabh Rajan