Thursday, July 8

Viral Outbreak for Alchemy!

Nucleus SoundLab in co-operation with Camel Audio released Viral Outbreak today for the low price of $59! This soundbank for Alchemy features 150 sounds, with 1200 variations, and comes with the Alchemy Player, if you aren't lucky enough to own Camel Audio's badass flagship synthesizer. I had the pleasure of designing patches for this soundbank in addition to Adam Fielding, Shaun Wallace, Tasmodia, and of course NSL's CEO Jeremy Janzen!

From Camel Audio:

"Viral Outbreak features dancing arpeggios, pop blips, unison leads, ambient drones and washes, shimmering pads, bizarre formant effects and sci-fi soundscapes, suitable for dance, IDM and electronica. This sound library draws on samples of the classic Virus synthesizer, featuring raw saw and pulse waveforms, massive supersaws, phase distortion, FM and classic wavetable sounds."

For more information, mp3 demos, and to purchase go to!

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