Thursday, April 12

Peff - R3bEAT

Peff demonstrated his new "R3bEAT" device last night in San Francisco at the Elite Session with Propellerheads Reason Software at Pyramind Studios. No real descriptions so far of what the coming Rack Extensions device does... but, I'm thinking a Beat Repeater of sorts?
"R3bEAT is a working title. We need to find a name that is less likely to infringe on existing trademarks."

Ed Bauman was on hand and checked out R3bEAT personally:

UPDATE: According to ZionAural on the PUF, R3bEAT is "based on buffer playback" with "different playback modes, including LIVE REVERSE!" Evidently the Rack Extensions device will come with a Lemur template for those of you lucky enough to own an iPad ;-).

*photos courtesy of Alan Strahsburg

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