Thursday, April 26

On This Day...

On this day in 1940 record producer and composer Hansjörg "Giorgio" Moroder was born in Urtijëi, Italy! Giorgio first made a name for himself in Germany in 1969 recording "Looky Looky" for Ariola Records, which was awarded a gold disc the following year. Throughout the 1970s Moroder began using synthesizers more and more in his productions culminating in the disco classics he produced for Donna Summer - "I Feel Love" and "Love to Love You Baby". Giorgio founded Musicland Studios in Munich, which was used by many artists, such as Electric Light Orchestra, Led Zeppelin, Queen and Elton John. He is perhaps most famous now for his movie soundtrack work on films such as Midnight Express, Cat People, Scarface, Superman III and The NeverEnding Story. My own favorite Moroder work is "The Chase Theme" from Midnight Express:

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