Sunday, December 4

Reason 101 Gator Articles

If you're using Reason 6 you need to check out Rob @ Reason 101's latest articles on the Alligator Triple Filtered Gate Device. Part 1 is a great introduction to the Alligator device, complete with a front and back panel legend of every parameter and function of the gator. Part 1 also includes information on how to set up a Dry/Wet knob for an Alligator based Combinator and best of all how to program your own Alligator patterns using additional Reason devices! Part 2 is where Reason 101 becomes more like Reason 202, with information on adding filter movement, using external effects with Alligator and using multiple Alligators for a "Double-Gate-Filter-FX Channel". Probably the coolest thing I learned from these articles was from the front panel legend - the shift knob "shifts" the patterns forward and backward by a +/-16. As the legend states "Nice to automate pattern shifting" - indeed! Nice work Rob. And don't forget if you're hesitant to jump in and create your own patterns (or just want to check out some great patches by another Reason user), Rob's Pureffects ReFill has 200 original Alligator patches - along with 1,000 more patches that use Reason's other fantastic devices including The Echo, Pulveriser, Scream, RV-7000 and Line 6 amps, all for $49 USD!

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