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Wednesday, May 29

Reason 7 Video Overview w/ James Bernard

If you're like me, you miss the JB tutorials featured by the Props, so it's good to see James Bernard talking about Reason again, plus his new affiliation with dubspot should be interesting:

"In this video, Dubspot instructor and Reason guru James Bernard takes a look at Propellerhead Reason 7's new features including MIDI / CV output, the spectrum EQ analyzer, parallel processing, some new retro effects, and the addition of ReCycle to the already powerful music production and sound design software."


Friday, February 1

NAMM Jam 2013 Tip Top JB!

James Bernard showing Mix Master Mike how to work a modular synth at the Tip Top Audio Booth NAMM 2013!



NAMM 2013: Tiptop Audio Modular Synthesizer Demonstration (20130126) from ICON on Vimeo.


Wednesday, January 9

James Bernard's Atari Punk Console!

James Bernard showcases his newly built APC with CVs:

"Just built this little beastie. Got the PC board from contact me directly if you are interested in one."

Saturday, December 22

James Bernard on BUFFRE

James Bernard shows you how he uses the BUFFRE Rack Extension for Reason in a live setting:

"James Bernard, master of all things Propellerhead Reason, is BACK! In this video James demonstrates using Buffre Rack Extension for Reason 6.5 as a performance tool to create stutter and pitch fade effects in real time using the Livid Instruments OHM64. 25% Holiday Discount Code: buffreholiday"


Thursday, October 4

Remixing with Stems - Reason Tips

James Bernard shows how he remixes with stems in Reason:

Friday, August 17

Remixing with Acapellas - Reason Tips

In the latest Reason Tips video James Bernard creates his own remix using vocals from the latest Aesop Rock record:

"What's the difference between a professional music producer and an amateur beat maker? Answer: Vocals. Vocals is what elevates a beat - no matter how cool it is on its own - to becoming a track that people can identify with, sing along to, and want to hear again. So what do you do if you aren't a rapper or vocalist? Fortunately, there's tons of acapella tracks out there just waiting to be worked with. In fact, many artists are releasing their acapellas in the hopes that people remix them in their own tracks."

Saturday, April 21

How to build a bass amp combinator in Reason

James Bernard is back with another installment to the Reason Sound Design videos! This time he looks at building a bass amp combinator in Reason:

Download the patch:

Saturday, April 7

How to create effective transitions in Reason

My man James Bernard is back with a new Reason Sound Design video tutorial, this time on creating effective transitions in Reason!

Check it out:

Download JB's patch here:

Friday, March 9

How to Easily Make Complex Sounds with Combinators

Reason Sound Design - Propellerhead's product specialist James Bernard with a new tutorial on creating complex sounds and morphing between them with Reason's Combinator. Dig the new intro:

"Propellerhead's product specialist James Bernard shows you how to use the Combinator to control multiple parameters on a Reason synth to give you quick access to complex sound manipulation. Assign a few knobs and buttons and you'll be able to quickly morph your sounds on the fly in your music!" -Propellerhead

Download linke of James' Combinators:

Thursday, February 23

How to make a gated filter sweep - Reason Sound Design

James Bernard is back!

"Propellerhead Software's product specialist James Bernard shows you how to do a gated filter sweep in this Reason Sound Design video. This effect is great for transitions and it's very playable once you've set up the Combinator controls!

You can download the patches shown in the video here:

Don't forget to send in your own take on the gated filter sweep to and we might feature it in the next video!"


Wednesday, December 28

Bernard Childcare Trust ReFill!

James Bernard has long been one of my musical heroes - for both his formidable music and work with Propellerhead. If you're a Reason user chances are you know his wife Nicole passed away earlier this year after a 2 1/2 year battle with Leukemia, leaving behind 4 young children. The Bernard Childcare Trust ReFill is a collaborative effort between six refill producers with the goal of passing all proceeds on to the Bernard family to help with their care.

The contributors:

Nicholas: DrDist/Odarmonix,
Ed: Bauman Productions,
Marco: Koshdukai’s Music(al) Reason(Ing)
Robb: Reason Patch-A-Day,
3rd Floor Sound:
with special e-commerce help from Theo (New Atlantis Audio):


- 47 Combinators
- 54 Thors
- 6 Kongs
- 108 Samples
- 41 NN19s
- 9 NNXTs
- 16 Malstroms
- 13 Subtractors
- 15 Effects
- 4 Rex loops

Purchase the Bernard Childcare Trust ReFill today for $20.73!

