Friday, July 9

Update on Viral Outbreak Pricing

If you already are an owner of Nucleus SoundLab's Viral Outbreak for Reason or Wuzikstation you're eligible for a 50% discount on the new Viral Outbreak for Alchemy soundbank! (That brings the cost down to $29.50 from the original $59 for those of you eligible.) NSL CEO Jeremy Janzen will be sending out an e-mail to everyone who purchased Viral Outbreak thru latter today. If you purchased VO thru the Props, forward your original receipt to and they'll verify the purchase and hook you up. Why the discount? This soundbank uses the same samples from previous Viral Outbreak releases, however the patches are all new for Alchemy. So if you ever thought when using Viral Outbreak for Reason, this sounds cool but wouldn't it be great if this same sample was run thru a granular synthesizer - this is for you. Don't own Alchemy? Each purchase of Viral Outbreak comes with the Alchemy Player. The Alchemy Player still gives users hands on control of the patch - with 2 X-Y controllers, 8 knobs, ADSR controls and an 8 section remix pad to morph between sounds! Pick up Viral Outbreak for Alchemy at

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