Saturday, December 7

Hyperdrive Sounds for Parsec!


Nucleus SoundLab has released the amazing Hyperdrive ReFill for Propellerhead's Parsec Rack Extension. Hyperdrive has 128 Combinator patches and is the bomb-diggity, and I'm not just saying that because I worked on it :-). Check it:

"Hyperdrive contains a full palette of new sounds for Parsec, suitable for a variety of electronic music genres - such as ambient, IDM, trance, or filmscore. Nucleus SoundLab has employed five experienced sound designers to produce a ReFill of truly varied scope. Inside Hyperdrive you'll find their work has produced Blade Runner-esque FX, piercing psychedelic leads, glassy sweeping pads, hybrid Parsec/Thor duets as well deep sci-fi atmospheres.

The same quality customers have come to expect from Nucleus SoundLab is well-represented in Hyperdrive: Unique Combinators with unique Combinator controls; Parsec patches that make up each Combinator are individually available; full categorization of both Combinators and device patches; careful volume-balancing for every single patch. Together, Parsec and Hyperdrive are the perfect combination to propel your electronic music productions to vast new aural galaxies!"

Hyperdrive is available today for $39 USD! More info @



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