Tuesday, June 30


A couple of years ago Matrixsynth posted a youtube video by a Parisian named Franck Smith who runs the odiolorgnette collective. He plays the Roland Handsonic 15 and Tenori-On thru all sorts of wonderful effects (like the Sherman Filterbank, various Moogerfoogers, Jomox Resonator, etc..) I've watched Franck's Youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/odiolorgnette) ever since. Here's two of my favorite jams:

A new one from March 14, 2009:

An older one from September 11, 2008:

for more information, check out:


Saturday, June 27

Get Rhythm!

I love drum machines. I bought my first drum machine in 1994. An Alesis Sr-16. Not a bad first drum machine. You could program beats with it, pick different sounds, and it had a nice big dial (that sadly only controlled the tempo.) Since then I've gone thru quite a few different machines, at least a dozen. My favorites are probably the pre set early rhythm units, like the famous Roland CR-78 - used on Phil Collins' hit song, "In the Air Tonight." Here's the 3 drum machines I've never owned, but always coveted:

Sly Stone made famous another great machine, the Maestro Rhythm King MRK-2:

Elektron makes probably the only digital drum machine that I really dig, the Machinedrum. The MD is glitchy, spurted joy and I've always wanted one:

Friday, June 26


King of Pop

Michael Jackson

08.29.58 – 06.25.09

When I was in grammer school I remember going to the local roller rink ("Wheels!") and skating to MTV videos playing on a large screen TV. Whenever the Thriller video came on everyone would stop, mid rink, sit down, and watch the whole video, breathless. The cool junior high kids making out in the coat room would even come out to watch. With modern niche marketing and the here-today/gone-today media, I doubt we'll ever see a Pop icon the size of Michael Jackson again. I hope I'm wrong. God knows the major music companies are going to need people like him again, if they want to survive.

Wednesday, June 24

Check. Check. 1 - 2 - 3.

Welcome to Resonant Filter.