Tuesday, July 20

-008' Beat Triggers ReFill FREE for Reason

Here’s a new freebie!

-008’ Beat Triggers is a bunch of lo-fi loops i made from my various machines, and then recycled.
I did this in anticipation of the new Dr.Octo Rex and Nurse Rex in Reason 5….I can’t wait to use them!
..but i can prepare myself with fresh rex’s! ;)

These are great for adding percussive elements to your beats.
You got a hot kick and snare? Add some beat triggers and heat it up even more.
Having Writer’s Block? Start with some beat triggers for new inspiration.
Open a few of the Rexs in an NN-XT with an RPG-8 and make your own new rhythmic elements.

Contains 30 Rex Loops, all were made at 90BPM and fed through a crappy digital fx unit just for fun!


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