DEMO Bernard Childcare Trust refill by 3rdFloor

Addendum: If the Holidays left you short on cash you can also donate to the trust fund set up for the Bernard children by buying James Bernard's Guidance single with Olivia Broadfield, available thru for $1.99!

Thursday, September 29

James Bernard's Favorite New Patches - Reason 6

"The expanded factory sound bank in Reason 6 is a new source of inspiration. Propellerhead product specialist James Bernard put together a sampling of new music he's been making with the new patches in the Reason 6 sound bank.

This file is also downloadable in Reason's demo song format. If you're trying out Reason and want to see these patches and sequencer clips up close, just go here:"


Thursday, May 26

Music Making Month - James Bernard Takes Requests

Propellerhead guru James Bernard holds a special live session to take user-submitted requests for Reason tips.

Saturday, May 21

Music Making Month - Finish What You Started

with James Bernard

Do you have a lot of ideas for hooks of a song, but you get stuck on how to take that hook and turn it into a complete and finished piece of music? This week James will share some tips and concepts on how to take a hook and sculpt it into a finished piece of music.

Sunday, May 15

Music Making Month - Controllerism with JB!

It's great that Reason's interface emulates physical hardware but what if you actually want to use it with physical hardware. The world of controllerism only continues to grow year after year. The new boutique hardware controller manufacturers paired with the explosion of iOS controller apps means that you have an infinite set of choices for your live set up when using Reason. James Bernard will walk you through some of the history surrounding controllerism and some of the latest gizmos.

Monday, May 9

JB's Just Let Me Have a Moment

Propellerhead's own James Bernard just uploaded a few choice cuts to his youtube page. Here's one of my favorites, "Just Let Me Have a Moment", from the "My Beautiful" album:

Friday, May 6

Music Making Month - Sounds From the Darkside

Propellerhead Product Specialist James Bernard will be exploring some methods for creating dark and angry sounds that scream at you, eat all of your pancakes, and leave a mess for you to clean up. If you watch this video after dark, make sure to leave the night light on so you don't get scared.

Saturday, April 16

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 52!

It's graduation day!
52 Reason / Record Tips - Thor's Modulation Bus and Step Sequencer:

It's hard to believe it's been 52 Tips already but now we've all got the Reason/Record chops to prove it! For those of you who have been with me since week one, I'm so proud you came all this way with me. For those of you just coming into the series, boy do you have more goodies to find in our past episodes!

In this final week's Tip I'm going to show you around Thor's final sections: The Modulation Bus and Step Sequencer. With these sections under your belt you'll have completed my multi-week "Synth School" series and hopefully be able to approach custom synth sound design with a whole new bag of tricks.

Now there's nothing else to do but to get out there, use this knowledge, and start making more music than ever before!!!


Sunday, April 3

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 51

With a solid foundation of synth theory and even Thor's fundamentals under your belt, this week we'll be diving deeper into the filter types in Thor - looking at the State Variable Filter, the Comb Filter, and the Formant Filter. You'll also learn about the self-oscillator included with some of these filters. From there we'll move through Thor's semi-modular signal path to see how you can tap into the sound-bending power of the shaper, the mod envelope, and the Modulation Matrix.

As with all of these Synth School videos, the knowledge in here builds heavily off of previous tutorials so if you're jumping in to this one first I can highly recommend looking at past weeks to get a better understanding of the advanced concepts we're covering here.

Also: Don't forget to get your cap and gown measurements to the principle's office because graduation from Synth School is next week!


Monday, March 21

52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 50

If you've made it this far into Synth School without dropping out or changing your major to something less technical, then congratulations. You're nearly ready for graduation day. Today we'll be picking up where we left off with Thor's oscillator types, namely the multi-oscillator and the noise oscillator. There's a lot to these simple looking modules! From there we'll move over and take a look at the filter sections in Thor and I'll introduce you to the semi-modular routing buttons which help move signals through Thor.