Thursday, December 29

GRID Reaktor Ensemble

GRID is a new Sound Sequencer Reaktor ensemble from Icebreaker Audio available for £20 ($30/€24 approx.)
GRID is designed to be a sound sequencer, it is neither a drum machine nor a sequenced synthesizer, but some kind of hybrid of the two. GRID was designed to have no tabs and a single set of controls for the sound source. The central part of GRID is the 8×8 matrix sequencer. This is where the patterns are created using 8 steps along the x axis and 8 voices along the y axis. Voices are like partials of an additive synthesizer, or like notes in a scale. They can be either depending on how you with to use GRID. Each voice can have its own pattern length, allowing for interesting polyrhythms.

Key Features:

- 8 voice sound sequencer controlled from an animated 8×8 grid
- 42 presets with 4 patterns per preset (a total of 168 patterns)
- Per voice pattern length
- Analog and digital sound generation modes
- 2 modulation step sequencers and an LFO
- Filter and delay effects built in
- “Glitch” controls to add chaos and noise
- Automatic tempo-synchronization when used in a host
- Preconfigured TouchOSC templates for iPad and iPhone

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GRID Audio Demos by Icebreaker Audio

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