Sunday, July 18

bleepwerks Original: Inside a Patch, Virus TI Snow

This is a video documentary of a patch I made on my Virus TI Snow. I wanted
to experiment with the new Arp to Matrix feature, as it is a feature I have
been wanting for some time, so I decided to document the creation of my
first patch using this feature. I used Ableton Live, with a single note from the
TI Snow, and drums from Ableton.

Being able to route the arpeggiator to any modulation source via the mod
matrix really opens up new possibilities on the TI, and is absolutely fun, fun,
fun. A cool trick was assigning the arp to modulate the Delay Send, so that
certain steps in the arpeggiation get soaked with delay, this is also useful
with the Reverb Send, or any other effect for that matter.

I set up the patch with only one oscillator, with pitch modulation from the
arpeggiator, and then used oscillator 2 for ring modulation, but you could
easily assign both oscillators, and even use different amounts.

More videos will follow, this was too much fun not to revisit.


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