Friday, October 11

TRES mono synth!


I've been wanting to post about this new synth from FXpansion for months! TRES is a fantastic monophonic synthesizer for the Reason Rack that bucks today's trend of including everything under the sun in an instrument in favor of creating an elegant interface that just begs to be played with... 3 Oscillators, 3 Filter models, an easy to use Mod Bus section, plus Tonal controls that can drastically change the sound of a patch! This is a Rack Extension I think everyone will dig and please check out my patches in the factory library while you're at it (with the LO extension :-). Adam Fielding, Tom Pritchard, Shaun Wallace and Nucleus SoundLab's mad scientist Jeremy Janzen also lent a hand in sound design! Check it:


"Tres is a DCAM analogue circuit-modelled monosynth Rack Extension from FXpansion. It features exciting TransMod modulation and a wide variety of timbral flexibility and tone sculpting.

Tres's modelled VCOs offer interesting audio-rate functions for complex tones along with filtered noise and a sub-osc. A keytracked shelf-EQ allows you to emphasize or cut higher harmonics before a multimode filter with huge resonance, self-oscillation, FM, adjustable drive and 3 distinct classic synth filter models. Tres's final output VCA provides a final drive stage for a variety of tonal colours from warm and smooth to gritty and aggressive.

Most of Tres's parameters can be modulated simultaneously by any of 10 available modulation sources, including Tres's built-in dual envelopes and LFOs and external CV sources from elsewhere in your Reason project. You can also route external sources for audio-rate filter FM and use Tres's built-in envelopes and LFOs to modulate other devices within your session. "

More info and audio demos in the PropShop! Pick up Tres today for $49 USD.


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