Thursday, July 1

Nucleus SoundLab Canada Day Sale!

Canada Day ReFill Sale

Today Nucleus SoundLab celebrates the creation of this great nation. Not Canadian eh? Well, Canadians are a notoriously friendly bunch - so feel free to join in the celebration by reaping the savings below.

Canada Day NSL ReFill Bundle - Save over $230!

Every single Nucleus SoundLab ReFill has been bundled together in this amazing deal. This package includes:

Filter Research 1
Filter Research 2
Pantheon I
Pantheon II
Synthetic Kits
Ambient Drums
MK Digital Keys
OB Resurrection
Viral Outbreak

This bundle is regularly priced at $480. Until July 10th, 2010 - you can get the entire NSL library of ReFills for only $249!

As a bonus for the first 10 customers, the Getting Started with Thor Bonus Issue from Reason Wizardry will also be included!

This bundle package is available both as a download and shipped worldwide on DVD. Please, as this is a very large download - if you have a slower net connection consider the DVD package.

To purchase, visit the bundles page.

Synthetic Kits ReFill 60% Off

Interested in showing your solidarity with Canada in the form a single ReFill purchase instead of our tempting bundle? No problem - also until July 10th, you can purchase our innovative synthetic drum/percussion ReFill Synthetic Kits at a $30 discount!

To read more about Synthetic Kits and to order at this price - head to the product page.

Happy Canada Day!

Jeremy Janzen
Owner/Lead Designer
Nucleus SoundLab

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