Wednesday, July 14

Meet Aalto.

I really dig the look of this new softsynth from madronalabs!
Here's some more information I gleaned from madronalabs message board:

Aalto is the Finnish word for "wave."
Mac AU and VST will come first.
Shipping this summer for the Mac

In answer to the post "As a Buchla user, I find that the palette is familiar, and
I'm delighted to see such ideas moving forward.."

Randy, madronalabs developer states:
"thanks and well put. Aalto is definitely inspired by Buchla's work. The Music
Easel was a model for me in how good design could give a small collection of
modules a huge variety of sonic possibilities. I also like how the Easel lends
itself to programming distributions of events, not just single notes. I tried to
make Aalto's sequencer flexible enough to offer a lot of possibilities here.
And then there are the woodblock and 259-like sounds that are new sonic
territory for plugins. My goal is not to emulate hardware but to make new
sounds that satisfy me in the ways the original ones do. In return for all the
inspiration I take pains to point out that, if you want to make Buchla sounds,
you gotta get a Buchla!"

Looks fantastic:

*click on pic for more detail

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