Thursday, April 26

Skanner XT from Native Instruments

Native Instruments has released Skanner XT, "a raucous and exciting synth from the creator of REAKTOR" Stephan Schmitt. For those of us that downloaded the original Skanner at X-mas time, NI is offering a special upgrade price of 50% off! Not bad considering the original was FREE ;-). The new version includes 2 new sound categories (Chiptune and Motion) as well as a slew of new samples!
"SKANNER XT is the wildly unpredictable synth for REAKTOR – part synth, part sampler. SKANNER XT is an untamed beast for highly creative sounds – perfect for earth shattering basses, ethereal pads, and evolving soundscapes. An innovative interface allows for sophisticated control, and includes a preset-morpher for further sound mangling potential."

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