Wednesday, September 25

Viking Signature ReFill

Viking Signature - a new refill for the Viking VK-1 Rack Extension for Reason 7 from Soundcells. Featuring 45 Combi patches and 75 Viking sounds for only 7.90 € (until October 20):

"‘Viking Signature‘ - funky and soulful leads, great basses and more!

This ReFill is based on the Viking Rack Extension which is basically a great sounding emulation of the Moog Voyager. For more than thirty years, Moog sounds have been most popular all over the world, and with Viking and especially the Viking Signature ReFill, these legendary sounds are now coming to your Reason Rack. Viking Signature convinces with its funky and soulful leads, authentic sounding bass patches with an awesome bottom end and several wired SFX patches. If you own Viking be sure to complete your ReFill collection with Viking Signature - a powerful soundset at a ‘knockdown‘ price …"

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