Monday, April 16

Subtractor Essentials!

Subtractor Essentials is a new Reason ReFill designed by Shaun Wallace from Sonic Elements! Shaun Wallace has worked on numerous projects for Nucleus SoundLab and released droves of sound libraries for everything from the Access Virus TI to Sylenth1, but Subtractor Essentials is his first solo venture for Reason.
"Sonic Elements and Nucleus SoundLab present Subtractor Essentials. Subtractor Essentials is the first in a three part Refill series. Each release will focus on a different synthesizer in Reason. Each release contains production ready combinator templates. These combinators will also help expand upon your existing libraries. There are a wide range of sounds represented in this refill. Each sound makes full use of the Subtractor's FM, Ring, and Phase capabilities to deliver all of the essential sounds needed in today's productions."

220 Patches including:
170 Subtractor Patches
7 Combinator Templates
43 Combinator Variations

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