Tuesday, June 22

Nightshift from New Atlantis Audio

Received an e-mail from Theodore, over at New Atlantis Audio, over the weekend about his latest refill, Nightshift! I'm hoping to procure a copy for a video review soon, in the mean-time here's some information on Nightshift:

Our latest release is called "Nightshift", and is based around a bunch of overnight field recording sessions we did at some of the biggest, spookiest places we could get in to. Abandoned factories, underground tunnel systems, an old foundry and more. We captured creaking machines, giant pulley systems, huge steam pipes, blast furnaces, acid baths, antique machinery of all kinds. One of the places even came with its own creepy ass crow on the roof, sometimes you just get lucky like that. Those field recordings were processed, mixed and mutilated in varying degrees to create this super unique, super atmospheric library that definitely sets a haunting tone with a totally original vibe.

This is our largest collection yet, weighing it at a healthy 1.2 GB, with just over 250 audio files ranging from short, fast moving effects and buildups, to long playing evolving soundscapes that bend, twist and morph all over the place - some are almost 3 minutes long! There is a tremendous amount to explore inside this library and we can't wait to hear what you do with it. We know many of you are doing scoring work for tv and games with our sounds and this collection will definitely be a killer toolset to have for those kinds of projects. While the audio content is most definitely the star of the show, we also included a little Reason ReFill with a handful of playable Combinators and a drum kit made from these found sounds. Head over to newatlantisaudio.com for demos and details.

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Stadtgorilla said...

yeah this one's really impressive. hope to get that soon as well.