Saturday, February 26

Mirage from

Picked up the new Mirage and the Loupe Reaktor ensembles yesterday from Mirage is a granular sampler designed by Peter Dines for Reaktor and is great for soundscapes - Peter says it's inspired by the music of Tim Hecker. You can pick up the two for the next two days for the low price of $22.50, after that their $15 each. Below is a video of my first hour messing around with Mirage. I'm using samples from the ensemble itself in this video as well as some from New Atlantis Audio's Night Shift soundbank.

Reaktor Tips


Suecae said...

Looks intruiging!

zenke said...

What is the icon you click on at the top of screen to change sample? Would be interested to know.

Lewis.72 said...

The icon on the top is to restart recording after pausing in the screen capture software I'm using. Usually when I'm doing these videos I'll play around with a part until I find something I like and then I'll record a bit of it... I always forget what the shortcut keys are ;-).