Tuesday, July 13

Ace Tone EC-10 Echo Chamber on Ebay!

Up for sale is a vintage Ace Tone Echo Chamber EC-10. This unit produces a very bright and crisp echo/delay sound. Very unique sound of its own. All 11 modes work perfectly. It has 7 input and 3 output jacks and "vocal amp." input jack creates a "wet only" signal to the output. The pinch roller of this model does not disengage from the capstan when the unit is off. There is a thumbscrew that allows to "lock" the pinch roller away for long-time storage. Unit has a voltage converter and runs on 100V~240V. Just plug in the socket on the top to match the voltage in your country. Unit has some rust but overall it's in great condition cosmetically. Made in the early '70s. I've installed a new tape loop. Comes with a new replacement tape loop.

Seller: scrmgbird ( 42)
Item: 190410352466
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Price: $399.00
Shipping: $145.00

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